Away Team Mission Simulation - Stardate 11402.12

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Away Team Mission Simulation - Stardate 11402.12

Postby Aoibhe Ni » Tue Feb 11, 2014 1:24 pm

Mission Orders:
To: CO, USS Titos.

Captain, The USS Titos is required to proceed to Thora Alpha to aid and assist an archaeological team currently working on the northern continent. The people of Thora Alpha have long held the belief that they, and the inhabitants of neighbouring Thora Beta, share a common ancestor, and this dig on Thora Alpha is believed to be on the verge of uncovering evidence supporting this fact.

The Betan people are the more militaristic of the two and dispute the connection between their origins and those of the Alphans. Your mission is to protect the more scientifically enlightened archaeologists from the threat of a Betan intervention.

Good luck, Captain.


OOC: A Captain will be chosen on the day from those who volunteer. If you're interesting in having a chance to Captain, please study the Mission Order above, and be ready to lead your crew.

Lieutenant JG

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Lt JG Kalem Animim

Postby Riccardo Fabris » Thu Feb 13, 2014 12:41 pm

The wound had stung like hell, even after leaving the holo-deck. It was clear that in the interest of veracity, the instructors had set the feedback on the holodeck quite high: not high enough to cause any permanent wounds, but high enough to give a small reminder to the students that they had been shot. Or bashed. Or both. The doctor on the simulation, Cadet Bontecou, had been great, although he had confided to Animim that he was not even a doctor but a science officer. Still, he had done his job and helped out Animim during the simulation. Animim made a mental note to buy him a drink if they ever met in a bar. Still, there was no real time for merry-making for Animim: he had to start getting ready for his trip to Sigma Rho, the station that he had been assigned to shortly after getting his promotion to Lt. Junior Grade.

The promotion had been slightly unexpected. It was obvious that the Admiral had spotted his skills in the field of security, but Animim had a feeling that it had been his performance in the last few simulations that had impressed the Academy staff. kalem had quite enjoyed lording it over the mere Cadets in his last days at the academy, although he made it clear that the ribbing was done jokingly and not maliciously: after all, he had been in a similar situation just a few days prior. All in all, he would miss the Academy, but it was clear that his future would now be among the stars. Kalem could not wait.

Making his way back to his room, Kalem greeted his taciturn human roommate, who elicited nothing more than a grunt. SCI officers, in the eyes of Kalem, were all slightly weird, in different ways. While the side of the room inhabited by his roommate was neat and tidy, Kalem's side was, quite frankly, a mess. It would take some time to sort and pack everything, but even before that, Kalem had another annoying but necessary duty. Picking up his PADD, Kalem told the computer to call his home, back on Bolarus. A few minutes passed, but finally Kalem's mother, Azana, picked up.

"What do you want, Kalem?" said Azana. She sounded tired and annoyed, a state of emotion which she often found herself in nowadays.

"I'm being transferred to Sigma Rho, Azana." Kalem couldn't bear to call her mother. "I thought you should know."

"Oh good...good for you, Kalem. Is that all?"

"I've also been promoted to Lt. Junior Grade..."

"Oh, how wonderful. Well, I must be off..."

And with that, the connection was cut. Shouting a Bolian curse word loud enough to make even his roommate startled, Kalem set his PADD down and in a heavy mood, commenced his packing.

Stardate 11402.08

Academy Assignment, Away Team Mission Simulation

For this mission, we were assigned to the Thora system, in order to assist in protecting an archaeological dig on Thora Alpha. I won't bore you with the details but basically they were digging up some stuff that would have linked the people of Thora Alpha with the people of Thora Beta under a common ancestry. The Betans were notably pissed off about this since they didn't want to share ancestry with the Alphans, probably because they are huge racists, I dunno. Anyway, I was assigned as the Chief Tactical Officer for the mission!

As we arrived on the planet, I was quickly ordered to assemble a team to go down below and this time the Captain allowed me to go down, which was awesome! He asked me to bring the CMO along with me, a Cadet Bontecou, who was actually a science officer, it turned out! Still, he did a good job!

Once we beamed down, we got reports of energy signatures and the head Doctor there warned us that some of his guys had been missing from one of the archaeological trenches. We were suddenly attacked by Betans who opened fire on us and the Captain on the USS Titos tried to get us back but for some reason couldn't.

We started firing against the Betans when suddenly one of attackers found an angle on me and hit me with a blast on my abdomen. Doctor Bontecou came over, blasting the attacker and started to fix me. Suddenly another Betan appeared behind him but fortunately I was able to shoot him before he could harm the good doctor.

The firefight continued and apparently by this time the USS Titos was fighting a Betan ship in space. For a brief moment the aft shields on the Titos were brought down and the CEO managed to beam me, my team and the archaeologists aboard. Bontecou quickly brought me to sickbay, where the MO tended to my wounds, after which the mission quickly ended.

Analysis: Although we saved lives, I don't believe we fully met the objectives of the mission: the archaeological dig was destroyed by the Betans . We didn't take very seriously the warnings from the Chief Doctor, maybe if we had listened and prepared a bigger security detail while performing more scans of the area, all of this could have been averted. Still, we were able to save the archaeologists and none of my team except me was wounded.

End Duty Log, Lt. JG Animim



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Re: Away Team Mission Simulation - Stardate 11402.12

Postby Megan Fenn » Thu Feb 13, 2014 7:03 pm

The lake was peaceful today. It was calm and gentle. Only people around that were around it today were the quiet students that studied or were having a quiet romantic after noon with their other half. The variaty in race around was amazing. The half Vulcan half human she was often had internal battles with logic and emotion, but part of signing up to Starfleet helped her toward who she was. She was more sure now. She liked the quiet around the lake, the only sounds truly heard were those of nature and the environment.

She sat down and slipped off her shoes. Pulling her knees up she felt the green grass in her toes. Trances in the wet from the soil and the tickle of the grass. Her eyes caught by the water, watching some ducks fight over some bread and a fish swim by. She picked up her PADD and prepared to write up the log for the away trip simulation she had attended.

Away Team Mission Simulation - Stardate 11402.12

Given the role of Science officer I was possisioned in the science station on the bridge. There is not much for I to report. A team of archeologists were experiencing attack from their close relatives the Betans on Titos. It was our job to help this team and provide assistance should a battle break out.

I scanned the surface for biological difference after drastic recalibration of the scanners, soon needing to move the scanners to the Began ship that approached us. I scanned for a weakness which I found in the hull and below, also scanning the atmosphere for the landing party. I gave the NAV the PADD with the Began shield frequency and then scanned the surface once they Betan ship was destroyed.

I feel I could have worked harder and done more for the mission. It was a possision I was not fully trained for, but it was experience and training in itself. What I did do appeared to benefit the mission though so it was not a bad attempt on my behalf.

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