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TAC2 1LT Ryleigh Grey

Posted: Fri Nov 02, 2018 1:41 am
by Riley McMonnies
A deep breath. A flicker of pale eyelids. A pair of hands smoothing down their uniform. Attention moving from their uniform to pulling their hair back into a braid. Opening their eyes to gaze into the mirror, Second Lieutenant Ryleigh Grey let out a barely-audible sigh, standing from her bed to look around the once-occupied room. She once had a roommate, but with her assignment to another ship, it left Ryleigh all by her lonesome. Turning away from the empty bed and walls, striding into the split living room/kitchen, Ryleigh's lips upturned briefly before she bent to pick up her small suitcase of things and head towards the door, preparing to venture onboard her new assignment, that of a tactical officer under CTO Major Wolfe aboard the U.S.S. Atlantis.

Disembarking from the shuttle, she looked around briefly, cursing her height silently, and began to move her way through the crowds. She had left her friends and family behind, back in Texas, and now her mind was returning to the farewell party they threw for her the same day she had received her assignment notice. Falling into pace with other Starfleet officials dressed in kelly green like herself, Ryleigh followed them down to where it seemed that a large crowd had gathered. She spotted the gold of operations, red of security, and blue of sciences mixed in, even the different presences of various other members of Starfleet, as she halted at the edge of the crowd. Every so often, silence fell as a loudspeaker announced names and assignments.

It seemed to take forever for her name to be called, and by the time it was, Ryleigh had turned her attention to her surroundings, taking in everything and everyone surrounding her.

"Ryleigh Grey for the U.S.S. Atlantis!" Now the time was coming. She didn't have anyone to hold her back, no romantic relationships leaving behind, only friends long out of memory and family also out of memory. Ryleigh stepped aboard the shuttle, taking a stabilizing breath calmly before she watched the doors close behind her.

She couldn't wait for what was coming, and what was going to change for her throughout these years aboard the U.S.S Atlantis under the command of Captain Kathryn Harper and CTO Major Wolfe.

Re: TAC2 2LT Ryleigh Grey

Posted: Fri Nov 02, 2018 4:17 am
by Luceo
Great intro to the character! I quite liked the intro. Nicely done!

Vanishing Scars

Posted: Thu Jan 10, 2019 3:08 am
by Riley McMonnies
Authored by Benedict Wolfe; Velina Tailor; and Ryleigh Grey


Standing by Major Wolfe, Ryleigh was quite nervous, hands twisting together. She glanced down, catching the light over her scars. She remembered the day that had left her scarred for so many years.

It was on a dare by another base kid when she was thirteen-and-a-half. Ryleigh had been dared to swallow magnets, and she did it under threatening to release private stories from other students. Barely thirty minutes afterward, she found herself in intense pain and was immediately hurried to the hospital and underwent scanning with surgery soon following. The injuries were widespread, scarring as they healed and ruining her formerly smooth skin.

She hesitated visibly, taking a small step back behind Wolfe. The costume she wore revealed her entire scarring, decorating over her belly and around to her back, ending briefly before her spine.

“Sir, will you tell me what we’re doing here?” Ryleigh questioned, brown eyes gazing up at the Tactical Commander. “I don’t remember a medical being scheduled.”

Doctor Tailor adjusted her floral headpiece impatiently as she swooshed through sickbay doors into the main ward. Even the artificial version of it was starting to itch. The costume that she was wearing wasn’t horrible, but it’s not what she would normally have chosen to wear. However, diplomatic functions demanded a certain level of compliance to the cultural traditions of the ones who had requested the gathering, so she’d reluctantly worn it anyway. The Atlantis was supposed to have been victorious in the fight against the weird bearded aliens, therefore they were required to host a victory party for the defeated. This made little sense to her, considering that the Atlantis crew had suffered the most casualties, and all the aliens had lost were drones. She didn’t feel very victorious, and Wolfe’s request for her to be in sickbay instead of the party was a welcome distraction.

“Major Wolfe, what can I do for you?” She removed the headpiece she was wearing and tossed it aside on a medical cart, glad to be rid of it for the time being.

“Doctor”, Wolfe began, “Lieutenant Grey has some old injuries. You’ll recognize them.” Wolfe gestured to Grey’s abdomen. “My sister has a similar medical history. Magnets can do alot of damage when swallowed, and even more damage sometimes has to be done to remove them… and for some people there hasn’t been healing until recently. She has lived with the same scars until last year. And when you have Haney’s Syndrome and swallow magnets…

“My sister has it as well. Swallowing magnets is the most common way to find out. The long term effects are minimal - save for the interaction your body has with magnets - which can vary from human to human.

“Well,” Wolfe continued, “there’s been an update to dermal regenerators that can fix the scars. But as rare as Haney’s Disease is, most doctors don’t know about the update… of the doctors who even know what Haney’s Syndrome is - since only one in 300 million have it - and it doesn’t usually affect the quality of life for those who do. Unless they swallow a couple N30 magnets.

Ryleigh glanced between the two, expression nervous.

Dr. Tailor listened carefully to Wolfe’s rambling description, sometimes with a puzzled expression - and she still had more questions than answers.

“Hm. I’m apparently one of those doctors that has never heard of Haney’s Syndrome...” She glanced at Wolfe, then settled her gaze on Grey. “I understand that it was a painful experience for you, and it was a difficult surgery to remove the magnets. I’m sorry you had to go through that.” She gave the young lieutenant an expression of sympathy. “But once they were taken out, the minimal interference they might have had with the dermal regenerator’s electrical field would not have been an issue anymore. Is there another reason that the incisions were left to heal naturally instead of being regenerated?”

She grabbed a PADD from underneath the wreath that she’d tossed onto the cart, and looked up Grey’s medical history. “Hm…That’s strange, there’s no mention of the magnets, or Haney’s in here,” she added, swiping through several screens. “If you’re somehow resistant to dermal regeneration, something of that significance should have been in your chart, especially if you are injured or have to undergo another surgery.”

Ryleigh met the Medical Officer’s sympathetic gaze, brown eyes intense and narrowed. “I’m not resistant to the dermal regen. I just… don’t handle it well.” Ryleigh explained. “I’ve never reacted well to it, it makes my skin flare up into rashes. We learned it after a trying to heal up a cut when I was a baby.” She twisted her fingers together, turning her attention between both officers. “I don’t want to attempt any dermal regen ever again. It was never stated in my files, due to me having the same doctors for basically my entire life and they already knew all of my… body’s quirks.” She murmured. “Any other questions?”

“Well, yes. But they would be directed more at your old doctors instead of you, having to do with record keeping and passing important information - more specifically, lack thereof - to Starfleet Medical. Those records should have been transferred when you joined Starfleet. But that’s not your fault. Anyway, to me it sounds more like an immune response to the dermal regeneration process...”

“Commander, “ She turned to Wolfe. “Is that a characteristic of Haney's as well?”

Ryleigh turned her gaze to the taller Commander, then to the CMO, opening her mouth before closing it again. She appreciated everything that they were doing for her, even though her own fear of medical work was beginning to come into play. “Can we… just get this figured out and dealt with? Please?” Her voice was laced with faint tones of panic and fear, as she begun to shake slightly.

“Of course, I’ll do my best to speed this process along.” Tailor reassured Ryleigh. “Can you let me do a few scans? It should give me some more concrete information to work with.”

Ryleigh nodded. “Yes, ma’am.” She moved towards the berth, hoisting herself up onto it with a fluid movement.

“Ok.” Tailor gave her a quick smile. “Let’s see what’s going on here... Lay back please.”

Ryleigh obeyed, laying back carefully, faintly nervous, and keeping an intense eye on the CMO as she moved around her.

Doctor Tailor peered at the various screens and readouts, cross-referencing it with a few obscure database entries on Haney’s disease, and then back at Ryleigh. “So... it’s apparently a rare form of sun allergy. No wonder the dermal regenerator caused you problems. It’s the frequency of infrared that was causing your skin to react. Which, I assume is why it needed an update?” she looked over to Wolfe, before swiping through several more screens to find the information in question. “Ah yes, here it is.”

Several minutes later, given the relative sluggishness of subspace downloads, and the proper frequency had replaced the harmful one.

“The update is complete” she told Ryleigh. “Do you want me to try removing the scars now? It should take just a little while.”

Ryleigh nodded. “P-Please. I don’t feel comfortable showing any of my scars.”

“Ok. I’m going to start with one of the smaller ones to see if we run into any problems.” Tailor turned her attention to one that was a few millimeters long, just below one of Ryleigh’s ribs. The dermal regenerator glowed, but the skin did not. And the scar disappeared.

“Good.” The doctor gave a quick sigh of relief. “It’s working.”

She watched eagerly, eyes intent on the scar slowly vanishing.

The dermal regenerator glowed again, and one by one the scars disappeared. Several minutes later, the rough tracery of silvered lines on her abdomen became smooth as if the old surgery had never happened. Dr. Tailor looked up from her work. “You can sit up now, you’re good to go...”

Ryleigh smiled, sliding off the berth before giving a bright smile towards both officers. “Thank you.” She barely waited for Wolfe’s dismissal before trotting out of the medbay, heading down towards the holodeck to attend to the incoming members of the foreign species

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Posted: Thu Jan 10, 2019 9:06 pm
by Luceo
Wolfe's desire to help his officer with something he had familiarity with was admirable, Tailor's empathy for her patient was heartwarming, and it was good to see Grey's fears being assuaged by the help from her new crewmates. Nice collaboration, you three!

A Formerly Good Day Turns Bad. Very VERY Bad.

Posted: Fri Mar 01, 2019 6:24 am
by Riley McMonnies
Hearing the Ykavosh wax praise about their religion, something called Xov, Ryleigh inwardly rolled her eyes. She barely glanced at the leader as Captain Harper continued to try and keep things diplomatic, gaze moving from tree to tree as she patrolled the area that they were meeting in.
‘Just because women weren’t always physically strong as men doesn’t mean they can’t do the same things.’

Ryleigh grumbled heavily, straining her senses to make sure they weren’t in danger or no one was eavesdropping on the two parties meeting.
Before she knew it, she glanced back at the party to see Ykavosh’s gaze on her, giving a small hand gesture of delicate greeting his direction, before turning her attention back to the surroundings and walking around calmly, a hand on her phaser.

When Ykavosh gestured to the young woman, Ryleigh glanced back over, meeting the gazes of Kuari, Wright, Harper, and the other Ykavosh gathered, turning to face them, moving her hand from her phaser, to stand at a simple ready position.
Feet together, body poised for action, hands tight behind her back and chin lifted to give more of an appearance of someone not to be messed with.
As both her Commanding Officer, Chief Tactical Officer Major Wolfe, and the Captain of the flagship, Captain Kathryn Harper, defended her, Ryleigh struggled to keep her own emotions and slowly-bubbling anger down so it wouldn’t go lashing out on the Ykavosh present.

She turned away slowly, sending a small thankful glance to both the Captain and Wolfe for defending her ability to be a Marine, before resuming her focus back to making sure they were in a safe area. However, while she was doing that, Ryleigh also picked up the slight, off-to-the-side, gestures between Iliahr and Jude, suspecting something that they were working on figuring out.

There was something about the Ykavosh that also put her on edge, and Ryleigh turned away from the outside greenery, fixing her attention on the aliens, and approaching with easy steps to come to the side of the group.
Her gut continued to let out warning signals as she watched, straightening as the Ykavosh stood, before she tensed, watching as the Ykavosh savagely backhanded the Captain, sending her staggering backwards.

Dropping to one knee quickly, Ryleigh barely managed to catch the Captain’s staggering figure before helping her stand again with the help of the CSO, Wright, and the CMO quickly coming over to join them as the Ykavosh spoke once more.

“No movement from any of you, or you will die.”

Out of the corner of her eyes, she saw Wolfe get hit with a shot, falling to the ground before raising her own pistol, a finger prepped to press the trigger, before a sudden shot of pain impacted her.

She crumpled to the ground, losing any grip she had on her pistol, before landing harshly. As she fell, her head made contact first with the hard ground, sending out a sickening cracking sound that was virtually inaudible with the sound of what else was going on as her eyes closed. Ryleigh was down and out for the count, with a possible cracked skull and concussion, complete with burns from the phaser shot.
As she drifted in the darkness of unconsicious, feeling the bustling and faint noise of the medbay of the ship again, she slowly began to slip back into the light. Her eyes felt like rocks, barely able to flicker open, before closing again as she groaned, moving ever so slightly in the biobed before settling again.

Her head pounded, but the stinging of the burns had been tended to, and she still fell back into the darkness with a faint low whine from her own throat in the outside world.

Despite only getting injured barely a bit ago, her head and body were already beginning to hurt as she still drifted in the thick blackness of unconscious, whining quietly as her head pounded every so often. She was trying to wake up, knowing instinctively that Wolfe was close to it himself, as the nurses’ attention turned to the Captain’s hoarse coughing over in the ICU…

Second Lieutenant Ryleigh Grey had been officially unconscious for ten minutes now… and still hadn’t shown any signs of waking yet, besides her eyes attempting to flicker open a bit ago. But now? If the ensign or doctor tending to her looked closely at her scalp, they would see her brown hair getting slowly darker from a bleeding injury. It hadn’t begun to hit the pillow yet but was slowly darkening her hair, seeping through the bronze strands to turn them a shade of dark reddish-brown.

Another low whine came from her as she made a second attempt to wake up, only to fall deeper into the ever-engulfing darkness that she felt like she was floating in. A stun blast shouldn’t have taken her out for this long, but with the harshness of the impact against the ground, chances are that she would remain unconscious were very high.

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Posted: Fri Mar 01, 2019 10:03 pm
by Luceo
I enjoyed the account of this scene from Ryleigh's perspective, and the imagery at the end of the blood darkening her hair is nicely vivid. Good thing for us both that we have a great medical staff!

A Newly-Engaged Tactical Officer

Posted: Thu May 02, 2019 7:45 pm
by Riley McMonnies
During one of her shore leaves, Ryleigh had met her boyfriend at his apartment, helping him around the hospital he worked at, and playing the social game. However, what she didn’t expect was to wake up the next morning and find that their apartment was empty. Only thing that was left was their newest German Shepherd puppy sleeping at the foot of their bed.

Ryleigh slowly sat up, sliding out of bed, and gently bending to pick up the puppy, cradling him close to her chest, and exiting into the living room/kitchen combo, finding a note with a bright yellow rose attached to it on the table. Curiousness got the better of her, and she moved to read the note, head cocked to the side as she deciphered his messy handwriting.

‘My dear,
Loving you is always been a best part of our lives together… and it is quite interesting to see how our relationship changed from being friends to being boyfriend/girlfriend. We’ve been dating and been together since sophomore year of high school, and I want to ask you something… follow the path of the yellow roses and you’ll find me at the end. Bring Solandis with you, I think you’d appreciate her presence.


Ryleigh chuckled at her boyfriend’s note, turning to grab her breakfast and feed the demanding yipping puppy at her ankles before going to get ready and dressed for the day, hair pulled back into a tight bun and Solandis leashed and ready to go, bouncing around the apartment with high volumed barks.

“Ready to go?” She questioned, picking up the yellow rose and letting Solandis pull her out the door, moving to where she saw the flash of yellow. Passing by their neighbor, Ryleigh was stopped by a little boy, handing her a yellow rose with a bright grin before he ran back to his parents.

She shook her head in amusement of her boyfriend’s actions and continued into town. As she passed the shops and cafes they frequented, a staff member outside had handed her a yellow rose.

By the time she had hit the woods just outside the town, she had about ten yellow roses in her hand, with the leash of Solandis in the other as the puppy bounced around, sniffing at everything. Ryleigh looked around before her eyes fell on the distantly lighted trail leading into the woods. Clicking her tongue to call Solandis to her, the two headed deeper into the woods.

Slowly, the trail turned from pavement to forested pine needles, and the light slowly grew brighter the closer she got. Ryleigh looked down at the ground, seeing yellow petals sprinkled in with the greenery of the pine needles, smiling as she continued to walk, the roses in her other hand.

Finally, rounding a corner, she almost stopped dead at seeing fairy lights strung over the trees, brightening the small clearing, with a mat of mixed yellow and blue petals covering the ground. Her gaze slowly moved up to land on the tall form of her boyfriend, holding a yellow rose in his hand and a bright smile focused on her.

“Glad to see you made it. And brought Solar with you.” Ethan’s deep voice was calming, peaceful, as he watched his girlfriend come closer, reaching her other hand to take the offered yellow rose and add it to the bouquet in her hand, head cocked cutely to the side in curiousity.

“I will have to admit, I am interested in all the planning… what do you have planned, Ethan?” Ryleigh questioned with a faint laugh.

He smiled at the beautiful woman, leaning in to whisper something into her ear before whistling for Solandis.

Almost immediately, the puppy bounded over, sending petals flying as she bounced into a sitting position, head tilting up to look at her owners with an eager expression.

“Read her collar.” Ethan whispered into Ryleigh’s ear, pressing a kiss before pulling away. Confused, but trusting her boyfriend, she knelt to gently look at the tag on the puppy’s collar. In quite fancy handwriting, the tag was large, but elegantly written. ‘Will you marry my daddy?’

Ryleigh’s expression went wide in surprise as she straightened, only to find Ethan on one knee, a box open with a beautiful diamond ring surrounded by white silk, smile bright. “So…? Will you?”

Covering her mouth with a hand, the hand not holding the flowers, she nodded slowly, then quicker. Ethan straightened, removing the ring from the box to slide it onto her right ring finger, pulling her into a deep kiss.

Solandis barked, almost startling the two as Ryleigh bent to pick her up, being enfolded into a tight hug by her now-fiancèe.

“What were the yellow roses for?” Ryleigh asked Ethan, still unsure at this moment. He chuckled.

“Count them.” Doing so, she realized the total came up to twelve, and her mind immediately put the pieces together.

“For each year we’ve been together…”


“And why yellow roses, when you know blue’s my favorite color?” Ryleigh questioned, a smile forming.

“Because you’re a yellow rose of Texas.” Ethan answered, offering an arm and leading the newly-engaged Ryleigh out of the clearing and back to the town, Solandis eagerly barking and wriggling in excitement.

“Love you.” She presses a kiss to his cheek as he turned his head to capture a kiss pressed to her lips.

“Love you more.”

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Posted: Fri May 03, 2019 7:50 pm
by Luceo
Quite the intricate proposal from a guy who seems to be a helluva catch. This is adorable, and I hope to see more of Ethan in future logs!