The Mysterious Case of the Ghost Ship

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The Mysterious Case of the Ghost Ship

Postby Travis D » Sun Apr 06, 2014 9:08 pm


Stardate 11404.06

The bridge of the Saturn is quiet, deathly quiet. Dust cakes the familiar consoles, the Commander's chair, the crew stations - all abandoned. There's no life here, no life could be here. Until suddenly it is.

"Ugh, great galaxy." Ensign Komkor bim Thur grumbled as he rose from the deck. "I feel like someone performed a Bolian folk dance on my head."

"You're telling me..." Cadet Duncan Calverian sat up with a groan, suddenly stopping as he caught sight of his own body. "Hey, I'm cured! I'm not ten anymore!"

"That kind of chronaton damage being reversed instantly," Komkor mumbled blearily. "It's impossible!"

Duncan's enthusiasm faded as he looked around the deserted, decrepit bridge. Wait... where the hell are we?"

Komkor followed his gaze around the bridge. "And where's the rest of the crew?" He tapped his badge. "Auxiliary to Commander. Commander?" Komkor turned back to Duncan, who was examining the seemingly ancient bridge. "Looks like we missed the party, Cadet."

"Just our luck, they could've at least left some booze or something..."

Komkor approached the science station and began a scan of the ship. "Let's see what we can find."

Duncan followed his lead and took a look around the deck. There was little other than ancient chairs, stations, and a worn out control panel.

"No life signs other than our own," Komkor said, looking up from his panel. "Is it just me, Cadet, or does the bridge look - old?"

"This thing is ancient! I'll take a look at the wiring, maybe I can get the controls working and we can get the hell out of here." He pulled a screwdriver out of his pocket. "You never know when you'll need one of these!"

"Talk about ancient," Komkor muttered.

Duncan began unscrewing the bolts on the panel and lifted off the lid. The majority of the wiring was cut and the circuit appeared to be burned out too. "This... could take a while to repair..."

"Great galaxy. How long have we been ... asleep? Waiting?"

"Any chance we can call Triple A?" Duncan lifted his wrist. "I'll check my watch." He cursed. "Damn thing's stopped!" He considered for a moment. "It stopped at the exact time I had my shot taken down at the med bay."

"Med bay!" The doctor sprung up, struck with an idea. "The samples of the crew's chronaton-damaged tissues should still be in stasis. The decay rate of the particles might reveal how long we've been - missing."

"What are we waiting for," Duncan said "Let's go!"


The door to med bay screeches as it's pulled open. Two pairs of hands appear around the door, one set significantly lower to the floor than the others. Finally, Duncan and Komkor jam the door far enough open that they can squeeze into the room.

"So," Duncan said, "how good are you with biology stuff?"

Komkor, already wedging open the stasis chambers, sniffed haughtily. "They don't hand out Starfleet Medical degrees free with your sixth order of Gagh at Qaplah's."

Duncan was unperturbed. "You'd better take over then, I'm not so good at these medical type things..."

The doctor was already running scans on the samples, shaking his head. "This doesn't make sense. The tissues are completely free of chronatons, just like yours. But with the half life of chronaton particles - that would take thousands of years!"

"What are you saying?"

"Whatever happened to us, wherever we've been ... we were there for a very, very long time."

"We...we can't really be..."

"Yes, Mr. Calverian. We're on a ghost ship."

"This doesn't make any sense! How could this have happened!?"

Beginning a neural analysis on them both, Komkor turned back to the engineer. "Can you recall what happened before we found ourselves on the bridge?"

"I- I'd just turned 10," Duncan began. "No one told me I needed a suit before I went near the warp core. I went to the med bay and I got told to go on one of the beds. Then a nurse came up to me and gave me a shot from a needle. That's all I remember..." He shook his head and looked to Komkor. "What do you remember?"

"I remember your arrival. I was there. We barely stabilized the particles in you, you had taken a massive dose. We had only just stopped the internal effects - your organs and cells were de-aging at variable rates - and I was putting on a rad suit." He stopped, silently thinking for a moment, before his head snapped up. "The particles!"

"What about them?"

"Could it be that the half life of the particles has only just ended? That we both took such a massive dose that we were somehow - pulled into their life cycle? chronatons exist simultaneously in every point of their temporal existence. Perhaps we couldn't escape until they finally decayed."

"So, it's the chronatons? Then everyone else is..."

"Gone, long ago. They would have grown old, lived their whole lives ... died ... while we were lost." Komkor looked around, now speaking softly. "But then, what happened to the ship?"

Duncan was also whispering, adding to the ship's funeral air. "My sister, Mickey, everyone I know..." He focused on his crewmate again. "This can't be the same one. We were... moved... We really need to figure out where we are. And who brought us here!"

Komkor was muttering to himself again. "Moved in time, but time ... is just another dimension." With an effort, he raised his voice to normal tones. "Mr. Calv - Duncan. Do you think we could modify the transporters? Lock on to the chronaton signature? The particles themselves have decayed, but we may be able to find their echos - an echo to the past - before it's too late! Whoever or whatever brought us here, we can't let it keep us."

"I'll get right on it! Er, just for the record, what do I call you, I never actually got your name?"

"Call me Komkor." He shook his head. "You'll be the first on here, ha."

"Komkor it is." The engineer pulled out his screwdriver once more, ready to make the modifications. "So... we've never really talked much, how long have you been with Starfleet? Before the time lapse I mean!"

Komkor lifted an ancient PADD, and blew a billow cloud of dust from its surface. "I've only just left Starfleet medical. I was a doctor on Tellar before - a moon colony - for several years. But I wanted to go farther, see the stars. So few leave Tellar for the fleet, even though we helped found the Federation."

The Ensign looked up at him with a slight look of sympathy. "So your people... they work so hard but they don't leave...?"

"We are a stubborn people. We went to the stars to find resources, and stayed to protect ourselves from the hostile universe we found. But the old ways are still strong. We've crafted the Great Arguments to explain the world should stay as it is - but few argue for change." He shook his head, as if chasing off a buzzing insect. "And you? I find it fascinating there are so many Vulcan/Human hybrids in Starfleet. And such a spectrum of personality between them."

"My parents used to work for one of the most successful ships out there. They made a great team, one of them was captain the other the main tactical officer. Eventually they had me then five years later my genius sister Heather. As you've probably figured out I missed the smart gene." He chuckled lightly. "Anyway, my parents were in an accident when I was ten. I dropped out of school to look after my sister. I joined Starfleet a few years ago so I could be like them actually. Stupid, huh?"

"Perhaps," Komkor said quietly. Then, a moment later: "My father died when I was young, as well. The War. I left Tellar so I wouldn't be like him, and the others who refused to see the threat around them. So if you joined to be like you parents, and I to separate myself from mine ... maybe we're both wrong." He smiled. "Or both right. Who can say?"

The crewmen's discussion was suddenly interrupted by a flurry of soft whispers. They looked up to see the a spectral assembly - the crew of the Saturn! They floated above the deck of med bay, semitransparent, whisps, barely there at all. The Commander raised an arm towards them, her eyes a ghostly gray of despair."

"Great galaxy," Komkor whispered.

Duncan stepped back. "Holy shi- iza!"

"The rest of the crew," Komkor said. "They weren't dosed so heavily. But the latent chronatons pulled them into the timestream as well. We just the only ones able to escape! Part of them is still in there." He turned to the engineer and spoke urgently. "Duncan, we have to get back, before the disaster! We have to contain the chronatons before this happens!"

Duncan couldn't tear his eyes away from the ghost of his crewmates - his friends. "But how? What can we do?"

"The crew is - degrading. Lock the transporters onto their strongest emission of chronatons, before they were absorbed into the stream! It should take us back to just before they were exposed!"

Duncan shook himself loose of his horror, and rushed to access the transporter system. The medical console moaned electronically as it struggled to connect to Engineering, as if it was a ghost itself. Duncan pounded the console, which suddenly lit as the connection was established. "I hope you're right about this!"

Komkor laughed tersely as the crew drifted closely, their grasping fingers outstretched. "Me too."

Duncan shook his head. "Here goes nothing!" He tapped the console, and their vision swam with brilliant bright light. And then everything was black.


Duncan's eyes slowly, painfully opened. His iris contracted as it was exposed to a penetrating glare. "I feel like I did after that trip to Vegas," he said, barely audible even to himself. "Never again," he said, louder.

Komkor's woozy voice floated up from where he lay nearby. "Computer, Tellarite coffee... Computer!" He seemed to come to his senses. "Wha- did it work?"

"Komkor... Are we dead?"

The doctor sat up slowly, painfully, and patted himself up and down his body. "In my considered medical opinion," he said, "No."

Duncan sprang to his feet. "We- we're alive! We're back! Yes!" He rushed over and swept Komkor up in a celebratory hug. The Tellarite struggled futilely, then let out a small squeal as Duncan dropped him to the ground. "Ah," the Engineer said, raises his hands to his temples, "Head rush!"

There was a smooth, quiet sound as the bridge doors slid open and Commander Rakshama stepped in. She paused, taking in the sight of the Cadet rubbing his temples as the unsteady Ensign pulled himself to his feet.

"Mr. Calverian. Mr. Thur. Are you ... all right?"

"Commander!" Duncan cried out, leaping towards her. "We! Are! Alive! You're alive!" He pulled the Commander into a tight hug, before his headache struck again and he pulled back, wincing.

Komkor pulled himself to attention, attempting to restore some of his dignity. "It appears that we are, Commander. Now, Mr. Calverian needs to explain our situation to engineering before it's too late - again."

"Right," Duncan cried. Then he paused. "As soon as I get an aspirin!" Then he plummeted face first to the deck. Commander Rakshama and the doctor stood in shocked silence. Finally, Komkor turned back to the Commander. "Perhaps after a bit of rest - for both of us. I feel like I haven't slept in a thousand years!"

The End
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Re: The Mysterious Case of the Ghost Ship

Postby Travis D » Sun Apr 06, 2014 9:10 pm

Thanks to Heather, whose idea it was to run a mission even though we were the only ones around, and who came up with the plot on the fly. The actions and text are ours from the game, with little change. We had a great time!

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