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Re: SCI Lt. JG T'Lira

Postby Vanessa Brinkman » Tue Jan 05, 2016 6:07 pm

Holly Kolodziejczak wrote:I find it interesting that the T'Lira of then was obviously uncomfortable being in the photo, but the T'Lira of today clearly treasures the memory (enough to keep a framed photo).

It has also been about twenty years since the picture was taken, but yeah.
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Friends at a Distance

Postby Vanessa Brinkman » Tue Feb 02, 2016 8:08 pm

In a moment of peace, T'Lira went back and opened the message she had received earlier. The only words it contained were "SAVE ME". That left very few people to be contacted in regards to the message, as it oddly enough, had no sender. Clearly, the doing of another.

A brief check of personnel records in Starfleet, particularly those of her friends, quickly gave an answer. Not two minutes later, she was calling Elena.

The transmission was accepted, but the first thing she heard was rather odd.

"I've got a new jo-ob, I've got a new jo-ob, I've got a new jo-ob!" Edward was chanting as Elena had her head in her hands.

"Congratulations on your new posting to the Hoffstaad, Edward."

Two pairs of eyes turned to the screen, mildly surprised. How they could be was a mystery, as someone had to accept the communication. Elena looked hopeful and Edward looked rather... victorious.

"Thanks. Finally, I am away from hell! I have a new job! Hahahaha!"

Elena gave T'Lira a deadpan look, "Please save me. I made a huge mistake and I don't know what to do now."

"I cannot be of assistance at the moment-"

Edward interrupted, "Also, when the hell were you going to inform your best friends of the impending little one? I mean, I had-"

"Eddie, if the next words out of your mouth have something to do with your constant checking of our files, I will write you up for invasion of privacy just so you can do your chant in the brig."

T'Lira lifted an eyebrow, "I had planned to tell you in person. I clearly do not have that need any longer."

Edward managed to look mollified as Elena grinned.

"Thanks," she grinned, "I guess that'll take him down a peg or two."

"I do not know why you would wish for him to fall from pegs, but I will assume it is another human metaphor."

"No shit," Edward muttered, looking annoyed now. Why he looked annoyed was, again, a mystery.

Elena seemed to pick up on that and explained, "I've been on his ass the entire time because I've got Command crawling up mine asking if this is favoritism because he's my friend and such bull. I dunno why they're so worried. There have been married couples as captain and first officer before."

"They wish to give the illusion that they have control over what captains do with their ship and crew."

Edward scoffed, "They're doing a damn good job at it."

"Do not give them cause to worry and they will not."

The conversation then took a spin into the depths of a debate on current Starfleet policy.
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Re: SCI Lt. JG T'Lira

Postby Luceo » Wed Feb 03, 2016 10:01 pm

This will end well! These bits with her old Academy chums are always entertaining.
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Re: SCI Lt. JG T'Lira

Postby Holly Kolodziejczak » Thu Feb 04, 2016 12:13 am

I need a chart to keep up with who these people are and how they're related and where they're posted.

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Re: SCI Lt. JG T'Lira

Postby Vanessa Brinkman » Thu Feb 04, 2016 12:15 am

Holly Kolodziejczak wrote:I need a chart to keep up with who these people are and how they're related and where they're posted.


I have done my job.
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First Meetings

Postby Vanessa Brinkman » Wed Feb 24, 2016 3:59 pm

"So, to sum all of this up, we're getting a small convoy of Romulan refugee ships. Any questions?"

Commander Kieran Sanchez looked around the briefing room and wondered just how many questions he would have to answer from this staff. They were all so... young! The oldest couldn't be any more than thirty, maybe thirty-five.

Just as he was scratching his grey beard, a single hand lifted.

"Fine, fine, go ahead, Lucy," he muttered.

Lieutenant Lucille Mgamba frowned at him, "It's not a stupid one, I swear. I'm just wanting to know what Engineering will need to do to support those ships and fix them up, as well as getting the Infirmary more room for patients."

"You're right, that wasn't stupid, for once. You're to repair those ships once their captains get you a manifest of damage. The Infirmary will need room for quarantine and for children. I've got reports that there are roughly three dozen orphaned children amongst the refugees. I want you to create an area where they'll feel safe."

She nodded and got to work on her PADD.

"Okay, Doctor sh'Zheva will help you with that as well as prepping the Infirmary. Uh, Sciences, you help, too. I don't exactly have a task for you right now."

The Vulcan scientist favored him with the raised eyebrow that told him that she did, indeed, have something to do, but would follow orders. At least, that's what he thought it meant. Vulcans were always so damned confusing.

Mgamba turned to the Vulcan, "Hey, Lieutenant T'Lira, is it? Right, sorry, I'm bad with names. Anyway, I think it would be good for the kids to get some toys, and considering that they're Romulan, maybe they would find Vulcan puzzles interesting. I dunno, just thinking aloud here."

T'Lira continued to lift that eyebrow, "Romulans and Vulcans share vast cultural differences. Perhaps it would be best to research their culture and find objects that hold fascination for them."

"So, Romulan kid toys, got it," Lucy nodded rapidly. How she didn't give herself whiplash doing that, Kieran had no idea.


T'Lira was working on setting up a layout plan for the quarantine area when she heard a voice call out, "They're here, ahead of schedule! Sir, one is minutes from a warp core breach."

"Transport them out of there, now!" Commander Sanchez ordered.

"Yes, sir," Ops replied, busily getting on that.

The next two minutes were tense as the ship imploded on its singularity core, scattering the others.

"Did we get them?" Sanchez asked, his voice oddly quiet.

"Not all of them, sir. Sensors couldn't get a lock on some, but about seventy percent of them are aboard."

Sanchez swore, "That will have to do. Operations to Infirmary, you've got incoming. One of the refugee ships just blew, so you're going to be busy in a moment."

"Infirmary here!" Doctor sh'Zheva replied, voice tense, "They're already here and I've got a lot to deal with! Infirmary out!"

"Sir," T'Lira piped up, "If I may, the ship did not explode, it imploded."

"If that's supposed to be your attempt at a joke, Lieutenant, it's got bad timing and ought to have been kept to yourself."

"No, sir. Humor is illogical for Vulcans. It was an observation of fact."

Sanchez offered a glare and sighed, "Get down to the Infirmary. Looks like that quarantine section is going to need to be set up now."

"Aye sir."


T'Lira arrived in the Infirmary and noted that it was chaos. Cries of wounded and children seemed to permeate the air, as well as the stench of unwashed bodies and fear. Hardly an odd occurrence, considering that those refugee ships were mostly likely old and filled to capacity.

"Lieutenant Mgamba," she called out, quickly finding the engineer, "Do you require assistance?"

The lieutenant looked flustered as she stood in the middle of a small group of children, holding an infant, while trying to gain access to the recently constructed children's facility.

"Ah, there you are. Um, I forgot the codes, so I need to hack in and change them. Uh, here, hold the kid for a minute while I do this!"

And suddenly, T'Lira had an infant in her arms. To her displeasure, she almost dropped the child, but managed to correct her grip in time. The other children were confused and huddled, all looking so small.

As Mgamba sliced into the console, one of the children looked up at T'Lira.

"What will happen to us now?" the young boy asked earnestly.

"I do not know," she told him, "I presume that you will be sent to either a relative on a colony world or to a Federation adoption facility and-"

She sharply cut off as she felt a tug on her hair. Looking down, she saw that the infant had grabbed some of her hair with his tiny hand and was making an odd noise as he kept tugging.

The noise of laughter caused her to look up at Mgamba as the engineer ushered the children into the newly opened room and laughed.

"I think he likes you," she said, pointing at the infant.

T'Lira looked down at the infant again, "I was unaware that the grabbing of one's hair precluded affection in infants."

Mgamba just continued to laugh as she followed the children into the room. T'Lira used the console to bring up the layout plans for the quarantine facility as she continued to hold the infant. He seemed content to wave his hands about and for some strange reason, she felt as if this were normal.

Eventually, as she set the transporter operators on constructing the quarantine facility for the refugees, she noticed that he had fallen asleep. A chair was nearby, at another console, so she transferred her work to that console and sat down in the chair, still holding the infant.

A few of the refugees seemed to notice her holding the infant and one gave a slight glare, but was kicked by his comrade and quietly talked to. For once, T'Lira didn't pay attention to such a discussion. She was too interested in this small being.

"His name is Taril," the refugee who had kicked the other told her, walking over, "His mother died three days ago and I don't think the rest of his family made it off the homeworld."

"Taril," she repeated, still gazing at the sleeping infant.

The refugee just smiled and set a PADD on the console.

"I asked a medtech for this. I was a minor government official on the homeworld. Just, look it over, alright?"

He left, heading back over to his fellow and T'Lira glanced at the PADD, taking in the form it displayed. Yes, perhaps that would be a useful form in the near future.

Taril continued to sleep, occasionally shifting slightly.
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Re: SCI Lt. JG T'Lira

Postby Holly Kolodziejczak » Wed Feb 24, 2016 7:57 pm

This log reaffirmed for me that I have no maternal urges whatsoever.
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Pieces of Advice

Postby Vanessa Brinkman » Wed Mar 23, 2016 4:21 pm

"So, what brings your face to my comm screen?"

T'Lira resisted the desire to make an overly literal comment in response. But Shari clearly caught on and smirked.

"Knew it. Let me guess, you want to talk to Taril?"

"Actually, I wished to speak to you."

"There's a surprise. One second... Hey, guys, I told you, if you keep slamming Mister Houdini into the wall like that, he'll break. Anyway, what do you want to talk about?"

"You have experience in caring for infants, correct?"

"Yeah... wait, is this about that message that Elena sent me a while back, about you... how do Vulcans state that in a conversation? I've always wondered how you guys talk about things that you find awkward. I mean, you don't share a lot of that awkwardness, but it's like it's genetic."

"I do not believe that it pertains to this conversation."

"Probably not. Anyway, I guess you want a rundown of the basics?"

Shari had developed a smirk, and it seemed as though she were enjoying this.


"Okay. Fortunately for you, I've got a file I send out to everyone who asks."

Shari tapped a few keys on her end and sent out said file. T'Lira glanced over it and found it very comprehensive. It appeared that Shari had specific species files, as this was specific to Vulcan/human children.

"Right, so, here's the basic gist of that entire file: it depends on the genetic predispositions and environment."

That provided little help, and she said so.

Shari narrowed her eyes, "Do I look like a pediatric psychologist or whatever the technical term is?"

"You are a childcare specialist," T'Lira pointed out.

"Yeah, well, kids are confusing, I just go with the flow. Oh, damn. I've gotta go. One of the kids was just sick. I think he caught a bug. Well, talk to you later!"

The channel was suddenly closed and she took a moment to look over the file once more, noting just how much there was. Various "how-to" guides, excerpts from medical books and journals, and a small amount of psychological studies. Well, only three, but it was still something to begin with.

Pulling up a file that contained only notes, she pulled up the first guidebook and began to add to those notes.
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An Alien Past and New Future

Postby Vanessa Brinkman » Sat Mar 26, 2016 9:16 pm

Slade and T'Lira walked in silence to ten forward where they found a table and sat down.

After a few more moments of silence, T'Lira asked, "What is your opinion on the simulation?"

He paused and thought for a moment, "It was very emotional. I didn't feel like me even though I still knew who I was. I was a determined Gencodian and I wanted to fight for my survival. What about yours?"

"I had a very similar experience, including the emotional part. It was disconcerting, to say the least."

He looked at her puzzled for a moment, "Was it disconcerting because it pulled your emotions to the surface or because it connected you so much to what happened?"

That took a moment of thought to answer.

"I believe it may have been a mixture of both. The simulation was almost like a being's memory of the situation, it placed one into the form of another being, thus, giving a very real sense of the situation. The emotions may have been connected to how real that situation was, to the subconscious mind. However, that is merely a hypothesis."

"I couldn't agree more, but the most disconcerting part to me was that we were experiencing the life situation of another being and we were able to realize that it wasn't our life but we felt as if it was our lives that we were arguing for. I believe that was the point of the device to show those who come what the people went through before they met their end," he sat there dwelling on the situation again and again began to feel an emotional upheaval.

T'Lira mused on that for a few moments before responding, "I do not believe that to be the point. They did not believe it to be their end, they believed that they would transcend. Perhaps it was a means of collecting historical information should future generations return from their transcendence."

He nodded in understanding, "But did they transcend? Did it work? Or was this entire race put in a machine that killed them?"

"That is a question I do not believe is answerable without confirmation from someone who went through the process, which would seem to be highly unlikely, given that they do not seem to have discovered a way to return if they indeed did transcend."

"Can we find out any other way? This computer we found doesn't seem to be the transcendence machine. Where is this machine? I know you don't know but it is just very puzzling," he looked at her across the table trying to sense if she was having any other thoughts or concerns.

"It is indeed very puzzling. I do not know our upcoming schedule, but I believe that an attempt should be made to find the transcendence device, if it still exists. If not, at the very least an attempt was made," she answered, making a mental note to run any requisite planetary scans to make just that attempt.

"How are you otherwise? I haven't seen any of your checkup reports. How is the little one?" He looked at her intently with a smile.

"We are both well," she responded with a slight lift of her eyebrow, which would hopefully imply humor. Emotional expressions were still a complete mystery, even simple shifting of how high the eyebrow went.

He smiled in response, "Do we know if we are having a little boy or a little girl yet?"

"I have chosen to not learn the gender at this time. However, if you wish to know, I am certain that my medical file likely has the answer."

"That would be an abuse of my position and if you choose to wait than I shall honor that."

"As you wish," T'Lira nodded, and then brought up the topic she'd been dwelling on for the past hour, approximately, "Why did you protest to my taking part in the simulation?"

He lowered his head because he knew this question would be asked. "I wasn't sure if the testing that was performed would have included the pregnancy. With our minds and emotions being drastically manipulated I did not know if it would have any effect on the little one. I objected because of the unknown and caution for your safety and the safety of our child. I know I am biased and I accept that but I am also a doctor."

That paused her. Of all the answers she had predicted, this one had seemed lower on the list and she felt... guilty for thinking that. But why had she thought that in the first place? Odd.

"I accept that reasoning. I may not fully agree, but I do understand. Thank you."

"I hope that you did not think that I doubted your capabilities," he noticed the look on her face after he answered.

"No, I did not," she replied with a touch of haste.

He smiled, "Good, because you are one of the most gifted science officers I have ever met and I would not have wanted to do such an experiment without you there if the situation were different, and I mean that."

"I... Thank you. I have observed that you are an exceptional doctor, as well," she replied, noting how... what was the proper word... lame that sounded. Even after all these years, she still didn't have a proper grasp of compliments. That would need to be rectified, and soon.

“Well thank you! But it seemed as if my objections fell on deaf ears I don't know how much of a good doctor I am considered by my department head.”

"I believe that as long as you consider yourself a good doctor, that is what matters. You have not strayed outside of any ethical code, thus, I am sure he finds your performance satisfactory."

"Well I certainly hope so," he smiled and looked at her questioning how he had gotten so lucky.

The eyebrow rose again as she noted the expression on his face.

"Is something wrong?"

"On the contrary, I feel as if I am the luckiest man in the galaxy," he laughed as he saw she thought something wrong because of his fawning over her.

T'Lira tilted her head slightly to one side, "Ah."

Other words weren't quite forming at the moment.

He knew this wasn't a big glorious moment but it was the moment that was right, "Have you thought about our relationship continuing long term?"

"I have, yes. I believe it would be beneficial, for both of us, and our child."

With that he had his answer and proceeded to slide from his chair and down to one knee while reaching for her hand. "T'Lira, I cannot imagine being anywhere in the cosmos without having you with me. Will you do me the honor of becoming my wife and life mate?" He hoped he had used the correct term for a Vulcan.

That produced blinking and a moment of speechlessness before she could respond.

"Yes. I will."

He stood and embraced her energetically and leaned in for a kiss.

That part took little prompting on how to respond.
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The Talisker Tradition

Postby Vanessa Brinkman » Wed May 04, 2016 3:08 pm

"God, this sucks!"

The declaration came from Elena as she fell face-first on her bed in their temporary quarters aboard the USS Champion.

"I do not believe it can 'suck', as the situation cannot perform physical actions."

"I'm too tired to care if you just made your first attempt at a dirty joke."

"I most certainly did not."

Elena snickered as T'Lira lifted an eyebrow, "The look on your face is enough to tell me that you did."

"As you wish. Although... I do not believe you can see my face."

Elena turned her head to the side to see T'Lira, "Now I can."

Any response was interrupted by the door opening and Eddie dragging Bril in.

"I found this crazy nutter trying to hack into your room!"

Elena snorted, "Death would be nice about now, wouldn't it."

Bril's face crumpled, "Don't say that, 'Lena!"

The Betazoid bounced onto the bed and fell on top of Elena, who emitted an "oof".

Eddie shrugged and said, "Not exactly joking material, but hey, gallows humor is all we've got."

The group of cadets sat together in silence for several long minutes before Eddie spoke up.

"I heard Fitzpatrick talking to the ship's captain. They want to make all of us ensigns, effective immediately, and then send us off to fight. A lot of people have died lately... too many."

The doctor flopped next to the pair already on the bed and T'Lira remained in her chair.

"Y'know..." Elena began, her voice muffled by the person atop her, "I knew this crazy old history professor once. He came in to talk to my class about Cardassians. Turns out he used to be a direct envoy for the President, for a few presidents actually. But, I got to talking with him. It was after... after my mother died. Somehow, the conversation turned into a discussion about her and about death in general. He showed me an interesting tradition in his family. I think it suits us now."

"What was this tradition?" T'Lira asked.

"He replicated two Taliskers and then said that real was better, but fake would do. Then, it was as simple as saying 'You will be missed' and knocking it back."

"Sounds like my kinda tradition right about now," Eddie muttered, his face pressed into the pillow. Elena smacked his arm as soon as she noticed that he'd taken her pillow.

Bril pulled herself off of the pile on the bed and walked over to the replicator, "Four Taliskers!"

The computer chirped and then offered a response about how it was unable to replicate alcoholic beverages. Bril retorted with a rather crude gesture and then grabbed a tool from her ever-present toolkit and tweaked the replicator, asking again for the Taliskers. This time, it complied.

"Got 'em!" she chirped happily, passing out the glasses.

"Ready?" Elena asked, sitting up and smacking Eddie on the stomach so he sat up too.

"It's booze, I'm always ready," the doctor grinned.

Elena lifted her glass and said "To all our comrades on the Freedom and in Starfleet who have died in this damned war so far, you will be missed."

The other repeated the phrase, Elena saying it again in her native Swahili and Bril speaking in her Betazoid language. T'Lira chose to speak in Standard, for the ease of the language.

After that, they simply sat there and chatted quietly.
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