Mission Arc #14 - Home

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Mission Arc #14 - Home

Post by James Greenman » Sun Nov 27, 2016 7:06 am

TO: Captain Claire Stradiot, Commanding Officer USS SENTINEL
CC: Lieutenant Commander Vikram Business, Executive Officer USS SENTINEL

We have something of a situation in a relatively unexplored area of space known as the Taurus Dark Cloud. Three weeks ago the U.S.S. Carroway was investigating a missing vessel report from the Ferengi. The Carroway went quiet shortly after arrival. Assuming the worst we sent the U.S.S. Scarecrow to follow up. The Scarecrow's Captain, Julius Sandar, reported in to say that they'd picked up signs of the Carroway and were expecting to rendezvous soon after - that was the last we heard from them.

The Sentinel is the only active QSD-Equipped vessel attached to Sigma Rho right now, so we're sending you to track down the Scarecrow and find the Carroway. I wish we had more information for you to go on but I can't think of anyone more qualified or a crew more equipped to handle this mission.

Take every precaution and stay in constant contact with Starfleet, whatever resources you need are at your disposal - Sigma Rho is at your service.

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Re: Mission Arc #14 - Home

Post by Shawna F » Sun Nov 27, 2016 6:00 pm

it's true vikram is business in the front and business in the back
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