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Re: SCI Lt. T'Lira

Posted: Fri Nov 18, 2016 8:18 pm
by Luceo
With whatever the hell we're doing, we'll certainly need the luck. Nicely done, and may they be able to meet in person soon.

Theories and Reactions

Posted: Wed Feb 15, 2017 9:02 pm
by Vanessa Brinkman

Captain Elena Garson looked up at that ensign at communications whose name she could never remember, despite how many times her first officer had to remind her.

“Go ahead, Ensign. I don’t bite.”

“There’s an incoming transmission… it’s broadband, everyone’s getting this.”

“Punch it through to my Ready Room, I’ve been meaning to catch up on a few logs anyway… that’s probably a notice about that.”

“Somehow,” the familiar voice of Eddie Harrel drawled, “I doubt that. They’d probably call personally to bitch at you.”

“Don’t you have patients?”

Eddie chuckled, “On a ship this small, I get maybe two a day normally. About half the crew shows up if we’re picking a fight.”

“Damn. Go find someone else to pester, you don’t help me write logs.”

“You don’t help yourself write logs.”

A few officers snickered, but quickly silenced when Elena glared at them.

“Lieutenant Chawras, you have the bridge. Follow the three rules.”

Chawras chuckled, “Don’t pick fights, keep working, and try to keep the jokes at a decent rating. Got it.”

Elena tossed off a sloppy salute and disappeared into her Ready Room, followed by a persistent Eddie.

“Alright, I’ve got a message to check, you sit there and watch the stars or the snake or something.”

Eddie snorted as he cast a derisive glance at the small tank by the wall, where a small snake sunbathed on a rock and seemed to watch him.

Sitting in her chair, Elena flicked the screen on and decrypted the transmission before reading the message. And then proceeded to read it again and again.

“Eddie? C’mere and tell me I’m reading this right.”

The doctor stood and walked over to stand behind her, reading over her shoulder and gaping.

“Wasn’t he dead?”

“Apparently it didn’t take. But disregard that…” Elena gazed at the message, not quite getting it, “Shit just hit the fan, didn’t it? This is a broadband… that means everyone is getting this.”

“Was it encrypted?” Eddie asked. When Elena nodded, he let out a sigh, “So this is specifically Starfleet… do you think this will piss the Admiralty off more than what I know you’re about to do?”

“Hopefully. Garson to the Bridge, I need an encrypted channel to the USS Kennedy, captain’s eyes only.”

Yes, ma’am,” Chawras replied promptly, “One encrypted channel, coming right up.

After a few minutes, the haggard face of Eric Drivens appeared. The man had a very large cup of coffee in front of him and looked like he picked a fight with a Klingon and proceeded to not put up a fight at all.

“You look like complete shit, Eric. Your wife keeping you up?” Elena smirked.

She wishes she was the reason for this. No, I’ve been up all night trying to convince a pair of pirate ships to leave each other alone and not start a shooting match in a nebula.

“What… you know what, I don’t want to know why they got into a fight in the first place. Probably one stiffed the other or slept with the other guy’s girl or something.”

Eric snorted, “Something like that. Anyway, what’s up?

“You checked your messages yet?”

No? Why, did Command send out another bulletin about some diplomatic thing we all have to remember?

“It’s better,” Eddie cut in, “Check ‘em, look for the encrypted broadband.”

Eric seemed to perk up, “Encrypted? I’m interested.

He took a few moments to pull up and decrypt the message before blinking and taking a very long swig of his coffee before setting the mug down with a thump and unleashing a string of curses.

“Portuguese and Mandarin? I can see Aki has been teaching you a few things.”

“Elena…” Eddie muttered, “Pretty sure he picked up some of that on his own, you remember our Academy crowd.”

“Fair enough.”

Eric stopped swearing and leaned forward, “On a scale of two pirates in a nebula to Borg, how interesting do you think this is going to get?

“I dunno… somewhere between Organians and Orion Syndicate, maybe even Obsidian Order.”

Hot damn. I’ll let Aki know to keep an ear open. And… I’ll see if her father has an opinion on the matter.

“I’ll call Nadel, but I can almost guarantee that she’ll have the same opinion of Thirty-One that she does of the Cardassian Occupation.”

Just tell her not to blow too many things up. That tends to get messy.

“Your wife is an intel officer, how can you not like messy?”

You and I would have to clean up said mess.

“True. Anyway, go and find Aki. Tell her I said hi and that maybe she should just sabotage the pirates next time, make things easier. Then she could keep you awake at night.”

Eddie covered his eyes with his hand and muttered, “You are so damn juvenile.”

Eric laughed, “I’ll be sure to tell her that. I won’t repeat the litany she’ll respond with, though.

“She’ll tell me herself, it’s cool. Garson out.”

The channel cut and Elena lifted her hand, facing the palm backwards so Eddie could slap his hand to hers.

“I love when things get interesting. Last time I had this much fun was… probably when I was blowing up lizards.”

“Remember how that also gave you a command?”

“That was cool. I mean, I’m not exactly the definition of reliable or obedient, but at least I get the job done.”

“So…” Eddie returned to his seat across from her and leaned forward, propping his elbows on the desk, “What now?”

“Now? Business as usual. Reach out, see what other people think, but carry on as normal. I get the feeling we’ll know when we’re needed, if we’re needed.”

“I assume it’ll be-“

“Something blowing up!” Elena grinned. Eddie muttered something foul and put his head in his hands.

“But seriously,” the doctor complained, “Why is it that whenever there’s trouble, someone we know is always involved?”

“We have interesting friends?” Elena shrugged, “Though this is probably why I got the most non-answers I’ve seen in a while in one conversation. Typical… trying to keep all the fun hidden…”

Eddie frowned, “I’m pretty sure that’s not the reason she didn’t say anything…”

Re: SCI Lt. T'Lira

Posted: Fri Feb 17, 2017 7:47 pm
by Luceo
Hey, this is nice. It's good to see the effects of the Wide even reaching your cast of characters. If Elena's gonna support us, then she might want to give Ian a call... :)

Through Fire We Walked to Emerge Unscathed

Posted: Thu Jun 15, 2017 1:17 am
by Vanessa Brinkman
In the audience at the hearings, a small group had gathered towards the back, watching and hoping this didn’t go sideways.

“Ten says Smith makes a fool of himself.”

“I’m not betting against you, I know better.”

“Shush, both of you. Some of us are actually interested in this.”

Elena Garson and Edward Harrel both looked apologetic, but Vice Admiral Nadel Teralyn just rolled her eyes. T’Lira was content to allow her friends to be chastised by their old commanding officer, she was curious as to how this would play out and if it would end peacefully.

Elena and Eddie were quietly murmuring again when things did indeed go sideways.

“Through a bloody raid on a Starfleet facility. Captain Harper is a murderer!”

Elena blinked, “Oh, he did not just say that.”

“And this is why I wasn’t taking that bet,” Eddie muttered. Nadel was gazing at Smith, as if daring him to say anything further. T’Lira stayed silent, glancing around the room to see the reactions. They ranged from shocked to angry, it seemed. For a moment, she was grateful that Kyrembril was not here, the Betazoid would likely have been overwhelmed by the emotional feedback.

She missed the next part as Nadel suddenly tapped out a message on her PADD and showed it to the rest of the group.

‘Please tell me at least one of you is armed in case shit hits the fan.’

Elena scoffed, “What kinda question is that? I’m security.”

Eddie just tapped his boot, “Knives are useful as a surgeon, in case you need to work with minimal supplies.”

“I’m not even gonna ask,” Nadel muttered, “Well, I forgot my favorite pistol, so it’s martial arts for us, huh kid?”

Years ago, T’Lira might have been annoyed at having been called “kid”, but she’d known Nadel far too long now to be annoyed by such a trivial thing.

“Perhaps this may yet resolve peacefully,” she said calmly. The others seemed skeptical.

Smith’s comment about Romulan lives derailed their attention again as all four were suddenly annoyed.

“Please let me run into him in a dark alley,” Elena murmured.

“I feel like you’re going to have to get in line,” Nadel joked. T’Lira just gazed at Smith, dearly hoping that he couldn’t possibly be serious.

They continued to watch in silence, and then Eddie craned his neck to see the back of the room, “Who the hell is that?”

The others peered over and T’Lira’s eyebrow went up, eliciting a snort from Elena.

“Commander Vallero,” she noted, “I would say I am surprised, but somehow I suspect it was his intention to be here all along.”

“Wheels within wheels,” Nadel muttered, “Something Jon’s been saying a lot lately.”

“More like bullshit covered in more layers of bullshit,” Eddie retorted.

“Point, that.”

Elena added on to their conversation, but T’Lira didn’t catch it, she was focused on Commander Vallero’s testimony. To have been ordered to force a confrontation with refugees… what could possibly come from such a confrontation, unless the refugees had something of import that could be potentially dangerous… or if it was to specifically avoid a treaty.

As the Section 31 operatives gave their testimony, T’Lira noticed Nadel making notes on her PADD, likely for future investigation. Elena was fiddling with the cuff of her uniform tunic and Eddie suddenly seemed very interested in the operatives and what they had to say, particularly the one who survived the attack on the black site.

After the last operative got done speaking, Nadel went to say something, but was stopped by the doors in the back opening again.

All of them turned towards the newcomers and were stunned.

“I’ll be damned,” Nadel gaped.

Elena blinked several times, as if she thought she was imagining what she was seeing, “Holy shit. Is that…”

“It is…” Eddie replied, eyes wide.

“This is most fortuitous,” T’Lira noted, her eyebrow going sky high, surprisingly not drawing any comments from Elena.

They stare in silence as Admiral Zuriyev gives his testimony and as Aennik takes the stand.

When the motion is carried to restore Aennik as President, it’s hard to tell who was on their feet first, but all four are on their feet. Nadel is cheering, Elena gives a whoop, Eddie settles for loud clapping, and of course T’Lira doesn’t go much further than polite clapping. After they’re seated, they listen to Aennik’s speech, and the passing of his motion.

“As for the next… Will all members of the Atlantis crew, along with Admiral Zuriyev, Colonel McKnight, and their escorts please stand?”

“Oh, honor time, the grand political tradition,” Nadel chuckled as Elena tapped T’Lira’s shoulder and said, “You know that means you, right?”

“I am unsure of what I would do if I did not have you to remind me of such things, Elena,” T’Lira replied.

“Look at our Vulcan, learning how to make jokes,” Elena snickered as T’Lira rose with her crewmates.

As Aennik commends them and Blackthorne replies, there is a sense of relief in the small group. As soon as the session is announced as over, Elena snaps to her feet and reaches over to pull the others into a group hug.

“It’s finally over!” she laughed, smiling. Eddie pats her back gingerly, wincing.

Nadel snorts, “Alright, enough of this touchy-feely stuff. I’m going to get to Analytics and see if they can dig anything juicy up about our known conspirators… and anyone else that comes across the board. Elena, take Eddie and get back to the Hoffstaad, wait for my orders, I may wind up needing you guys to shuffle through stuff for me and make some house calls. As for you, T’Lira… I dunno, do whatever. Talk to Taril, he’s bored and asks way too many questions. Shari wants to chat as well, and I’m almost seventy percent sure that you might get ambushed by my kid at some point, she keeps escaping the daycare center. Now shoo, all of you! There’s work to be done and years of conspiracy to bust up!”

Re: SCI Lt. T'Lira

Posted: Thu Jun 15, 2017 3:23 pm
by Luceo
Nice bit of perspective on the events of the sim from your cast of characters!

Moving Day

Posted: Wed Aug 02, 2017 10:22 pm
by Vanessa Brinkman
"How many boxes of books can one kid have?"

Elena laughed as Eddie grunted while lifting one of several boxes of books.

T'Lira glanced over at the pair and drily stated, "Perhaps you should invest in PADDs in the future. They are far lighter than the paper books you insist on gifting Taril. I do not see the point in them."

Shari Kyon snickered, "It's a human nostalgia thing. They like their old books, old... what's that two wheeled thing you drive, Elena?"

"It's a motorcycle, Shari, and it's not old, it's vintage!" Elena protested, putting the last box by the door.

"Is that what we're calling it?" Shari retorted.

"Why would Aunt Elena's vehicle not be vintage if she says it is?" Taril asked, tugging Shari's sleeve. He'd grown since T'Lira had last seen him, a fact that she pushed aside for now. She had had a duty, but it would not interfere any longer.

"Because your Aunt Elena is silly and her vehicle is about three hundred years old," Eddie noted.

"It is not! The parts are only five years old, it's the design that's three hundred. I only built the thing five years ago," Elena rolled her eyes.

"You mean Bril built it five years ago. She wouldn't let you touch it," Shari smirked.

"I do recall that," T'Lira noted, "I also recall it was because your first attempt at constructing the vehicle ended with you in Starfleet Medical."

"Oh please, I singed my hands is all."

Eddie scoffed, "You had second-degree burns on your hands, arms, and face. Why is it you gold shirts always downplay your injuries?"

Taril tipped his head to the side, "I think I remember that. Your face was all covered and I could only see your eyes."

"That would be accurate, yes," T'Lira nodded before glancing at Eddie, "Do not drop that box."

"Why do you use my place as storage, anyway?" Nadel Teralyn's voice asked as the admiral in question leaned against the doorway, grinning. Behind her was her young daughter, Taerys, who seemed suddenly shy.

"Because you're the only one with a place. We all use it as storage... speaking of which, did Jon mess with my bike?" Elena looked over.

"He fixed the exhaust pipe, he said something was wrong with it... by the by, who is Caroline? Red shirt, lieutenant, apparently from your boat?"

"Oh... darn," Elena glanced at Taril and Taerys, apparently reminding herself to mind her language around the children, "Yeah, she's my helmsman. I told her to let me know if Command called... buuut I may have left my combadge on the ship."

Eddie chuckled, "That makes two of us."

"Go and speak with your officer. We can manage," T'Lira gazed at Elena. The other woman looked like she wanted to protest, but didn't, instead slipping past Nadel and Taerys, headed for the foyer.

"How did you wind up with such a nice place, anyway?" Eddie asked.

"I've lived here since I was a cadet," Nadel grinned, "About eight of us lived here, which meant this place was insane... Jon uses the term 'frat house'. But then we graduated and only two of us had Earth-based assignments. And then she moved out and it was just me. Then Jon showed up and, well, you know the rest."

"We sure do," Shari smiled.

There was a moment of silence before Taril looked up from carefully labelling a box for transport and asked, "What is a frat house?"

The resulting silence and adults exchanging awkward glances didn't seem to answer Taril's question at all, so he reached for a PADD, which was promptly intercepted by Eddie.

"That's a question we'll answer when you're older, kiddo."

Re: SCI Lt. T'Lira

Posted: Thu Aug 03, 2017 4:41 am
by Luceo
The interactions between these characters are always pleasant reading, and from what I gather, we may have another passenger aboard? Well done!

Curiousity Didn’t Actually Kill the Cat, Did It?

Posted: Wed Nov 08, 2017 11:21 pm
by Vanessa Brinkman
Something was... off.

The PADDs strewn across the coffee table included various languages, at least one culture, and a couple of fun books. One by one, they’d all been tossed aside as their owner grew bored.

Now, Taril peered at another PADD, this one containing his history assignments from class. He was supposed to be writing about the founding of the Federation but that had been so over done at this point. There were almost literally a thousand books and essays on the subject, why couldn’t teachers give interesting assignments?

It didn’t help that he had this feeling that something was wierd. He’d had that feeling for a bit now, since just after he’d finished his math assignment.

He was trying to come up with something new to write for this stupid assignment when the computer terminal beeped. Eager for a distraction, he jumped off the couch and hurried over. Maybe it was a message from Aunt Elena or someone, or an update to one of the journals Mom subscibed to.

Instead, it was an automated shipwide message.

“Quarantine?” he wondered aloud, “That’s when we can’t leave the ship and gotta stay put... but why?”

His innate curiousity wasn’t going to let this go any time soon, so he dashed over to grab his PADD and checked his messages.

Sure enough, there was a message from Mom, telling him to stay in their quarters and basically wait this out. But that didn’t tell him why... maybe the computer knew something... if he knew how to ask...

Hurrying back to the computer, he tried to access the system, but couldn’t. It wouldn’t go through.

“Wierd...,” he muttered, trying again, even putting in Mom’s code. She’d be really unhappy if she knew he knew it, but he got curious and watched her put it into the computer sometimes. Besides, what harm could it do?

Even that didn’t work, which was probably really, really bad.


Re: SCI Lt. T'Lira

Posted: Thu Nov 09, 2017 1:29 am
by Luceo
Nice perspective on the events of the past few sims, from a viewpoint not often considered. Good one!

A Fork in the Road

Posted: Tue Jun 26, 2018 6:12 am
by Vanessa Brinkman
Never in her life had she felt so... useless.

It was, perhaps, an illogical notion to believe of oneself, but it held more truth than T’Lira was willing to admit.

Far too often as of late she had found her mind wandering, distracted by thoughts of what she should have done and could have done to prevent so many things from happening. There was much she wished she had acted to prevent, but either found herself unequipped for such tasks or unprepared. Neither was a situation that she cared for.

In front of her sat an innocuous PADD, with a completed form. It had been saved in her files for some time now, but had not been acted upon as of yet.

T’Lira had spent these past months considering and debating what would be best for her personally and for her career and this seemed to be the only viable option. She was... fond of flying, rather enjoyed it, if one wished to be emotional about it. It was an experience like few other she had ever known and she was unsure if this change would force her to give that up or not.

Yet, on the other hand, this choice would grant her that sense of purpose she was so seeking, that she needed almost desperately. It would require much training and practice, but she was familiar with the basics and could see herself in this path.

Regardless, she remained at an impasse within herself and knew of no way out of it other than to talk to someone she could trust to lead her in the right direction.