CMO Commander William York

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CMO Commander William York

Postby Einar S » Tue Aug 26, 2014 11:52 pm

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CMO Cmdr York - Zero log

Postby Einar S » Tue Aug 26, 2014 11:56 pm

"I'm telling you he did this!" Will said furiously as he waved the PADD in her face. "That miserable little man....he wants me gone!"
Lee jumped, startled. "Will!" she complained, looking with regret at the experiment she had been running. She knew it was ruined. She took the
PADD and had a read. "Well,", she tutted after a pause, "you can hardly be surprised..."

"You think I did this?" he snapped and threw her a glare. "I only suggested that his theory on subspace energy was a bit....childish"

"As I said it was like 'reading the intentionally moronic scribbles of a dyslexic first grader... who liked to chew his crayons'" she said, throwing him a slight grin.

He shrugged "I stand by my opinion!"
"And now, you get to prove your conviction, I guess..." she replied, handing the PADD back. "Course, you could just contact the admiral, invite him and his lovely wife to dinner, smooth this all over. I'm sure HE's not totally unreasonable..."
"Over my dead body.....I am a man of science Caerys! I can not let....filth like this go unreviewed!"
She looked at him, and smiled inwardly. Truth was, his reaction was unsurprising to her after so long by his side. She knew him to be a proud, stubborn, horse's ass of a man. He could be blind to the merits of any opinion that diverged from his own, and he could take immediate insult to a difference of opinion, however mild.
"Well, so much for being reasonable, then," she sighed, setting down her tricorder, and standing up with a resigned quirk of her lips. "I should start your packing... When do we leave?"
"No...I leave. There's no reason for you to be bored out of your mind surrounded by first year graduates on the...the....edge of Federation space" he said, glancing back at his orders. "Heavens help me"
Lee's eyes widened. "You're leaving without me?!"
William looked back, uncertainty in his eyes "The orders say to come?"
Lee stared at him like he'd finally lost his last marble. When she spoke, she did so slowly and clearly. "You are my chief, Chief."
Will sighed. This is why I usually don't pick up strays."Alright Caer....just. Don't get into any trouble"
Lee smiled at him, hopped off her stool and wrapped her arms around his shoulders. She hugged him enthusiastically, refusing to let go. "I'll put in my transfer request right away!"
Will accepted the hug tentatively then patted her back after a couple of seconds had passed. "You go do that then"
She nodded her head against his shoulder, still not releasing her grip on him.
"Alright, that's long enough" he said as he pushed her away smiling. "Go inform Mr. Piggy that you're leaving and let's get some lunch"
"Doctor Parigc doesn't like that nickname, you know... He's a Tellarite, not a farm animal", she replied as she grabbed her lab coat. "You may as well start calling me "Mr. Spots", or you..." she eyed him critically for a moment as she fumbled with her coat. "Mr... Mr. er... Mr. Ill-fitting...grumpy... pants? I don't know! I'm not good at naming things!", she exclaimed with a huff.
"Well that is evident" Will said as he headed for the door. "Come find me when you're done"
"Yes, Chief!", she piped up, smiling at his retreating back.


„An asteroid cluster?“
„Yes sir. Heading our way....see about ten million years ago, two dwarf planets...“
Will held up a hand „Shut up...I read the briefing. Just, give me the readouts once you‘ve geeked out and we‘ll run a full gravimetric analysis.....all I care about is how these things keep formation“.
Lieutenant Spencer looked sullen, before grabbing his research. „Yes sir.“
„And stop calling me sir“
The young man seemed to brittle with annoyance before storming out of the room. William grinned and placed his feet on the desk. „And bring me tea!“
William folded his arms and sighed as he watched the starts through the forcefield in his office. He‘d been here for months now, studying gaseous anomalies, charting comets and curing the odd flu. And at a moment like this, he wished Lee‘s bloated boss would have signed off on her transfers but apparently she was an ‚integral part of the operation‘.
At least he had trained her well he thought and shrugged. He just wished his time would be up soon so he could get back to Earth. Until then, there was this asteroid cluster. He had to admit, it piqued his interest. Perhaps there was a paper in this....perhaps this would be fun.


William slammed the butt of his phaser rifle into the door controls and the large metal blastdoors fell down with a boom just as a horde of spiders came racing around the corner. „Computer, erect a level 5 forcefield around this section!“
A very distorted electronic screech arrived from the commsystem. „So that‘s a no then“.
William looked around the storage bay, at least he had food and supplies. At least until those things made it into here and ate him too.....the Monmouth wasn't receiving his messages and everyone on the outpost was either hiding or being prepared for dinner in Engineering.....if not dead already. He needed to get there somehow, get them out and get them fighting.

He spun around, raising his rifle as a canister fell on the deck, the torch lighting up a small kid.... fresh out of the Academy. He lowered the sight. „Get up, are you alright?“
The kid stepped out into the light and nodded nervously. „Yes Sir....I....I just hid here, I....“
„‘re alive. That‘s what counts. Got a sidearm?“
The kid nodded and patted his thigh. „I grabbed this just before....before they took Operations“
„Good, now......what‘s your name kid?“
„Vilar sir. Ensign Vilar, engineering assistant“
Will smiled „Alright Vilar...stay here, guard the door and see if you can get in touch with the Monmouth. I need to get to Engineering and see what‘s up....I‘ll be in touch“
The Ensign smiled nervously and nodded his confirmation „Yes sir. Be safe“
William placed the rifle over his shoulder and headed for the nearest access hatch. „When I call you, it will be safe to leave. Good luck“
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Re: CMO Commander William York

Postby James Greenman » Wed Aug 27, 2014 3:39 pm

Great log, Einar! It's going to be fun having you onboard. :)
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Re: CMO Commander William York

Postby Andrew Rice » Wed Aug 27, 2014 3:53 pm

Great log einar. I could hear Alexis Denisof in my head as I read it XD.
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Commander William York 11408.25

Postby Einar S » Mon Sep 01, 2014 12:44 pm

As he lay there on the floor, supporting his weight with his right arm while nursing his jaw with his left, he could only smile at Tom.

He wanted to tell him that Rynia said hi but the jab would be hollow...she might have picked him over Tom, but in the following years he had pushed her away. Self destructive behavior she had always said, back when she was the Counselor on the Apache with him and Tom. Back when things were simpler.

He hadn't seen Tom since then....what was it, 8 years? Time had been kinder to him. And he still had one hell of a right hook.

But Will had deserved that one....revenge he could understand and respect. Eight years ago William had, while on shoreleave on Earth, suckerpunched Tom...then his superior officer and fled from Starfleet Security...almost ending his career. Tom had let him go, expunging the report, since he had been the one to goad Will into the confrontation.

Will smiled. Good times.

This time around, Will had the superior rank.
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Re: CMO Commander William York

Postby Thomas Marsland » Mon Sep 01, 2014 3:23 pm

Great log, Einar.

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Re: CMO Commander William York

Postby Einar S » Mon Sep 01, 2014 6:25 pm

Thanks Tom!
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CMO Commander William York w/Aoibhe - 11409.04

Postby Einar S » Tue Sep 09, 2014 12:54 am

"No room for argument....NO ROOM FOR ARGUMENT" William stormed back and forth in front of his communication terminal in his 'new' quarters. The one without a single item in it. "I told the Captain I would hop off on the next Starbase and hitch a ride home. But no....Admiral Tolar -"

"Admiral Ren...Bajoran, remember"

William stopped in his tracks and glared at Lee over subspace.
Lee held his glare with a peaceful sigh. "I'm just reminding you, if you tried to remember the little things, the niceties, you might not end up in these situations." She leant to the side and picked something up. Returning to her seat, she sipped from her travel mug and blinked out at him.

William sighed and pulled the chair out from underneath the console and dropped down into it, matching her gaze. "I just......I don't" he sighed - "I don't work well with all these people around. I need you.."
She smiled, her cheeks flushing a pretty pink. "That's not true", she chided, "you just think that right now cause you're in a tight spot, and I'm the only one who doesn't want to punch you."
He sighed "It's not my fault that the kids that run this ship can't tie their own shoelaces". William looked around the quarters. "I need some new stuff"
"So you really are there to stay, then..."
"Only until I can get to a starbase that has a ride back home Caer...." he cleared his throat and threw her a lopsided grin "You'll enjoy not having to babysit this old fool"
"Well, I am getting a lot more done, not having to apologise for you so much..." She smiled, holding up a PADD. "Got that analysis of Thaan generic diversity almost complete. You'd be surprised how much more willing subjects are to participate when-" she stopped talking. "Never mind..." She'd spotted the hurt look that had crossed his lined face. "What do you need me to send?"
Will just smiled "Whatever you do send, I won't receive it for a couple of months....I'll make due. I have ways of getting things I need...."
Especially when what you need is a long-overdue kick in the pants... she thought, having heard through the grapevine what had happened on the Sentinel. "How are you getting on with the crew?" she asked, innocently enough.

He huffed "The Captain is a genocidal megalomaniac, his first officer is a control freak, the Navigator....he'll be fun to have around I guess....oh and then there's kitty!"
"Kitty? Kitty who?" She blinked, realised and laughed. "How is H'ret?"

"Furry" he said, then looked away as an alert popped up on his screen. "Bloody hell". He flicked at the screen and read the report "'s Starfleet Medical, some sort of an Emergency on the Bremen.....hang on, I'll tell them to shove it"
"It's ok, William. Take it! Maybe it's important? I'm always here" she smiled, releasing he was already focusing elsewhere.

"Yes...." he bit his lower lip as he read the report. "I'll call you".
"Take care of yourself, Will..."
"Caer wait.." he said, but she had already terminated the call. "Damnit!"

"Fine, let's see what's so goddamn important on the Bremen!"
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CMO Commander William York w/James - 11409.15

Postby Einar S » Sun Sep 21, 2014 2:23 pm

The lights were down low in this section of the Sickbay, the quiet hum of the engines becoming a soothing sensation in this area of the ship, and the quiet bleep and click of the various machines were designed to be comforting on the ear. In all, it made a relaxing place to sleep and recover, and that's exactly what the Sentinel's latest passenger had been doing for the last fourteen hours. Shan A'ran's sleep had been somewhat restful, punctuated with her sitting bolt upright in a panic, her hands gripping at the biobed as if to reassure herself it was still there before collapsing wearily back down, the momentary lapse in sleep quickly forgotten in the haze of her dreams.

"Relax. You're safe" he said as he sat in the comfortable chair by her biobed reading a book. He looked up at her and picked up the placeholder from the coffee table and placed it in the book before putting it down. "You're on the Sentinel. Big scary thing of a ship, but you're completely safe. Do you remember me?"

She looked over to the sound of the voice, a timid little smile coming to her lips as her eyes focussed on the man sitting by her bed. Shan nodded, slowly at first, wincing and sucking in a breath at the short, sharp stab of pain that ran from temple to temple.
"Yes...You were on the planet. I'm...really not there any more? This isn't a dream?"

Slowly, her head moved to look around the room, her eyes having a little trouble focussing, but the more she stared at the strange equipment and unfamiliar bulkheads the better they became. It'd been far too many months, but she was finally free, no longer doomed to a pathetic life scrounging for bugs and drinking boiled water on that forsaken planet.
William stood up and grabbed the medical tricorder from the equipment tray and ran the small scanner over her temple while studying the tricorder in his right hand "You're still running a slight fever and you're sudden movements". He glanced over at the IV drip and adjusted the dosage. "I've given you immuno-boosters to deal with the infection since we have little medical history on your people and I'm afraid to give you the anti-biotics we have onboard until I've run some cultures....but you seem to me getting better on your own"

William reached over and grabbed a bottle of blueish liquid and placed a straw in it "here, small sips"

Shan did as she was told, taking the bottle and putting the straw between her lips, tasting the odd liquid. It was like an explosion of flavour on her tongue, and she forced herself to continue with the small sips, looking up at her savior as she drank.

"Thank you. For everything. This is a Federation ship, right?" She looked around again with the straw between her lips before continuing. "I don't know how I'm going to repay Starfleet for this, but thank you anyway."

"Mhmh" he said as he reached for a small torch and shone the light in her eyes to test for reflexes. "Any nausea?"

She shook her head, suckling lightly at the straw.

"Just warm. And thirsty."

Shan looked around again slowly. She could feel the gentle vibrations of the engines through the floor and could tell that the ship was at high warp. "Where are we heading? We've left orbit of that... planet?"
He turned off the torch and placed it back on the tray before sitting back down, pulling the robe around him. He yawned before he spoke. "Last night, we're heading somewhere into Federation space"
She sat back on the biobed and looked up at William, tilting her head slightly. She was feeling a lot better, much more alert.
"You don't talk much, do you? Where is the lady that rescued me with you?"
William shrugged "probably sleeping, it's 4 am. That's middle of the night standard Starfleet time....reminds me. Computer, active EMH"
The hologram snapped to life next to him, a big smile on it's face "Please state......again?"

"Again" he said matter of factly, not bothering to look up at the lifeless bunch of photons while it sulked and slipped off to order him another cup of tea.

Shan flashes a quick grin and watches the EMH run off to the replicator, returning a moment later with another cup of something to hand it to York.
"That's a pretty advanced holograph to be running around serving drinks. You must live in luxury here!"
William sipped off his porcelain cup before returning it to the saucer "All he's good for really". He missed the look of disapproval from the hologram. "Sir, if there is nothing else will you please shut me off?"
William grinned at Aran before speaking "Actually, the morgue could use a good cleaning. Snap to it". The EMH sighed, well as much as its programming could mimic the act, and stormed off.

William glanced back up at the monitors by her biobed "How's your headache?"
She shook her head lightly. Her headache was gone, she'd heard stories of the famed Federation medicine but what little her people got went to the higher classes rather than the lowborn like her. It was a strange feeling to be under the care of such legendary technology. Her eyes glanced at the departing hologram.
Did they even realize how lucky they were?
She finished off the bottle of blue liquid, placing it lightly on the table beside her biobed before turning her head to watch the older man silently.
"I'm feeling fine. Do you know when I'll be able to get up and walk around? Perhaps I could get a tour, I've never even seen the inside of a Federation ship except through pictures."
"Perhaps later tomorrow. I want you to try and get some more rest and if your fever goes down, we can think about letting you stretch your legs a bit"
She nodded again and pulled the covers up around her, feeling the soft material in her hands. "I'd like that. Anything that isn't hunting for bugs under rocks is good with me." She flashed another one of her smiles, relief flooding through her at finally being away from that place.
He nodded and took a sip of his tea. "Why were you out this deep on your own?"

She looked down for a moment, fiddling with her fingers and the covers. "I'm a trader. Not a very good one, but it was usually enough to get by on. Fuel is expensive, so my usual route involved using the gravitational pull of the star in this system to slingshot me towards Regulus. I miscalculated the jump, and I had insufficient fuel to pull away. Managed to land on the planet, but it was a skin-of-your-teeth thing, that was a story in itself...."

Shan looked up and smiled at York quietly. "I used to have a trading partner, but he and I parted ways before I set off on this trip."
William sighed and placed the cup and saucer back on the table. "You should be more careful from now on"
She smirked slightly; "Why? Because I don't have a big strong man to look after me any more? I can take care of myself, I survived almost eight months on that dirty rock."

He seemed to somber up for a moment, then looker her straight in the eye "because no one should have to be alone for that long"
She opened her mouth to speak, then returned his look before turning away and glancing down at the sheets, slightly abashed and with a light flush on her face.
He stood up and checked her vitals before once more adjusting the settings "There, this should help you sleep. You'll be all better tomorrow morning"
Shan nodded, already starting to feel some of the effects, stifling a yawn and bringing the covers up under her chin, wrapping herself up in them securely. Her blinks started to last longer and longer, until she looks over at York checking the equipment.

"I'll still be here when I wake up...right?"
He nodded without turning, still studying her readouts. "That's the plan"
Her head gave a gentle nod, but she was asleep before she'd finished closing her eyes.
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CMO Commander William York - 11410.09

Postby Einar S » Sun Oct 19, 2014 5:03 pm

"Doctor.....Doctor York?"

He cleared his throat and opened his eyes slowly, his face was still buried in his arms and he had a horrible pain in his lower back. He rose up and faced Wotesh, blinking to get his eyes to focus "What is it?" he asked her, his voice long had he been out?

"Doctor, I apologize for waking you, but I just wanted to inform you that the treatment is working. Lieutenant Wilkins' fever has broken and her WBC count is up"

Will stood up and grabbed his coat and put it on and headed out of his office, straight towards her biobed, Wotesh in tow. "We'll keep her under observation for another day, feed her plenty of fluids and let's give her immune system time to fight this on its own from now...I'm hesitant about using more boosters at this point. If she does somehow get infected again, her body needs to know how to fight its own battles"

Wotesh nodded and started typing on her PADD, then handed it to Nurse Batou to implement his orders. "I agree...we also need to figure out how she's getting infected".

Will nodded as he stared at the sleeping woman, none of this mattered if she kept contracting a mutated strain of the same virus. "Get the kitty on it, send him our scans and have him scan the ship again for the source of the infection. Also ask that kid at Operations to assign her new quarters for the time being".

The ship rocked and Will had to grab onto the bed to keep from falling down. Red Alert sirens rang and the wall consoles flashed red. "Prepare for casualties" he said as he reached for the biobed controls and switched the klaxon off. "Our investigation will have to wait it seems"
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