CTO Cereb Thran

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CTO Cereb Thran

Post by Robert Wright » Sat Mar 15, 2014 3:35 am


USS Sigma Rho: NCC-291/5

Stardate: 11402.14

Lt. Cereb Thran - CTO U.S.S. Sigma Rho

Cereb took a deep breath of the cold Andorian air rolling off the mountains. This was his favorite time of year on Andoria just after winter as spring began to take the sting out of the air. Most races found even this time of year on Andoria nigh unbearable, but to an Andorian, it was just right. The various wildlife began to come out of hibernation and start the massive migrations back to warmer areas to feed and mate, making this the perfect time for artists to see them up close.

Cereb look out over the level field in back of his families ancestral home at the small pod of Zabathu that slowly made its way towards the distant hills. The equine herd traveled in tight formation, better to combat the Grayth packs or a Makra female, fresh from hibernation grumpy and hungry. The first time he rode a domestic Zabathu at one of the zoo's his mother had taken him and his siblings too years ago, he was in awe and fear of them. Most artist found them boring compared to more colorful fare like the feline Makra or soaring Atlirith, but he secretly enjoyed sketching them from time to time.

A gust of cool air hitting the skin on his arms brought him back to the present, as did the chiming of the padd at his side. He closed his sketchbook and placed it into the front pocket of his artists satchel, then stood and pulled his uniform tunic back on. His ride to Sigma Rho was departing soon and he had to return to the spaceport to complete his arrangements.

Cereb took one last look at home, it would be some time before he would see it in person again. He closed his eyes and took one last deep breath of the crisp spring air, then tapped his combadge to call for transport.

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