Mission Arc #11 - Libertatum in Tenebris

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Mission Arc #11 - Libertatum in Tenebris

Post by James Greenman » Mon Jan 18, 2016 9:22 pm

Mission Orders, Stardate 11601.18

TO: Captain Claire Stradiot, Commanding Officer USS SENTINEL
CC: Lieutenant Commander Vikram Baudin, Executive Officer USS SENTINEL


I apologise in advance for the secrecy, Captain, but things being what they are this needs to be kept under tighter wraps. I believe all necessary documents required for this investigation have been forwarded to the Sentinel by Admiral Tolar.

Sixteen hours ago, Captain Renald Walsh, a decorated Starfleet Captain of almost twenty years, commandeered an experimental light escort craft from the Beta Antares shipyards where he was based and escaped into the Beta Quadrant. By the time this had been discovered, he was already well out of range of the shipyard and headed in your direction under Quantum Slipstream. You've been given his last known coordinates from the sensor network outside of Starbase 123, your mission is to recover the vessel and ensure that it is returned undamaged to Beta Antares. This is your primary objective and must be carried out at all costs, is that understood? If this technology was to get into the wrong hands, it could be catastrophic for the Federation and Starfleet.

I trust you to do what is necessary in this matter. All further updates will be handled through my office.

Admiral David Meek
Starfleet Internal Security and Operational Intelligence
Star Trek: Engage Game Manager

Game Director -Sigma Rho Station & U.S.S. Sentinel