Hyperion Arc #12 - A Brave New World

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Mission Briefing 11609.26

Postby Einar S » Mon Sep 26, 2016 10:59 am

COMMUNIQUE TO: All Senior Staff, USS Hyperion NCC-77989
CC: Commander Rojer Lyon, First Officer, USS Hyperion NCC-77989
FROM: Captain Jonathan Rome, Commanding Officer, Hyperion NCC-77989

STARDATE: 11609.26

XO: Commander, if that ship out there is indeed a warship, I want to know. Do not provoke the Romulans, I want us to appear as benevolent as possible. You have the Bridge.

AUX/SCI: I want you two to hypothesize….how do we neutralize kemocite without damaging it’s aesthetic properties? This is of course a purely hypothetical question. Give your report to the XO alone.

TAC: Mr. Douglas, you are with me again.

Captain Jonathan Rome.
Captain Jonathan Rome
Commanding Officer
USS Hyperion


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