TAC Cadet Verelan t'Radaik

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TAC Cadet Verelan t'Radaik

Postby Zee L » Mon Mar 28, 2016 10:17 am

Joint log, Stardate 11603.28: TAC Cadet Verelan t'Radaik and MED Ensign Y'rehl

Coffee in the middle of the night was probably not the smartest idea, but it was better than pacing back and forth in his quarters—or lying sleepless in his bed, rehearsing every silly thing he'd managed to do that day in his head.
The observation deck was abandoned at this hour, leaving the vista of stars to the eyes of one sleepless Romulan.

The middle of the night had also denied sleep to Verelan, who had found the recent shift changes to be something she’d yet to get accustomed to. There were a multitude of other reasons that she was awake... but that one sounded the most justifiable in her head. A quiet walk though the mostly deserted decks of the ship had ended at the Observation lounge, where she could see only one other occupant.

The wistful positioning and the pointed ears immediately let her know who it was. “I am not surprised to find you here,” she said as an opener.

Y'rehl turned—and rose, beaming with smiles.

"Verelan—Elements, we haven't even had a moment to say hello to one another! How glad I am to see you. Join me, if you like?" He gestured at a chair next to his own. "Would you like a Raktajino?"

Verelan had nearly forgotten her friend’s excitability. It was slightly startling, though not overwhelming. She knew she would be used to it again before long. “Tarka would be preferred, if you do not mind,” she said.

She took the offered seat, her gaze momentarily drifting to the starfield that reflected off her left hand before returning her attention to her friend. Speaking of reflective objects...
“Congratulations are in order,” she noted. Though she’d been present for Y’rehl’s promotion, she hadn’t the chance to laud him for his advancement at the time.

"No--of course!"
He was bringing her drink to her in a moment, still smiling brightly.
"I have no idea why they promoted me. All I've done since arriving on the Sentinel is drop and break things. But they are kind, in a kind of bewildering sort of way."

“You undersell yourself,” she replied simply. He has such a tendency for doing so. It wasn’t difficult to figure out why. The Romulan way was full of notions of inadequacy in lieu of perfection. She took the drink then. It was warming to hold-- at least half so. “You will be capable of doing more now that you have a full commission.”

He grinned, taking his own seat and taking his mug back into his hands.
"Yes, now I can break glassware with much greater impunity. Did you know that the Federation uses tempered quartz? Much easier to break than anything I had in the infirmary on the Khellian, and I blame everything on that."
For all his light piffle, his eyes were on his friend's face with a sort of desperate affection, as if re-memorising her much-loved features.

For a generous moment, Verelan regarded him over her drink glass with a look that was impassive, but not unkind. She’d heard a floating rumor or two about a Romulan in sickbay breaking vials every so often, but she’d already noted the presence of multiple Romulan medical personnel aboard.
“Perhaps you may replace them with a more durable set,” she suggested.

"Perhaps so," he said with a hollow sort of laugh. "Things are ever so different here. Even more so than the academy. It—it's not in any sort of bad way, but it is—" he gestured rather emptily. "—different. Sometimes it quite bewilders me."

“The forgiving nature of humans can be befuddling,” Verelan said. That much required no explanation. Such mistakes would not be met the same way on the Romulan ships they were so accustomed to. “I will be truthful-- I am not altogether comfortable with the difference.” Her chin lifted and she was back to observing the stars. She did not often admit discomfort with anything.

"Neither am I," Y'rehl said softly. "Even after the years at the Academy. I don't even know what to do with it, sometimes."
He was still looking at her rather than the starry vista beyond the port, his raktajino going cold in his hands.
"Strange though it is, though, it is—better. It /is/ better."

Verelan seemed to consider this for a moment.
“Better.” Yes, she supposed it was. After all, had they not been seeking just this change for so long? That end goal... it had literally kept them alive through hell. She took another thoughtful sip of tarka. “I did not know you were assigned here,” she said, momentarily changing the subject.

"I thought I'd told you," Y'rehl said with a deprecating laugh. "But I've been in such a muddle, I'm not surprised that I neglected to mention it in my letters. But I am more glad than I can say that you are here."

“It is always good to see a friend.” It went without saying that neither of them had much in the way of those otherwise. By her stating it, she was inferring her delight at seeing him as well, even if it wasn’t expressed in so many words.
“I have an unusual request.”

"Anything," Y'rehl said, without even a breath of hesitation. "Name it, Verelan."

“Before I officially begin any significant work aboard this vessel, I will undoubtly require a physical,” Verelan explained. “Now that you are an ensign and can actively participate, I would prefer if you were within the vicinity at the least. I do not know these doctors yet, and they will undoubtedly be on the curious side.”

Y'rehl nodded, more relieved than he could say that her request was one he could grant.
"Absolutely. After all, I was your attending physician when we were on the Khellian, so I don't think anyone would try to keep me away. Even if I can't perform the physical myself, I shall be there."

"I thank you." There was little need for anything more on that matter, and Verelan wouldn’t offer anymore discourse. Her attention was still on the space beyond the transparent aluminium. "So much time away from the Empire.. and yet I still cannot make these stars my own."

"It will take a lifetime," Y'rehl said softly. "Their beauty is no less, but—they are not our stars, are they."
He glanced at Verelan, and then returned his gaze to the heavens. "After all—it's just a new point of view."

“A well-said sentiment," Verelan said, and from then on there was silence.

Perhaps one day the stars would feel as at home to them as the ones they’d seen all their lives. Perhaps not. For the moment, all that mattered was having the comfort of a friend to share the struggle with. That was all one could ever really ask for.


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Re: TAC Cadet Verelan t'Radaik

Postby Vanessa Brinkman » Mon Mar 28, 2016 1:14 pm

Y'know, as a medical officer, you are qualified to run physicals...
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Re: TAC Cadet Verelan t'Radaik

Postby James Greenman » Mon Mar 28, 2016 4:42 pm

That was an absolutely fantastic log, both of you! I loved the little nuances, the insights into their past as friends as well as individuals, the entire thing was a thoroughly enjoyable read.
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Re: TAC Cadet Verelan t'Radaik

Postby Zee L » Sun May 08, 2016 1:50 am

Joint Log, Stardate xxxxxx.xx: TAC Cadet Verelan t'Radaik and MED Ensign Y'rehl

[Romulan Vessel- IRW Khellian]

For hours after a battle was over, the Infirmary was still full of wounded and dying Rihannsu. y'Rehl was the only physician, though he did have a full complement of nurses and orderlies. It was never enough, though, ever. People died, and there was always so MUCH pain. The Romulan Empire had always been big in the area of acceptable losses, and no one felt that more keenly than the man to whom healing was a sacred charge.

The time had passed quickly for the minor staff of the crowded infirmary, but it had failed to do so for many of the patients-- namely, for one tactical officer who would rather be back in the armoury than trapped on a biobed with a throbbing shattered leg. Her priority level was minimal-- a triage assessment had determined that while it would demand attention, no major arteries were severed. It would remain that way so long as she held still. Though having nothing to focus on but the agony shooting up to her hip was daunting, Verelan still appeared relieved to see the doctor, her friend.

"I supposed you would get to me eventually," she said, voice tight.

"I'm so sorry," y'Rehl said, and his voice was laden with distress and exhaustion. "Did they—you didn't even get a pain hypo—" his eyes flicked in irritation to the orderly whose job it had been to administer quick painkillers to the less urgent cases. "Damn it. Hold on, I'll have this feeling better in two ticks—"
He was true to his word. A hiss as the chemical was translated through her skin, and the sound of his scanner as he ran it over her leg.

Verelan was sorry to add to y'Rehl's struggles, but could not afford to spend precious breath spending it on apologies. Those would come later... once her leg was in one piece. Her hands held a vice grip on the edges of the biobed, even as there was talk of hyposprays. She followed his gaze to the orderly.

"There are many injured. If he has forgotten me it is not deliberate," she said. She supressed a grimace from the slight sting of the hypospray, but that irritant was quickly forgotten as the relief set in. The pain's ragged edge was dulled, and at least she could think.

"I do not know the extent of the damage-- only that it is not life-threatening." Even the way she spoke seemed to be less strained.

"Deliberate or not," y'Rehl said in a tone that boded poorly for the orderly, "that kind of oversight is something I will not have in my infirmary."
He finished his scan and picked up a tissue regenerator. "The bone hasn't displaced--you're incredibly lucky." He paused then, and squinted at his friend. "Or did you set it yourself? DAMN it, Verelan--!"

The Romulan on the biobed made no comment on the matter of the orderly. The matter would be dealt with-- of that, she was absolutely certain. If the reprecussions were severe enough (though she doubted that much), she supposed she would see the orderly again in the brig as part of her professional duties.

She watched the scanner with a neutral expression until y'Rehl pinpointed exactly what she'd done to her leg. The exasperation in his tone was tangible in the air. "I did," she admitted immediately. "It was necessary at the time. If you find fault with the results, I do not believe you would have serious troubles adjusting them."

y'Rehl threw his hands in the air.
"I--Verelan, that's beside the point! WHY was it necessary? All you've done is further traumatise the tissue. You don't need to prove to any of us that you're the damn toughest thing on this ship!"

Verelan blinked at him, as though confused by the notion that this was some sort of show of bravado-- something she couldn't care less about. "What? No," she said.

"The situation I was in did not allow me to wait for medical personnel," she said. "Something had to be done in that moment to prevent the displacement from worsening." In that was an unspoken reminder of just how dangerous a battle situation could be. "Our medics were... sparse enough-- by the time we were pulled, their number was dwindled to one."

y'Rehl put his hands to his head and gave his short hair a frustrated tug.
"I--Verelan--just--Elements. Someday you're going to make a decision like that and bleed out because you've nicked an artery, or something."

"That may be the case," came her reply. It was something she understood-- and she considered that a few combat medicine courses wouldn't do her badly in terms of ensuring things like that didn't happen to her. She felt a pang of guilt that she was worrying y'Rehl so terribly-- but at the time it was something she had to do.

"My apologies. It will not happen again."

"Please--please don't let it happen again." y'Rehl let his mask drop for a moment, and all the weary hours and fear for the lives of his patients was visible on his face. "I can't afford to lose my only real friend."

You should consider obtaining more friends, she thought to herself. She knew that was a ridiculous thought-- one she didn't follow herself and one she knew was not the way of their people. She did not look away, but her expression was one of empathy for his concerns. A single look around sickbay would confirm that there were far too many others for her friend to be caring for her to be adding to his workload.

"Are you capable of repairing the break?" she asked. She knew the answer, but... anything to pull away from the cloud of guilt that was setting on both of them.

"Of course," y'Rehl said briskly, the mask settling back into place. "You'll need to rest it for a couple of days, but you'll be back up and running just as usual in no time."

He set to work, dark head bent studiously over his tools.

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Re: TAC Cadet Verelan t'Radaik

Postby James Greenman » Sun May 08, 2016 6:39 am

That was a really great read, both of you. I really enjoy seeing the relationship between those two, hopefully they get to interact more during the mission - I'd love to see that.
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