CMO Commander William York

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CMO Commander William York - SD 11411.24

Postby Einar S » Thu Nov 27, 2014 12:29 pm

William sat in his office, his uniform jacket hanging on the back of his
chair and his tunic unbuttoned down to his chest. It had been a long two
days and he had been telling Caerys all about it...mostly because no one
else here had the understanding needed. "It's horrible...." she said,
resting her face in her hands as she stared at him over the subspace
"It reads like a Greek tragedy!" Will said, holding up a PADD he had located in the Kressari's personal belongings...Soshet's belongings. "He was obessed with death after losing his wife to Breakbone fever and his six children to random accidents and rare ailments......".

Lee made one of those noises she always made when she insisted on making him watch those "romcoms" with her after their shifts back home. "Lee, this man was a genius! He created these pods to investigate DEATH itself, like a holoprogram in your mind safeties, no cures. But at the end, always a restart button....imagine the research we can
do with this! This mends wounds, sets bones....repairs damaged organs,'s not perfect, but we can learn to cheat death...."
"He wanted to make sense of his tragedies Will....he was a misguided
man looking for sense where there was none but he killed 158 people
doing it....don't forget that."

"His research was barbaric, but imagine the lives it will save in the
future! The men we think of as the fathers of modern medicine used to
torture and dissect living beings....but their research made better doctors, better teachers.......less harmful ways to study medicine!"
"Do any of us have the right to cheat death like that, though?" she asked, uncharacteristically warily. "If it got into the wrong hands, Will..."

"It won't....we can use the technology inside these things to make better medical equipment....imagine a biobed that scans you, and fixes you.....we'd be obsolete" a smile came to his face, as if the idea made him happy.
"It won't, you think?" She looked at his lined face so full of hope for once. She bit her lip. "Sometimes I forget how young you are," she replied finally. "Every great discovery has equal potential for good or for harm. You may see its benign potential, Will, but others..." she imagined what past host, Garin, would feel about it. "Others could see it as a very effective weapon..."
Will turned back towards the viewscreen "You may be right, but I'll make damned sure something good comes off this". He smiled and leaned back in the seat, it was night on the Sentintel and he knew he had probably woken Caerys up yet again as well. "They tried to pin a medal on me again".
At this, Caerys snorted. She knew full well how much York hated recognition. "Please tell me I don't have to go over there and fish this new one out of the recycler?"
"The Bajoran kid has it, it was his life I saved anyway. He can keep it for the bloody memories.....why do they insist on giving me a medal for doing my bloody job anyway?"
"Because you're very good at it, Will, and because you won't accept thanks, or praise, or, well, any acknowledgement at all, really. They know you can toss the medal itself, but it's going on your personnel record anyway," She grinned. "Congratulations. I'm sure it was well earned."
Will sighed and shook his head, then grabbed a bottle off screen and poured himself another round of scotch. "I should be back home soon.....I hope my lab is still as I left it?"
"Oh, no, it's tidy now." She smiled once more, giggling at her own joke like a young girl. "When can I expect you?"

"The Captain....Harper something, wanted us to head straight for Starbase 123....with our luck, it should take 2 years. But let's hope it's just a matter of months until I'm back on Earth...why did I ever go back into space Caerys?"
"I wish I could say it was your insatiable thirst for adventure, but," she spoke as she cast her eyes over his glass, "it was in fact, your insatiable thirst for drama....", she teased. "You insulted an Admiral. Called him an idiot, I seem to remember..."
William chuckled and seemed to swagger a bit in his seat "Totally worth it"
"It'll be good to have you home."
Will smiled uncharacteristically at the camera. "Yeah"
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