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SCI Cadet Cameron Corcoran

Posted: Sun Jan 01, 2017 2:05 pm
by Matthew Kennedy
USS Tempest - SCI Cadet Cameron Corcoran - Stardate: 11701.01

I thought my studies at Starfleet Academy had prepared me for everything. I've quickly learnt that finishing first in my class in a host of courses like Applied Astrobiology count for very little out here on the edges of space. I suppose though, that nothing can ever prepare you for being flung twenty-two years into the future without aging a day. I look at the Captain and the XO and I wonder how they aren't more perturbed by this bizarre event than they appear to be. This is my first assignment to a Starship so I suppose it's mostly all of us creating a rapport.

And now, here I am - the remaining Bridge Officer on deck while the Captain, XO, CMO and Tactical Officer are all trapped below on Pacifica after the earthquake that took place. I've been trying to raise them but have heard nothing yet. I'm waiting for confirmation from the Geology Lab that the planet is sufficiently stable to attempt a rescue. We have an Away Team on standby as soon as I have confirmation that it's safe to return to Pacifica. The Captain seems like an immensly capable and resourceful man so I have a lot of confidence so I'm hopeful that they're all safe down there. For now though, it's just the waiting...

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Posted: Wed Jan 04, 2017 11:48 am
by Matthew Kennedy
USS Tempest NCC-1852-A Official Log - SCI Cadet Cameron Corcoran reporting - Stardate: 11701.04

It has been 12 hours now since the earthquake on Pacifica and scans indicate the seismic activity appears to be continuing in slowly increasing frequency and intensity. Scans also indicate wide spread and severe structural damage to buildings in the proximity of the resort where the Captain and crew were staying. I have been able to identify signs of life of approximately 234 souls in the resort precincts but so far, have not been able to definitively lock on to the Captain or members of the crew. I'm working to the assumption that they have been either separated from their Comms Badges or they have been damaged.

In accordance with Star Fleet protocol, I have contacted the Madam Mulan Szechwan (the Governor of the province in which the resort lies). She has advised that she has organised Rescue and Recovery teams on the ground as soon as the aftershocks subside and the safety of her teams can be reasonable assured. I have contacted Star Trek Headquarters and provided them with a Sit Rep of these recent events. I was pleased once again, to speak to Commodore Cutler (one of my mentors from the Academy) who is currently heading up Operations & Logistics in this quadrant. I undertook to keep him informed of events and assured me that he stands ready to send any assistance that may be required.

Given the delay, a roster has been established for multiple away teams so that there will be a team at the ready as soon as we get the word. The Medical Bay is on High Alert and the Geoscience lab are working up different scenarios about the origin of the sudden seismic activity and potential patterns in the immediate and longer term future. I have kept the rest of the crew of the Tempest informed of the events by Ship-wide address so everyone is familiar with our situation. There appears little panic among the crew as I believe they too share my confidence in the resourcefulness of our Captain and crew.

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Posted: Sun Jan 08, 2017 6:12 am
by Matthew Kennedy
USS Tempest - SCI Cadet Cameron Corcoran - Stardate: 11701.08

I snap on the monitor as I sit at the desk here in my quarters and stare blankly at the screen. I scroll down the news updates from ships scattered across the quadrant - space anomaly alerts, warnings, births, marriages, obituaries, the list goes on. Promotion notifications - now there's something amusing! After today's mission, I can't see my name appearing on that list for a very long time. Then, something catches my eye.

The new Intrepid-class USS Darwin is under construction and will be commissioned next year. Apparently, it's being fitted out with the latest scientific equipment to carry out a special astrological research mission to the Gamma Quadrant. It all sounds so intriguing. I'd get to serve with a number of my professors from the Academy who are leading the expedition... Mhhmm? I think this may be a great career move for me. The crew of the Tempest are a great bunch but I'm not seeing that I'm really in a position help to them at the moment and I can't see my career as a Star Trek Officer advancing far given recent events. There's still a few months to apply for this position so I might think it over.

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Posted: Sat Jan 14, 2017 1:34 am
by Matthew Kennedy
Opening my eyes, I struggle for a few moments to orient myself in these unfamiliar surroundings. This is not my quarters? I feel a hand gently touch my upper arm and feel strangely comforted by the gesture.
"It's OK, son." I'm assured by the smiling Medical Officer standing over me. "You're in the Medical Bay, Corky. There's no need to worry, we'll take good care of you." Confused, I try to respond, "But, what...?"
"You recall your migraine that you suffered on the away rescue mission on Pacifica?" he enquires. I nod in agreement. "Well, it seems that might be something a little more serious than just a migraine. As far as we can tell, your synaptic efficacy has been significantly disrupted hat's resulted in a number of serious symptoms including intermittent loss of consciousness. We are currently working on the theory that your condition may have been caused as a consequence of the temporal aftershock of the time shift we experienced. We're monitoring the rest of the crew for similar reactions to yours but so far, nothing's shown up."

"I need to get back to the bridge." I protest.

A burly Security Officer suddenly appears behind the MO looking at me from over his shoulder.

"You're not going anywhere, son." The doctor replies. "We can't have you passing out on the bridge in the midst of some emergency now, can we? I've informed the Captian. He he getting constant reports on your progress. We think your condition may be temporary but for now, we have no way of telling so we're going to continue to observe your vital signs."

I feel my head start to pound. "OK, Doc but..."

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Posted: Thu Jan 19, 2017 7:21 am
by Matthew Kennedy
Doctor Campbell approached Bio-bed 4 and looked down at his latest patient. Removing his medical tricorder from its case on his waist, he detached the scanner and passed it over the young man lying motionless in front of him. With a frown creeping across his face like that a Talaxian moon casts, he took in the data his tricorder was giving him. "Damn it, Son! Come around!" he whispered under his breath. Searching the Med records, young Corky hadn't been conscious now for more than 24 hours and the duration of his periods of conciousness were increasing and the frequency of them was starting to decrease.

Lost in his thoughts, he didn't notice CMO Kestran appear at his side until she placed a reassuring hand on his shoulder. "How's young Corky progressing, Paul?"

"Not like I'd been hoping, Elianna." he replied shaking his head. "His vital signs are holding, but there are signs that his condition is starting to deteriorate. I've run regular neural imaging scans and they are revealing a significant and increasing reduction in the acuity of his neocortex consistent with the impact of a trans-dimensional disturbance. It's one of those times when I feel so frustrated and helpless. I mean we're doing everything we can, but I think it's over to Corky right now."

"I know what you mean, Paul. You'd think in the 24th century we'd be able to make this better... I know you're doing what you can and I'm sure Corky knows that too." Elianna responded with a comforting smile. "He's a good man and I know the Captain has high hopes for him as a member of our crew. I'm certain Corky won't give the Tempest up without a fight."

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Posted: Sat Jan 21, 2017 12:01 pm
by Matthew Kennedy
USS Tempest - SCI Cadet Cameron Corcoran - Stardate: 11701.21

There is nothing but impenetrable darkness all around me and it feels like I'm restricted completely from all movement. My senses are all muted, dulled, anaesthetised. And yet, far away, there is a quiet murmour, unintelligible but I strain harder and harder to make it out. Frustratingly, I hear the sound become a little louder but only at the most excrutiatingly slow pace. The louder it becomes, the harder I strain to hear it, to make sense of it. After an absolute eternity, I can make out voices, muffled but definitely voices. My mind feels utterly spent but I've come too far to stop now. For a long time nothing seems to change then suddenly, without warning, I can hear the words with clarity. I open my eyes.

"Welcome back, Son. You've had us worried but we knew you were coming back to us, we've had to use some experimental procedures to re-align your synaptic patterns and it looks like you've responded exactly how we'd hoped." I try to lift myself from the bio-bed. The Medical Officer places his hand on my left shoulder and gently pushes me back to rest. "No need to be in such a hurry, Son! We've still got a few tests to run to make sure you're OK and won't be prone to an relapses, so just lie back and take it easy. You'll be back on the Bridge soon enough. I smile and dissolve back onto the bio-bed. The Medical Officer turns his face away. In the distance, I see CMO Kestran look up from her medical inventory and wink with a grin. I take a very deliberate deep breath and let out a relieved sigh.

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Posted: Sat Jan 28, 2017 12:17 pm
by Matthew Kennedy
USS Tempest NCC-1852-A Official Log - SCI Cadet Cameron Corcoran reporting - Stardate: 11701.28

There's something about the dark. As children and even sometimes as adults, we humans fear it for the terrors that we imagine it conceals from our sight. I think I've come to understand in my relatively brief life so far, that it's not the darkness outside us where we find that of which we are most afraid - those things are found in the inky blackness inside ourselves.

I've never really had a problem with the dark. Whether it's the dark of space or the dark outside of this submersible deep in this tranquil ocean on the planet Pacifica, I've always been excited by the knowledge that there is life out there, all around me and overcome with anticipation at exploring that which is different and growing as a result. That was, after all, my principal motivation for joining Star Fleet. As I look out into the darkness of the ocean around me, I wonder at the exotic species of marine life that we pass. I think I'd like to spend some more time in an environment like this one day - it's so peaceful and so beautiful...

It's been an interesting few hours. I'm grateful for the opportunity to spend some time away from the Tempest. The Captain in particular is under a great deal of stress as evidenced by his confusion around the management of this away mission. After all, it's basic Star Fleet protocol that the Chief Science Officer is in charge of all scientific expeditions unless the Captain is personally present. Why he would ignore that most basic protocol by putting the ship's Tactical Officer in charge is I think an indication of the stress he is under. Perhaps it's something I'll take up with Counsellor Trost upon my return to the ship. She seems like someone who is really easy to talk to and understanding and above all, someone really genuine in whom I'd feel confident to confide.

While I'm at it, I think I'll take up the matter of our Tactical Officer and my away team partner Johnny Cleveland. I really don't know about the guy. I get a sense that he really doesn't like me for some reason but despite that, he's professional enough to put those personal feelings aside for the good of our mission. The thing is, I kinda like him. He seems rather intense which is something I can certainly appreciate. I think we could work really well together on the Bridge and think I'll commit to trying to make things work with him. I'm sure Eldrida will be able to advise me on how I should deal with this.

We're almost at the site of the missing probe. Signing off for now.