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Anthony 'Tony' Adalberto, AWOL

Postby Einar S » Fri Feb 28, 2014 12:01 am

Chief Engineer's logs

USS Hooke
Zero log
CEO LtCmdr Adalberto & CO Cmdr Suder Zero Joint log
CEO LtCmdr Adalberto & Cmdr Danann Zero Joint log
CEO LtCmdr Anthony Adalberto & CTO Lt Sumner 11403.06
CEO LtCmdr Anthony Adalberto & Cmdr. Danann Joint log "Shoreleave"
CEO LtCmdr Anthony Adalberto & Cmdr. Danann Joint log "The day after"
CEO LtCmdr Anthony Adalberto 11404.10
XO LtCmdr Niamh Danann & Hooke CEO LtCmdr Adalberto - 10404.17 (USS Hyperion log)
CEO LtCmdr Adalberto 11404.24 w/EO MacKenzie "Engine Trouble" (USS Hooke farewell)

USS Bremen
CEO LtCmdr Anthony Adalberto 11405.01
CEO LtCmdr Anthony Adalberto 11405.22
XO Lt Cmdr Danann & Bremen CEO Lt Cmdr Adalberto - SD 11505.26
CTO Lieutenant Sumner/CEO Lt. Commander Adalberto SD 11405.29
CEO LtCmdr Anthony Adalberto 11406.12
CEO LtCmdr Anthony Adalberto 11406.19
CEO LtCmdr Adalberto & Doctor Ecchumati SD 11407.03
CEO LtCmdr Anthony Adalberto 11407.31
CEO LtCmdr Anthony Adalberto 11408.07 w/Aoibhe
CEO LtCmdr Anthony Adalberto 11409.11
XO LtCmdr Danann & Bremen CEO LtCmdr Adalberto - SD 11409.15
CEO LtCmdr Anthony Adalberto w/Captain Suder - SD 11409.18
CEO LtCmdr Anthony Adalberto 11410.16
SCI LtJg sh'Hruvek & CEO LtCmdr Adalberto 11410.30
CEO LtCmdr Adalberto & Taemin Suder 11410.31
CEO LtCmdr Anthony Adalberto 11411.13
CEO LtCmdr Adalberto & ENG Lt Mackenzie 11411.20
CEO LtCmdr Anthony Adalberto 11411.04
CEO LtCmdr Anthony Adalberto 10811.03 - 11301.16

CEO LtCmdr Anthony Adalberto 11503.05
CEO LtCmdr Adalberto & LtCmdr Niamh Danann - 11503.05
CEO LtCmdr Anthony Adalberto w/ AUX2 Wren - 11503.12
CEO LtCmdr Anthony Adalberto - 11503.19
CEO LtCmdr Anthony Adalberto 11504.30 - Part 1
CEO LtCmdr Anthony Adalberto 11504.30 - Part 2
CEO Adalberto w/ Hyperion CEO Danann & CMO Rousseau 11505.21
CEO LtCmdr Anthony Adalberto w/ Hyperion CEO Danann 11505.28
CEO LtCmdr Anthony Adalberto 11506.25
CEO LtCmdr Anthony Adalberto 11507.09
CEO LtCmdr Anthony Adalberto 11507.16 - The Mystery woman
CEO LtCmdr Anthony Adalberto 11507.23
CEO LtCmdr Anthony Adalberto w/ TAC CWO Harlan 11507.30
CEO LtCmdr Anthony Adalberto 11508.20
CEO LtCmdr Anthony Adalberto 11508.20 Supplemental
CEO LtCmdr Anthony Adalberto 11508.27
CEO LtCmdr Anthony Adalberto 11508.27 Supplemental
CEO Cmdr Anthony Adalberto 11509.17
CEO Cmdr Anthony Adalberto w/ Hyperion aXO Danann 11509.24
CEO Cmdr Anthony Adalberto w/ Hyperion aXO Danann 11511.05
CEO Cmdr Anthony Adalberto w/ Thalev Idrani 11511.12

CEO Cmdr Anthony Adalberto w/ EO Ens Raazni 11601.01
CEO Cmdr Anthony Adalberto w/Hyperion's LtCmdr Danann 11511.30
CEO Cmdr Anthony Adalberto w/ TAC Harlan 11602.11
CEO Cmdr Anthony Adalberto 11602.18
CEO Cmdr Anthony Adalberto 11603.03
CEO Cmdr Anthony Adalberto 11603.10
CEO Cmdr Anthony Adalberto 11603.31
CEO Cmdr Anthony Adalberto 11604.14

Tony Adalberto - Stardate 11605.06
Tony Adalberto - Stardate 11605.15
Tony Adalberto - Stardate 11607.21
Tony Adalberto w/Henry Sumner
Tony Adalberto - Kesh Suder Project - Part I
Tony Adalberto - Kesh Suder Project - Part II
Tony Adalberto - Kesh Suder Project - Part III
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CEO LtCmdr Adalberto Zero log

Postby Einar S » Fri Feb 28, 2014 12:29 am

Eight months ago...

"Damnit Mackenzie, I don't care if you have to hold either end of that coupling, I want that power rerouted!" he shouted over the noise in Engineering as he ran from console to console, averting one disaster after another. Mac just nodded gravely, her eyes wet as she ran off and grabbed Crewman Geoff. "Come on, we have work to do kid!"

Tony watched her go, realizing that he had probably sent them to their death and for a moment wanted to run after her, tell her she was his best friend and that he would send someone else, that everything would be okay....but that wasn't his job. Right now he needed to do his job, that meant turning off empathy, feeling..."LOOK ALIVE PEOPLE!" he yelled as he strode through the mist and coolant gas towards the main core controls. "Cap'n, I don't know what you're doing up there, but I'd like you to stop, please"

"Unlikely, Commander"

Tony glanced over at Reed, then looked down as he felt her grab his hand. "We lost Parish.."

Tony took a deep breath and squeezed her hand back. "Back to work"

Reed nodded and ran off, heading for the shield emitter controls while Tony returned his attention to the core as the ship rocked once more. "Shields down to 15% Chief!"

"Switching to tertiary starboard emitters! I need time to recharge!" Xhasa yelled over the noise, his bruised and bloodied face still showing signs of his tumble from the second story. "You have it...." Tony growled as he diverted power to the defense systems.

The ship rocked again. "What the HELL is happening up there? I need comms!" he turned around and spotted a system technician standing by idle "Go to the Bridge, find out what's going on then report back....GO GO GO!"

The core hummed back to life as power was restored "Yeee-haaa" he screamed and patted the dilithium chamber. "There we go!"

"She did it...." he glanced up at the second story, waiting for some sign of Mac stepping through that door......"Come on Mac..."

"Comms are up!" Xhasa yelled and gave a high five to a passing crewmen as he ran to the next assignment.

"Tony, if I don't make it out of here alive... ::pauses:: I dunno, make up something and tell everyone I said it. Nothing too romantic."

Tony stumbled as Niamh's message came over his badge, probably time delayed....she was leading the away team..."Not you too..."

When first he had met the temporary Ex Oh, Suder's replacement while she was on her 'leave', he hadn't liked her....he felt scrutinized at the time, but the woman had kept prodding him, getting him to open up, to talk. Eventually they had jumped on each other....starting their, whatever it early to label, too late not to. But he cared for her, deeply and he could not lose her too.

He tapped his badge, hoping his message would reach her "I promised you Italian tonight....I tend to honor that"


Tony gasped for air as he woke up and almost fell out of his hammock. He glanced around at his surrounding, almost expecting to see the engine room of the Kraken filled with fire and smoke..but that would never happen again. He sighed and rubbed his eyes.

The room was dark, only one console was active, showing a diagram of the ship....Tony jumped down and stretched his legs. He had put up the hammock after another late night on the Hooke, getting the ship he had arrived a few weeks earlier than the crew.

He arched his back and cracked his spine as he walked over to the main controls, the air was crisp and fresh..nothing like his dream. His last day on the Kraken. "Computer, time"

"Local time, 04:53 and 12 seconds"

"Great, time to get up I guess....what's on the itinerary today?"

"Warp core simulations, targeting system diagnostics, meeting with the Captain at 1300 hours, docking port malfunction, operation system upgrade.."

"Halt. Is the Captain here?"

"Affirmative. Captain Suder requested a briefing at 1300 hours"

Tony smiled, he hadn't seen Kesh in almost a year now. When he heard that she would take command of their new ship he had jumped on the chance to be her Chief Engineer. "Computer, Raktajino, double strength...we have a lot of work ahead of us"
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CO Cmdr Suder & CEO LtCmdr Adalberto Zero Joint log

Postby Einar S » Fri Feb 28, 2014 12:30 am

Kesh paced slowly, trying to get a feel for the room. It was smaller than she'd expected, but, she figured, the size of the room didn't much matter. What mattered was who was in it. And this room was hers. And it did have a very nice, large window to one side.
She stopped her pacing for a moment and turned to look at the desk, a few PADDs already piled to one side, her monitor at an angle on the other, and sighed. "And so it begins...", she said to no-one. Tugging at her uniform jacket, she settled her red undershirt, checking, as if it actually mattered, that all three shiny gold pips were present. Adalberto was due any minute now, followed by their first meeting after a good 8 months.

She was not looking forward to seeing him. He'd been too close to her mirror universe double, she felt. And had kept tentatively in contact with her since. This lead her to believe he'd be more difficult to handle than she'd have liked for a first command.
She was knocked out of her reverie by the chime of her door. "Enter!" she said, more forcefully than intended and Tony smiled as he realised that she sounded much like A'an did.
Tony stepped into the room, carrying a PADD under his arm and a grin on his features. "Reporting for duty, Captain"
Kesh nodded a little, looking vaguely uncomfortable with the newness of that title. "Commander. Welcome aboard", she replied stiffly. Clearing her throat, and remembering herself a little, she inquired, "How have you been?"
Tony grabbed the PADD from under his arm and held it out for her to take. "Well rested, ma'am. Looking forward to getting to know this ship. And yourself?"
"Fine, fine..." she said absent-mindedly, and waved a hand for him to take a seat as she eased back into her own, the PADD all but forgotten. "I'm glad to have you aboard, Commander..." she began, hoping to take the sting out of what was to follow.

He sat down and rested the PADD on top of her desk. "Been here almost two weeks myself, getting to know her ins and outs. But thank you ma'am. Ship readiness reports are available on there."
She nodded once, reached a slender hand across the table, picked up the PADD and added it to the pile, under two or three others. Then she turned back to her CEO. "How's Taemin...?"
Tony failed to hide his shock at her question "She's... she is Taemin. Honestly, I think she's doing fine...."
Kesh humphed and held her eyes on him. "Taemin..." she sighed, shaking her head gently. "You and her grew close," she added pointedly, "I think that's fair to say... Is this going to be a problem?"
"Ma'am... me and Taemin are close. However, she needs a friend in this universe, coincidentally that's me. Frankly speaking, I don't see why that is a problem."

"It's a problem because she is me, Tony, I am her, but for the luck of the draw... That... woman... kidnapped me, held me against my will for weeks while she impersonated me, and almost got our whole crew killed. She showed no remorse, no understanding of why any of this was wrong. She..." Kesh tried to collect herself, half-succeeding "... she is a master of manipulation... and she has my face. Your casual... friendship... with her is a point of concern."
"She has shown remorse, but perhaps not as much as hoped... and don't you worry about me, ma'am. I'm not controlled so easily."
Suder could sense his growing ire. She did nothing to allay it. "That is yet to be seen."
Tony gritted his teeth and stood up, resting his palms on her desk. "Get over it"
Suder glanced up at him, the sharp prickles of his anger playing across her mind. "Is this how you always speak to your Captains?" she inquired, her voice calm and dangerous. She rose, too. "Is this what I can come to expect from you?"
"No, but I'm off duty. I am not assigned to you for another two weeks... this, was a courtesy... and right now, you're not acting like a Captain. You're acting like a spoiled brat." He rose up and adjusted his uniform. "I've always followed your orders, Captain. Now more so since you're just inherited the center seat. However, my personal life is that. Personal."
"Fair enough..." she rasped. "Just remember your training when we're out there. My orders are to be followed without question. I'm not having the same issue with you that A'an did."
"Then make sure your orders make sense more often than not", he added flatly with a hint of ire in his voice.
"This..." she said, raising a hand to indicate the mood of the room. "...stays private. Out there, I expect nothing but professionalism from you. If you have a problem, it will be aired in private, understood? Do that, I will listen, and we will be fine. But the first sign of a public objection, Tony, and so help me..."

"You'll aim a phaser at my head? I doubt we'll have issues, Kesh..." he shook his head in regret. "I don't know what happened on your leave, but I would complain to the travel agency. You, are not rested". He moved to leave, then turned back towards her. "You know, my feelings for Taemin aside, we were friends... are we still?"
She pondered that question for a moment, her eyes taking in the sight of him standing in her Ready Room.
"I have a ship and a crew now..." she said, skirting the question, but her eyes said it all. She didn't know. She hoped so, but the fact that he was so willing to brush aside those weeks of captivity her alternate self had orchestrated; the fact that he was able to look at Taemin with anything but revulsion; the fact that he had proved himself difficult to handle in the past, all added up to him being a fine and talented Engineer, but a positively loose cannon. "Dismissed" she rasped.
"Yes, Captain" he said curtly and nodded before stepping out into the hall. "Well Tony....that went great. Let's see what else we can screw up today"
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CEO LtCmdr Adalberto & Cmdr Danann Zero Joint log

Postby Einar S » Fri Feb 28, 2014 12:32 am

Tony sighed as he walked into his apartment in the lower Manhattan and took off his uniform jacket before throwing it at the coat hanger, missing by a longshot.
"Long day, dear?" Niamh asked from a corner seat as she glanced up from a book she was reading, a glass of wine in her other hand.
Tony was mildly surprised to see her and it showed. It had been a week since she had been called to supervise a run to Alpha Proxima with a bunch of promising cadets.
"I got back early. Let myself in." She smiled up at him warmly. "Brought back some saurian brandy, though", she added as a consolation.
She stood up from her seat and frowned a little. "I thought you'd be happy to see me..." she said outright. "I was gonna do a whole bit about dinner being in the replicator, and the kids being in bed already...." She put her wine down and walked over to him.
"Just had a very long day of tests....and a disastrous meeting with the Captain"
Niamh winced. "What happened?"

Tony winked and grabbed her waist and pulled her close before planting a kiss on her lips, tasting the wine, then let go and continued on his way to the bar. "The big chair apparently."
"Hasn't dampened your spirits too much,' she observed, following him to the bar after a detour to pick up her wine. "That chair is a lot of pressure, Tony..." she added as she sipped her wine and propped up the bar. "They say you feel the weight of every pip, but that last one may as well be leaden. Why do you think I work so hard to avoid it?" She smiled and caught his eye.
"Oh I don't know....if you ask me, they should stop worrying about the Captains and give some thought to the engineers sometimes," he said as he finished his wine in one go and leaned in to kiss her. "Why are you so irresistibly cute? I'm trying to be all heavy here."
She shrugged a little smugly. "I don't like you being all heavy." She hopped up on the bar with grace and reached forward, curling her fingers into his waistband and pulling him closer. "I bet she just didn't take to your clean-shaven face."
Tony smirked "That must be it."
"Mmhm," she agreed, and kissed him softly, feeling him return the kiss in kind. She reveled in the moment, the intense calm that came with a kiss from this man. It was a relief after almost a week in shuttles with hot-shot cadets dying to show off their untested skills. She leaned into the moment, threading her fingers through his hair, snaking her arm over his shoulder and pulling him close, sighing as their lips pressed harder. His hands found her thighs, hips, lower back, and he lifted her off the bar. He smiled at the squeaked note of surprise she uttered, knowing it was no real surprise at all.
"Bedroom, now" he said.
She laughed into his mouth as she broke the kiss for a moment. "I give us a 50/50 shot of making it."

"Challenge accepted", he chuckled as he carried her towards the bedroom. She returned to the kiss, revelling passionately in the heat of his lips and the taste of wine on his tongue, determined to distract him from his course. She was feeling playful.
Tony just grunted and threw her against the living room sofa. "Fine!"
She laughed as she dragged him down with her, kicking her shoes off and pulling her hair loose of its clip. Her fiery hair lay streamed down around her face, framing her face as she looked down at him, her smile softening. In a moment of calm everything seemed to change subtly. She examined his face closely, wondering at him. She blinked as she realised what had probably just occurred to him. "When do you bug out?" she asked, holding her expression as neutral as she could. But, she had never been good at poker, and it showed.
"I don't... but the ship needs an experienced engineer."
Confusion traveled across her face. "You don't...? You don't what?... You're not going?" she felt a wave of relief sweep over her, a smile parting her lips.
"I'm going....she needs me. Now more than ever, even if she doesn't appreciate that" he said, examining her eyes. "But I....this....whatever this is, I don't bug out....." he grunted and pushed her off of him. "I'm not good with words."
"It's OK, Tony..." she said reluctantly, avoiding his gaze as she sat up. "This was never meant to last anyway. You don't have to make me any promises." She turned her head away. "It was just a bit of fun, right?" she tried for a smile.
"Right" he said and cleared his throat. "But it really wasn't".
She snapped her head around. "What?"
"No, er- I WAS IS fun" he ran a hand through his hair nervously. "You could always join me?"

She stood up suddenly, surprising herself with the movement, realised she didn't quite have a plan of action here and decided to sit back down again. "I can't do that. I don't... settle well..." She looked at him and bit her lip. "I wish I did..."
"So....then what?"
"I dunno..." she said, quietly. "I don't normally stick around even this long."
Tony wrung his hands "Neither do I...and it's been a while since I was this....I wanna say happy, but it makes me sound like a lovesick teenager", he looked up with a smile on his face and caught her eye.
"I know what you mean..." Niamh said softly. This had gone so far beyond her usual MO, than no decision felt right to her. She did know neither of them would be able to endure a long-distance relationship. She'd not stop him finding comfort elsewhere, and she'd have been insulted if he'd expected similar from her. So, she made the decision. She leaned forward and kissed him softly, lingering there with her lips close to his as she bowed her head. "See you 'round, Tony."
"It doesn't get to end this way" he said matter of factly, his mind racing. "It can't."
She stood up reluctantly. "Tell me how you see this continuing?" she asked, her eyes sad. "You'll be off on the Hooke, I'll be back on the Hamburg, or here, or wherever they send me next. Tell me how long you think it'll be before the jealousy sets in? Or we stop comming each other? Or worse, we get so wrapped up our ships suffer?" She bit her lip and turned to him. "This was never meant to be serious... I don't know how..." She folded her arms, comforting herself.

Tony sighed and placed his head in his hands. "I know...." he looked up once more. "Perhaps some day"
"Some day..." she echoed, offering a hand to help him stand. He took it. She smiled a little. "But in the meantime," she said, raising a hand to his chest and brushing a crease out of his uniform tunic, a strangely personal gesture despite all the time they had spent together, "have fun..." Her voice caught in her throat.
"You too... see you around"
Niamh raised herself onto her tip-toes and started to lean in, intending to press a kiss on his cheek, a final gesture, but she thought better of it and leaned back once more. Instead, she turned away a little awkwardly.
"Stay safe out there..." she said, and left.

Tony just watched as she left his apartment, the glass of wine still on the bar and her perfume still in the air made the scene hurt more than these things normally did....or perhaps it was that for the first time in years, he had actually loved someone.
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CEO LtCmdr Anthony Adalberto & CTO Lt Sumner 11403.06

Postby Einar S » Fri Mar 14, 2014 9:31 pm

SD 11403.06: With CEO Lt. Sumner

"Adalberto to Sumner" he said as he leaned over his desk, studying alpha-shift's report. He had come down here to catch up on paperwork after a busy day on the Bridge, Sciencing. Henry's eyes opened laboriously. He'd just laid down, after his meeting with D'Mera, and had been blissfully waiting for sleep to take him. It seems fate had other plans. Henry hated fate. He tapped his combadge, staying silent for a moment before answering.

"What do you need, Tony?" he asked.

"What I need, is to know why your new tactical officer was taking over valuable space in Main Engineering all day."

Henry sighed audibly, enough to ensure it carried over the comm. He was too tired to put up with any of Tony's shit. He'd been to Main Engineering; there was no way one small Orion girl was getting in his way. This was territorial.

"Her job, mostly," he said. "She was running a diagnostic on the primary and secondary tactical systems, as per the Captain's orders." Henry grunted as he pushed himself out of bed, lumbering towards the doors.

"After we ended and fixed an environmental crisis, she returned to monitor the tactical systems. How was your day, Tony?" He continued out of his quarters, and towards the nearest turbolift.

"Well just... inform Engineering next time your goons will be down here all day, okay?" he said as he walked from console to console, reviewing status reports and repair schedules, then he stopped and pondered the question. "It is long." Henry smirked as he entered the turbolift.

"Goons," he echoed. "I don't understand what your deal is, Tony. Look; shift's over, come meet me in the lounge so we can talk about this bug that's made a home inside your ass."

"Lounge," he added, speaking to the turbolift. Tony made a face and mimicked his words.

"Fine, see you in ten"


Minutes later Tony stepped into the lounge, suddenly realizing he hadn't visited before.


Henry sat at a nearby table, slowly turning a glass of whiskey, staring at it vacantly.

"I think it's cozy," he said, motioning for the seat across from him. He leaned back and sighed as Tony sat, sizing him up a bit. "So what's this really about, Adalberto?"

"It's about boundaries."

"Bullshit" Henry said, taking a sip of his drink. "If her being there was really such a problem, you would have ordered her out. She's a tactical officer, she has every right to run diagnostics and monitor systems relevant to her department." He set the glass down, and pointed at Tony, wiggling his finger a bit. He was too tired for pretense.

"No, you... you have a problem with me, specifically, and instead of confronting me about it like a man, you want to raise a fuss over a newbie learning the ropes." He leaned forward, staring Tony in the eye.

"So, let's hear it."

"It's about boundaries. Next time, you tell me before sending someone down to Main engineering to run diagnostics, I don't care if you think it's normal, my people may have contradicting orders, or power needs to be shunted. It's about protocol."

Tony accepted the drink from the cute waitress with a smile, then took a sip of the whiskey. "Good choice."

Henry watched Tony for a moment, still idly turning his glass.

"Fine. It's about boundaries. You can take it up with Kesh; as I said, those were her orders. Mindless busywork isn't how I like to break in my new officers, anyway." He took another sip, not taking his eyes off tony.

"How long are you going to keep this up, hm? Throwing these little passive-aggressive tantrums, instead of addressing the real issues; is this just going to be standard procedure for you, now? How long until you pull another stunt on the bridge in the middle of a crisis because you're too chickenshit to work out your problems with people?"

Tony chuckled.

"Priceless, coming from you... what, are you now the very model of a very modern Starfleet officer?" Henry smiled in response.

"Hardly," he said, his expression softening somewhat. "I am a model of someone who is tired of beating around the bush. I am someone who has seen how easy it is for things to fall apart when you keep everything buried." He turned his glass a little more fervently now, his gaze drifting downward towards the table.

"People get hurt when we don't talk, Tony," he said. "We neglect our duty, or we have a lapse in judgment, and people suffer."

It was easy, in his tired state, to drift into memory, to recall the faces of those he'd gotten killed on New Juarez, and the anger and hurt he'd seen in Alena.

"Whatever I did to piss you off, I want us to settle it. Now, before it pops up in the middle of something big."

"I doubt it. I don't like you," Tony said matter-of-factly and took another sip of the whiskey. "Honestly, great pick". He cleared his throat.

"The Captain barely speaks to me now, and you two are all best-buds from what I hear.....I miss the old days, less complicated." Henry's smile returned. Finally, they were getting somewhere.

"What is it you don't like about me, Tony?" he asked.

"Your superiority complex mostly" he said smiling and emptied the glass, then waves the waitress over "I think you should just bring us the bottle."

"But that's not important. You've changed since last time; less arrogant, that's a start." Henry accepted the criticism. Tony wasn't wrong.

"Superiority complexes don't last long in the face of utter failure," he said. He smiled at the waitress while taking the bottle of Irish whiskey. He refilled Tony's glass, then topped off his own.

"I was an ass. For a long time," he finished.

"Yes you were," Tony said as he watched Henry fill his glass. "I heard you visited Taemin." Henry nodded, taking a moment to decide that he shouldn't be surprised that she'd told Adalberto about it.

"I did. To apologize for stuff, see how she was doing. Got an interesting haircut."

"Yeah. Good to tell her from the Captain, to be honest." He smirked at that comment and took a sip of the whiskey. "So you two buddies now; you've gone around apologizing to all the people you beat up?"

"To start," Henry replied. He watched Tony for a few moments, not sure what to say about it. His friendship with Kesh wasn't really any of Tony's business, but his asking about it was telling.

"Good," Tony said as he reached for the bottle and poured them a sizable amount. Henry glanced to his glass for a moment, and briefly wondered if this had become some kind of covert drinking contest. He knew she should cut himself off, but found himself taking another sip anyway. He stayed quiet for a time. He doubted Adalberto was genuinely interested in how Henry had spent his leave. He'd gathered that Tony and Kesh had their share of things to iron out, and he reminded himself that it wasn't his job to iron it out for them.

"Look, Tony," he started, before downing the last of his drink, wincing his way slightly through the burn. "I know this isn't something that's going to be solved over a bottle of Irish, but we need to be a better crew on the Hooke than we were on the Kraken. We need to learn to trust each other." He gave Tony a significant look before standing up, the whiskey having taken the last of his reserves; he needed sleep, and soon.

"I'm going to start by trusting you to do your job when shit hits the fan. And, for what it's worth, I'll ask before I send someone down to monitor the MSD again." Henry paused for a moment, then made slowly for the exit.

"You really have changed, haven't you?" called Tony.

"I should send out a memo," Henry replied as he stepped out of the lounge, making his way back to his quarters for much needed sleep.
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CEO LtCmdr Anthony Adalberto & Cmdr. Danann Joint log 11403.

Postby Einar S » Fri Mar 14, 2014 9:35 pm

Shoreleave - Part 1

"Look, babe..." the redhead retorted with slight impatience. "... I'm not gonna sit here and argue over whose nacelles are bigger, got it?" She pointed with her index finger at an Andorian thenn sitting beside her at the bar. Her other fingers were firmly grasping a glass of single malt scotch. "It's all about how you handle your thrusters..." she downed the drink in one, a smile curling her lips. "But if you wanna test that theory... I have a bottle of brandy and a simulator back at my place that'll prove me right."

"She does, you know. Have a simulator..." he said addressing the thenn, his arms crossed and leaning against the door, watching the back of her head and grinning. "Beat it".
Niamh's smile changed. She turned 180 degrees on her bar stool and looked Tony up and down. "This guy..." She said, leaning towards the Andorian, but keeping her attention firmly locked on the human, "would have you believe the effectiveness of a starship starts and ends with a well-maintained warp core..." She smiled broadly at Tony.

"And it does" he said, keeping his attention solely on the Andorian as he spoke. "Without a finely tuned core, you have to fight to stabilize your warp field, constantly factoring in erratic Cochranes due to power levels spiking off. It's a mess" he said as he pulled out a chair and sat down.
"Maybe I don't always want a stable warp field..." she purred, her previous target all but forgotten. "How are you, Tony? You look well." Raising a hand and getting the Klingon barman's attention she signaled for a refill and another for her new companion.
Tony glanced over at the Andorian who looked somewhat puzzled "I said beat it".

Tony turned his head to grin at Niamh "Fancy seeing you here."
"Of all the Klingon bars on all the spaceports in all of Federation space, it had to be Q'plah's?" she chuckled and handed him his drink. "Not that surprising. Only Gra'tok here knows how to serve a proper single malt." She raised her glass for him to clink. "Seeing anyone?" she asked, none too casually.
"Just who I wanted to see" he said, not breaking eye contact. "It's good to see you again Niamh."
"Yea..." she replied softly, enjoying the look in his eyes. She hopped off her barstool suddenly, knocked back her drink with conviction and leaned in close to Tony. Her lips millimeters from his she said "Habitat area Gamma, Unit D15", and she slid past him, hips swaying as she exited the bar without a backwards glance.

Tony watched her leave, then knocked down his drink "Gods I love shoreleave"
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Re: CEO LtCmdr Anthony Adalberto

Postby James Greenman » Fri Mar 14, 2014 9:47 pm

You guys have a problem. :P

Nice log, Einar!
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Re: CEO LtCmdr Anthony Adalberto

Postby Aoibhe Ni » Fri Mar 14, 2014 11:47 pm

If by "problem", you mean "excellent, slick writers who are masters of the joint log format", then, yes. We may have a problem, indeed! :)

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Re: CEO LtCmdr Anthony Adalberto

Postby C. J. Short » Sat Mar 15, 2014 12:07 am

All of the sex is coincidental :awes:
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Re: CEO LtCmdr Anthony Adalberto

Postby Einar S » Sat Mar 15, 2014 12:27 am

C. J. Short wrote:All of the sex is coincidental :awes:

isn't it always?
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