Log Competition Winners!

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Log Competition Winners!

Postby James Greenman » Mon Jun 02, 2014 2:20 pm

After a month of hard voting, they have been tallied and a winner has been chosen by you - the players.

In 3rd place with 2 votes is CJ Short, who plays Chief Tactical Officer Henry Sumner onboard the U.S.S. Bremen!

In 2nd place with 4 votes is Jack Lucas, playing Ensign D'Mera onboard Spacedock!

And finally...

Shawna, who plays Ensign Raqiin sh'Hruvek the Science Officer onboard the U.S.S. Bremen has nabbed the illustrious 1st place with 5 votes!

Congratulations to our winners, and to everyone for taking part!
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Re: Log Competition Winners!

Postby Jack Lucas » Mon Jun 02, 2014 4:13 pm

Congratulations, Shawna!


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