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OPS Lt. JG Elijah Stark - 11608.08

Postby Robert Wright » Mon Aug 08, 2016 7:52 pm



Stardate: 11608.08

Lt. JG Elijah Stark - OPS U.S.S. HYPERION

Eli tapped nervously on the edge of his console as the “unknown” vessel neared D’rell. The last 12 hours had been sleepless despite Captain Rome’s orders. He prepped the Captain’s message to the Romulan ship, waiting for it to finally creep into the system to let them know they had been spotted. Duplicitous bastards.

He sighed and shook his head; he knew he shouldn’t generalize like that. With the Romulan Empire divided and embroiled in civil war, not all Romulans followed the old order. Despite this ships commander obviously being part of the Praetor’s empire, it didn’t mean they couldn’t be reasoned with. There had to be some within the Praetors forces that were still uncertain about their empires future, that were unsure if they were following the right leaders. He shook his head again, just wishful thinking.

Whoever this Romulan commander was, they would do what Romulans has done since they’re assentation to power. They would either seize power or, if it were more efficient, wrest control of the world by manipulating one of its factions. While they were still in space, the Hyperion could do something about it, but if they made planet-fall, there’d be nothing they could do.

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Re: OPS Lt. JG Elijah Stark

Postby Einar S » Mon Aug 08, 2016 7:58 pm

great log Rob! I always enjoy reading Stark's introspective thoughts on missions
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