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Re: ENG Ensign Taev

Postby Todd Martin » Tue May 19, 2015 1:14 am

Skips & Stones

Surveying the Spare Parts jumble transported over from Helaspoint station, the shining prize was the QSD relay. Gently lifting the shower sized unit with a Grav-sled, Taev wended slowly the short distance from Engineering storage to Main Engineering. Carefully placing the new relay where the old one had sat, the hook-ups only took a matter of moments. Entanglement of the quantum particles within the Relay to “dance” with the ones within our Slipstream drive took longer, but the Ship was keeping very still. That made everything much easier. Crewman Bickers refused to answer his summons, the slob. Once I get the chance, I'm dumping the old relay out the hangar bay into free space.

With a newly functional Slipstream Drive, the USS Sentinel will have no trouble getting out of any subspace instabilities. Once the Deflector dish generates a quantum field, the ship can penetrate the quantum barrier and avoid subspace altogether. With that, I penned my recommendations.

Science Officer Hamlet,

It is the recommendation of Engineering to effect rescue of the stranded task force by use of the Slipstream drive. By engaging the slipstream drive, the USS Sentinel can safely move within 70 to 250 AU of the task force. Conventional Impulse power can then move us within tractor beam range of the nearest ship. Once within tractor range, we tow the selected ship under Slipstream to a safe distance out of the Nebula. Then repeat.

At an average distance of 160 AU, at full impulse (75,000km/sec), it will take us 90 hours to reach each ship.

Ensign Taev,

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Re: ENG Ensign Taev

Postby Todd Martin » Mon May 25, 2015 7:44 pm

Pride and Protoplasm

Okay, so it wasn’t a power converter that I dumped into the wastebasket. There’s no way I was going to admit error to a morbidly fat human. Besides, an undersized power draining wort on a reserve battery is a pretty pathetic attempt at sabotage. It hardly qualifies as a threat anyway. More importantly, he will learn to trust an Engineer’s judgment instead of panicking at the thought something unknown is a bomb. I’m sure it is for his own good.

Things seem to be pretty busy. Next up there was a malfunctioning bio-neural gel pack which was affecting the secondary command processors. The quick fix was to swap it out for a spare kept in the Engineering locker. I then dropped the ailing one off in sickbay for diagnostics with a note:

Not feeling well, can I have a sick day?

Mutinous blob #3A-672

These bio-neural gel packs are less reliable than isolinear chips, but their fuzzy logic allows them to approximate solutions to problems with much more limited data. Creativity and guess-work are not normally traits you’d find in a computer, but what the hell. The Federation likes innovation.

What’s really bothering me right now is the casual disregard for Ensign Sa’Tel. She was worth a dozen Federation officers, and her body is lying forgotten in the morgue. It’s not like that Andoran fleet we’re supposed to rescue is going anywhere at the moment. Why can’t we put her to rest properly? I could guide her to the Cave of the Winds myself, but all of the officers should be present. In any case, we need to know what she wanted for last rites. I’m sure a Romulan rite would serve well, but if she wanted something Vulcan that should be honored instead.

At any rate, I understand a Ferrengi was captured who is likely Sa’Tel’s murderess. There must be an abject lesson imparted to teach others that murder of a Vulcan woman has consequences so dire that no one would ever want to repeat such profound loss. I hope no one gets trigger happy around the prisoner, she needs to stay safe until the appropriate Ferrengi audience can be arranged.

In the meantime, the warp engines can’t be trusted. The QSD is fixed, but the Bridge crew has their own ideas on how to go about effecting rescue. I need to just continue to monitor and repair ship systems as needed. If I take an anti-emetic and wear my gloves, I may try to go on the bridge again. I should try to learn more about our Captain.

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Re: ENG Ensign Taev

Postby Shawna F » Mon May 25, 2015 11:11 pm

I will try to keep our prisoner in one relatively intact piece. :cop:
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Re: ENG Ensign Taev

Postby Todd Martin » Tue Jun 09, 2015 1:48 am

The Belly of the Beast

Smoke, acrid and black rose and then settled from the serpentine fire’s glow. The thrum of Main Engineering’s power had gone silent, console lights obscured. Red and black haze bit the lungs, the price of a dozen seconds past the battery discharge curve’s demand. Shepherd’s equation stood blazing in mind like a dear friend following me to something formless, void and utterly chaotic. Coulomb counters pattered quicker than the mind could track: Et = Eo – Ri*l – Ki(1-(1-f)).

I called out without response, Engineering it seems would hold its own. F is, of course, the integral of accumulated amp-hours divided by full battery capacity and that number grew faster than Et (battery terminal voltage) went negative. The Beast had woken, something hungry and maleficent. Vomit was my way of screaming defiance as the floor took me in a hard embrace.

Then, well, someone turned the scrubbers on and we got back to work. I don’t think the Bridge knows us by name. But the Beast knows me well, I think. The belly is dirty, stinks of char and VOC elements, but we few that live and die down here keep the guts doing their business. Cycle loops and bypass junctions strewn in every system have us ready to hot-tap energy into every primary system. We’ll give them phasers, shields, propulsion. And damn it, we’re not pretty but it’s POWER.


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Re: ENG Ensign Taev

Postby Todd Martin » Tue Jun 16, 2015 1:02 am

Damage Report

Deck 1:
Science Console 1, primary sensor feed lines are fused,
secondary sensor feeds are on-line but have no fault
tolerance to filter out false signals. tactile (touch
screen) HMI interface has lost safety interlocks and
inductive capacitance, recommend rubber gloves and press
buttons with moderate force.

Deck 2:
Ambassador's Quarters contaminated with nyocene gas from ruptured power transformer behind bulkhead 2G-13A. Advise alternative accommodations be made available to the Ambassador until her quarters can be decontaminated.

Deck 3:
Plasma Line 3J2-6B breach (feeds Science Labs)

Deck 5:
Main Computer core has multiple processor failures from voltage spikes. Array is degraded by 20% and thermal management system is leaking near bulkhead 3B-33G.

Deck 6:
Plasma Line 6Ga-23 breach (feeds port shields)

Deck 7,
Aft viewing lounge portal buckled from impact with enemy fighter. Emergency forcefield containing life support.
Sickbay, Bio-Fluids locker B leaking, adjacent Sickbay console #3 (Bio-sample analysis) exploded and inoperative.

Deck 10,
Plasma Line 10A3-22 breach (forward phasers)
Plasma Line 10C7-14 breach (forward phasers)
Plasma Line 10E2-04 breach (port phasers)
Plasma Line 10F1-03 breach (starboard phasers)
Plasma Line 10J9-28 breach (sonic showers)

Deck 12,
Plasma Line 12D4-15 melted which fed the secondary navigational deflector. The secondary navigational deflector is OFF-LINE. Internal fire damage to adjoining corridors. Section 21 is hazardous and requires ECLSS suits for ingress.
Aft cargo bay door buckled from impact with enemy fighter. Emergency forcefield containing life support.

Deck 14, Gaping Hole in Engineering Hull around lower sensor platform. Ventral sensor suite is OFF-LINE.

Deck 16, Captain's yacht impacted by enemy fighter, port nacelle damaged.

Deck 17, Hull Breach, Section 21, Material Analysis Lab, emergency forcefield maintaining life support, material science lab equipment crushed.

Deck 18,
Auxiliary Battery systems melted, Non-functional. All power transfers require a Hot-tap.

Shields 61%
Port thrusters at 25%

Duly Signed & Sealed,
Engineering Ensign Taev

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Re: ENG Ensign Taev

Postby Babette C » Tue Jun 16, 2015 1:05 am

oh great.. now I have to move : P
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Re: ENG Ensign Taev

Postby Todd Martin » Tue Jun 23, 2015 1:24 am

Lizard Farts

The ramming of the Sentinel and loss of main power are related. Reading over engineering console #1, the primary deuterium storage tank has lost integrity and pressure. Naturally, the deuterium injection subsystem feeds the matter anti-matter reactor. That injection subsystem requires at least 138 MegaPascals of pressure from the tank to regulate the flow. No pressure, no go. I imagine the ship now has quite the gassy look from the outside thanks to the Lizards.

So, we're down to one auxiliary battery I've scrounged up during a quick repair and our 2 fusion powerplants that feed the impulse drives. The fusion plants feed from secondary deuterium tanks.

I've got 1 powerplant devoted to propulsion, so we've got 1/2 Impulse. The other is providing life support, shields, sensors, etc.
If we need more energy in a pinch, I can drain phaser banks and re-route that energy to needed subsystems.

Since the primary tank needs to be patched from the outside, I've told crewman Bickers to take a worker bee and get it fixed. He hasn't responded, maybe he's sleeping. Or, maybe he doesn't want to work around a Tzenkethi assault pod. I can't leave Main Engineering and do it, the forcefields in place around M.E. are keeping us tightly in place.

Regardless, in order to restore main power, the secondary tanks will need to be accessed and re-routed. The primary control valves seems sticky, so a helium purge and pressure hammer is indicated.

If the lizards get past the force fields, I hope they don't like cold weather. I'm continually turning down the temperature in here and we're wearing heated pressure suits. I don't think much of phasers against these Tzenkethi, it is entirely too democratic. Romulans don't fight fair. If they get too close, it won't be pretty.


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Re: ENG Ensign Taev

Postby Vanessa Brinkman » Tue Jun 23, 2015 1:40 am

That title made me laugh too hard and you are absolutely right. If the Tzenkethi wanna fight dirty, we'll match 'em step for step. Hell, Engineering will probably be six steps ahead. Engineers are always dirty fighters, but a Romulan engineer? The lizards are screwed :D
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Re: ENG Ensign Taev

Postby Todd Martin » Tue Jun 30, 2015 1:00 am

Flight of the Bumblebee

Our respite and repairs had to focus on the many hull breaches we suffered from Tzenkethi boarding actions, fighter impacts and energy discharges. So, I turned my attention to EVA activities. First, it was necessary to find crewman Bickers. He had skipped all of his shifts during and between the recent battles. I didn’t want to go out in a Worker Bee alone doing debris extraction and major hull repair. There’s safety protocols and there’s times you just need more than 2 hands to manipulate large pieces.

Crewman Bicker’s quarters are on the rear side of Deck 7. His door was locked, but I brought my toolkit and it dismantled easily. Inside was a Visio-montage of the former ensign Se’tal plastered on every wall. The floor was sticky with a pool of beer slosh and pee. A 55 liter keg was perched on his cot, built from an ammonium pressure tank and some scavenged bits from the hydroponics lab. Adjacent I saw a tap, a separate CO2 tank, coupler, pump and a haphazard array of glycol tubing attached to said pump wrapped around the keg like a mummery. Not to mention an evaporative coil, funnel, and a replicator bypass. Plastic cups covered his lavatory.

I found Bickers laying in the sonic shower, passed out. He looked thin, pale and bloated. Not wanting to carry him, I stepped out and brought back a grav-sled. Once he was strapped into the co-pilot seat of the worker bee, I cleared the shuttle bay and began to work.

At first, the air in the cabin became rancid, but turning up the ventilation system did the trick. Musical accompaniment by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov proved helpful, as Bickers woke to the song. Curious as to his new position, I told him of our ship’s dire condition and our heroic chance to mend her blemishes in but a single hour. Bicker’s unstrapped and stood to go pee. Knowing there is no potty in a worker bee, I handed him a jar. Then, I used the remote manipulators to pre-position replacement deck plates.

Bickers shuddered, his skin was clammy and he was crying. When I asked what he wanted, he told me he needs something to take his mind away for a while. Handing him the manipulator controls, I moved to the EVA suit and told him the start of the story that inspired the music:

Three fair maidens, late one night,
Sat and spun by candlelight.
"Were our tsar to marry me,"
Said the eldest of the three,
"I would cook and I would bake–
Oh, what royal feasts I'd make."
Said the second of the three:
"Were our tsar to marry me,
I would weave a cloth of gold
Fair and wondrous to behold."
But the youngest of the three
Murmured: "If he married me–
I would give our tsar an heir
Handsome, brave, beyond compare."
At these words their chamber door
Gently creaked– and lo, before
These three maidens' very eyes
Stood their tsar, to their surprise.
He had listened by their gate
Whither he'd been led by fate,
And the words that he heard last
Made his heart with love beat fast.
"Greetings, maiden fair," said he–
"My tsaritsa you shall be,
And, ere next September's done,
See that you bear me a son.
As for you, fair sisters two,
Leave your home without ado;
Leave your home and follow me
And my bride that is to be.
Royal weaver, YOU I'll make,
YOU as royal cook I'll take."
Then the tsar strode forth, and they
Palacewards all made their way.
There, he lost no time nor tarried
That same evening he was married;
Tsar Saltan and his young bride
At the feast sat side by side.
Then the guests, with solemn air,
Led the newly wedded pair
To their iv'ry couch, snow-white,
Where they left them for the night.
Bitterly, the weaver sighed,
And the cook in passion cried,
Full of jealousy and hate
Of their sister's happy fate.
But, by love and duty fired,
She conceived, ere night expired,
In her royal husband's arms.
These were days of war's alarms.
Ere he rode forth for the strife,
Tsar Saltan embraced his wife,
Bidding her to take good care
Of herself and coming heir;
While he battled on the field,
Forcing countless foes to yield,
God gave unto her an heir–
Lusty, large of limb, and fair.
Like a mother eagle, she
Guarded him most jealously;
Sent the news of God's glad gift
To the tsar, by rider swift.
But the royal cook, and weaver,
And their mother, sly deceiver,
Sought to ruin her, so they
Had him kidnapped on the way,
Sent another in his stead.
Word for word, his message read:
"Your tsaritsa, sire, last night
Was delivered of a fright–
Neither son nor daughter, nor
Have we seen its like before."

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Re: ENG Ensign Taev

Postby Todd Martin » Tue Jul 07, 2015 1:37 am

Letting Go

Taev slipped into Main Engineering in the first half of 3rd shift, replacing the wiring harness behind the Thermal Oxidizer unit. The unit nominally burns off the volatile organic compounds out-gassed in the plasma catalyst chamber, but can also receive vapors from several other venting systems through a series of baffles and valves. All of it was to be refurbished once we reached station, but Taev worried about it.

If the grease monkeys at Station skipped the T.O., Taev would be breathing small doses of toxix fumes every shift. It would be just another check on their list, they wouldn’t really care if it was done right. Besides, if Taev got it done first, then he’d be able to test it. Too many of these Star-fleet types think they are so smart that they assume their first work is correct every time. A real fault-tree analysis doesn’t stop when you find something to fix. You keep going until everything that could affect the failure is pinned to the wall. The Chief didn’t see it that way, she had put priority on maintenance and repair on the emergency systems in place to maintain life support. Beyond that, it was all supposed to be left alone. Never mind that you can re-check the structural integrity of an emergency bulkhead only so many times before your eyes go numb.

Once the harness was replaced, Taev shunted power from his tricorder into the T.O. and released a test sample of Ammonia into the chamber. The bright yellow flame confirmed the unit was brought back to service. Tricorder readings showed some leakage, so some laser welding work ensued to seal the box back up. Taev placed a maintenance sticker on the back and slowly scribed the task description and date in the form in a careful draftsman font.

Chief Valentina has been notorious in just coding the software changes or refitting systems without documenting the steps. She’s been trying to be indispensable. But, if you succeed and they can’t live without you, then you’re stuck in your post forever. Taev didn’t want to be an Ensign for the rest of his life.

But really, being honest with oneself, you just can’t sleep when so many things are out of place. Dysfunction is jarring, it puts a strain on your subconscious. Rest comes when you know you’ve got everything put away and in their place. I don’t know how I’m supposed to walk away from this ship.


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