"Boy Eats World", Mission Arc #14

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"Boy Eats World", Mission Arc #14

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Boy eats world.

This was a dark like none they had ever witnessed. Even the measured, scientific minds observing the horizon had begun to question their devotion to atheism as the clouds billowed and rose in the sky. The politicians tried to preach calm to a panicking population as the sun was blocked from the sky. Those who, in the months and years prior had boasted of this new colony, and all it was going to accomplish, were terrified that they had spoken too soon.

The darkness descended in a great and monstrous arc across the moon. And everyone's eyes turned from their scientists and their politicians and rose to watch as the heavens blackened and the stars disappeared one by inevitable one.


"Have you sent it?!"
"Yes! On all subspace bandwidths. Is transmitting on a loop now, Professor"

Mayday, Mayday...

The ground rumbled, the ceiling cracked, sending debris and equipment showering on top of the two women. They exchanged a knowing look, each one aware that this was the moment they had never believed they'd see.
"I'll stay", they said simultaneously.
"You're more senior, Muroe, your experience in invaluable!"
The ground rocked, the two women clinging to each other for balance. The weather outside had collapsed into a roiling, sickening maelstrom of thunder, hail, whipping wind and brutal floods.
"I've taught you all you need, Lewara, your life is ahead of you! Go!"

Mayday, Mayday... Starbase 109...

Lewara knew when she'd been given a order. She nodded respectfully at the older woman. "May light light your way, Professor Muroe. May your passing be peacef-"
Muroe cut her off with a slap. "There's no time for the ritual, I'll be dead soon enough," she snapped as the world around them have a deafening groan, "Just go!"

Lewara gave one last sign of respect before rushing out of the subspace comms facility.
Professor Muroe pulled herself across the bucking ground and stumbled against the comms panel, determined to keep it functioning as long as she could.

...Unknown emergency!

Seconds later, Lewara was outside, on the shuttle pad, the final few comms facility staff huddled within, waving her to hurry! Hurry! Lewara was thrown suddenly forward by a concussive wave, slamming her into the side of the shuttle she had been racing towards. Her body fell limp and lifeless onto the rubble-strewn pad.

The ground below the facility rose into the air, hung there for a few, sickening seconds, before crashing downwards once more into the belly of the moon itself. Lewara, the shuttle, and the entire comms facility followed in turn.

...Immediate evacuation req-

The transmission ceased.
During the moments and hours that followed, screams could be heard in the thin moon's atmosphere, but they were only the sounds of the wind through the mangled wreckage of the colony, lamenting the passing of its people.