[S.T.A.R] Starfleet Tactical Assault and Reconnaissance

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[S.T.A.R] Starfleet Tactical Assault and Reconnaissance

Post by James Greenman » Thu Jul 16, 2015 11:40 pm


Starfleet Tactical Assault and Reconnaissance, or S.T.A.R, is an elite special forces group made up of select individuals hand-picked from the ranks of enlisted crewmembers, officers and certain civilians with specialised credentials, tasked with carrying out vital covert operations both within and outside of Federation space. They are given the finest equipment, the best training, every resource they require to complete some of the most difficult missions that Starfleet and the Federation requires of them.


S.T.A.R. is the Star Trek: Engage elite forces team, running as a unique special event mission that will take place over the course of a single Arc, usually 6-8 weeks. This will give you the chance to play your characters in a different role, flesh them out and join the members of other ships across the entire game as you conduct special missions for the Federation council and Starfleet. The ranks will be the same but the positions are somewhat different to those that you'd have on a ship in some cases - remember that these are missions that require specialists, so now is the time to show us what your character can do.

Positions Available

CO - Commanding Officer, the leader of the S.T.A.R. team.
XO - Executive Officer, the second in command.
SIO - Strategic Intelligence Officer, tasked with planning entry and overall strategy while in the field.
LO - Logistics Officer, ensures that the team has everything they need to complete their mission, arranges transportation is required, takes on an advisory/scientific role during the mission.
ECS - Engineering Combat Specialist, tasked with keeping the equipment running, maintenance, and investigating/understanding unknown technology or developing their own.
TCS - Tactical Combat Specialist, an expert in combat, weapons and small squad tactics. Tasked with battlefield tactics while in the field.
MCS - Medical Combat Specialist, the team's doctor and sometimes scientist, giving battlefield aid as well as ensuring that the team is protected against possible environmental threats.
FCS - Flight Combat Specialist, tasked with piloting any vessels, providing air support if needed, hot drops and quick exits.

You're welcome to apply for any position regardless of where your character is currently, their presence can be explained away through time lapse or you're welcome to NPC on your usual ship while your 'main character' is otherwise engaged in S.T.A.R. operations. As long as you think your character has the relevant skills to fulfill that role, please go ahead and apply for it!

Remember that these missions are incredibly difficult, and while the accolades and rewards will be great, the dangers will be even greater. Each Arc will be fraught with peril, and only by working as a team will you make it out alive and with the objective completed. You'll be required to think on your toes and prepare accordingly for every threat.

So, what are you waiting for? Post your Character's application down below.


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