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Captain Jonathan Rome

Postby Einar S » Thu Feb 27, 2014 8:24 pm

Captain's logs - U.S.S Hyperion

Captain Jonathan Rome SD 11402.17
Captain Jonathan Rome and Doctor Lee - Zero log - "Recovery"
Captain Jonathan Rome & Doctor Lee - Zero log - "New beginning"
Captain Jonathan Rome SD 11403.31
ENG Ensign Inala Emeric/CO Captain Jonathan Rome SD 11403.31
CO Capt Rome & LtCmdr Sumner (Sigma Rho) Joint SD 11404.14
CO Captain Rome w/ Doctor Lee SD 11405.05 - "Tests"
CO Capt Rome & XO Lt Cmdr Danann - SD 11405.05
CO Capt Rome & XO Lt Cmdr Danann - SD 11405.19
Captain Jonathan Rome - SD 11405.19
Captain Jonathan Rome - SD 11406.16
CO Capt Rome w/OPS Emeric SD 11407.30
Captain Jonathan Rome - SD 11408.11
Captain Jonathan Rome w/CJ 11408.25
Captain Rome & XO LtCmdr Danann - SD 11409.01
CO Capt Rome & TAC Cadet Soule - SD 11409.02
CO Capt Rome & XO Lt Cmdr Danann - SD 11409.04
CO Capt Rome w/ Eva Arrani - SD 11409.08
CO Capt Rome & XO Lt Cmdr Danann SD 11409.15
CO Captain Rome & XO LtCmdr Danann - SD 11409.22
The Favour: Ens Soule Douglas & Capt Jonathan Rome
Captain Jonathan Rome - SD 11410.13
Captain Rome & XO Cmdr Danann - SD 11411.10
Captain Jonathan Rome - SD 11411.24
CO Capt Rome & XO Lt Cmdr Danann SD 11412.15
CO Capt Rome & XO Lt Cmdr Danann SD 11412.31

CO Capt Rome & XO Lt Cmdr Danann SD 11501.12
Captain Jonathan Rome SD 11501.26
OPS Commander Rojer Lyon 11502.02 (joint log with CO)
Captain Jonathan Rome SD 11502.16
CO Capt Rome & TAC Ens Soule SD 11502.20 "Knock, knock"
Captain Jonathan Rome SD 11402.23
Captain Jonathan Rome w/ OPS Cmdr Lyon SD 11503.16
Captain Jonathan Rome w/ CEO LtCmdr Danann SD 11503.16
Captain Jonathan Rome SD 11504.06
Captain Jonathan Rome w/ CEO LtCmdr Danann SD 11504.06
Captain Jonathan Rome SD 11504.13
Captain Jonathan Rome SD 11504.20
Captain Jonathan Rome w/ CEO LtCmdr Danann SD 11504.27
Captain Jonathan Rome w/Doctor Caerys Lee SD 11504.28
Captain Jonathan Rome SD 11505.04 "Occupational hazard"
Captain Jonathan Rome w/XO Cmdr Lyon SD 11505.11
Captain Jonathan Rome SD 11505.12
Captain Jonathan Rome SD 11505.18
Captain Jonathan Rome & Bremen CO Cmdr Sumner SD 11505.21
Captain Jonathan Rome SD 11505.31
Captain Jonathan Rome SD 11506.01
Captain Jonathan Rome SD 11506.08
Captain Jonathan Rome w/CEO LtCmdr Danann SD 11507.06
Captain Jonathan Rome w/ Thalev Idrani SD 11507.13
Captain Jonathan Rome w/ Admiral Walker SD 11507.20

S.T.A.R CO Captain Rome & Captain Rhodri Griffiths Zero log
S.T.A.R CO Captain Rome 11507.27
S.T.A.R. SIO Henry Sumner SD 11508.07 w/ CO Captain Rome
S.T.A.R CO Captain Rome & FCS Cmdr Harper 11508.23
S.T.A.R CO Captain Rome 11509.20
S.T.A.R CO Captain Rome & Captain Rhodri Griffiths 11510.04
S.T.A.R CO Captain Rome 11510.07

Captain Jonathan Rome 11510.12
Captain Jonathan Rome 11510.19
Captain Jonathan Rome 11511.02
Captain Jonathan Rome 11511.07
Captain Jonathan Rome 11511.16
Captain Jonathan Rome 11511.23
Captain Jonathan Rome 11511.30
Captain Jonathan Rome 11512.07
Captain Jonathan Rome w/ Doctor Rousseau SD 11512.14

Captain Jonathan Rome 11601.03
Captain Jonathan Rome 11601.18
Captain Jonathan Rome & CTO Lt Feyna 11601.25
Captain Jonathan Rome 11602.20
Captain Jonathan Rome 11602.26
Captain Jonathan Rome 11604.04
Captain Jonathan Rome 11604.25 - Interlude Part 1
Captain Rome w/NAV LtCmdr Danann 11604.25 - Interlude Part 2
Captain Jonathan Rome 11605.02
Captain Jonathan Rome 11605.09
Captain Jonathan Rome 11606.06
Captain Jonathan Rome & Doctor Rousseau 11606.13
Captain Jonathan Rome 11607.18
Captain Jonathan Rome & NAV LtCmdr Danann 11607.20
Captain Jonathan Rome 11607.25
Captain Jonathan Rome 11608.01
Captain Jonathan Rome 11608.08
Captain Jonathan Rome 11608.29
Captain Jonathan Rome 11609.19
Captain Jonathan Rome 11609.26
Captain Jonathan Rome 11610.03
Captain Jonathan Rome 11610.03 - Supplemental w/NAV Danann
Captain Jonathan Rome 11610.17
Captain Jonathan Rome 11610.31
Captain Jonathan Rome 11611.07
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Captain Jonathan Rome
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CO Captain Jonathan Rome Stardate 11402.17

Postby Einar S » Thu Feb 27, 2014 8:28 pm

Jonathan stepped into the Captain's Ready room, seeing the personal belongings of one of Starfleet's most renowned explorer strewn about the place, some of it burned and the smell of plasma fire in the air still. He moved over to the desk and knelt down, picking up a photoframe showing Brax and his wife on their wedding day and placed it back on the desk, where it belonged.

He moved around the desk and sat down in the chair and opened the top drawer keeping an emergency medkit. There he found a dermal regenerator and activated the small device and ran it across his forehead, closing the small cut he had gotten from passing shrapnel as consoles exploded all around him. Brax had not been so lucky. The Doctor, Ecchumati was her name he believed, was tending to the Captain now...apparently it was touch and go, but Jonathan had hope that the man would pull through. The crew needed their Captain.

Jonathan grunted and placed the dermal regenerator back in the kit and closed the drawer. Starfleet had yet to get back to him with instructions, but for now his orders were clear. Take command of the Hyperion, a state of the art starship. He was used to the Scimitar...that ship had been his home for over a decade and pen was unfamiliar to him. He reached over and pressed the button on his desk that slid the fiber display out of the desk. "How...pretentious....Computer, show me the design specifics of this vessel"

The Hyperion's blueprints appeared on the display, highlighting each major system after another. "Show me the multi vector attack mode"

A simulation of the ship breaking up in pieces played out on the display while data scrolled by on the side. "I....have no idea how to use that gimmick, let's hope Joanne has better luck"

He let out a long breath and sat back in the chair. He wasn't ready for this....Lee had barely allowed him to go on this trip as an advisor, she would probably have a few choice words to say now.

"Thalev, I could really use your help right about now"
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Captain Jonathan Rome
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Captain Jonathan Rome and Doctor Lee - Zero log - "Recovery"

Postby Einar S » Mon Mar 03, 2014 8:06 pm

Almost seven months ago...

Jonathan felt like his tongue was made out of galvanized tritanium as he awoke in the comfortable biobed, but he was also unsure what that meant. He tried to open his mouth to speak but all that emerged was a whisper.
"Doctor..." a female voice nearby said, much too loud for his liking. "Doctor!" she called again, louder, but mercifully farther away. He heard feet pounding, a hand on his shoulder, then nothing.

Lee sighed. "He's out again. Did he say anything?"
"I- I don't think so... no, he just breathed. But he was conscious..." Nurse Saki, motioned to the readings over Rome's head.
Lee nodded. "Up his dosage by a further 2%, let's see if we can bring him back..." Her forehead wrinkled with worry.
A little over an hour later, Lee was starting to drift off to sleep as she sat in the chair beside the Captain's bed. She had been nearby for weeks, refusing to go home, catching sleep where she could, waking up sporadically, and requesting the latest results from her one and only patient.
Jonathan stirred once more. At first she wasn't sure if she was dreaming or not, but she sat up, rubbed her eyes and blinked her vision clear anyway.

"Mmmmmggh" he was sure that was supposed to say 'Report'. But the sound was all he could muster. He tried to open his eyes but his eyelids felt like shuttlebay doors.
"It's OK, Captain..." she said, soothingly, resting a hand gently on his shoulder. She wasn't sure if he'd even understand her words at first. This was going to be very disorientating for him. His body would be weak despite their efforts to battle atrophy, and his mind... well, his mind was a mystery right now. What had survived? What had successfully regenerated? "You're safe, it's OK..."

"Eva..?" He croaked. Then went into a coughing fit as his lungs were unused to the effort of speaking. "Eva? What?"
"No sir, er... we, er..." she decided not to explain where Eva Arrani was right now. That was a tale for another day. "Can you tell me your name?" she asked instead, hoping beyond hope that he would know.
"I" he spat out.
"Then tell me..." Lee pressed, monitoring his vitals, almost relieved to hear the note of irritation in his voice. It was a good sign.

"Jonathan Rome, service number 1189677HO447-Gamma. Captain U.S.S Scimitar" he rasped defiantly.
"Good, that's really, really good sir." Lee smiled broadly, thrilled that he was so self aware. "Well done... " she kept smiling, congratulating herself inwardly as Rome lay, impatient and ignorant of all that had happened.
"Where are we?" He asked and tried to sit up but his arms buckled under the effort.
"Woah, woah, slow down, sir..." Lee ordered, stepping in and slipping a hand under his shoulder to help ease him down onto the mattress once more. "We're at Starfleet Medical", she replied simply, leaning over him for a moment and adjusting the sensitivity of one of the neural monitors. "What's the last thing you remember, sir?" Her voice was soft and gentle, trying not to give anything away that might alarm him until she was sure he was able for it.
He accepted her help and laid back gently "Lee?"
"Hi," she said good-humouredly. "How are you feeling?" she tried instead. Perhaps it was too earl to ask him to rack his brains.
Lee blinked, confused. "How are you feeling?" she repeated as she frowned up at Rome's monitors. He cleared his throat and focused on opening his eyes. Catching a glimpse of Lee as he did. "He shot me. That's how I feel."
"That was..." a long time ago, she almost said "...not very nice of him," she concluded lamely and cleared her throat. "Captain... I, um... you collapsed on the Scimitar, sir, around, er... Stardate 11209.23. This is the first time you have regained consciousness since..."
"11209.23? How is that possible? What's the date now...?" He asked, his chest tightening.
"That's not important... what is important..." she ventured " that you are doing well, great in fact... just really, really great, sir. And er, everyone is fine and well. Focus on that for now." She didn't think he'd accept that, but it was worth the try.

"Now," she added, easing herself back onto her tired feet and walking to the end of the bed, "tell me if you can feel this." She held his toe gently through the blanket.
"Of course I can feel that! Stop treating me like a child and tell me what the bloody date is, Lieutenant!"
She kept a hold of his toe. "Wiggle," she ordered. Reluctantly he obliged. She nodded, satisfied. "11308.02."
"11308...02...? That means.....The Scimitar?" he looked at her expectantly "Still in Romulan space?"
Lee mouthed "no". "Do what you're told, and I'll see if I can find you some mission logs." She said as she pulled over a trolley. "We have tests to run."

Jonathan sighed deeply and felt the knot in his stomach tighten "Thalev....? Please tell me he's alive?" he asked, concerned for the well being of his one and only true friend. "Thalev?... Thaaa-lev... Hm... Sounds familiar..." she said, confusion in her young eyes. "Blue, tall... One antenna? Yea, he's fine. he's impossible to kill. Same as you, it seems." She smiled at her dumb joke.

Jonathan managed a weak smile, even though in his stomach he knew that his one true love, the ship he has spent over a decade serving, first as her Chief Engineer and then as her Captain for many years....was gone. "Doctor, please tell me why I can't remember the past few months...what happened to me?"
Hearing the word "please" from the great Captain Rome surprised her. He was a man who ordered, not requested. She sighed and pulled her chair over to his side and sat wearily down. "Well... it's a long story..." she began, looking at him as if for the first time, "but, basically..." she cleared her throat, "something - we're still not sure what - had been implanted in your brain tissue, and it malfunctioned, disintegrated..."
"Was it him? Was it Dixon?" he asked

"That's the best guess we have," she replied softly, a little shame tugging at the edges of her warm smile. "The implant slipped past all our sensors, even... even when I knew it was there, when I aimed my equipment right at it, it didn't show up. Whatever it was, it was advanced technology... I'm sorry I missed it, Captain."

He nodded, unsure as he was of what she was talking about but one thing was clear to him...this was Dixon's doing. That lunatic from the Section that had abducted him, tortured him and forced him to give up the Scimitar's location and their plan in Romulan space....for a brief moment Jonathan wondered if his lifelong friend and companion had pulled it off, but also knew that if that stubborn Andorian was alive, as Lee said, then he had finished his mission. He always did.

"So I've lost almost a year of my life...?" he finally asked her.
"It's not as bad as it seems," she said a little defensively. Truth was, without her quick thinking and a sudden flash of inspiration, Rome would be dead and Lee would be a physician on a garbage scow at this stage. She'd preserved his body and had him transported to Earth as soon as she could. Then, with an idea in hand, she'd followed shortly after. She'd been at his side since.
"Let me get caught up, then decide", he answered abruptly. "Water."
Lee got back to her feet and leaned to one side, tapping out a series of commands on the console by his bed. "I've increased your fluids, you're not quite set for ingesting anything for a while. Give yourself time."

"Fine...just, do what you have to get me out of here and back on the Scimitar"
"Er... about that..."
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Re: Captain Jonathan Rome

Postby James Greenman » Mon Mar 03, 2014 8:29 pm

Fantastic log, Einar! It's good to get a bit of background on where Rome has been and who put him there. :)
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Captain Jonathan Rome & Doctor Lee - Zero log - New beginnin

Postby Einar S » Wed Mar 05, 2014 7:08 pm

a few weeks ago..

Jonathan sipped off his Raktajino, a rare delicacy now that he was under constant scrutiny by his ball and chain every waking moment....she would undoubtedly see some alarm on that blasted remote of hers, but he didn't care. He had a lot of things to catch up on and he needed something to make him feel better, especially since she had made it abundantly clear that alcohol consumption would hinder his recovery. He needed to get back out there.

His apartment was empty but for boxes containing his belongings which Lee had ordered out of storage now that he was back on his feet...and PADDS, so many PADDS lying around. Mission reports, crew records....he had wanted to find out what happened to his ship, and now he had. He almost wished he hadn't. And now Thalev and Sara were almost on the other side of Federation Space, on a new assignment...Eva was somewhere off in the Gamma Quadrant following a story about a recently discovered founder which did magic tricks. At least Joanne called him now and then to "report" as she called it....he knew it was just to see how he was doing.

The chime on his door rang and Jonathan glanced at the time, almost 2200 could only be her.
"Come in..." he said, not even attempting to hide his coffee. Lee hastened in, glancing around and locating Rome instantly.
"Your heart rate increased suddenly, is everything..." She smelt the coffee in the air and understood. "Ah. I see." She gave him a weary glance before stepping further into his quarters and making sure he hadn't been enjoying the pleasures of any other contraband.
"It's okay, Doc, I haven't been smoking any warp cores tonight" he said as he casually sipped of his coffee with a grin. "So is that why you came over?"
"Can't I just visit?" she enquired, trying to sound casual. "How are you? Are you sleeping? Have you eaten?" she asked right after, undoing her efforts at nonchalance entirely.
Jonathan glanced at a half-eaten chicken casserole, his mother's recipe. "Yes...but I'm still only managing a few bites" he said and sipped of his coffee again, like he was goading her. Then his eyes flashed and he placed the cup of the desk and reached for a PADD "And will you please tell your boyfriend that I will NOT be the subject of his next paper!"

Lee responded to his words with characteristic apoplexy. No-one was meant to know about the 'boyfriend' thing, it still felt very strange; she assumed he was being sarcastic, but she blushed bright pink regardless. "That's not important!" she eventually sputtered. "Besides... All of this is too close to 'classified', or I dunno, way too early in the game to - or, what I mean to say is -" she gave up and sat down. "...your appetite will come back. A little food is enough for now. It's still progress." She smiled at him, despite the roaring furnaces she felt in her cheeks.

Jonathan smiled back "You've done great work Caerys... thank you" .
"You did most of the work, yourself. The biggest share of praise should go to your synaptic relays and your internal neural map for knowing how to restore itself, it really was absolutely fascinating to watch, Captain..."
He placed the cup gently on the desk and crossed his legs, a posture Lee had seen him in countless times on the Bridge of his ship. "That's the old Rome stubbornness I guess... and your miracle cure"
"Well, gosh, no..." Lee waved a hand to dismiss his praise. "... it was a lucky break. All I had to do was re-sequence the chemical make-up of a totally alien neuro-chemical and tune it just right, removing any RNA sequences that would have disrupted your human neural composition, account for a gender differential, age, differences in memory storage and retrieval, ensure your corpus callosum didn't interfere and disrupt the first phase of re-integration by putting you into a deeper coma than you were already in, stimulate what neural activity was still there, work to ensure your other biological systems didn't totally atrophy, and then sit back and hope for the best." She shrugged. "Naming the new neuro chemical was the hardest part."

"Funkyoxidon..." he said, stressing the first half of the word. "I can just see William cringe every time he writes that in his paper"
"I needed a name, and I panicked..." she sighed. "He'll never let me live it down, I know it..." the young Trill observed. "Three or Four hosts in the future, I am sure his descendants will still be reminding me of it."
He smiled "I keep forgetting you're older than me."
She nodded a little. "By several lifetimes." She observed him briefly. "You're getting colour back in your face. It's good to see. Maybe next time Arrani calls, I won't have to act as you message service?" Jonathan sighed and planted his feet firmly on the floor and leant forward "We've been over this, you've seen the logs and reports from Thalev and Kesh....I only brought you in because Thalev trusted you....but I can't place her in danger too. She's better off."
"Maybe you should explain that to her, you know..." Lee said. "Captain, I have known a lot of bullies in my time... I've even been a few of them," she half-frowned in reminiscence, "and the only thing I have learnt from all the stress a bully produces is that it's not worth living your life for them. They won't thank you for it."
"When did you stop squeaking and actually start telling me off?"
"Somewhere between installing your catheter, and handing you back the keys to this place?"

Jonathan chuckled then reached for a PADD on his desk. "In any case... I can't just sit pretty any longer. Starfleet just requested I negotiate some mining dispute". He handed her the device.
"Wait... What?!" she squeaked. Taking the PADD hastily, she skimmed it. "But, but you're not better yet! You're still delicate, and weak, and vulnerable! And," she continued on a new breath, "so not ready to leave my care! Sir, Captain, you have got to let me talk to them! This is unsupportable!"
"Breathe's an ambassadorial duty, they just want me to stop harassing Starfleet Intelligence and go do something......and I won't leave your care, I told them you would come with"
"That's worse!" Lee stood up, her eyes looking around for a solution that just wasn't forthcoming. "I can't care for you properly on the move, Captain! The packing for the journey alone would take months! What if I need a Riboneucleic orientation scanner or, or, if I need to run your synaptic relays through a stress test? And, and... Consultants! I'm not the only one responsible for you, either. Are we supposed to pack Dr. York up too?"
"Gods no, nobody wants him around....and relax, it's a quiet little dispute matter. We won't need any won't need anything, I'm fine!"
"And that is your medical opinion, is it?"
Rome ignored her protest. "Plus, Joanne's coming along too. I'll be in good hands."
"Oh, right, cause she'll be a boon if you go into neuroleptic shock in a turbolift, or start speaking in middle-era Bolian at the negotiating table...!"
"Huh?" she said, puzzled.
"I speak some Saurian, not Bolian" he said and crossed his legs again.
"That's not the point..." she studied his face, realising he knew well that wasn't the point. She also realised her protests would fall on deaf ears. She sighed "Fine. We'll go, but on one condition..."
There's always one condition he thought. "Go ahead."
"I stay at your side the whole time... and if you feel the slightest twitch, the smallest sneeze or the least bit dizzy, you let me know instantly"
"So I can take this off then?" he asked and pulled at his collar, revealing her bio-transmitter. "It itches"
"No, no, no... it stays... I'll find you something to stop it itching." She looked down at him, her expression set. "Agreed?"
"Yes. Now relax, this is a simple negotiation, what could go wrong?"
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Re: Captain Jonathan Rome

Postby C. J. Short » Wed Mar 05, 2014 7:33 pm

Hahahaha! Poor York... Fantastic log, you guys :)
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Re: Captain Jonathan Rome

Postby Einar S » Wed Mar 05, 2014 8:01 pm

Thank you CJ :)
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Re: Captain Jonathan Rome

Postby Andrew Rice » Wed Mar 05, 2014 9:17 pm

Haha, "what could go wrong?", famous last words.
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Re: Captain Jonathan Rome

Postby Einar S » Wed Mar 05, 2014 10:46 pm

hahahha....I had to!
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Re: Captain Jonathan Rome

Postby James Greenman » Wed Mar 05, 2014 11:04 pm

Andrew Rice wrote:"what could go wrong?"


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