Game Management Opportunities

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Game Management Opportunities

Post by James Greenman » Thu May 12, 2016 11:03 pm

As you all know, Star Trek: Engage has been growing pretty steadily for the last two years.

With four full-time ships every week in our single, expansive universe (and a fifth on the way!), it's a full time job managing everything; dealing with recruitment and story arcs and promotional materials. Which is why we're expanding the ST:E Management Circle and offering you, our players who make this all possible, a chance to contribute personally and to help direct your game towards even greater success.

First up... with the Sigma Rho station needing players before it launches, we're looking for one or two dedicated individuals to assist Aoibhe with some Marketing and Promotion, advertising in different groups, suggesting ways that we can improve our image and get our name out there as 'THE game to join'.

I can't promise you a pay check, but you do get access to the GM's forum and an insight into the running of Star Trek: Engage along with the chance to help us improve our internet footprint.

Plus, a snazzy job title (and forum title/rank pip)!

You would be working with Aoibhe directly, our Promotional Coordinatrix, which would make you our Promotional Officers. You'd be responsible for items like Facebook posts, managing the Twitter feed (yes, we have one... :picard: ), making Blog posts or Forum Announcements as necessary, coming up with and carrying out ideas and promotional ads, and most importantly, making ties with the larger Simming community.

YOU would be the face for Star Trek: Engage. With that in mind, all we ask from you is a cheerful attitude, some time on your hands and the ability to type in full, glorious sentences to show off how great our players truly are.

Sounds like a good deal, don't you think?

Get in touch with Aoibhe at if you'd like to apply, or post in this thread, we'll be taking applicants until we're not. Good luck!
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