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Two Questions in the Ready Room

Post by Linxi Jude » Sun Mar 01, 2020 6:53 am

by Linxi Jude and Kathryn Harper

Linxi had quickly tidied herself up, before she walked up to the ready room, after all the festivities with the bears. She exhaled and bleeped the door chime.

“Come in!” came the captain’s cheerful answer. As the doors parted, Captain Harper was revealed to be seated behind her desk, looking expectantly toward the doors to see who was coming to visit her.

Linxi walked in, and took a seat in front of the desk. She nodded slightly, and exhaled, “Sooo, that bear party was… trippy wasn’t it?”

With a laugh, Kate answered, “That is one way of putting it, yes. It was unlike anything I have ever experienced, though, and I am glad they shared that with us.”

“I am used to the telepathy thing, obviously, but all the colors swirling around felt a bit like hallucinations. Logically, I know there was no harm, but I still wasn’t a fan,” Linxi briefly explained. She adjusted her posture, sitting straighter in the chair. “So, one of the reasons I wanted to talk to you was that I have been thinking for a while on this, and… I was thinking of perhaps joining the Sharks.”

The captain nodded, taking a moment to gather her thoughts on the young lieutenant’s request. “Alright,” she answered as she stood and moved out from behind the barrier of the desk to take the seat next to Jude. “That is a big decision. Why do you want to be a fighter pilot?”

“I’d like to do more, y’know, increase my own usefulness. I’m not saying that my position as just a science office isn’t useful, not at all. It’s just that I'd like to… expand myself.”

“That is admirable,” Kate said as she tried to put sudden thoughts of other eager, fresh-faced applicants to the fighter wing out of her mind, memories of people she had personally recruited to fly that had died in combat. “I am sure you are aware of the risk. After all, we risk our lives every day out here.” She met Linxi’s eyes before continuing, “But I would be remiss if I did not remind you that the life of a fighter pilot can be a short one.”

“Yes, I’m aware of the risks. I also talked to Suzuki a bit at the party and I’m positive this is something I want to do.”

They had all answered that way. “Okay,” Kate said as she clasped her hands and forced herself to move on. “Do you have any piloting experience?”

“I had in the Academy, yes. I didn’t do bad, if I say so myself,” she smirked.

Flashing a smile at Jude’s assessment of her ability, the captain dipped her head a moment. Of course, Kate already knew about her piloting experience and ratings at the Academy, having read her transcript when she joined the crew, but wanted to hear Linxi’s evaluation of herself, in her own words. “Alright, if that is what you wish to do, then report to Lt. Commander T’Lira for training.” Tapping the gold wings she still wore beneath her commbadge, she added, “I look forward to seeing you earn your wings.”

“Aye! Will do.” Linxi lifted herself from the chair a tad, then rested back down in a more relaxed position. She cleared her throat, “And erm, there was the other thing I wanted to bring up. Considering you are married, I’m assuming you uh, know something about relationships.”

Kate threw her head back and laughed for a few seconds, then answered, “I am, shall I say, a work in progress? Before I met Lex — Commander Wright, my long-term relationships ended disastrously. Even now, I am still learning, so it is fortunate that my wife is so patient with me. Are you sure you would not prefer to ask Counselor Endilev about this?” Without waiting for a reply, she rose and headed for the replicator. “Tea?”

“I’m sure, and no thank you. Well, I… have kind of given up on the whole… Wolfe thing, considering, y’know. But uh, deities I’m so useless, what I’m trying to ask is, how do you actually let another person know you are interested in them. Cause for somebody who’s species is so stereotypically open about literally anything and everything, I am totally useless with this stuff.” Linxi awkwardly chuckled.

After returning to her seat with a cup of tea, Kate settled into it, holding the cup and saucer just below her chin. “You know, Linxi, among those of us not blessed with empathic abilities, that is quite common. On Risa, however, we do not engage in the coy dances of other species, at least not when it comes to romance and sexuality, so body language alone usually does the trick. But that meant that I certainly had a lot to learn when I first got to Earth! Learning those coy dances can help, but sometimes the only universal way is to simply tell them how you feel.”

“I am just worried that something would change in our relationship if she doesn’t feel the same way. We’ve only been talking through subspace comms, and I can’t exactly feel her emotions this far away, so… I don’t know. And not knowing is something that… terrifies me.”

“If she does not feel the same for you, and if she is truly your friend, she will be flattered by you admitting your feelings for her and not destroy your relationship over it.” Kate sat her tea down after another sip and leaned forward before continuing, “Linxi, there is always a risk in laying your heart bare before someone and trusting them not to rip it to shreds. Sometimes, they will take advantage of your vulnerability, and you will get hurt. But other times, you will be rewarded ten times over for your trust. We cannot always know what the outcome will be, but trying is part of living.”

“Yeah, I know… And she knows I wouldn’t do anything to devalue our friendship in any way. I just tend to find myself having a hard time developing any romantic feelings without a… history. Kinda hard to get into a romantic relationship when people who want that don’t really want to take the friendly route first. Gotta say, the whole romance thing is so much harder than the whole… no strings attached thing.”

“I have done both, and you are correct, romance is harder,” Kate answered. She regarded the diamond on her left ring finger for a moment, then softly added, “But, with some luck, it can be worth it.”

Linxi looked down at the floor and nodded. That did sound nice — healthy relationships, that is. It was not until she got assigned to Atlantis that she went to therapy and recognized unhealthy behaviors. If only she knew that as a teenager, when she was being emotionally abused by her boyfriend at the time. Heck, it explained why she had such a hard time opening up to people her first year at the Academy, and still has trouble trusting herself at times.

It wasn’t that she actually wanted a romantic relationship, which she had not yet recognized, but more healthy relationships like the one with her old friend. Although Linxi was still getting to know the crew of Atlantis, their hand in offering positive and supportive relationships had been instrumental in Linxi’s path to emotionally healing.

Linxi stood, and put her hands behind her back. “Thanks for the talk. It was nice.”

Wearing a genial smile, Kate also rose, hoping that she had been of some help to her young officer. “You are welcome, Linxi, and please, feel free to come talk to me anytime.”

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Post by Linxi Jude » Thu Apr 23, 2020 11:17 pm

“Have you heard from Linxi?”

“No. Why?”

Sivat walked into his oldest brother’s room, “I haven’t heard from her in over a week!”

Dell shook his hair out of his face, stood up, and made his way to the door. “Look kid, a week is nothing. She could be blowing shit up or stabbing man eating evil dragons or something for all we know.”

“But- but-” Sivat was shoved out, and the door slammed in his face. “DEEEEEEEELL!” Silence- then heavy metal started playing. Sivat banged on the door, but no response. He sighed, and grumbled to himself. He ran to the twins’ room, and opened their door. Empty. Of course the twins aren’t there. They’re never there. Sivat then ran downstairs to the living room, “MooooOOOOOOm!”

“I am in the middle of something here,” Delvera gestures at her PADD, “but do go on.”

“Linxi hasn’t messaged us in over a week!”

“A week is nothing.” Sivat groaned at hearing that phrase yet again. “She is probably busy.” Delvera looked back down at her PADD, and continued typing on it.

“But what if she’s dead or something?”

Delvera sighed, “If she was dead, Starfleet would tell us. Why don’t you… Go outside or something.”

Sivat dramatically tilted his head back, and slouched towards the door, and stepped out. “a WeEk Is NoThInG.” He snorts, “bull.” He walks along the sidewalk, kicking rocks as he mumbles to himself. “She messages me every day. Something is feking wrong. Dad knows that. Dad would agree with me…” He turned around, and ran back into the house, up the stairs, and into his room. He rapidly sent a message to his dad, and repeated for the third time: I haven’t heard from Linxi in over a week.

He stared at his PADD for what seemed like hours. Only 7 minutes later, was a two word reply. Oh damn.

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Time Waits For No One

Post by Linxi Jude » Tue May 12, 2020 5:33 am

by Ilaihr and Linxi Jude

Linxi had a feeling something was wrong. As she continued to telepathically reach out to Ilaihr, she stood up and left the hotel without so much as a glance at the crew. She turned towards the city center and idly walked in that direction. “Ilaihr. Where are you? Ilaihr,” she repeated, telepathically.

Linxi idly looked into the windows of the buildings as she walked, “If you need help, it’s Linxi. I’m here.”

Ilaihr sighed to himself. He could hear the young girl’s telepathic calls; and while they helped his mind focus and look passed the cacophony of noises in his head, he chose to ignore it.

He continued walking until he had finally found it; following the path he had walked before, he found himself at the Grand Amphitheatre, the Arch... the transcendence device. The sounds of people’s voices deafening now, he struggled on, reaching the centre.

There was a piercing ring and a white light filled his eyes; bringing him to his knees. His mind could see the symbols, the runes, the ancient writings of the Gencodians littering the pillars and walls, spiralling around the Great Arch; his sight practically zooming in and out on them, burning them into his memory... before blackness fell.

Linxi felt a sudden unconsciousness and cursed out loud. She quickened her pace, running towards the city center. Silence— Linxi paused, and looked around for some sign of life, before continuing to run through the city. To hell what the rest of the crew would say about danger, Ilaihr is out there somewhere, and she needs to find him.

Linxi slowed to a walking pace by the time she passed the city center and began telepathically reaching out to Ilaihr, to no avail. If only she had Kuari at this point to hitch a ride on, but alas. As she approached the Arch, she saw the body of the old Andorian. She rushed up to him and slid on her knees as she stopped before him. “Ilaihr?!” She turned him onto his back and held the back of his head up as she lightly patted his face. “Blue grandpa?”

The old man coughed, his eyes milky white and rolling around in his head, his body shivering. “Hello… child.” He gasped, tears rolling down his cheeks.”It didn't work did it?” The colour slowly returned to his eyes, with his irises returning to view. “I failed to get us home.” He gazed around and sighed defeatedly. “I failed…”

Linxi looked up at the Arch, then down to Ilaihr. Of course, he must have thought it would do something. “No,” she shook her head, “it’s not your fault. We couldn’t predict what it would do.” She adjusted herself, to sit on the ground more comfortably. “We will figure out how to get to Atlantis, somehow.” Linxi doubted what she was saying; who knows if they would ever return home? But she had to try. “We will all figure it out together,” she paused, drooping her shoulders, “I hope.”

Linxi squeezed the old man’s hand, “But we need you with us.” She tried to shake all the doubt that ran through her mind at the moment, but she slouched over him, and shut her eyes. “But I don’t know how…”

There was a flash in his mind, his body shuddering; he squeezed her hand back tight as he clenched his teeth, clearly in pain. “I cannot go back… must go forward.” He gulped, taking a deep breath, before what seemed like a seizure abated and he eased himself up. “I can’t stay with the other’s anymore.”

He began to laugh, with the surreal effect of it echoing out into the amphitheatre, and bouncing back like a cackling crowd in an audience; before the old man began to sob. “I must leave this place, get away from everyone, must keep them safe… before I have the power to try again. If… if… if…”

The pain returned, and he paused but was able to overcome it quicker this time. “If I live long enough.”

Linxi couldn’t help but feel Ilaihr’s emotions amplify in her, and she too started to cry. She shook her head, telepathically speaking to him, “The others, the crew… they don’t understand the silence, Ilaihr. It’s- I feel alone.” She laid down, next to him, “And you’re the only one I feel comfortable enough to talk to about these things.” There was something about the Andorian she found comforting- where others called him crazy.

She scratched at the ground, whispering out, “I need someone to talk to. Please, try to… stay.”

“You don't understand.” He rested his hand on her head, and sighed; his eyes going milky again, as he pulled her into his mindscape.

From darkness, came light. Shimmering and phasing into existence. They were on a mountain, overlooking a neverending horizon; a purple and green rainforest, a grassy steppe as far as the eye could see, sun-baked desert and beaches right next to a frozen barren tundra, and a vast ocean in the skies above rippling like reality was bending before them. The old man held out his hand and an image appeared. Children, dozens of children, laughing, playing, doing what children do. Ilaihr smiled as the images flickered before he was rocked by a deep sadness.

Linxi looked at the children running around, and turned to Ilaihr, “Who are they?”

“These are… were my brothers and my sisters.” His head dropped a little. “I haven’t thought about them in a very long time.”

The children began to vanish one by one, a strangely present sound of crying can be heard, growing with each child that vanished, before only one child remained, and the crying stopped, leaving the pair in silence again.

“They were doomed to die, too young… over a hundred of us, and I am all that is left.” The old Aenar shook, and so did the world around them. “I am only alive by chance, cosmic coincidence; I should have died with them centuries ago.”

The child was frozen, time ticking by for an eternity before he awoke again. A primal scream being let out, the visage of shadows and monsters before him. Then the boy became a monk, then a pirate, then a scholar, before finally sitting down in a chair, a literal ethereal glow in his eyes, before confidently saying the word “Engage”.

“I thought I had escaped the fate of my siblings, but time waits for no one.”

There was lightning, the roar of volcanoes erupting around them, as the image cracked like glass. Then something appeared, and Ilaihr turned to cover Jude’s eyes, as sounds unholy could be heard; instinctively raising the hairs on the back of their necks.

“And in my comfort and confidence… my hubris, I challenged gods and demons.”

The image of The Captain Ilaihr had too many spaces like jigsaw pieces had been removed from his very soul. A cane materialises, glowing and pulsating like arcane magic was flowing through it, the Captain taking it tight in his hands. Ice and fire surrounding him like an aura. But then the cane vanishes, and the aura flickers and begins to fail; as the Captain slowly falls to his knees.

“I am dying.” He turned to look at the young girl. “Because of what I am... what I have done. And I have been keeping it a secret for many years, managing it by various means.” He sighed, making the images disappear. “And here without those means, I will deteriorate rapidly.”

Linxi thought in silence. She didn’t know. “Can I help? With anything?”

“In time I will… become a danger to the others, as my control begins to slip.” He removed his hand from her head, and gripped his canestick, slowly attempting to bring himself to his feet. “It’ll be subtle at first, cause minor mood fluctuations, strange dreams, but it will get worse. As a telepath, you’ll be able to shield your mind, but many of the others will not be as fortunate.”

“But eventually even a well-trained telepath, will not be able to fully weather the lashings of a psychic scream; the feeling of a mind tearing itself apart. I could drive them to madness, make them experience pain in every part of their bodies… I could accidentally switch off their autonomic nervous system... ” As he regained his footing, he looked away from the young girl. “I need to get away from the city.”

“Shit. That’s… intense.” Linxi sat up quickly and moved to help Ilaihr up. “Do you… What do you want me to tell the crew?”

“Nothing…” He replied, almost ashamedly, trying not to look at her. “No one must know. They would not understand… they would worry, try to interfere.... get themselves hurt.”

Linxi nodded, then stepped in front of him, then gave him a hug. “I’m sorry this is happening,” she whispered. She stepped back, “But I’ll check on you when I can.”

The old man mustered a laboured smile. “I will need to lock myself deep in meditation; use all of my Vulcan training. I will need to construct myself a simple shelter, somewhere that I can become one with… nature, so to speak.” He tried to hide the sadness in his wrinkled eyes.

“Perhaps…” He sighed, wrapping his arm around Jude to hug her tight. “Perhaps I will have the strength of mind to find us a way home.” He squeezed tighter. “I do not believe this is the past or a computer simulation; I think this is something else, and we are being toyed with… and I will not allow it to go on!”

He stepped back, and raised his hood, casting his face into shadow. “You should forget you saw me, my dear. Better the others think me dead than suffering.” His hand began to tremor, his canestick rattling on the ground before he reached out with his other hand to stop it.

“I won’t forget you, I refuse to. I promise you, I won’t tell the crew anything. I just need to know that you are okay.” Linxi took a deep breath and exhaled, in an attempt to not burst out crying. There are things she doesn’t usually expect with Ilaihr— with her being emotionally wound up being one of them. But since they were all thrown here against their will, any and all expectations had to be thrown out the window.

Ilaihr too took a deep breath, straightening himself up, and patting down his robes. “I am Ilaihr of Andor, the Unborn, the Keeper of Secrets and Lies, the Avatar of Fire and Ice, and the Eduda of Trondheim.” He tapped his cane to the floor, echoing out like the ebb and flow of the ocean; like the confident captain, he was in his legendary youth. “I will be fine. We will survive. And however long it takes, you will see Atlantis again.”

“Good luck, my dear. Take care of the others… take care of each other; for an old man.” He slowly started walking away, praying for them to be safe, hoping that if they should find him dead that they could forgive him. “Goodbye, children.” Then like a monk, he lowered his head and began chanting, with each rap of his cane like the bang of a drum; his pilgrimage already begun, the image of them all strong in his mind.

Linxi stood watching, as Ilaihr walked away. She eventually made her way back to the hotel, where she told the crew she could not locate the Andorian. However, she would make a monthly trek out, to check on Ilaihr and make sure he is alive— and each time she would return, she would appear to be more overwrought than the last trip.

Keeping the old man’s status a secret from the crew would bear on Linxi, but she made a promise, and one she would intend to keep until either his dying breath or their return to Atlantis.

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Re: SCI Lieutenant JG Linxi Jude

Post by Luceo » Wed May 13, 2020 7:01 pm

It's gratifying to know, at least out-of-character, what happened to Ilaihr! The relationship between these two seemed to develop here, and Ilaihr really did feel larger than life. Linxi shows growth as well in really caring for someone, and the whole situation makes me miss playing a Betazoid. Wonderful log, you two!
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