CO Captain Thalev Idrani

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CO Captain Thalev Idrani

Postby Andrew James » Thu Feb 27, 2014 12:01 pm


Leaving Sickbay behind him, Idrani walked down the corridor, the image of Captain Walters pleading for his help fresh in his mind. Losing a ship wasn't easy, neither was betrayal. Combining the two left a bitter taste in the mouth. Losing the ship was like losing a friend - you became attached to it like it was a person. Someone, it seemed, had sabotaged the Minotaur, and the criminal now likely stood on station Sigma Rho. Idrani's previous assignment had seen him as Captain of another Akira class vessel. It was easy to make comparisons, to ponder on the idea that he might just have easily been in Captain Walters position.

The station was positioned near the Federation-Tzenkethi border, so Idrani had known it was unlikely to be a quiet assignment. But this was an unexpected start only minutes into his first shift in command. There was always a time, in any mission, between questions being raised and questions being answered that tested the Andorian's patience. This was one of those times.

He had the additional questions of his new crew. What were their strengths, weaknesses? How did they work together? Time would tell, but he was already getting to understand how some of them worked.

Stepping into operations, his eyes were drawn to the viewscreen. The USS Saturn was departing, a fine looking ship, on their maiden voyage. Hopefully it would be a long and succesful venture.

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