NAV Ensign Andrew Marcus

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NAV Ensign Andrew Marcus

Postby Tyler Slade » Wed Mar 23, 2016 2:45 am

Memories- As he sat at the helm of the Sovereign Class starship barreling through space at Warp 8 he could not help but think of his first flight at the helm of a starship. He was a Star Fleet Cadet standing as an observer on the bridge of the USS Crazy Horse. The only thing he had flown prior to this was a shuttle craft. Obviously he had done every simulator known at the academy but with his instructors he could use his betazoid senses to predict what was going to be put on the simulator next. This would be the first fully functional starship he was at the helm for. He stood watching the Ops station when the Captain asked for the helmsman to assist the chief engineer on a shuttle repair. Before the auxillary navigator could sit the captain said " Hey we are on a clear route survey mission, let the Cadet take the helm." Marcus stood there frozen he didn't know how to respond other than the response that was trained to come out " Aye Captain" He sat at the helm took in the controls and quickly looking as if he had done in 100 times before he removed the automatic pilot and began to fly the ship. Though she was much smaller than the ship he would end up being the Helmsman on, it was the biggest ship that he had ever flown so far. Marcus looked up at the Captain and awaited the course and speed instructions. " Cadet lets go to full impulse and we want to pass the asteroid belt and around the largest moon of the fourth planet." Marcus knew that this was a very simple procedure but it was going to have to be done with precision on such a large ship. He took the ship to full impulse power and began to ascend as much as he could to go above as much of the belt as he could. Just as he thought he was clear a rouge asteroid from the belt was coming towards them at an alarming speed. Andrew reacted without a full though realizing that this ship had its Nacelles to the stern and they were significantly higher than the saucer section. He turned the ship upside down and pulled the nose up so the closest part to the asteroid was the belly of the saucer. The asteroid drifted by and did not even hit the deflector. Marcus then righted the ship and headed for the fourth planet. The Captain was on his feet in a moment and at the helm " Cadet, what was that? Did you think it was a good idea to invert this entire ship?" Marcus didn't know what to say he just responded " I am sorry captain with the trajectory of the asteroid, it would have hit our port nacelle if I had not inverted." The Captain looked to the science officer who checked the trajectory and then nodded. The Captain then simply said " Oh well, that was impressive but next time how about a little warning." Marcus just said " Aye Captain" He started to get up from the seat to let the aux navigator take his place, but the captain put his hand on Marcus's shoulder. " I believe I gave you an order Cadet to the largest moon of the 4th planet. Don't leave your station until you have completed my directive or until I have dismissed you." The Captain didn't wait for a response he just returned to his chair and let Marcus to fly. At the end of the mission they all returned to the academy, but Cadet Marcus had a letter of recognition from the Commanding Officer of the USS Crazy Horse for superior flying abilities. That was the way that Andrew Marcus was assigned as the Nav officer on a Sovereign Class starship very soon after graduation from the academy. The memory faded and he was back on the bridge sitting at the helm with his hands on the console in full control of the massive ship with more than 1000 people on board. He felt humbled and appreciation for the chance the USS Crazy Horse Captain had given him for he wouldn't be there without it.

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