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Re: CTO Lieutenant JG Manuel Gist

Postby James Greenman » Tue Jun 07, 2016 7:04 am

This was a great log, Simon, I really love looking into Gists mind. He's a character with a lot of unique depth.
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Re: CTO Lieutenant JG Manuel Gist

Postby Simon Mansell » Tue Nov 08, 2016 8:28 am

Its was hardly a picturesque scene; Gist quarters. PADDs were strewn across the room in a manner more befitting a madman then a tactical officer. And his clothes from the recent shore-leave had yet to be put away, instead placed in wrinkled piles on his bed. He knew the room was in shambles, but before he put his quarters in order he had to put his ship in order.

Manuel himself was sitting in the thick of it, picking through of a pile of PADDs. After such a stressful vacation, he was hoping that he could have gotten some actual, genuine rest. But unfortunately the chain of command meant that Snape had been left in charge in Gist's absence. Manuel was sure that either that man was criminally incompetent or he took some perverse pleasure in making his job even more difficult. He had enough trouble without his help in the matter.

He picked up one of the many PADDs and looked at it.

“Speak of the devil,” he said aloud.

It was a complaint from Ensign Ubelhor Snape had archived, (Why the man couldn't just put log it in the computer was beyond Gist.) If Snape had bothered to read the notes Gist had left, then he would have known that Ensign Ubelhor was a hypochondriac, whose condition was not helped by her isolated station on Deck 15. First she said it was the Tzenkethi crawling through the Jefferies Tubes, then it was the Romulans attempting to sabotage the ship. She even claimed that Hirogen of all peoples were down there, and Manuel had to check the LCARS system to figure out just what on earth she was talking about.

What was worse was that she couldn't just file her report. She had to have Manuel spend an hour convincing her that what she saw was just her imagination. He'd expected Snape to complain about it, but apparently the woman felt that she could only tell her problems to Gist. He was starting to believe chasing mad scientists and sharks was relaxing compared to a minute with that woman.

Gist threw the PADD back into the pile. If he spent too much time thinking about it the Doctor would get onto him about his blood pressure again. He just needed to get back into the swing of things and return to his routine. Then these things wouldn't get to him; at least too much.

“Computer,” He said. The computer beeped in reply. “Play 'Jeremiah Johnson by John McIntire.'” The the music began to reverberate through the cabin. Gist took a cup of coffee from a nearby table, sipping gingerly before beginning to look over yet another PADD.


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