CTO Vun Kahl

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CTO Vun Kahl

Postby Brandon Morales » Thu Jan 29, 2015 6:36 am

Stardate 11501.29

On Board the U.S.S. Sentinel

The Klingon paced in his quarters, his eyes occasionally drifting to the bat'leth that he kept hanging high in his room, his memento of home, and his only piece of Qo'Nos that he had kept in his possession all throughout his time affiliated with Starfleet. After much clear inner debating and pacing, Kahl slowly strode over to the terminal that sat upon a desk by his bed, sitting beside it and slowly turning it on as it hummed to life. He always hated this part.

After a couple of button presses the terminal began to beep, sending out a call. He was not sending out a beacon, or a marker of the ship's position, but a specific signal, sent out to a particular vessel, out there in the wide expanse of space. After several moments the humming stopped, and a Klingon woman's face appeared upon the blank terminal. Kahl very uncharacteristically nearly froze, the words that he wished to speak stopping in their tracks, as if frozen to ice in the middle of his throat. "You! You would dare to contact me, after all that you have caused us?" Kahl attempted to speak, though he could do little to stop the woman's verbal berate.

This was not the first time this had happened to the Lieutenant, and it would likely not be the last. In a near panic, Kahl deactivated the terminal, and rose to his feet, holding back his urge to launch the terminal across his quarters. Rising to his feet, he stepped over to the viewing port, and looked out into the wide expanse of space. He had made it. From Qo'Nos, to Starfleet Academy, now on board a Sovereign-class Federation starship. What more must I do to prove my honor to them?

He had always strived to be the best in his field, all throughout his time in Starfleet Academy. He had succeeded as well, for the most part, and he believed himself in good standing with his few close friends in the Federation. However, no matter how hard he tried he could never receive recognition from where it truly mattered to him. As he stood by the viewport, gathering his thoughts, the terminal on the wall beeped. "This is the Captain speaking, all senior personnel to the bridge." Kahl made his way, quickly, to the terminal, and pressing a button, replied "Yes, sir. On my way."

He steeled himself. I am a Klingon! He thought to himself, shaking off what had just happened. "I must forget these things, and do what I must for this ship." The door to his quarters opened, and off he went. He himself was unsure what drove him; was it his drive to prove himself to those of his House who have shunned him since he left Qo'Nos many years earlier, or was it his duty to his ship? Whatever the reason was, he would do anything and everything in his power to make himself useful now that he had the opportunity.

End Log


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Re: CTO Vun Kahl

Postby Brandon Morales » Tue Feb 10, 2015 5:04 am

"Kahl, qaStaH nuq?". The elderly Klingon barked, as the young weapons officer tapped frantically at his console. Shields were failing, half of the B'rel class's weapons were not responding to Vun Kahl's orders to fire. "Captain, suggest we cloak and retreat into the asteroid field." His tactical suggestion was immediately shot down. That morning, the Kujha had been patrolling a sector of Klingon space that they normally patrolled, and was often very quiet.

As they were on their return to Qo'Nos, they had taken fire from an unknown vessel. The vessel was an Orion battleship, refitted with some kind of adapted cloaking device. As the Kujha normally had no trouble passing through the sector, they had been working on a skeleton crew, and Vun Kahl, their young weapons officer, had had to have much of the ship's maneuvering tied into his console, as well as their tactical systems. Those said tactical systems were now disabled, and the weapons officer was sweating as the Kujha suffered multiple hull fractures.

Captain Korris rose to his feet, ran over, and slammed on the conn, sending out a frantic hail, shouting into the console, "Pirates! Our reinforcements are en route. Cease fire and we may come to an agreement!" To the dismay and unbelievable surprise of all on the bridge, even Captain Korris to an extent, the barrage of phaser fire halted, and the bridge finally stopped its panicked shaking. Moments later, a large, muscular, Orion captain appeared on the center screen, his face even hard to make out due to the damage done to the Bird-of-Prey.

Korris and the green pirate captain greeted each other, Korris attempting to hide his worried tone and the Orion not surprisingly smug, knowing that all on board the Klingon vessel owed him their lives, and he had them exactly where they wanted them. "Now, Captain Korris. I do not wish to anger your Klingon Empire, but I do need to eat," He said, as he paced around his bridge, wondering what he would demand of the Klingons, knowing that they had no choice but to provide him what he wants or rest permanently in the vacuum of space.

"I believe we can reach an agreement," Korris said, taking a seat back in his chair, which was raised upon a small platform with stairs in the center of the dimly lit, red and black B'rel bridge. "How much would... a Klingon slave fetch?" He said, motioning with a nod to the only two other Klingons on the bridge besides him and the young Kahl. These two klingons quickly reached for their disruptor pistols, moving towards the young Klingon at the weapons console. "Korris, you honorless peta'q!" Before Kahl could reach for his own disruptor pistol, he had two Klingon officers on his flank, and any resistance was futile. "The House of Antaak has always caused much.. trouble for my house, Vun Kahl," said Captain Korris, now comfortable in his captain's chair, having reached an agreement with the Orion captain.

"My new.. friend, has agreed to allow us all to live," He said, motioning around the bridge. "You, however, are young. Strong. And shall make a great... trophy. You shall spend the rest of your honorless existence as a slave, as all members of the House of Antaak should." Kahl struggled against the two officers, "It is you who are without honor, Korris! It shall be a great day for all Klingon when I shove my d'k tahq through your heart!" This would be the last words the Klingon weapons officer would mutter before being rendered unconscious by his captors.

Tactical Officer's Log, Stardate 11502.09

We are in orbit above H'atoria, and are faced with a very curious predicament. We are in danger. That much is slowly becoming apparent to me, as well as the Captain, though there is nothing we can do. Our away team has not responded in the last couple minutes, and their status is unknown to us. There was also an unidentified sign on our sensors; some form of cloaked vessel, without a doubt. Could the Klingons be spying upon us, even though we are allies? I would not put it above some members of my people, though I cannot help but feel.. uneasy about our situation. My instinct tells me that there is something here to find, something unknown to us.

I think that the Captain shares my sentiment, though I cannot be sure. He is a good man, from what I have seen, and has qualities of strength and fortitude that I have found are not uncommon in humans that are in positions of command. I shall continue to monitor the sensors from my console, and only hope that whatever is out there, watching us, we are ready for it.

Computer, end log

Personal Log

I cannot help but feel.. helpless, out here above this colony, watched. It irritates me that there is nothing that I can do but wait to be attacked, though I must do my best for the ship and for my captain to prepare for whatever coming engagement there may be. My feelings can be equated to an animal in a cage, being silently observed, though only able to react to the watcher, and not act on its own. I am not afraid, however. I am never afraid.

End Log

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Re: CTO Vun Kahl

Postby James Greenman » Tue Feb 10, 2015 4:23 pm

Absolutely fantastic log, Brandon! The more I see of Vun the more I like him. :D
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