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CMO Lieutenant Velina Tailor

Posted: Wed Mar 15, 2017 8:51 pm
by Babette C
Ensign Velina Tailor, Zero Log. 11702.22
“Computer, begin recording…

“Velina Tailor, Medical Officers’ Personal Log. Stardate 11702.22

“I remember being in the crowd at Vinland station that cheered for Atlantis when she limped in under her own power, even though her hull had been torn apart during her final battle of the Tzenkethi war. It was an impressive moment. It gave a lot of us hope and strength to get through the end of the war.”

“And when the war ended, there were many patients who had been wounded in the battles, brought into Vinland’s infirmary from ships from all over the fleet. I remember in particular, one patient who came in from the Sentinel. She was a young diplomatic officer. She had a bad head wound and she was unconscious for a few days after she came in. When she woke up, and we told her the war was over she was relieved, like most of us, but she also seemed so sad.”

“I asked why, and …no, she hadn’t lost anyone, like a lot of people had... it was different than that. She said that she was an ambassador for the Federation, and this wasn’t the same Federation that she’d joined. Something about it had fundamentally changed.. Even when the peace had been declared, it wasn’t going to be the same. How could it? The federation had been threatened, and now it would close itself off from its ideals of exploration and peace, learning and discovery. She said, it’s been the same throughout history... Whenever there are wars, societies focus on defense and become more suspicious of outsiders. The Federation has been no different.. and change is coming. She made me think, that one. I’ve never forgotten her. I hope she was able to find peace..”

“It's been a year now, and I've left Vinland -- I've been assigned here, on Atlantis. I was proud to be assigned here .. and I still am. Atlantis is a legend in Starfleet, you know. But almost immediately after I got here, we were declared rogue. In the first week I was aboard. That’s a helluva way to start your career..”

“So.. I’m pretty sure we’ve done the right thing, defying Starfleet… how can it be wrong to rescue a pair of officers from a lifetime of imprisonment? Officers, I might add, who spent their lives serving Starfleet.. and deserved better than that." She harrumphed.
“And, it turns out she was right, that ambassador. Starfleet not only isn’t the same anymore, it’s not on our side anymore. The instant we became inconvenient, did something that was against their plans -- and by their, I mean section 31 -- they threw us under the bus. What they did was wrong. And not only was it wrong, it was evil.“

“Doesn’t matter to me, really.. being declared rogue, that is. It’s not going to change my job much. I’ll still be needed as a doctor here whether we’re legitimate Starfleet officers or not. And I’m not going to abandon my new crew.”

“But I have to wonder, who’s going to cheer for us now..? I’d like to think someone is…”

Re: MED Ensign Velina Tailor

Posted: Fri Mar 17, 2017 7:47 pm
by Luceo
I've enjoyed seeing the effects of the Wide on our characters. This is an important moment of introspection and I like the tie back to Vinland and those events. Good one!

11803.28 New Life

Posted: Fri Apr 13, 2018 4:29 pm
by Babette C
11803.28 New Life

excerpt from Away team report. Location: Newly discovered m-class planet on mission to center of galaxy. Planet name tbd.
Lunoculus Exolemuriformes (Moon Eyed Lemur)
The closest terran counterpart I can compare this creature to is a Madagascaran Lemur, hence the classification. We observed one small group, likely a family, with young ones present.

[Holoimage shown here]

Observed traits

Silver to blue colored saucer shaped eyes
Six toes/fingers
Prehensile tail with long hair, much like a terran squirrel’s tail; provides balance when leaping.
Silver and black fur

Trilling call and chitters. High pitched whooping alarm call.

Tree-like vegetation

Tree fruits and insects

Mating and Reproduction:
Triplets observed in one family group. Babies cling to underside of mother’s belly. Mating habits not observed. Gestation cycle unknown.

This species seems very intelligent. Observed individuals seemed to showed as much curiosity towards being watched as we showed towards them. One youngster came very close, almost within touching distance. Immature individuals in observed family group took apparent delight in teasing each other and stealing each others’ food. Recommend future science teams set up camouflage post for further observation.
Velina put down her PADD. That report was done with finally. She just needed to add a little more spit and polish to the whole batch of them and send them off to the Science department, and to Starfleet. This was exciting. In their short time on the M-class planet, along with watching an eclipse of an alien sun, they’d found several new species of lifeforms, which only barely scratched the surface of the flora and fauna to be found there. She wished they could stick around for more cataloguing, but they had a mission to complete. The center of the galaxy awaited them..

Re: CMO Lieutenant Jr. Grade Velina Tailor

Posted: Fri Apr 13, 2018 8:59 pm
by Luceo
Neat! Actually seeing the reports that the characters talk about all the time is certainly a nice touch, and tying in shore leave to our overall mission like this is brilliant. Well done!

11809.26 A Chance to Live (joint log: Tailor and Kuari)

Posted: Wed Oct 03, 2018 3:43 pm
by Babette C
11809.26 A Chance to Live
(Joint log with Tailor and Kuari)

Set inside the incubator, the pair of eggs were mottled green with flecks of silvery bioluminescence, giving it them a dragonesque appearance. One of the eggs rocked back and forth. A crack had appeared on one side of it, and a tiny squawking sound could be heard from within. Velina brushed her dark purple hair back from her face, peering closer at the incubator’s viewscreen. She was concentrating so hard that she didn’t notice the characteristic ‘swish’ of the door to the science lab, and the soft padding of four Rucara feet approaching behind her.

“Is one hatching?” Kuari asked excitedly as she approached, her eyes as large and round as the alien specimens within the incubator.

“Oh!” Velina startled and turned around, almost knocking over a cart in the process. “Kuari, I’m glad you could make it!” she grinned excitedly. “Yes, one of them started hatching in the past hour. Come have a look!” She stepped aside so Kuari could see better.

Rushing forward in excitement, Kuari immediately sniffed at the active egg, but the pointed tip of her nose smashed into the glass. A particularly impressive feat of strength caused the egg to jump more than she expected, and she reactively jerked her head back a few centimeters. From there, she stared at the egg in wonder, speaking without moving her head.

“I can’t wait to see it! Is it healthy?”

“As far as I can tell, yes.” Dr. Tailor brought up the scans of the embryo that she’d been taking periodically. “Of course, it’s a completely new life form, but I can compare it to similar creatures in the database.. It seems to be strong though, that’s a good sign.” She grinned at Kuari’s startle reflex, and turned to her curiously. “Your species lay eggs, correct?”

“Yes, usually one at a time.” Kuari finally dragged her gaze from the cracking egg to Tailor’s eyes, then to the scans on display.

“Have you attended a hatching before?” The egg rocked forwards, touching the inside of the incubator where Kuari’s nose was touching the glass. The beak of the small creature poked out a little bit more this time, opening in another squawk from the hole in the side of the egg. The crack opened wider, showing dark bluish-colored skin.

Kuari angled her head, trying to get a better look inside the egg at the hatchling inside. “I can see it!” She paused, waiting for something more to happen, but the arduous process took a while. If anything, the baby retreated somewhat inside, probably resting. “No, I’ve not seen a hatching before. Usually only the parents witness them, and I have no siblings.” She looked at Tailor. “My mother told me it’s best to let it hatch itself, not to help it. If you have to, though, it’s a sign you will have to help it much more as it grows up.”

“That’s true, if it has problems hatching, it’s probably a sign that it’s going to be weaker later on, but so far so good for this one.. And, oh wow...” The creature inside seemed to regain its strength and seemed to struggle for a bit, and then a larger crack opened up around the circumference of the egg. “This is going a lot faster than I expected..”

Her attention refocused on the tenant of the splintering egg, Kuari watched and listened closely. She attempted to mimic the tiny, high-pitched squawking, then lowered the pitch to what she hoped sounded close to its mother, encouraging the little alien newborn.

The little one’s response was immediate, crying out with more urgency; the egg seemed to jump again, and the crack split open wider. A miniscule leathery wing poked out, and the top of the egg came apart at a forty-five degree angle, revealing the rounded back and the wing, with hand-like claws, and a wet down-like fuzz on the back. The head was still covered by one end of the egg, but the shell was almost split apart now.

“Ohh.. it’s almost out! Keep calling to it..” Velina had attended many births of various creatures in her time in Starfleet, but this part never got old.

Kuari had been so surprised to finally see so much of the little creature that she had stopped and smiled. She began the vocal encouragement anew, adjusting to the proper sound over time. Her nose bumped into the glass, and it reminded her of the barrier between them.

The baby wobbled itself back around towards the sound, its head still partially stuck in the top of the eggshell. It stretched and wiggled its body some more, pausing to rest a few moments in between, still calling out in response to Kuari’s vocalisations. Eventually it dislodged the shell and it lifted its head, showing off a small boned crest that ran the length of its nose to the top of its skull. Another final wiggle a moment or two later, and the halves of the shell lay empty, with the baby curled up in between the two sides of its former home, using its claws to drunkenly propel itself forwards towards Kuari’s nose, still giving out its tiny squawks.

As the hatchling bumped against the glass, Kuari looked at Tailor with pleading eyes. “Can it come out?”

Velina had to stop and think about that one. “It’s in a specialized atmosphere to match the planet that they came from.. about fifty percent more oxygen than is in ours. I’d also worry about microorganisms infecting it at this stage.. And I don’t know enough about its physiology yet to know if its immune system would be able to fend off foreign contaminants easily. So I have to say no, for now. Until we learn more about them..” She could see the wistful look Kuari was giving the hatchling, and wished that she could do it, if only for a few minutes. But she didn’t want to risk something going wrong.

“We do have to feed them, though. I can set up a second observation tank with a quarantine field. It would keep the atmosphere in and still allow us to feed them with sterilized equipment and gloves. It would let us get a closer look at least.”

Kuari nodded her acceptance of this with ears drooped in disappointment, still watching the baby scrabble against the glass. Her narrow tongue slipped out a couple of times, and she realized she was salivating, wanting to clean the newborn. The thought that doing so could very well kill it was sobering. No, she would defer to Dr. Tailor’s expertise in this, as difficult as it was to resist what seemed to be instinct. Kuari offered the hatchling a few cooing sounds in consolation, then brightened with a hopeful smile at Tailor.

“I assume you will just replicate food for it, but if you need any help feeding it, let me know.”

“Absolutely. We’re gonna need all the help we can get.” Velina returned the smile, and peered at the baby some more; it looked so small and so helpless, and they still had a lot to learn about keeping it alive. Not to mention, how would they raise such a beast on a starship? But, one step at a time. “So.. what do you think it would eat? From what I could see of the mother, she looked like a hunter. And if the eggs were laid next to a lake, maybe a diet of fish? What do you think?”

Kuari grinned, her eyes shining back at Dr. Tailor, hopeful for the future. Perhaps the baby alien creature and its sibling from a destroyed world could survive, and she would be able to help. “That sounds like a good place to start.”

Broken Rites (Joint Log with Linxi)

Posted: Wed Oct 31, 2018 12:37 am
by Babette C
Broken Rites: (joint log with Mariah A. as Linxi Jude)

Vanishing Scars (Joint log: Tailor, Grey and Wolfe)

Posted: Thu Jan 10, 2019 5:32 pm
by Babette C
Joint log: Doc Tailor, Lt. Grey and Major Wolfe

11904.24 Oculus Tempestatis

Posted: Thu May 02, 2019 3:15 pm
by Babette C
11904.24 Oculus Tempestatis
Between Battles

The Xovul ships were gone, destroyed or chased away by the federation cruisers. Sickbay was full again. Console burns, concussion injuries, broken limbs, and the more serious types of injuries that normally choked the ER ward after one of these conflicts. For the patients, the battle was just beginning. Some won their battles. Some, did not.

The Morgue had tallied a dozen today.

Velina pushed back her tangled hair and allowed herself time to breathe, sitting down heavily in her chair in the soothing dark of her office. She had shut the door against the insistent clamoring of nurses and the other doctors and just leaned back and closed her eyes. Her face was still peppered with purple burn marks from a console’s sparkshower, and her ribs ached from being thrown against a wall during one of the exchanges of fire. She’d deal with those little annoyances in time.

She thought of recording a log about their encounter with the Xovul, but there wasn’t anything else she had to say that would probably be much different than anyone else’s opinion of them. Easy to hate, easy to stir people up to fight against them. She could have spent time moralizing or pontificating that the federation's values were better, and how could the Xovul curtail the freedoms of their own people by forcing them into a caste system for life against their wills.. or maybe they wanted it that way, or maybe they were just resigned to their fates… but in the end, what right did she have to pass judgement on a people they barely understood, even if they were xenophobic and violent when others did not follow their ways? Pontificating and judgement was for captains and admirals. She didn't have the time or energy for that anyway. She had patients to take care of. Four more surgeries to go this evening, and then maybe she could sleep.

The Xovul had been defeated, for now. How long would it be before they were back again?
Hopefully long enough for this latest round of patients to heal.

Her eyes snapped open as a new round of red alert klaxons wailed through sickbay.

Or maybe not.

Re: CMO Lieutenant Velina Tailor

Posted: Fri May 03, 2019 7:47 pm
by Luceo
Pontificating and judgement was for the captains and admirals — I quite liked that line. She can leave it to them, but she has to deal with the consequences, so it's back to work. Nice little peek into her thoughts!

The Captain's Table (Joint Log with CO Kate Harper)

Posted: Fri Oct 25, 2019 7:13 pm
by Babette C