Kobayashi Maru Simulation - Stardate 11402.08

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Kobayashi Maru Simulation - Stardate 11402.08

Postby James Greenman » Sat Feb 08, 2014 4:41 pm

Please feel free to post your Kobayashi Maru logs in here! I can't wait to read them.

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Re: Kobayashi Maru Simulation - Stardate 11402.08

Postby Jack Lucas » Sat Feb 08, 2014 5:59 pm

SUTAK Vulcan SCI - Sigma Rho - 11402.08

Sutak exited the holodeck quickly, a less than subtle attempt at avoiding Captain Fleetwood's ire. The Bolian Tactical Cadet was quick on his heels, but Sutak ignored his calls and continued through the corridor towards the transporter room.

The long winding corridors led him to the outer hull. Tall windows on the curved hull peered down on Earth from orbit. Pinprick stars in the distance were muted by the ambient light given off by the planet below.

Sutak stopped for a moment and peered down at the planet. Starfleet personnel and spacefaring travellers whisked by him, hurried to find their ship or destination. As he tilted his head, watching shuttles poke into the atmosphere below, he noticed his reflection in the window. He looked at himself, now. A Vulcan who had disobeyed orders.

He quickly snapped away from the window and continued towards the transporter room. A hurried Ferengi Trader threw himself shoulder first into Sutak. The Vulcan stumbled backwards, catching himself and kneeling to help the fallen Ferengi up...

"You've fallen." The Vulcan said, plainly.

"No, really?" Said the Ferengi, sarcastically.

Sutak furrowed his brow as he pulled the Ferengi up by the arm. "Yes, you fell." Sutak motions to the ground, were the Ferengi had laid a moment ago.

The Ferengi tilted his head and rubbed his large ear a moment, shifting his bag back onto his back by its strap.

"Just like a Vulcan... Always so... literal." The Ferengi snaps his fingers and points at the Vulcan, "Sayyyyy, you wouldn't happen to have replicator access on this station, would you?"

Sutak raised an eyebrow, "Why would that be any concern of yours?"

"Of course... A Vulcan... Why did I even bother..." The Ferengi shuffles off, looking back at the Vulcan momentarily.

Curious, Sutak thought. He continued on his way towards the transporter room. The long gray hallways of the interior of Spacedock were barren. He passed Starfleet Officers and travelers from the surface. The outgoing pads back to Earth weren't busy.

He stepped into the nearest Transporter room and looked at the Engineer behind the console.

"Starfleet Academy, please. Cochrane Park." He said to the Engineer, who nodded in kind.

Sutak stepped onto the pad and waited. The blue lights swirled within him, and he closed his eyes. Another birth.

Sutak reappeared in Cochrane Park, overlooking San Francisco Bay. It was still mid morning. Sutak walked across the grassy green towards a small Vulcan Monument. He stopped shy of the rocky crag and knelt down in the grass.

The Vulcan closed his eyes and placed his palms on his thighs.

Duty Log Stardate 11402.8

All classes complete, no class duty to report.

Academy Assignment, Kobayashi Maru Simulation Test, 0800 hours.

This morning I took part in my third Kobayashi Maru Test, my first as a Bridge Officer, acting Chief Science Officer. I look forward to taking part in the test again, as acting Captain, next time. Though my schooling at the Academy is complete, this and other tests like it help Starfleet gauge my mettle as an Officer candidate.

I received a verbal commendation from Admiral Davies regarding my quick thinking during the mission.

I disobeyed multiple direct orders from a superior Officer during the simulation.

Mission Overview: Onboard a Defiant-Class vessel, the USS Principes, we encountered the adrift ship MR Kobayashi Maru, which had an organic parasite attached to its outer hull. The 'blob' - as Captain Fleetwood dubbed it - attacked our ship using heavy plasma emissions.

I directed long range sensors to locate the Maru and the 'blob'. I was directed to use tachyon sweeps and short range sensors to monitor lifesigns onboard the Maru, which was under attack from biologicals onboard. The 'blob' was able to cloak, and disappeared from visual and sensor view. By realigning the sensors to seek plasma build up, we were able to locate the 'blob' and fire on it multiple times. After taking multiple direct hits, I advised the Captain that we could lower shields long enough to beam the crew of the Maru onboard our Defiant-Class vessel. However, the Captain elected to beam a boarding party onto the Maru, which was attacked by the biologicals onboard. Overall, we eventually were able to transport 6 of the Maru crew back to the ship. The ship was a loss, and the Captain advised crew to abandon ship. I was able to reroute power from the breached warp core to the engines, as well as stave off the warp core breach by flooding the engineering compartment with Xenon. The Captain then ordered me to abandon ship. I advised the Captain that the escape pods that had already been launched would not escape the blast radius of the USS Principes' warp core explosion. The Captain ignored the advisement of the Chief Science Officer. Captain Fleetwood continued to insist I board an escape shuttle, despite my calculations that showed anyone left onboard the USS Principes at that moment was, to use a Human term, "doomed." He continued to protest, and I elected to ignore his order.

Though a strict violation of Starfleet Code, I would argue that logic concludes that the orders to evacuate were nonsensical, and that the Captain may as well have been ordering his Chief Science Officer to kill himself.

Having bought the escape pods as much time as possible, I then moved the ship in the opposite direction of their ejection with the ship's remaining power.

My actions in the simulation saved the remaining crew onboard the escape pods, despite the protestations of my Captain.

Mission Notes: Had the Captain taken my advisement to beam the Maru survivors into the cargo bay, with elicit biological containment procedures in place, we may have been able to escape the scene unharmed, as the attacking biological 'blob' was only able to fire upon us once it had built up a plasma charge. This gap in its tactical capabilities left us with multiple windows to lower our shields and beam the survivors aboard. Cargo bay containment would have allowed us to deal with any remnants of the biological entity that remained onboard the Maru after it detached (such as air particles or pollutants). Endangering a boarding party as the Captain did was an unnecessary and illogical risk. If this simulation were a real mission, I would have filed a grievance with Starfleet Command... However I would also be dead.

End Duty Log, Cadet Sutak.

The Cadet took a deep breath and opened his eyes. Sutak stands and begins toward the dormitories. It's a beautiful day in San Francisco, and Sutak looked forward to his Plomeek Soup back in his room.

Personal Log Stardate 11402.8

Consumed 6.5oz of Denobulan Wheat Salad, 1.2L water. *Vitamin Supplement Hypospray administered at 0630.

Participated in Kobayashi Maru Simulation this morning. Was faced with a situation I had not anticipated.

My duty log from today's events will likely be seen as "cocky" - as my Logic Professor stated back at the Vulcan Science Academy. Sometimes, in Starfleet, being accurate while being tactful is not possible.

My actions today included disobeying direct orders during the simulation.

However, I was posed with a logical conundrum. The actions of the Captain had left he and I in a situation where we could not escape death. At this point, it was only logical to do what I could to save the lives of those in the simulated escape pods.

I believe this shows that I will follow orders, to my death, but that I will not willfully act in a manner that would bring harm to my crew without reason.

Perhaps I should have included that in my Duty Log.

End Personal Log, Cadet Sutak.

Sutak continued into the dormitories, considering whether or not to update his duty log... Did it matter? He wondered.


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Re: Kobayashi Maru Simulation - Stardate 11402.08

Postby C. J. Short » Sun Feb 09, 2014 9:54 am

"Was that a hot mess? That kind of felt like a hot mess," Henry mused.

"It was... interesting," said Maris. Taan Maris was a competence-level Physics instructor at the Academy, and had been Henry's friend since his time there. "I especially enjoyed the part where you cradled your hands like they were actually burned; it was cute."

"Hey, I commit to the role!" Henry replied with a mock sense of indignation, one that lost a bit of its starch with his bemused grin. The two of them were seated in a restaurant on the outskirts of San Francisco. It was one of those quirky joints with various non-themed nicknacks on the walls; Henry enjoyed it ironically.

"It was actually harder than I thought it would be," he continued. "Kept wanting to shout out orders I wasn't authorized to give. Seems attention-grabby, you know?"

"I dunno, I think it just shows good command instincts," Maris teased.

"God help us all," Henry laughed, mocking the idea despite the messy feelings he had deep down about the idea. Maris saw right through him, as she always did.

"What would you have done differently?" She asked. Henry sighed softly, taking a sip of his soft drink before leaning back in his chair.

"It's hard to say. I mean, you go in knowing it's a no-win scenario, right? That has to influence your thinking, as a Captain," he mulled. "It's not fair of me to judge what Fleetwood did," he said, partially aware of how different his stance would have been just a year prior.

"I'm not asking you to grade Fleetwood, I'm just asking what you would have done," Maris clarified, unable to keep the small smile off her face. Henry had progressed much since his time at the Academy. She'd been heartbroken to hear about the things that had happened to him, but it was heartening to see how he was dealing with it.

Henry folded his hands behind his head and thought for a while.

"I would have done a lot of the same things," he said finally. "I would have contacted the Starbase earlier and updated them on the situation, and maybe sent a security and medical team to the Maru first thing. Then I would have tried to lure the hostile creature away." He frowned somewhat.

"The end is what I would have done most differently," he said, thinking back to what Fleetwood had done. "You have to know your ship; the warhead would have been a preferable option, instead of blowing up the civilian ship. Hell, even ramming that thing with the Principes would have been better. You're supposed to protect civilians, not sacrifice them." Maris nodded lightly; she could imagine the chewing-out that Fleetwood must have gotten for that.

Their meal arrived, and they enjoyed them with lighter conversation. What each had been doing, what their plans were; that sort of thing. It did Henry good to reconnect with Maris like this. It reminded him of lighter times, when his main concern had been trying to impress his instructors, and trying to establish himself in Earth's scientific community. It all felt like forever ago, but it felt comforting to know that he was still connected to that life, to who he had been.

For the first time in a long time, Henry felt 'right.' He hoped it would last.
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Re: Kobayashi Maru Simulation - Stardate 11402.08

Postby Andrew Rice » Sun Feb 09, 2014 5:30 pm

Is this original Kobayahi Maru in the Klingon Neutral Zone and 3 K'tinga class ships or the newer version with a Ferengi cargo ship and 3 Romulan D'deridex Warbirds?
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Re: Kobayashi Maru Simulation - Stardate 11402.08

Postby Riccardo Fabris » Sun Feb 09, 2014 7:17 pm

Kalem had tried to catch that grumpy Vulcan as the cadets had finished their training, but had been completely ignored. How rude! Still, Kalem wasn't about to allow a good time and mood to go to waste, so he beelined for the the nearest bar, finally finding one outside the academy absolutely filled with both recent graduates and undergraduates.

As Kalem was wont of doing, the good times flowed as the Bolian partook in some of his favourite beverages and spirits. The proceeding hours were in a kind of haze and Kalem wasn't exactly sure what had happened. He had managed to find a few of his fellow Bolian friends there and soon the hours melded into each other, soon disappearing altogether from the Bolian's memory.

The next morning, Kalem woke up to probably one of the worst hangovers of his life. The surprises, however, weren't limited to that. As the Bolian stumbled towards the bathroom in order to wash his face, he could see a prominent black eye and a patch on his cheek which had gone blue and sticky with Bolian blood. Going to his comm console, Kalem dialled for one of his friends which he had gone to the bar with. As the video feed turned on, Kalem could clearly see that his friend, Kol, also displayed a series of quite impressive injuries.

"Kol, what the hell happened yesterday, I can't even remember"

"Oh, hi Kalem. We got in a huge punch-up with a couple of Cardassian students. You know, the usual."

Kalem had already been reprimanded a few times for initiating fights with Cardassians. As the urban myth went, Cardassian women apparently liked to wear Bolian skin as clothes, although of course this was probably completely false. Didn't stop Cardassians from joking about it, though.

"Oh no, not again..."

Duty Log Stardate 11402.08

Academy Assignment, Kobayashi Maru Simulation

I had another attempt at doing the Kobayashi Maru training scenario, this time as a chief tactical officer, which was pretty awesome! The 'Maru' test this time was a lot of fun, we were fighting some sort of biological blog, I don't know exactly what it was but I got to fire at it a whole lot, to little effect. Pretty fun stuff!

The simulation started with us heading towards the 'Maru' as per usual. I got reports from the torpedo crew that one of the quantums had been jammed in the launcher, which they had to take out. Fortunately I was able to keep up to speed with repairs so by the time we arrived at the scene the tubes were ready. Once we arrived at the scene, we noticed the 'blob' attached to the Maru and the captain quickly ordered us to Red Alert. Expecting trouble (it's the Kobayashi Maru, how could there NOT be trouble?), I sent more energy to the bow shields. The captain also notified me to prepare a marine team to teleport aboard the Maru.

The blob then detached and this is when things started to become fun! That thing started firing at us so I immediately fired back after the Captain gave the order and basically we were trading shots and duking it out for a long while. The blob started to hit our weapon system and then a huge build-up occurred that took a big chunk out of our shields. At some point we lowered our shields in order to beam the marines aboard the Maru. I wish I could have gone with them but the Captain needed me on the bridge.

The marines suddenly got attacked by these bug things that wiped them out. Then there was a build-up of plasma on the blob and when it fired, I fired a quantum torpedo at it and it created a huge, awesome explosion! Our shields went down and the explosion ate into the ablative armour and the people were flying everywhere, it was pretty crazy. We beamed the survivors from the Maru to safety but there was another build-up and our ship was too damaged to continue. I tried to fire the warhead module on the advice of the Navigation Officer, Lt Sumner, but it seemed to be defective. I was eventually forced to abandon ship on the orders of the Captain.

The Admiral himself praised me at the end of the simulation!

End Duty Log, Cadet Animim


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Re: Kobayashi Maru Simulation - Stardate 11402.08

Postby James Greenman » Sun Feb 09, 2014 7:53 pm

Admiral William Davies, Starfleet Academy

He sat back in his chair, hands clasped in front of him, fingers twiddling lightly while he thought. He'd gone over the mission logs several times and somehow it felt like too many, and yet not enough at the same time. It was always difficult, marking an "Unwinnable" simulation, and it wasn't any different this year, but the Cadets had seemed to pick up on what was expected of them and...well, if they didn't win, then they certain 'succeeded'. Standing up from his chair and tugging his jacket down, he stepped over to the window and looked outside, watching the traffic move around the Golden Gate bridge, the cadets making their way across the various quads, the instructors and visiting officers dashing here and there.

It was a difficult concept to grasp at first. You know you're going into an unwinnable situation, a simulation that you are destined to lose no matter what happens. It was meant to test character, to see how cadets handle themselves in a situation where they face their own death and note their reactions. But there was a lesson to learn in there as well, that sometimes - even if you know you're going to lose - it is worth fighting every single moment you're alive so that the loss doesn't hurt as much. There comes a time in every officer's life when they have Starfleet Directive on one hand, and the lives of other people on the other. Sometimes you had to drop one, and accept the consequences.

Turning away from the window he picked up the PADD again and went through the listings for each Cadet, reading them aloud.

"Cadet Sutak, for disobeying a direct order you will receive an official reprimand to be entered onto your educational record. However, due to your unwavering attitude in the face of your own death, and through your actions saving the lives of the rescued Maru crew and your own ship's crew, you will graduate at the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade. It is difficult to justify the disobeying an order, especially from a Cadet, so I trust you will accept the reprimand with your usual stoicism."

"Cadet Wren, you are a credit to Starfleet Medical and the glowing praise from your instructors has been proven correct with your performance in today's simulation. You were steadfast in your duty of care to the crew, and for that you will be awarded the Admiral's Letter of Commendation for outstanding performance."

"Cadet Jensen, your performance today was exemplary. You took to an unfamiliar station with unfamiliar duties and carried them out with skill most becoming of a Starfleet officer, and the Admiralty will be taking great interest in your progress after graduation. You, too, have been awarded the Admiral's Letter of Commendation for outstanding performance."

"Cadet Animim. While your attitude is somewhat excitable, you kept a level head and steady hands throughout the entire simulation and upheld the greatest traditions of the Tactical department. You have a steady hand and an analytical mind which will keep you and your crew safe on whatever assignment you're posted to next. For outstanding performance, dedication and unwavering skill in the line of during you will graduate with the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade. Congratulations."

Letting out a slow breath, he places the PADD back down on the desk and takes his seat, swivelling it lightly back and forth before leaning over and tapping the 'Confirm' key to log everything into the Cadet service records.
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Re: Kobayashi Maru Simulation - Stardate 11402.08

Postby Scott Walker » Mon Feb 10, 2014 11:52 pm

Morgan left the holodeck at a run, ducking into the nearest bathroom. He tore open the first stall he encountered and leaned heavily against the inside wall, trying to catch his breath. His heart was beating to fast and he felt dizzy. He promptly threw up, managing to get most of the this morning's breakfast into the receptacle. Taking a deep breath, he felt better after. ~Damn holodeck sims are too real~ he thought to himself. He could still hear the explosions and what had sounded like madness in the Captain's voice.
He wiped his mouth and went to the sink, taking mouthful after mouthful of cool, clean water. He splashed a double handful of water on his face and looked up at the mirror, giving himself a sheepish grin. He wondered if he'd get scolded for overstepping his bounds at OPS when hailing the unknown vessel. How the hell was he suppose to know. OPS wasn't his station. He was suppose to be a science officer. Thank God and granddad he knew his way around a transporter console or the whole thing would have been a fiasco. He ran a hand through his mop of thick brown hair, fixed his pony-tail and uniform, and headed back into the hall.
He made his way to his room. Good, his room mate was out, and he needed some time to ponder. He'd be shipping out to the station, soon and he had a lot to think about. He didn't feel like he'd acted very bravely during the mission, but at least he'd had the sense to follow orders. He could still feel the pain of sacrifice when thinking about the crew members of the Maru that he couldn't save. How the hell was he going to react in a real situation? God and granddad only knew. He popped the cap on his prescription bottle and choked down a couple of pills. ~Keep it cool, Morgan. You got this.~ He sat down heavily on his bunk, and picked up his recorder:

Personal Log Stardate 11402.08
Assignment: Kobayashi Maru Simulation

Today I participated in the classic training mission involving the Kabayashi Maru. Our ship, the USS Principes received a distress call from the Maru. We found the ship floating dead in space, but with life signs still on board. Attached to the Maru was a strange, somewhat organic ship. I did my best to follow the orders of Captain Fleetwood as we set about trying to rescue the crew.

We met with some success as we were able to rescue six of the crew members. In my position at OPS, I was responsible for getting the crew on board the Principes. Unfortunately, due to the location of some of the crew on the Maru, we could only retrieve 6 of the crew members. I felt a distinct pain of loss, knowing that we could not save them all, despite it being only a simulation.

The Captain requested that I hail the unknown vessel and I probably overstepped my bounds by not letting Captain Fleetwood speak first. In any case, my request for contact was met with an attack. We engaged the hostile ship, but failed to defeat her. In the end, our ship and the Maru was a total loss. If I understand what I heard from the 'escape pod' correctly, Mr. Sutak – acting science officer – gave his life saving the rest of us against the captains orders. I would hope he was of a mind to disobey that kind of an order any time and would be proud to serve with him.

As for my own performance, I wish I could act with more bravery. While I obeyed the Captain to the best of my abilities. I feel, as a member of the bridge crew, I should have taken more initiative. I resolve to attempt to do so in the future.

Cadet Morgan Jensen

Morgan put down the recorder and opened a com link to an outside line. “Operator, get me ME16662867.”
“One moment please.”...
“Granddad, how are you?”
“About to eat dinner, Morg. How are you?”
“Pretty good. I think I'll be shipping out soon, and wanted to say goodbye.”
“It's not like you'll be gone forever.”
“Yeah, but Sigma Rho is a long ways away, and I don't know how often I'll be in contact.”
“Well, you're the computer wiz, Morg, I'm sure you'll figure it out.”
Morgan let that lie for the moment. “We did the Maru today, Granddad.”
Silence for a moment and then, “How did you do?”
“I'm pretty sure Fleetwood is a basket case. He went a little nuts in there. Ended up destroying both the Maru and our own ship.”
“Yeah,” he pressed, “but what about your own performance?”
“I did...okay. Saved some crew. Managed to save my own hide. Thanks to Mr. Sutak.”
“He that Vulcan you were telling me about?”
“The very one. Sacrificed himself. Probably get a damn promotion out of it.” Morgan laughed. “Deserves it though, very smart, that one.”
“Well, I better eat these taters before they get cold.”
“Sure thing, Granddad. I'll call you when I can.” Morgan ended the call and stretched out on his back on the bunk. He set an alarm for 14:00 and closed his eyes. It had been a tough morning, but a great learning experience. He just hoped it was the beginning of a long and fruitful career.


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Re: Kobayashi Maru Simulation - Stardate 11402.08

Postby Megan Fenn » Wed Feb 12, 2014 4:47 pm

The starfleet canteen was busy but empty enough for Wren to see her friend among the croud. She wasn't that hard to spot anyway. She was stood waving frantically at her. wren moved very slowly and quietly toward the girl and the table that she sat at. Placing down her plate, it had hardly touched the table before Andromeda burst.
"How did it go?" She squeaked. wren frowned at her and gestured at the chair.
"May I sit first? "

Andromeda nodded sheepishly and sat back into her seat. Wren pulled back the chair and sat down, tucking her legs under the table and adjusting the plate. Andromeda may as well have been in Wren's lap as she was lent over so far from excitement. Wren took a sip of her drink and looked back at her friend.
"Tell me! How was it! " Andromeda piped. Wren just sighed.
" It was as exhilarating as expected. I was given the role I really wanted and I wish I'd done better, but The admiral did not find my behaviour unsatisfactory so.. I would assume it was a success on my behalf. " she said with a nod, going to take a bite from her sand which but pausing. "Would you like to accompany my whilst I write my log?"
Andromeda almost bit her hand off with her acceptance to the invitation.

Andromeda and Wren, beside friends, were room mates too. The room was obviously devided. Wrens bed was made, tidy and neat. Andromeda's was the opposite. The desk was covered in books and medical notes and holograms of human, alien and animal anatomies. This was obviously Wrens work space as Andromeda just had a pile of books beside her bed. She was training to be a nurse whilst Wren was a Doctor. They entered the dorm and wren sat down at her usual spot, while Andromeda sat on her bed to watch. There Wren began.

MED Cadet Wren - Duty Log - Kobayashi Mary Simulation - Stardate 11402.08

Today was my first experience of the simulation and it was all I expected and more. Exhilarating, panic ridden and high stress, but with moments of concerned I believe I stayed in a state of relaxation for the duration. I was blessed with the role I aspire for to play in the simulation. I was greatful.

Beginning the role on the bridge I was challenged four times with a medical situation. Some more serious than others. A cadet who was swelling after enduring a cut. A cadet received a blow to the head and had mild evidence of concussion. The navigator had second degree burns to his hands after being too close to an explosion and finally a cadet had a hole in the side of their torso from an explosion.

I arranged a team to be stationed in the transporter room to aid those we should rescue and for other doctors to tend any where were injured in the blows the ship took from enemy ships.

Though I almost got into a argument with the captain over the altimatum that I tend to a cadets hands or move him to a escape pod as the ship was being evacuated. I witnessed another member of the crew defy the captains orders and remain on ship, on bridge.

I felt comfortable in my role and luckily, Admiral saw so too. The review given reflected so.

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