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Re: CO Capt Kesh Suder

Postby Aoibhe Ni » Tue May 06, 2014 4:16 pm

C. J. Short wrote:I get the feeling that the field of telepathic psychotherapy is woefully under-developed. Good log, Aoibhe :)

heh, thanks. I have heard it said that psychotherapy research is woefully underfunded, anyway.


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Re: CO Capt Kesh Suder

Postby Aoibhe Ni » Sun Oct 05, 2014 7:22 pm

“All senior staff report to the bridge”, the ship-wide comm repeated.
“Nurse, tell him I'll be there in a minute”, she growled as she worked frantically.
“All senior staff report to the bridge...”
“Stuff it!” she yelled into the nearest receiver. “I'm busy!” She turned back to Nurse Sek and nodded for her to try again. “30 milligrams this time, cortical stimulator to 25%”
The Vulcan Nurse complied silently.
“Senior staff to the bridge immediately!”
“I am in the middle of emergency surgery, bridge... I'm not leaving my patient for anything, do you understand? Come down and drag me up there if you want, but I'll be bringing this biobed with me, now shut the hell up and let me work!”
Kesh turned back, took her hands off her patient and nodded to Sek. “Clear”
The patient tensed up on the biobed as the current rushed through her brain.
“No response” Sek reported, her tone calm.
Once more, the patient reacted to the cortical stimulator.
“Still nothing.”
“All senior staff report to the bridge”
“Nothing, Doctor...”
“10 more milligrames, Sek, and shut of that damn comm, will you?”
Sek didn't move. Kesh looked up at her, surprised. Sek was efficient, she never delayed, she took orders like they were second nature to her. “Sek... move!”
Still, the Vulcan nurse remained still. “Perhaps it is time to call it a day, Doctor. The patient isn't responding to treatment. Her injuries are simply beyond our ability to repair”
“I'm not giving up!” Kesh snarled, pushing Sek aside.

“You already have...” Sek observed, looking down at the patient on the biobed.

“All senior staff report to the bridge”

Kesh stared down at the patient she had been fighting so hard to save. Her face was badly burned, her neck and chest were pitted with shrapnel, the puncture wounds cauterized by the searing heat from the console that had exploded close by. Despite the damage, she recognised her own form lying inert and helpless on the bed.

“All senior staff report to the bridge”

“Perhaps, Doctor Suder, it is time you complied with the bridge's orders.”

Kesh took an unsteady step away from Sek, from the biobed, moving slowly backwards towards the exit. She nodded numbly and turned, picking her way shakily out the main doors and into the corridor beyond.

Pulling her surgical garb off she found herself wearing an old ship-style uniform with teal shoulders, and wondered at it as she moved along. “Not yet!” she heard herself say into her comm badge as her legs carried her forward. “I'm not ready... I'm not... please, not yet...”
“All senior staff report to the bridge”

“Damn you... I have so much left to do!” she pleaded as she reluctantly rounded a corner and came to a stop in front of the turbolift. The doors hushed open and Suder blinked with surprise. Within the spacious 'lift stood a Bolian with a slice of toast in his blue hand. He smiled happily to see her. “Hi!” he said, munched on the toast and and stepped to the side to give her space. “You finally made it. They will be pleased.”

“Hemet...?” she whispered as she stared at him.

The Bolian reached forward, took her by the arm and drew her into the turbolift gently. “I missed you too, Kesh,” he said happily. “Bridge!” The turbolift came to life and carried them both upwards.
“It is confusing, isn't it?” he agreed. “Tell you what... Computer, the Lounge.” The turbolift slowed and began moving sideways instead. “Let me explain,” he said, offering Suder his arm.


The Summit was exactly as she had remembered it, the low-level chatter from small groups enjoying their off hours, the fruity smell of sweet cocktails and the savoury tang of desserts wafting through the air. But the view was different. She stood and stared out the windows.
“Thought that might catch your eye” Ref chuckled.
The ship was docked at a gigantic station, bigger than anything at Utopia Planetia. Out the window of the Galaxy Class she was on, Kesh could see other ships, all docked and in standby mode. There were Oberths docked next to Intrepids, Constitutions packed closely with Excelsiors, there were Steamrunners, and Norways, Cheyennes and Challengers as far as the station's massive curve would allow her to see. “What are they all doing here?” she asked, aghast. "What's happening?"
“They're all waiting... same as us.”
“Waiting for their crews to join them, Kesh.”

Ref turned and lead her out of the Lounge.

“Computer, Bridge.”
The turbolift once again carried them upwards as Kesh's head spun. “I'm not ready, you know” she told her friend in monotone.
“I wasn't either,” he confessed. “But you will be.”
The door opened onto the bridge, then and Ref guided Suder out. Her feet stepped onto a soft carpet, softer than the ones she had been used to. The bridge was big, way larger than many modern class ships. The walls were beige, comfortably lit, with consoles in alcoves and installed in mock-wooden panels.

A handsome, dark-skinned officer standing at the Tactical console turned as she approached. She recognised him instantly. “'Bout time, Kesh'” he joked.

“Hazzeem...” she whispered in awe as she passed by him.
“All senior staff report for-” a man was saying as he caught sight of her.

“Reporting for duty, Captain” she was surprised to hear herself say.
Bolitho nodded once with satisfaction. “We're just waiting on one or two others, then we'll set off” he said, indicating the Operations station and the Engineering one where Jameson and Lira were both conspicuously missing. Kesh smiled a little.

“Take you station, Doctor.”

She nodded to him, pleased to see her old mentor again. “Aye, sir.” She turned crisply, intending to settle herself in her usual seat on the Seleya's bridge, but she caught sight of someone coming out of the ExOh's office, and gasped. His red-shouldered uniform looked as good on him now as it had done the last time she had seen him, more than a decade previously. His Trill-spots were exactly as she had remembered them, and his dark-blonde hair still refused to lie flat, she noticed. Tears filled her dark eyes. “Kesh'...” he said, laughing and running the short distance to her and scooping her up into an enthusiastic embrace. Spinning in his arms she felt herself crying tears of joy into his broad shoulder. She tried to say his name, but her throat refused to let her make a sound.

Eventually he pulled back a little, kissed her deeply and gazed into her eyes. Nose to nose, the long-separated couple let their reunion linger. Vidas...
“Welcome home, Imzadi...”


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