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Re: AMB Lieutenant JG Rebecca Terell

Postby James Greenman » Mon Jun 13, 2016 7:34 pm

Great log, Babs! I love the summary, I'm looking forward to seeing what happens tonight.
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11606.20 Chasing Monsters

Postby Babette C » Thu Jun 23, 2016 10:42 pm

11606.20 Chasing Monsters

Hamlet had sat there for a long while in silence; informing Baudin of the Hyperion's situation didn't have the anticipated effect, he wasn't nearly as concerned as he should be. Perhaps it was want of understanding, matters involving the Tkon were meaningless without the proper understanding, but this could be a matter of quadrant security.

He needed a second opinion on the information that had been given to him by Soule and Commander Lyon, as well as on the information he had given them; he tapped his commbadge. "Hamlet to Lieutenant Terell."

Rebecca startled as her commbadge chirped. She wasn't expecting anyone to contact her just then. She was still on the surface of Blue Horizon with the rest of the crew who were investigating the shark attack. "Terell here.. What can I do for you, Hamlet?"

"What are you doing at this exact moment? How is the investigation going down there?"

"Not much.." She replied, looking around. Y'rehl was still rubbing his newly repaired cheek as the others sat or stood, waiting for the next step of the investigation. "The Doctor got called away to help with the shark attack patient. The rest of us are supposed to join her I think, but we're still waiting on a transport over there."

"I need you to return to the ship, Rebecca..." He hummed to himself. "The USS Hyperion has discovered something Tkon and something.... else. I need a second pair of eyes, preferably some to tell me I'm wrong, misinterpreting, or overreacting."

Her ears perked up. "Did you say Tkon?" She paused for a moment, considering. "Sure, I should be able to get away for a little while. I can always come back down to the surface if they need me here. I'll be at the transporter room in a few minutes."

"Understood. I'll meet you down there." He replied before closing the comm and making his way to the turbolift.

He cradled his hands in thought as the lift descended; he could be wrong, he hoped he was wrong, and was desperate for Terell to tell him so when she arrived. But what if he was right? The Borg would be like a slight fever, to this entity's influenza; and how could they stop it if the Tkon couldn't? Hamlet's eye twitched at the thought.

A minute or two and a few blue sparkles later, Rebecca stepped off of the pad with a nod of thanks to the transporter chief. By now, curiosity had overcome her and she couldn't wait to hear the news about this latest discovery. She found herself pacing a bit as she waited for Hamlet to arrive.

A few moments later and the doors swished open, Hamlet's face being more serious and sober than Rebecca had seen before. "Ah, ya here already, good... come, let me fill you in on the details." He spoke, seeming out of sorts, without any of his usual pleasantries and eccentricities.

She nodded, looking at him with concern; he didn't seem his usual self. "Whatever it was they found, it doesn't sound good.. Let's hear it."

"Several hours ago, the Hyperion entered a system along the Cardassian border, escorting the mining ship Herald, to begin processing the resources of an asteroid field." He handed her a PADD, containing the accompanying visuals. "They detected an unknown signal, before they were able to ascertain that it was coming from a Tkon structure. They also detected some kind of biological matter, that was not in the database."

"As of an hour or so ago, the Hyperion lost contact with the Herald. When they were able to re-establish visual contact, they found this." He scrolled the pictures along to the view of the metamorphosis the Herald was undertaking.

"Biological matter?" She scrolled through the PADD, skimming through the reports. "Hm.. and with a nanotech component. According to this, it can become almost anything it wants to.." She frowned, looking through the visuals. "Nanomachines... " Her eyes went wide. "Made of silicon?" She scrolled through more of the report. "And it appears to be intelligent..." She paused, thinking of the translations on the first artifact. "Given sentience to mineral.. " she whispered.

"Oh my god, It couldn't be.." Her face looked ashen as she looked back up at him. "Hamlet, do you think that this could be the lifeform that the Tkon wrote about?"

He nodded sombrely. "I think the entropy prison has been opened." He shifted awkwardly, grumbling nervously. "Bledy miners.... always unearthing things that should never be found... they don't see the wood through the trees, only the gold at the end of the rainbow."

"But it was sealed.. I wonder how they managed to open it? And if those things have been unleashed, we're in big trouble."

"I was hopin' you would have an opposing opinion... but can you see why I pulled you away from the planet for a moment?"

"Yes, I can definitely see why," She nodded, chewing her lip and taking a moment to think about the situation. "There is always the chance that these aren't the silicon beings that the artifact spoke of... but the beacon seems to be as old as the other artifacts we found, and the wording.." she pulled up the information on the beacon. "crisis, warning, save, and distress. It sounds a little like the original artifact's translation, but I can't be completely sure until I have a look at the rest of the writing. If it isn't what the Tkon locked away, then it's a frightening coincidence."

"We need to figure out what this thing is, I don't want to leave anything to chance. We need to eliminate every possibility, and pray that's one of the things eliminated. Any assistance that we can give the Hyperion from here may be crucial, and we'll need undeniable evidence of what it is if we're needed, to convince the Commander of more actionable assistance."

"Which means we also need to find out what beast or not is on this planet. If we find that answer, we can put our full effort into the big one."

"That makes sense. As soon as I'm able to after we're done on the surface, I can comb the database for any other possibilities of what the Herald could have woken up out there. I could even send a message to starfleet, maybe there's something in the archives that we don't have access to. Did you find anything out up here about the shark, or whatever it was?"

"We should hold off on contacting Starfleet for a few hours, we can't just interfere with Hyperion's mission, we have to give them time. If we don't hear from them in six hours, we'll make that call then if needed. "But we will require every bit of information possible, to scour and reinterpret, it'd be useful to have speculative notes from other researchers as well, see if any conclusions match up."

"In meantime, the 'Shark' investigation has hit a bledy brick wall. Nothing in the database to suggest a large apex predator, someone has been modifying the BioNet feed, creating phantom fish shoals to obscure detection of whatever if out there."

"I need to set up a countering algorithm for the masking program, it'll let us know if someone tries again... and then we can see what it actually is. I have a feeling it'll be artificial in nature though, just a hunch."

"Of course," Rebecca nodded. "And the more time we are able to spend looking for information, the better..." She sighed, feeling almost impatient with the current investigation, considering the possible implications of what the Hyperion had found.. but he was right, they couldn't do both at once, and they had a job to finish here first. And Blue Horizon needed them.. she didn't want anyone else to end up like the poor guy on the beach.

"Considering there was a terrorist attack on Risa a few months ago, we shouldn't leave any stones unturned. It's not exactly like a transport hub being bombed, but from what you're saying, it sounds like someone's behind it."

"That's the right frame of mind, lass. We'll figure it out." Hamlet could sense her frustration, but she seemed to be dealing with it well. "And that is as good a starting place as any. Well done Rebecca." He smiled.

"Thank you." She smiled back. "So, while you're uncovering what's behind that school of fish, I should probably rejoin the others down on the surface. In the meantime, can you transfer the Hyperion's files to my office console? I'll have a look at them in more detail when I get the chance."

"Will do." He nodded simply. "You keep looking for clues down there, and I'll keep up the efforts here. Good luck, lieutenant."

"You too, Hamlet. And thanks for letting me know. I'll do whatever I can to help."
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Re: AMB Lieutenant JG Rebecca Terell

Postby Einar S » Fri Jun 24, 2016 1:08 pm

great log guys, I love seeing our connected world at work!
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The Shrink Awaits!

Postby Babette C » Fri Aug 05, 2016 4:09 pm

The Shrink Awaits!
Takes place sometime in the few days before shore leave on Blue Horizon (With Counselor Bob)

Rebecca entered the counsellor’s office and looked around. Her appointment was in five minutes, just enough time to settle in and take a breather before meeting the counsellor. The requisite Starfleet furnishings had a comfortable soothing quality, embellished with calming colors and potted plants. She sat down, sinking into a soft chair to wait. It couldn’t be too much longer…

Bob walked casually into the office, dropped his PADD at his desk, and sat down. He was rather enjoying the relatively leisurely pace of these crew psych evaluations. He’d only had to chase down about twenty percent of his patients so far. The rest willingly showed up, which was a pretty decent improvement over last round’s thirty percent.

“Well, hello,” he greeted her, “So, how’ve you been?”

“I’ve been fine. It’s a pleasure to meet you.” Rebecca stood and held out her hand.

Bob stood and returned the handshake, “Nice to meet you, too. So, I like to get right to business, but in a casual sorta manner. Anything you wanna get off your chest before I either start with the prewritten questions or a leading conversation?”

“Not really.. I don’t have anything specific that I feel I need to talk about right now,” she said, sitting down again in the comfy chair. “Ask me whatever you’d like..” He certainly was casual, she observed.. Right down to the Hawaiian-esque type shirt he was wearing over his teal uniform today.

“Right then!” Bob grinned, “So, tell me, how’ve things been for you in the past few months? I may spend most of my time either here or loitering in Sickbay, but I have noticed several… interesting missions and the impact they’ve had on the crew.”

“I suppose things have been fine overall…Alot has happened in the year since I’ve joined the crew; the War started almost immediately after I was assigned here, then the death of the President, the Tkon, the romulan spy, Sinul.. Is there anything in particular you’d like me to focus on?”

“Whatever you’d like to focus on. Remember, this is your viewpoint we’re talking about, not mine. I’m just here to listen and make silent notes for the good ol’ psych profile.”

“Ok.. so.. The war then. “She hesitated, the war had been a big blur of one battle after another, culminating in a head injury that had left gaps in her memories. “The battle at Sigma Rho was one of my first major battles.. I remember the escape pods filling the viewscreen, and trying to jam communications to slow down the tzenkethi shooting them out of the sky. I did what I could, followed orders.. But I just remember feeling so helpless when we lost the station. And it was hard to reconcile my position as an ambassador.. you know, trained to promote peace, understanding and all that.. with the fact that the federation was at war.” She fell silent for a moment..she hadn’t talked much about this to anyone since then.

Bob nodded, “Peace and war are indeed two different sides of the coin. It always hard to reconcile that sort of thing. I mean, my job is to make sure that everyone’s mental health is in top shape and to break up potential crew squabbles before they happen, but during the war, I was working with a damage control team and making sure the kids aboard were safe. I’ll admit that it wasn’t easy when the war ended and I had to sort through that particular mess. I mean, I forgot half the crew! Keeping the peace and waging a war are two things that never go together and yet always come in a package deal. It’s sort of an odd thing that takes a long time to get used to. I’ve been doing this for the better part of fifteen years and I’m still not used to it. The best thing to do in the short term is to keep busy, keep yourself focused. In the long term… well, I’m here for a reason.”

She nodded, smiling at him as he told his story; then continued on. “The war was hard, but even afterwards, I felt lost. The president was killed, and things were changing.. Starfleet seemed different. Maybe it was the effect of just having been through a war.. but it was as if the old ideals were giving way to a newer, ‘harder’ version of Starfleet, one that cared less about peace and exploration, and more about showing military force and might. I didn’t know if I wanted to be a part of that..

Then the Tkon tablet was given to us by the Vulcans to study. That was the reason I joined starfleet, to learn about new civilizations.. in this case, a very old one. Have you heard of the Tkon?” Her eyes lit up as she spoke. “They’re fascinating. they could move whole star systems, their civilization spanned half a galaxy. We spent several days translating the first tablet, just making sense of it. Languages are my specialty, so it was one of the first times aside from the war, where I could make good use of my skills. We found a map, which took us all the way to the beta quadrant. I’m sure you heard of at least some of that mission..”

“Oh yeah, that was an interesting mission to be here for. The Tkon are definitely an interesting topic. But, to the point you made before that, I’ve seen this version of Starfleet before. This militaristic version is the one that won the Dominion War, and several wars before that against people like the Klingons and the Romulans. I’ve always been of the opinion that it’s like an on-off switch. Starfleet can flip between their two selves just like that, so easily that it’s a little disconcerting. But you are right, it’s not the sort of Starfleet folks would care to be a part of in peacetime. Now, back to the Tkon, I’ve been itching to hear more. My wife refuses to tell me, keeps telling me to look at the mission files. But it’s always so much better to hear it from a person. Do tell,” Bob leaned forward, propped his elbow on his knees and then propped his chin in his cupped hands, almost adopting the posture of an eager schoolchild.

“An on-off switch. I never thought of it that way. I’d say it’s more geared towards militaristic right now. Maybe they’re feeling defensive, with the recent terrorist attacks, and the unrest going on with the Romulans right now..

“ Anyway, back to the Tkon.” She shifted in one of the pillows in her chair, getting more comfortable.. Almost burrowing in, since the next part of the story still brought back bad memories. “The tablet spoke of a race of intelligent silicon beings that would destroy everything in its path. The Tkon sealed them away in a prison somewhere for eternity, so they wouldn’t destroy the universe. We went all the way out to the beta quadrant and found the star system where the map pointed. The planet itself was a demon class.. Plasma storms, acid pools, that sort of thing. Incapable of supporting humanoid life. But we found an ancient building there, that we thought was built by the Tkon. So at some point in its history, the planet might have been capable of supporting life, and then the planet was somehow destroyed. Stripped bare, like it said in the text. The building had an underground level, which we explored. And there was another artifact inside. We’d come all that way to explore, to learn about the story of the first tablet. And there was another tablet there, as if it was waiting for us.
“We were only there only a short time when we were called back to the ship. Another ship had shown up and was demanding that we leave the planet immediately or they would destroy us. Everyone else was running back to the shuttles; they were giving us only a few minutes to get out. But I couldn’t just leave the new tablet behind, not after coming all that way. So I took it.”

Bob laughed, “Now that, I heard about. Sickbay and Engineering are the rumor mills that can go faster than Warp Nine, and I frequent both. I gotta say, it’s a good thing you did take it. We might never have had such an interesting mission if you didn’t. Of course, hindsight is always better than foresight.”

“Doesn’t surprise me. That’s the sort of thing that would go through the rumor mill pretty fast.. “ She chuckled, feeling relieved that she wasn’t being asked to atone for her actions somehow.. She felt she’d already done that enough on her own... “You know, I never expected that the Portal would let us keep it, after everything that happened with the Guardians. But I’m glad he did. We have access to information that we never would have learned in a thousand years.. And it’s probably going to take that long just to make sense of it all.”

“I bet the science department is a bunch of happy fellas right now. That sorta find is right up their alley. Plus, it’s Tkon. I haven’t met a scientist yet who won’t drool over the mere mention of the Tkon. I bet there’s three dozen scientists who would kill to meet the person who stole them their next big project,” Bob chuckled and shifted so that he was leaning back just a bit. That leaning forward thing was really doing a number on his back.

“Even so, I don’t think I’ll be repeating that action anytime soon.. We were incredibly lucky that it turned out the way it did. It could have gone much worse for us if the Portal hadn’t been so lenient. But I have to say, it’s an experience I’ll never forget, not in this lifetime.”

“Of that, I have no doubts,” Bob nodded, “I, for one, am very glad that the Portal was nice about it. I’d have been very unhappy if it decided to blow up the ship. I’ve still got at least thirty years of career ahead of me! I’d like to at least make captain at some point!” He laughed, amused at himself as usual.

She echoed back his laugh, she was genuinely starting to like this guy. “I think we’re all glad the ship didn’t get blown up. I dunno about captain for me, but making some cush ambassadorial assignment somewhere would be nice.” she grinned at herself, then shook her head. “Naah, too boring. No exploration the of far corners of the galaxy, or ancient secrets of the universe to discover.. I like this life, even if it does have it’s difficulties.”

“You’re forgetting the part about discovering new people who hate the universe or people who are way too friendly. But hey, it’s Starfleet. If we didn’t want to be here, I don’t think we’d have signed up. Even if there is some new battle every other week, it’s still the prime life. I know I’d be bored outta my mind if I was back on Earth instead of out here with all the new things.”

“You know, I never lived on Earth, except for my years at the Academy.. My parents had a trading ship, and my grandparents had a farm on a Federation colony close to Vulcan. We used to visit there every few months or so, but I spent most of my life in space. There were times growing up that I wished I lived on that farm. It seemed so peaceful compared to the constant travel, but now that I’ve been in Starfleet, I realise that I wouldn’t trade being out here for anything.”

Bob nodded, “See, I’d have rather that trading ship life. My life was pretty boring as a kid, I lived on the East Coast, we kept moving from New York to Virginia and with the occasional stops in Florida or the Carolinas. I still can’t remember the reason why… but joining Starfleet was the best decision I’ve ever made, even if I’ve seen my fair share of people pissed off at the Federation for some random reason. I certainly would never have met my wife without Starfleet and that’d be a damn shame.”

Rebecca chuckled, then nodded with a smile. “I think it was the best decision for me also. No regrets at all.”
She stood up, stretching, and held out her hand. “Thank you for the chat, I really enjoyed it; this helped clarify a few things for me.”

“It’s been a pleasure, really,” Bob grinned, accepting the handshake, “Feel free to drop by at any time, my door’s always open… well, okay, it’s not open when I’m not here, but it’s open the rest of the time!”

“I may take you up on that.” She smiled. “Thank you again, and I’ll see you around the ship..”
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Re: AMB Lieutenant JG Rebecca Terell

Postby Babette C » Wed Oct 05, 2016 4:19 pm

We're getting somewhere.. maybe.
We've determined there are sharks.. and whales, and other deep sea creatures that shouldn't have been on this planet to begin with. And we've determined that someone has covered them up by hacking the SATNet system which tracks all of the allowed sea life on Blue Horizon. But how did they get here? Were they here to begin with and this was just a coverup? Were they smuggled in? Were they beamed in? And as far as motivation goes.. I still have no idea. Why would someone want to do this? To get back at someone? Environmental terrorism? Restore the ecosystem to what they think it should be?

We think that some kind of coverup is likely.. either by certain factions within the government, or by the entire government.. we don't know yet. We have a couple of leads - A geneticist by the name of Ren Fass, biologist and geneticist, and Jonathan Mesh, genetic engineer. However, Mesh is missing, so we really only have one lead... Fass, a grumpy biologist who's halfway across the planet in a humid hell and doesn't want to talk to us...

The grumpy biologist, as it turns out.. supposedly had nothing to do with the sharks. But he did give us a very interesting lead.. There's apparently a genetic library somewhere in the north pole of the planet. If we can find it, we might find the missing genetic engineer... and where the sharks have been coming from..

A giant... something swirled in the dark waters of the huge tank behind Jonathan Mesh... who was currently pointing a disruptor at the away team. Below them thrashed several sharks in the water underneath the metal grates which served as a floor. Becca's breath showed white in the frigid air, as she listened to the madman geneticist rant on, waving his disruptor. She was right.. His motive, environmental terrorism. Or, as he liked to call it, "restoring the balance.."

Becca didn't notice the singe mark on her cold-suit until after she got back to the ship. The accompanying disruptor burn had needed only a few minutes of tending to in sickbay. It could have ended much worse than it did.. but now he was in custody, and the sharks.. well, the rest of them would eventually be dealt with by the Blue horizon authorities. Maybe now they would believe that sharks existed on their planet. She, for one, was glad it was all over. She needed a real holiday after their so-called 'holiday'..

And the news from Hyperion.. the world-eaters were gone, mysteriously vanished. It was a relief to hear, but still, the news was unsettling. She suspected they had somehow been transported back into subspace, possibly re-imprisoned. But she couldn't help but wonder.. if the Herald had been able to set them free by accident, who else could..? But for now, things were peaceful. For now...
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Re: AMB Lieutenant JG Rebecca Terell

Postby Babette C » Tue Jan 24, 2017 2:15 am

The Cosmozoan creature that took over the Scarecrow is probably not going to go anywhere willingly, or quickly.. it’s found a new home, and has moved in -- permanently, as far as it’s concerned.. at least until it outgrows it. If we kill it, we would be killing an innocent lifeform, nonsentient though it may be. But the problem is, there could be possible remains on board that we need to retrieve. And the ships logs need to be extracted somehow if they haven’t been already. I hope that the engineers and science teams can come up with a solution to the problem, and quickly. We could take the time to find a new shell for the creature so it would leave the Scarecrow, but Baudin doesn’t want to sit here any longer than necessary. I don’t blame him. It could cost the Carroway precious time that they might not have. We may just have to move on and let the creature have what it wants…
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Postby Babette C » Tue Feb 28, 2017 5:15 pm

Rebecca swished through the door to her office, carefully balancing a tray with a cup of tea and a plate of food, nearly tipping it in her haste to sit down. She had a precious few minutes to eat and check her messages before going back on duty, and an urgent message chirped at her from the console. She swept aside all of the seemingly endless requests for Diplomatics Corps alumni reunions and conferences on places like Risa and Blue Horizon, and turned her attention to the encrypted message. As the decrypted characters morphed into readable letters, her eyes swept over the screen, widening as they hovered over a key passage…

…This crime against two highly-decorated Starfleet officers was committed by an organization known as Section 31. For most, knowledge of the existence of Section 31 will be a sudden confirmation of what had only been spoken of before in whispered rumors. However, it is my displeasure to not only confirm the existence of Section 31, but to inform you that they are in control of a large section of Starfleet Command, as well as the Federation government itself…

She had to just sit there for a few minutes, reading it over and over again, her lunch and tea growing cold on her desk. It all seemed to vindicate that feeling that she’d had for months now.. that niggling feeling that something wasn’t right after the death of President Okeg.
So, they had killed him. Not the “rebel” Tkenkethi cruiser, but Section 31. And why? Because he had wanted a non-agression pact? Even an alliance? A leader who looked towards peace and unity rather than suspicion and war? And then, almost immediately after Zothan Yix took office, the language of the Federation had shifted, from ‘exploration’ and ‘peace’, to ‘defense’, and ‘strength’, and ‘might’. Even Yix’s body language, when she saw him in public appearances and speeches, was closed off and belligerent, and spoke of a desire for power.

And the government that she was a diplomat of, which she had previously believed in, and had sworn to uphold.. had betrayed them all by allowing section 31 into its highest ranks. And they had murdered a president. And removed two high ranking officers from command by faking their deaths and imprisoning them. And with the evidence that Atlantis had gathered, any number of countless other things would soon come to light..

We can overcome this, together, and take back the Federation.

And now that the truth was being revealed one starfleet officer at a time.. she had to believe that they would take the Federation back. But Section 31 wouldn't give it up without a fight. Was this the beginning of a new war...? Would they be ready?
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