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Re: SCI Lt. JG T'Lira

Posted: Wed May 04, 2016 4:43 pm
by Luceo
I like this tradition! Nice way of showing their coping mechanisms. Also, T'Lira totally told a dirty joke.

Memories and Dreams

Posted: Wed Jul 13, 2016 11:31 pm
by Vanessa Brinkman
A bird chirped from very close by, startling T'Lira out of her meditation. A small bird sat mere centimeters from her, twitching its head as it watched. It seemed rather young, or it was simply a member of a smaller avian species. It hopped once, moving a bit closer, but then a stick cracked from behind her and it flew off, startled.

"Who knew that meditation would be such a great way to bird watch?" Elena commented as T'Lira stood and turned.

The human woman was surprisingly out of her uniform and wearing rather short pants, considering the forest they were currently in.

"Hey, did you find her yet?" an accented voice called out. Another human female appeared, a smirk crossing her face.

"Marena, I told you I would," Elena complained.

Marena Diaz shrugged, "Don't mean I exactly trust you on that."

The three made their way back to the campground, where seven tents waited. Apparently, summer camping was a tradition in Edward's family, thus why fourteen people now inhabited this area.

Michael Peterson, a friend of Edward's, was poking something in a pot over the campfire as Kyrembril and Charishar th'Shevas watched.

"What are you doing?" Elena walked over to the pot, sniffing it, only to get batted away by the chef.

"I'm making a meal for those of us who don't particularly enjoy meat."

Several pairs of eyes turned towards the rather large human.

"You can't possibly be as... musclely as you are and not eat meat," Elena scoffed.

"Tell that to him," Michael pointed at the other Vulcan in the group who, despite being a scientist, was well-built.

"Well, he's a Vulcan. That's part of who they are."

Michael chuckled, "My grandfather is Vulcan."


"Now that that's over with...," Rish muttered, "Someone dish me up some food and some ice, in that order. It's hot right now!"

"It's 63 degrees Fahrenheit right now," Elena pointed out.

Sorak looked over from his focus on an odd sort of device, "For an Andorian, that is indeed too warm."

"Hey, I can't help that I was born in one of the colder parts of Andoria!"

Michael chuckled, "There's fresh fruit if you want it, Rish. Sorak, how's it going on that cooling unit?"

"My work is nearly complete."

Squeaking footsteps announced the arrival of a shivering cadet.

"The water is warm but the air is not. Why is this a problem that exists?" Moran complained. He appeared to be a lighter shade of blue than usual.

"Welcome to Earth," Edward muttered, "Where the weather-"

Elena smacked his shoulder, "You make that joke and I toss you in the lake myself."

"Fine, fine!"

Something caught T'Lira's eye and she looked over at it. It was a large boulder that seemed rather out of place, given the forest they were in.

"Something wrong?" Elena asked, but when T'Lira turned, she saw Elena in a command maroon tunic with the uniform vest, a combination she preferred, and four pips.

When had... ah, this was a dream. Likely she had fallen asleep during her meditation, however unlikely.

"You didn't fall asleep during meditation," Kyrembril said calmly, "You're unconscious, and injured."

"I am dreaming, then."

"In a way."

Everyone else disappeared, leaving the two of them.

"What do you mean?"

"That boulder," Kyrembril pointed at it, "You were caught in a rockslide. This isn't a dream, 'Lira. It's... oh, how do I describe this... it's not a hallucination, not a dream... it's... you know what, let's go with dream for right now. Except you have control here."

"Why did the others disappear, if I have control?"

"Because I needed to talk to you, alone."

T'Lira took measure of that and asked, "How are you here?"

"Consider me a ghost image. Do you remember the time you mind-melded with me because I was lashing out telepathically within a nightmare? It was back during the Dominion War... or shortly after it."

"I remember."

"That left a ghost image," the Betazoid nodded, "So, to sum up the situation... rocks fell on you, you're unconscious and doing a sort of wierd dreaming thing, and I'm just the ghostly thing here to keep you company."

"There is someone else here," T'Lira commented, sensing another presence within the dream-state, "It is very weak."

"You already know that someone... well, sorta. They've been with you the whole time. Did you not read the info you asked Shari for?"

It dawned on her that she did indeed know exactly what she was sensing.

"I see," was all she replied.

Re: SCI Lt. T'Lira

Posted: Thu Jul 14, 2016 7:12 pm
by Luceo
Nice transition from the scene being real, with oddities, to it being the dreamscape!

Caught in a landslide, no escape from reality...

Names and Stories

Posted: Sat Jul 23, 2016 10:33 pm
by Vanessa Brinkman
T'Lira held the tiny child in her arms and was reminded of holding Taril when he was an infant. She gazed down at the infant she held now and struggled to contain her emotions. She would not cry, not now. It would not do, she must have control.

She reached out with her mind and gently touched the link she had with this child. A part of her was bracing for what was to come, but another part was raging at the universe and cursing the Vulcan telepathy that enabled mothers to form mental bonds with their children before they were even born.

"What shall I name you?" she murmured to the little child she held. He squirmed slightly and she adjusted her grip.

That part of her that was raging at the universe turned the blame inwards, cursing her decision to go into that cave, her decision to stay and help Syvek, but she pushed it away. Scientific curiousity did indeed kill the proverbial cat, but she certainly wasn't going to start listening to that darker part of herself. So, she instead focused on names.

As he was half-human, it would be logical to honor that with the human naming custom of a first and middle name, but what to name him?

T'Lira could almost feel her train of thought becoming derailed when she took the opportunity to simply gaze down at him, her son.

Had someone told her twenty years ago that she would have lived this life, she likely would have pointed out their illogic. But here she was, holding a dying child that she didn't want to let go of, led here by her life choices.

She wondered what might have happened if she had chosen to follow her parents' wishes, or if she had never left Starfleet in the first place, or even if she had never gone into that cave. A person made many choices in their life, and any of them could lead to disaster if given the chance. Clearly, this choice had been given the chance for disaster and had taken it.

The baby... no, her son squirmed again ever so slightly and she turned her attention to him. She knew she didn't have long, but she didn't want to let go so soon. She needed to focus and find a name for him, so he didn't... no, she would not think of that right now. She refused to dwell on what was to come.

She had never been good at naming anything. During her time out of Starfleet, she'd had a dog, a small Yorkshire Terrier. She had elected to name it Fido, something which had been the butt of many jokes since.

And again, her train of thought returned to a dominant thought: she didn't want to let go. At that moment, the reality of the entire situation hit her.

She was here, holding her dying child in her arms and so utterly helpless. She blinked furiously, trying to stave off the utterly illogical tears.

A name. He needed a name. That was the focusing point, the rest would come later.

A middle name came to her easily, as it was fitting to name him after one of her oldest friends. The first took some time, but then she remembered how her forefather had encouraged her. Until his death some fifteen years ago, he had been the only person in her family who openly encouraged her career in Starfleet, regardless of what her parents said.

"Sevrek Edward. How fitting," she said quietly, looking down at him.

At that moment, she decided to make the most of what time she had with him. Even if it was spent telling stories, however illogical it was to speak to a being who could not respond.

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Posted: Sun Jul 24, 2016 5:50 am
by Luceo

Re: SCI Lt. T'Lira

Posted: Mon Jul 25, 2016 5:17 pm
by Holly Kolodziejczak
Despite my complete lack of maternal urges, I found this really heartbreaking. Very nice work.

Changes for Better...

Posted: Sun Sep 04, 2016 3:25 am
by Vanessa Brinkman
Sitting in her quarters, T'Lira looked at a picture that she had just pulled out from a small box of such images. It was an image that an old friend from the Cor Caroli colony had captured. It displayed her father, Sevan, pointing out the differences between two samples of meteorite to her. It had been several years since she had thought about a time when she was on speaking terms with her parents. With recent events, she couldn't help but to think of them again. She was remembering how her grandfather's dying request had been for her to make at the very least an attempt to reconcile with her parents. It was time to honor that.

Setting the picture down, she turned to her computer and looked at the draft she had begun earlier in Science Lab One, during her experiments while the Atlantis docked at the starbase.

TO: Sevan, Vulcan Science Academy, Shi'Kahr, Vulcan
FROM: Lt. T'Lira, SCI, USS Atlantis
CC: (not applicable)
SUBJECT: (not applicable)



I know it has been some time since your last correspondence, but much has transpired in that time. I have come to the decision to listen to what you have to say. Recent matters have forced me to consider past actions and I believe it is time we spoke in person. I know we have not done so in some years, but I feel it is important to do so now. There are matters I must discuss that I am not comfortable discussing over subspace communications. If you have any time in the near future, I will be on Starbase Vinland for what I presume will be no more than a matter of days at most. After that, I do not know when our schedules will coincide for us to speak in person. Please contact me soon.


With the message sent, she leaned back slightly in her chair and looked around. A part of her decided it was time for a change. So, she stood and walked into the bathroom, making a stop at the replicator on her way.

She unpinned her hair and let it fall to her mid-back and carefully estimated just how short she wanted it before grabbing the shears she had replicated and beginning to cut, bit by bit, until she had the desired length. She appraised herself in the mirror and nodded once. This was certainly a start.

Re: SCI Lt. T'Lira

Posted: Thu Sep 08, 2016 2:11 am
by Holly Kolodziejczak
Chopping off hair is always a sign of serious business.

Interesting to see how T'Lira is evolving following her loss!

Re: SCI Lt. T'Lira

Posted: Thu Sep 08, 2016 3:39 pm
by Luceo
This shows a nice bit of growth and development to the character. Well done!

Uncertain Futures

Posted: Wed Nov 16, 2016 8:06 pm
by Vanessa Brinkman
The room was quiet, just the sounds of the ship travelling through warp and the occasional noise from the corridor just beyond the door.

T'Lira sat near the window and read an authentic paper copy of Shakespeare's Macbeth that she had never actually finished. She was in the midst of Act Two when her computer terminal chirped.

She flicked a glance at it, as if to ask it to silence itself, when it chirped again. When it chirped a third time, she stood and made her way over to the terminal, sitting down and noting that it was a transmission. Curious, considering that the circumstances.

Checking the security of the channel and noting that it was encrypted and secured on both ends, she decided to risk answering it.

To her surprise, Elena appeared.

"Finally! I've been trying to reach you for weeks now!"

"I have been... occupied."

Elena scoffed, "Yeah, I'm sure you have. I don't even want to know what you all are up to now. I'm stuck patrolling the Tzenkethi border, not that my tiny ass ship could do anything if someone starts a fight."

"I am certain that your crew could handle themselves in a combat situation," T'Lira replied.

"Totally not what I meant, but sure, we'll go with that. Look, so, um... I got a call from Bril. Remember that one time when her telepathy started broadcasting when she was dreaming and...?"

"Yes, I do."

"Well... that whole thing apparently made her susceptible to strong emotion from you. Now, when she said that, I nearly laughed, but then she told me exactly what she'd sensed. Mind you, it was faint because, hello... lightyears apart, but still. What happened? And don't give me some cock and bull about it being nothing, I've know you for far too long for you to be able to pull that crap," Elena said, leaning back in her seat as she waited.

T'Lira glanced down for a second before answering, "I do not wish to speak of it."

Elena's eyes widened slightly, "You know... anyone else saying that wouldn't concern me as much as it does when you say that. Like I said, I've know you for too long for you to get away with that crap. Seriously, what happened?"

"I have no desire to speak of it at the moment. It is not something I would prefer to share over a comm channel."

"So you'd tell me in person?"


Elena looked like she wanted to push the subject, but she shrugged, "I'm holding you to that, okay? How about... actually, I can't make solid plans because nobody knows what Starfleet Command will do next with either of us. They're talented at last-minute things."

"I do not believe that is a talent," T'Lira lifted an eyebrow.

"They make it a talent," Elena snickered before sobering up as she glanced past her screen and frowned, "Damn, I've gotta go. We detected a Tzenkethi ship and my first officer wants me out there because apparently he feels I need to keep an eye on it too because he can't do it himself."

"I wish you luck with that."

"And I wish you luck with whatever the hell you're doing. Garson out."

T'Lira gazed at the screen for several more moments and murmured, "Perhaps it will be far longer than you expect before we can meet again..."

She turned the terminal off and picked up her book, returning to the window and opening the book, planning to finish it at some time in the near future.