SCI Cadet Dorian St. George

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SCI Cadet Dorian St. George

Post by Alexander Sethnacht » Fri Nov 11, 2016 10:07 am

The drops of blood were just steaming for a brief moment as they dug themselves in the powdery snow. The flash of coldness in his face numbed the pain and woke him up at the same time and jolted Dorian, that meager little boy from his short passiveness. He jumped back up and Kyle, his older brother was again taking him down landing on top of his chest....

10 years later

....But this time his muscle memory kicked in. He threw up his hips and pushed Kraveks hairy knee at the same time. The young Klingon sitting on Dorians chest huffed and puffed and seconds later the horn sounded and Dorian was the new district champion in Kevora'h, a traditional style of klingon wrestling. "That's it, that was the last one, tomorrow I gotta leave this place and no one will care about my trophys and medals, I will be a face among faces, boring..."
Starfleet years passed by rather quickly, in the beginning he was just in it for the exobiology lectures, you simply can't find better ones anywhere else. The specific starfleet training bothered him, he just reluctantly attended, a fact that became evident rather quickly to his teachers. Also not the most sociable guy he dedicated himself to his two passions, science and martial arts, both made him hang out more with klingons and vulcans than humans. As time passed he became more in more interested in starfleet procedures, intersted more in idealized code and ceremony than in day to day business.
After one synthehol dominated night he gave it a shot and asked for assignment to a ship, he himself was not so sure what happened with him in that night, but suddenly it felt right maybe he just needed a chance to redefine his life and his personality. The U.S.S. Liebig transported him to Deep Space Nine, where he is supposed to embark on the U.S.S. Bremen, but before he still had a whole week ahead of himself, a week he planned on spending in the Holosuites, their klingon battle simulations should be outstandingly brutal and good, and...drinking.

[to be updated during the week]

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Re: SCI Cadet Dorian St. George

Post by C. J. Short » Fri Nov 11, 2016 10:51 am

Get in your fun now, because the Bremen's headed into the heart of the storm. Great intro log, Alex!
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