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SCI Lieutenant JG Linxi Jude

Posted: Mon Oct 23, 2017 11:41 pm
by Linxi Jude
“Hey Linxi!” The Betazoid turned towards the voice, belonging to a familiar. “Did you think I was gonna let you leave without as much as a goodbye?” The short, lean human placed his hands on his waist, tilting his head, expecting a response.

Linxi rolled her eyes. “No, but I was kinda hoping,” she joked. “I thought you were,” she mimicked a low ‘manly’ voice, “too busy working at the Academy sickbay to bid you farewell.”

“I was. But I convinced the Doc to let me come here. Come on, Linx. We have known each other for four years. Did you really think I would not find a way out here?”

“Oh hush, Theodore,” she replied, as a voice shouted over the crowd, “Linxi Jude for the U.S.S. Atlantis!”

“Looks like it’s time for you to get on up there.”

“Yeah,” she uttered, in an unusual straightforward manner.

“You’re not nervous are you?” Theodore raised an eyebrow, and moved towards Linxi, giving her a hug, “You will be fine.” He pulled away, “At least I have four more years to enjoy the precious ground.”

Linxi snorted at his joke, as the voice called for her a second time. “Well, this is it. Farewell, Theodore Sinatra.”

“Farewell, Linxi Jude.” He appeared almost somber, as Linxi turned and walked towards the shuttles.

The brunette took a deep breath, and entered the shuttle for the Atlantis. She turned back around, seeing her friend wave, as the doors closed. Her first assignment- fresh faces to meet and new adventures to experience.

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Posted: Tue Oct 24, 2017 1:06 am
by Luceo
Nice start to the character's journey! Welcome aboard. :)

Pep Talk

Posted: Thu Jul 26, 2018 4:13 am
by Linxi Jude
by Linxi Jude and Kathryn Harper

Linxi was on her way to the bridge for her shift, when her combadge chirped, “Ensign Jude, please report to the ready room.”

“Crap,” Linxi muttered to herself, not having any idea as to why the captain would call her to the ready room. She quickened her pace and dodged other crew members, “Excuse, apologies, sorry,” as she made her way to the turbolift. Linxi twiddled her thumbs as the turbolift made its way to the bridge.

She stepped off the turbolift and walked to the ready room, and rang the door chime.

Captain Harper looked up from her PADD when the door chimed, expecting it since she had summoned Ensign Jude to her office, and her expression immediately softened in anticipation of handling this meeting. “Come in,” she beckoned as she stood up, leaving her fingertips touching the desk’s surface.

Linxi silently walked in, and stood at attention, “Captain.” Her heart felt like it was beating a million kilometers a second, as she wondered for what reason she was standing in front of the captain.

“At ease, Ensign, and please, sit,” Kate answered with a welcoming smile, lifting one hand to gesture at the chairs.

After awkwardly shuffling over to a chair, and sitting, Linxi scratched her arm, not being able to keep entirely still, as she waited for what the captain wanted to say.

Sensing the Ensign’s obvious discomfort, Kate attempted to set her at ease by moving from behind the barrier created by the desk to take the other chair. She leaned forward, still wearing the welcoming smile, and met Jude’s eyes. “So,” Kate began, clasping her hands, “how are you settling in here aboard our fine ship?”

“Well. It’s uh,” her voice slightly squeaked, “not what I was expecting.”

With a chuckle, the Captain asked, “What were you expecting?”

“Mostly ‘to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations!’ not ‘Ah! The ship might explode! Oh no, we are pulled into a gravitational field and we can’t escape! Crap, we are being attacked by XYZ! The inertial dampers failed for the five hundredth time, be careful not to break your neck!’”

Kate laughed and nodded in understanding. “As strange as it may sound, you get used to that—the risks just come with the exploration. I had similar expectations when I joined Starfleet, and also found the transition to this life a bit jarring.” She leaned back a bit, hands still clasped, and quietly asked, “How are you coping with it?”

“Ah, well, I’m, uh. Not.”

“I suspected as much, and it is why I called you in here. Now please, do not panic,” the Captain began, anticipating the junior officer’s reaction, “but I have both witnessed and received reports of your behavior that is… well, decidedly unprofessional aboard a military vessel. At first, such as in the case of your reaction to meeting Major Wolfe, I chalked it up to nervousness and let it go, since you came aboard that day under strange circumstances. But since, things like sloppy drunkenness at parties, and running into Ten-Forward in your underwear… well, I have to say something.”

Kate leaned forward and placed a hand on the Ensign’s chair arm, hoping to quell any rising anxiety. “You are not in trouble, Linxi. The purpose of this meeting is to tell you that I understand your troubles, or at least, I think that I do. Neither of our peoples, Risians and Betazoids, share the military traditions of the Humans. I also joined Starfleet as a scientist, simply because it was the best way to get out in the field and do science, and did not find myself a good fit for this military lifestyle, not at first, and not really for years to come. I believe in your ability, and with these apparent similarities between us, it is my hope that I can help you to adjust, to thrive, and maybe even have an easier time doing so than I did.”

After holding her breath while Kate spoke, Linxi exhaled. “Not what I was expecting, but… thanks.” She adjusted herself in the chair.

It was hard to tell whether or not her message had truly gotten through to the ensign, but Linxi’s expression of gratitude was enough to at least give Kate hope that it had. “I know all of this coming from your CO is a lot to process, so please, take the time you need to. If there is anything I can do to help, let me know.” With a disarming smile, she added, “Do you have any questions for me?”

Linxi thought in silence, fidgeting her hands, before looking up at the captain, “Will it get easier?”

“With time and experience, yes.” Kate affirmed, then smirked as she added, “Though even after almost twenty years of this, I still sometimes find myself surprised. Space exploration is good at that.” The captain settled back into her chair and crossed her legs as she regarded the young Betazoid woman for a moment, then laced her fingers around her knee and encouraged, “All I am asking is that you demonstrate what you are truly capable of, as both as a scientist and as a Starfleet officer. Now go, and show me what you can do.”

Linxi looked at the floor and nodded. She knew the captain had a point… or a few. She then stood up and tugged her shirt down, “Thanks… And I will.” She gave a slight grin, before leaving the ready room.

Once the doors closed behind Linxi, Kate nodded to herself in satisfaction, optimistic that things would improve for Ensign Jude.

Unforgotten Time

Posted: Thu Aug 30, 2018 4:00 am
by Linxi Jude
‘Thank you,’ Linxi spoke telepathically to the Betazoid pilot. She stepped onto the transporter pad, ‘I’m ready to beam down.’ She clutched her hands together as she was transported to the surface of Betazed. Linxi looked around the room as she appeared, and stepped out, into the street. She started rapidly walking down towards the familiar roads, her boots clicking behind her. It was not long until she reached an old building, with ladders on the side. She jumped up, grabbing the first rung, and lifted herself up, before climbing halfway up. Linxi carefully climbed onto a ledge, and scooted her way to a window, before opening it, and sticking her head in, ‘Hello, anyone home? Jan?’ she telepathically shouted out to nobody in particular.

A woman with long dark hair wearing a bright yellow floral dress ran into the room, stopping in the middle, before telepathically yelling ‘Linxi!’ and running to the window, pulling her out.

“Augh!” Linxi exclaimed as she fell to the floor.

‘Oh, sorry!’ Jan pulled Linxi up, then hugged her, ‘I didn’t hear from you for four months!’

Linxi grinned, ‘Sorry peaches, but it was only a few minutes for me.’ She then hugged Jan back before walking over to her bed, and plopping down on it. ‘You really don’t have any idea how much I missed your bed.’

Jan gracefully climbed onto her bed, laying next to Linxi. ‘I imagine those Starfleet beds are not this comfortable.’ She gets on her knees and bounces around the bed, as Linxi laughed, who eventually shoved Jan to get her to stop.

Jan climbed back on, grinning, then tilted her head, laying back down next to Linxi. ‘What’s wrong?’

‘It’s hard, you know? We’ve been best friends since primary school and we’ve done literally everything together. Went through goth phase, complained about boys, went to prom, got into mischief and shenanigans.’

‘Oh, I didn’t get into shenanigans. You got into shenanigans, then dragged me into it!’

‘True. True. But point being, I’m off playing astronaut and you are here, painting fields of flowers... and whatnot. In your point of view, I went off to the center of the galaxy and then completely went off the grid for four months. I don’t… I really don’t understand how you are not mad, or pissy about it.’

‘Because it's what you love to do. You love going off and discovering things. I love looking at nature and placing it on a canvas. We are two vastly different people, Linx, by that doesn’t mean our friendship is any less.’

‘Awh, I love you too.’

‘Now, knowing you, you have more shenanigans planned for the next few days… What are you thinking?’

‘Weeelllll, I was planning on…’

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Posted: Sat Sep 01, 2018 6:51 am
by Luceo
It's nice seeing the effects of our main storyline on the characters themselves. Well done!

Broken Rites

Posted: Mon Oct 29, 2018 3:05 pm
by Linxi Jude
by Linxi Jude and Velina Tailor

Linxi took deep breaths, as she stood inside her quarters, pacing back and forth. She paused at the door, and took a short step forward- it reacting by opening up. ‘You have a problem. You need to fix it. Now, move.’ Linxi took a step out, the door shutting behind her, and walked to the turbolift. She kept her head down, as she sharply turned in the turbolift, “Deck fifteen.”

As the door promptly opened at the fifteenth deck of the Atlantis, Linxi inhaled deeply, and stood straight, walking off, and straight to Sick Bay. She paused outside the doors, and walked in, standing at attention. She waited until Tailor walked by, and she cleared her throat, “Doctor Tailor, would you mind if I spoke to you… in private?”

“Of course, Lieutenant.” Velina nodded, knowing Jude probably wouldn’t be here in sickbay unless she absolutely had to be. “We can go to my office. Right this way.” She walked down the short corridor to her office and passed through the door, inviting the young science officer inside. “Have a seat.”

Linxi sat down, and clasped her hands, feeling a lump build in her throat. “I have an issue with something… that one of my friends pointed out to me after the wedding reception.” She clenched her jaw, her knuckles turning white.

“I’m intrigued.” Velina commented, sitting down at her desk. “Please, go on.”

Despite it being part of her culture to be open, Linxi found herself having difficulty doing so, “Well, um... it’s just that every time I am off duty I just go and... drink. Every party- drunk. Wedding reception- drunk. Shore leave- drunk. While it isn’t impacting me while on duty... I could... I’ll... It is a problem regardless, and I need to fix it.”

“So, we’re not talking about just one or two drinks here? And real alcohol, I take it? Not synthehol?”

Linxi nods in response to both questions.

“Ok, so let me ask you something else then... Do you think anything in particular is behind it? Job stress, or maybe a way to cope with something that’s happened in your life?”

Linxi exhaled sharply, and thought a moment, trying to put together a mental timeline. "The drinking... it started in the academy, and it got worse over time. It started as just a social thing, right? Next thing I know, I can't go to sleep without a downing a shot of vodka without getting the shakes in the morning."

Velina hesitated. She was trained as a surgeon. Surgery was more straightforward. Diagnose a problem, fix it, the patient gets better. This had more grey areas than she was used to dealing with. That is, had dealt with in the past. Now that she was CMO, she was doing more and more general practitioner’s duties which meant more counseling type of work. Which she didn’t feel she was as good at. But she’d give it a shot…

“So,“ She twiddled with a PADD on her desk, to help her think. “You’re using it as a means to relax, which previously helped you to deal with the stress of taking classes at the Academy, and which has become a habit now? Maybe there’s a different, healthier habit that you could replace it with? Gradually, I mean, since this isn’t going to change all at once. You could start by replacing the real alcohol drinks with synthehol. Or use exercise or meditation instead, when you want to relax.”

“I’ll try to cut it out, or I’ll just be like, ‘Oh, I’ll only have one’ and it it turns into six without me meaning to. Or I’ll go to the holodeck for rock climbing or archery or something until the start of my shift, but that usually ends up in me feeling like crap for the entire eight hours, and when I feel like crap, it is not good for anyone involved.”

“Hmm.. “ Velina swiped through her PADD, studying a file that she’d brought up as Jude was speaking. “It sounds like you may be a good candidate for a medication called Naltrezine that may help you crave alcohol less. It works in your brain to to help you disassociate drinking with the reward of feeling drunk. It’s not supposed to cure your addiction, but it may help you to drink less over time.”

“And I can give you a med to help with withdrawal symptoms. Would you be willing to give those a try?”

Linxi listened intently, then looked off to the side. She fidgeted with the ends of her sleeves, and nodded. “Of course.” She paused and looked up at Tailor, and added, “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” Velina nodded, giving her a kind smile. “It’s a monthly injection, so I will get that set up in the schedule for you. I’d like to set up counseling sessions at the same time so we can keep track of your progress.”

‘The Four Deities, grant me strength,’ she thought to herself, when she heard the words, “monthly injection”. She took a deep breath and nodded, “Right, makes sense. When would that start?”

“I’d say this qualifies as your first session, so you’ll get your first dosage today. Then we’ll follow up in a month and see how you’re doing.”

Linxi nods, “I suppose that sounds like a plan.”

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Posted: Mon Oct 29, 2018 4:52 pm
by Luceo
It's great to see Linxi take this step, showing growth in the character, and Velina's hesitance as a counselor was a nice touch, as was her approach. Nicely done, you two!

Bear With Me

Posted: Thu Feb 21, 2019 3:13 am
by Linxi Jude
by Linxi Jude and Kathryn Harper

Linxi’s mind was rushing a mile a minute as she stepped off the transporter. She stepped outside of the transporter room and leaned against the wall of the hallway, bouncing on the balls of her feet. The information she gathered, and the interactions with the ursines gave her such an adrenaline rush that she was still feeling it.

Linxi shut her eyes and tapped her fingers against the wall as she took deep breaths to calm herself down. She wanted to let loose all of her excitability over these… discoveries- scream, ramble, bounce up and down- anything. She mumbled what seemed like rapid gibberish to herself as she stepped away from the wall.

Captain Harper had started down the hall for the turbolift, but paused as she passed the lieutenant. Her excitement was still palpable, but what she just said made no sense even to Kate, even with all the languages she could speak. Stepping to the wall, she leaned forward and grinned. “What was that?”

Linxi snapped her head towards the captain, then turned her body. She took a deep breath, “Permission to completely, utterly, and totally geek out for sixty seconds, Captain?”

“Oh, by all means, granted!”

Linxi paused a moment, before words practically exploded out of her mouth at a rapid rate, “I somehow connected with a giant bear, watched the bears write, played hide and seek with one of them and I RODE ON HIS BACK and I swear, I started to get some of the verbal bear language nuances by the time we had to leave, and this is like, the third best day ever!" She took a deep breath, then squealed, before returning to attention, as the sixty seconds wound up.

The grin on Kate’s face continually grew wider during Linxi’s exuberant gush of excited speech. She, too, had thoroughly enjoyed the day, at least once the outcome was no longer in doubt, and seeing it put a member of her crew in such an ebullient mood warmed her heart. “It was quite a day, yes?”

“Oh hell yes! I mean- look- I-“ Linxi paused and grunted to herself, trying to think of the right words. “When I first signed up for Starfleet, this is what I was thinking of- what I actually wanted to do, y’know? Not exploding starships or species on the brink of war, but this.”

“It was the same for me when I joined,” Kate answered with a warm smile, thinking back to the insatiably curious version of herself that set off for Earth and the Academy. “Despite any one person’s reasons for joining, though, this is why we are all out here, as a fleet.”

Linxi gave a snort, “It seems like Wolfe’s reason is to blow stuff up, but I digress.” She leaned against the wall and crossed her arms, “Do you think we’ll stay in contact with them? The bears and the colonists?”

Tilting her head back, Kate pinched her chin and considered the question a moment before answering. “Yes, almost certainly. Two successful first contacts gives us new friends that we had yet to meet just a few months ago. What we have established here is a nexus of peaceful relations among three peoples, once the Kvolir establish their colony, and to keep up relations, I think that our involvement is a necessity.”

Linxi stared into (metaphorical) space, and seemed to drift off into her thoughts, “I really liked the bears.” She paused for a moment, before words rapidly shot out, “Amber Sun was so soft. Didyoupethim-youshouldhavepethim. WhydoIhaveweirdfeelingsrightnow?” Linxi stared at Kate for a short moment in silence, before appearing to come alive again, “Anyway! Considering that I am covered in dirt and bear fur, I think I outta make my way to my quarters.”

“I did not get to pet any of them, no,” Kate answered with a wistful chuckle. “But, since it seems to have been quite the experience, I am glad that you did! Please, take the time to get cleaned up, and I will see you later on the bridge.”

“Aye, captain!”

Getting Along

Posted: Thu Apr 25, 2019 2:14 am
by Linxi Jude
By Linxi Jude and Ryleigh Grey

Linxi walked down deck 14, looking for the room of a particular crew member. It had been a few days since the battle with the Xovul, and the Atlantis was undergoing a few repairs. Enough time for the broken marines to be healed, right? It’s not that she cared, but with all the injuries, she felt the need to drop in. Linxi took a short breath as she stopped outside of a room, and bleeped the door chime.

Ryleigh was sitting in her berth, on obvious bed-rest orders to let the rest of the injuries heal/finish healing from the surgery, as her chime sounded. She paused the video she was watching on her datapad, confused at who was coming to visit. “Come in!”

Linxi awkwardly stepped in,“Oh, hey, I just wanted to check in how you were doing.” She stood up straight with her hands behind her back once she was in the room. “Hope I’m not err- interrupting anything.”

Ryleigh shook her head. “You’re not. I appreciate the company, Linxi.” She smiled brightly at the Betazoid, slowly straightening to sit up in her berth. “Come, take a seat. I was just watching some funny cat videos.” She winced suddenly before settling again.

Linxi hesitantly took a seat next to Ryleigh, “Well, I heard you got pretty fucked up down there.”
Wait a second. Why am I being nice to somebody I don’t even like? She paused for what seemed like an eternity in her head. Oooh right. Crap. The counselor told me I need to get to know people before judging them.

“I don’t particularly like cats. Or pets in general. Well, non-sapient animals, actually. Their thoughts tend to be… weird,” Linxi rambled as she looked at the padd.

She hummed in acknowledgement. “I did, yes. I’m kinda indebted to my male relatives at the moment for insisting that I learn how to fight hand to hand.” Ryleigh responded. “It was either me throwing myself out there or letting the other Marines take the fire. I figured I could do it.” She shrugged slightly before laughing. “You would hate my family then. We have three dogs and one cat at the moment.”

Ryleigh cocked her head slightly to the side. “Is there… something you wanted to talk to me about?” She adjusted her position slightly more, blankets falling slightly to reveal bandages wrapped tightly around her chest and shoulder.

Ah, shit. Okay. “So, since you have came aboard, I kinda- err- definitely have been a bit jealous… of the attention… you are getting from Major Wolfe. And, I don’t know, I guess I judged your entire persona on that jealousy. The counselor suggested that I… get to know you better. So- here I am.”

Ryleigh threw her head back in laughter. “Oh, you know I’m dating back on Earth.” She explained with slight laughter in her voice. “Major Wolfe is… kinda more like an older brother figure. He keeps an eye on me, there’s no romantic feelings in anyway.” She smiled brightly. “Don’t worry, I’m not trying to take him away from you.” Ryleigh reassured her calmly, adjusting her blanket positions again, attention fixed on Linxi.

Oh damn. “Oh. Okay, good for you? I think?” Linxi huffed at nothing in particular, “The deities- I have been trying to get his attention for a while now, but the closest thing I got was when I partially kicked his ass- ok, barely kicked his ass at rock climbing during a shore leave.”

She laughed. “Based on my interactions with him, so far, I’ve found that you need to let him come to you.”

“If only telepathy were socially acceptable in Starfleet, I’d have a lot less trouble trying to get along with people.” Linxi snorted, “Betazed was so much easier in that regard. No secrets or manipulation.”

“Of course it was.” Ryleigh murmured briefly with a chuckle. “What do you like to do?”

Linxi lifted her legs up onto the bed and sat cross legged as she became more comfortable. “I know I am a science officer, but hear me out.” She started counting with her fingers as she listed, “Fencing, archery, rock climbing, and bat'leth sparring. Oh! And I was also in the academy marching band. Man, I miss that.”

Ryleigh laughed. “I’m always down for a fencing match, once I recover.” She smiled, jerking a finger at her own set of fencing and archery equipment sitting in the corner. “ Ryleigh cocked her head briefly in thought. “Hm. Maybe challenge him to a sparring match after his knee heals? Or we could do an entire tournament while waiting for something to happen?”

“Ooh, a tournament! The marines versus the science officer.” Linxi snorted, “That would be funny. Y’know, my academy advisor asked me if I wanted to do tactical as my major instead but I told him ‘hell no’ and ‘I’ll do what I want’. I am lucky I got away with just a warning for disrespect, but I did do what I wanted.”

Ryleigh nodded. “Interesting. I, personally, majored in tactical with a minor in medicine.” She responded calmly. “I think you could’ve done very well in tactical.”

“As much as I’d like to kick some ass,” Linxi shrugged, “I don’t really see that anytime soon. Science was my first love, anyway. I spent all my spare time as a kid reading about archeology and ancient civilizations. I used to dream of unearthing some ancient civilization that people never found before.” She shook her head, “Ptth. Like that will ever happen.”

Ryleigh chuckled. “You never know.” She murmured calmly. “Maybe they’ll have a new civilization somewhere that we didn’t see before?” She murmured. “I mean, there’s still planets we have to discover… who knows?”

“Look- I just want to get down and dirty, and dig up old stuff. Vases. Pottery. Ruined buildings. If we ever come across something like that, I would not want trigger-happy Wolfe around.” Linxi shot Grey a grin.

She grinned, returning the bright expression. “I know, but it might be a good thing… imagine something going on, you and Wolfe getting stuck overnight, etc, etc…” Ryleigh teased Linxi brightly.

Linxi covered her face as her cheeks turned pink, “The deitieees- stop iiiit!”

The two’s conversation continued late into the night, until they realized they eventually needed to get some sleep for their shift. As unlikely as it seemed, they seemed to get along quite well, and managed to find commonalities within their differences.

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Posted: Thu Apr 25, 2019 4:47 pm
by Luceo
It's good to see those two getting along, and even better to see people still watching cat videos in the late 24th century! Now, as the major said, there's a certain matter of a giant Kvolir woman... Nice one, you two!