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XO Lt Vlor, "Child's Play" Posts

Post by Brian Bailey » Tue Mar 18, 2014 10:02 pm

STARDATE: 11403.19

The orders from Starfleet Command surprised V'lor as she looked over the official orders sent by Admiral Elsbeth Bantree of Starfleet Headquarters. A Romulan Spy was discovered by Starfleet on Space Station Scion and the USS Bremen was the ship chosen to bring this Romulan Spy to nearest tactical facility for questioning, and subsequent trial.

No one in the meeting room, she hoped noticed her reaction. It took all her Vulcan training to keep her from showing any emotion here. A Romulan Spy coming on board in chains. A Romulan Spy that it seems from Captain Griffiths's orders that she is to connect with be inquisitive or is Griff going to go talk to the Romulan? Most likely the later calling in his Captain's Privilege to talk to the prisoner. Because a Romulan Spy would never see coming a Human Arrogant Captain that allowed his gentiles and emotions to control his actions. The Romulan Tal Shiar would condition their Romulan Spies for someone like Griffiths, who is the stereotypical Human Captain the Romulans believed most Starfleet Captains were. It had only grown worse since the Dominion War and how much intell the Tal Shiar was able to get from Starfleet during the Alliance no one could tell.

Any indication of what happened to her prior to joining Starfleet this could be very bad indeed. Ever since her encounter with Praetor S'larus scared her to the core. What he claimed shook her to her foundation, to who she was. It was why she broke it off with Jason so many years ago. It would explain her limited telepathic ability even for a Vulcan. It was why she was rejected three times before the Academy finally accepted her.

He lied. Romulans lie. She told herself. Starfleet would have spotted something wrong with her physical work up when she applied and passed the tests. She applied three times finally on her third try she was accepted into the Academy. If she was as S'larus claimed then she would not be here would she?

Starfleet would never have excepted me if they had found something. She rationalized to herself in the logical Vulcan manner. Starfleet checked for things like this. Yet she heard of other stories of others slipping in through the cracks, but Starfleet are more concerned with Founder infiltration still than...

Of course, someone is lying. It is you. To yourself. Your mother almost admitted as such. Her other half the emotional side that she lets out only a little bit. The thought of when she confronted her mother and the disdain her mother had towards her or was it regret? Or something else? It is why you close yourself off. The more emotional side says. You are afraid it is true.

S'larus lied! That is what Romulans do! Romulans lie. He was after something. I am not sure what. She needed to talk to this prisoner not Griff. He could handle it. A Romulan would not be ready to deal with a Vulcan with her more eccentric nature. With her brooding accent and attitude it might be a enough to get something out for Starfleet. Or herself. S'larus lied to her and she is not.

"Ma'am? Lieutenant..." a squeaky scared voice says breaking V'lor out her thoughts. The thoughts she did not like to think of. The word she wanted to avoid of thinking of. Relief almost came across her face as she looked over to who spoke to her.

Looking at a nervous young Bolian trying not to bite his lower lip in the turbo lift with her. The cadet always seemed to nearly bite his lower lip when he was anxious. The name nearly escaped her as she washes down the emotions going through her back to her more logical side.

"Yes, Cadet Mot." She looks over at the bald headed Bolian. She heard his father was a well-renowned barber amusing since all Bolians are bald. Bolians are not barbers. her logical side said. "What can I help you with?"

"Your left hand, Ma'am." He says when V'lor realizes he was looking at her left hand. Her clinched left hand with green blood coming out. Her blood. "It is bleeding."

Opening her hand she sees her nail marks embedded in her hand drawing out the blood. In that moment a look of concern crossed her face making Cadet Mot finally bites his lower lip. The blood trickling down her hand as V'lor sees her life draining from it.

"Lieutenant V'lor." Cadet Mot asks concerned and scared. "Are you alright?"

"Yes." She looks at her hand. "Thank you. I'll go to Med Bay."

"Are you sure Ma'am?" he asked. Bolians are too inquisitive for their own good. She drops her hand gaining control of herself again.

"You are dismissed, Cadet." She says coldly as her persona the one the crew call the "Iron Bitch" crosses her face gaining control pushing down all her emotional turmoil.

"Yes. Yes. Ma'am" The Bolian leaves as quickly as he can out of the turbo lift as the door closes behind him.

"Turbo Lift, Med Bay." She says coldly as she looks at her hand bleeding its green blood wondering just how pure she was truly. She had to talk to this Romulan to prove him wrong. Prove S'larus accusation was wrong. Suran was her father, she told herself.

Liar! A whispered voice says in her mind as her logical Vulcan mind shut it down. Logic would not allow the emotions to rule her. Not now. Even if it could be true. She was not feeling better and she lied to Cadet Mot. Romulans lie.

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