Mission Arc #10 - The Great Unknown

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Mission Arc #10 - The Great Unknown

Postby James Greenman » Tue Oct 06, 2015 1:30 am

Mission Orders, Stardate 11510.05

TO: Captain Claire Stradiot, Commanding Officer USS SENTINEL
CC: Lieutenant Commander Vikram Baudin, Executive Officer USS SENTINEL

I've been briefed on your request to investigate this Tkon artifact, Captain. I understand that you managed to glean quite a bit of useful information from it - your crew are to be commended for their efforts. All the necessary approvals from Starfleet Command along with the Vulcan Science Council have been received, although with the caveat that I am sure you know of, that Lieutenant Satel join you for the duration of your investigation.

All relevant paperwork has been filed, she's transferred and under your command in an advisory capacity with the Starfleet rank of Lieutenant. I trust you will treat her with the respect she is due, while relations with the Vulcan are as strong as ever it never hurts to make sure they say good things about us here in the Federation.

You are to proceed into the Beta Quadrant and investigate the artifact you have onboard the Sentinel while mapping and exploring that region of space. Unless necessity dictates a return to Federation space, you're to work under your own guidance and uphold the finest traditions of Starfleet and the Federation - Exploration.

Prophets guide you, Captain Stradiot, and see your crew home safe.

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Re: Mission Arc #10 - The Great Unknown

Postby Andy Cotterly » Mon Nov 23, 2015 6:23 am

To: Senior Staff of the USS Sentinel
CC: Lieutenant Commander, XO Baudin

Mission Briefing

CMO: I want an update asap on the condition of the away team.

ALL: Everyone who's well enough and cleared by medical needs to report to the bridge. This situation is not over.

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