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Zero Logs

Postby James Greenman » Thu Feb 06, 2014 2:53 pm

Have something written about your Character's assignment to this station? Post it up here before the game starts!
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Re: Zero Logs

Postby John Chisholm » Fri Feb 07, 2014 5:16 pm

Simon stepped aboard the station with a sense of relief: the journey from Earth had been long and tedious and there had been little to do. His heavier stuff would be transported over, his rowing machine, bench, weights, and his books. Old fashioned as his family was he still had books, and some of them were now very valuable indeed. His father had presented him with a first edition of ‘On the Antiseptic Principle of the Practice of Surgery’ signed by Lister himself when he graduated from medical school. He has been less keen when he had graduated from Starfleet Medical.

So all Simon had was a bag of personal items, including his uncle James’ medical tricorder and a small medikit that he always carried with him when not in a sickbay. After all, you never knew, and his uncle had drilled into him the need to always be prepared for a medical emergency. ‘They can happen anywhere!’ he would say, finger wagging accompanied by the smell of stale whisky. The place did seem rather deserted. The Chief operating the transporter grunted something about Level Six, so Simon left the transporter room lugging his personal effects and blundered along a corridor until he stumbled upon a turbolift.

Main Sickbay was not hard to find. It was huge, although not as large or comprehensive as that at Starfleet Medical, it was many times larger and more capable than on even the largest starships. It also had comprehensive research facilities, and it was this that had made him so keen on the posting here. The chance to undertake some real experimental research into comparative Exobiology, particularly in his own area of fascination: non-humanoid intelligent lifeforms.

He had done some work already, studying the medical issues of Glazeviers, whose structure was crystalline and had been a total mystery. Fraser hoped that he had shed a little light on their complex biology, but as none of the three on Earth had wanted to go into anything they considered intimate his ability to study them at close quarters had been limited. Still, it had given him a taste for the unknown, and the universe was full of unknowns. Sigma Rho offered him the chance to feed the ambition to know…

Simon Fraser MD, Cadet

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Re: Zero Logs

Postby Riccardo Fabris » Tue Feb 11, 2014 8:14 pm

"Alright, what we have here is a hostage situation. Negotiations have failed, so we are sending in the marines. The area around the shop has been cleared of civilians but there is a large group of onlookers that we have not been able to clear. As such, all weapons are to be set to stun and only stun and flash grenades are to be employed. Understood?"

The assembled marines nodded in unison.

"Alright, good. This is the shop layout", said Lt JG Animim as he pressed a button on his PADD, making the projection show a 3D overhead diagram of the shop. "There are two main entrance, one on the first floor and one of the second floor of the promenade. There is also a third entrance on the upper floor that is currently obstructed and can only be reached by Jefferies tubes, since access from the main promenade has been cut off ages ago. Sargent Harrison, you and squad 1 will maintain containment near the main entrance of the shop on the lower floor. Stack up against the entrance, then when you hear the go ahead from squad 2, breach in with stun grenades. Understood?"

The morose Sargent Harrison simply nodded again. He was quiet, but a good man to have in a pickle. His marksmanship was excellent as well.

"Squad 2 will infiltrate using the Jefferies tubes and stack up against the third, obstructed door. After giving the go ahead to team 1 to create the diversion, they are to quickly cut the obstructed door and breach and clear, again using stun grenades. Sargent K'Lith, do you understand?"

The klingon quickly nodded in consent.

"The second main door on the upper floor will be contained by starfleet security teams under my direction. Currently we have two confirmed hostages present within the shop and an unknown number of assailants, although witness reports counted as many as 5. Cameras within the shop have been knocked out so that we don't have visuals inside and the suspects seem to be using some sort of jamming device in order to block any sort of scanners, thermal imaging, everything. If anyone has any further questions, now is the time."

Everyone present didn't seem to object, so Lt. Animim gave final orders and the squad dispersed to their assigned jump-off points. As Animim climbed up to the second level of the promenade to give a quick briefing to his security detachment, finally all the preparations were ready. Things went wrong almost as soon as they started. Second team, approaching from the Jefferies tubes, immediately tripped an alarm set by the suspects, totally losing the edge of surprise that coming from that entry would have given them.

Too late to back now, the give ahead was still given to Squad 1 once it was in place. Both stun grenades and low-yield photon grenades were used in the breach, but the immediate entry was almost foiled by the presence by an automated, shielded auto-phaser, which immediately shot the first marine to enter the shop, leaving a grievous wound.

It was only the skill of the Federation Marines which managed to win the day. Squad 1, with accurate marksmanship, managed to bring down the auto-turret, while Squad 2, after breaching on the higher floor, managed to stun the suspects waiting there, although not before having one of their own also shot. In the end, all suspects had been apprehended and the hostages had been secured. The two wounded marines had been immediately transported to the sick bay in order to tend to their wounds.

As the holodeck simulation finally powered off, the marines squads gathered again and Instructor Haden approached them and Animim. It was clear that he was not well pleased. Animim immediately attempted to preempt his criticism.

"I know sir, I should have sent scouts to the upstairs entrance and also equipped the marines downstairs with EMP grenades in order to counter both biological and mechanical threats, sir!"

Instructor Haden seemed to completely ignore what Animim had said, however.

"Animim, do you know the purpose of this training scenario? Do you know why I was asked to super-see you and the marines stationed aboard the Sigma Rho?"

The question left Animim stumped for a couple of seconds, before he finally answered. "Well sir, it was to make sure that the marine squads and the security department aboard the station would act in unison, sir.

Once again, Instructor Haden ignored Animim's answer: he was wont to do that and this wasn't the first time he had performed this routine. "It was to test the abilities of both you and the marine teams, both as a team AND separately. What is your assessment of the performance of the marines, Lt. Junior Grade Animim (Provisional)?" You could also hear the parentheses around the word.

"They did...they did really well, sir!"

"Yes they did, but YOU didn't. Negotiations were over, Mr Animim? You BARELY spoke to the suspects!"

"But sir, I thought this was a test of co-operation between me and the marine squads, sir. I didn't think negotiations were as important to test..."

"Mr Animim, negotiations are the MOST important factor to test. Security detachments must strive always to use violence as a last resort, not the first port of call. Maybe the demands of the suspects were untenable, but simply hearing them and dismissing them is NOT enough, Mr Animim. Your gung-ho attitude could have cost lives, both of the marines you sent into the fire and of the hostages being held. Do I make myself ABSOLUTELY CLEAR, Mr Animim?"

His heart pounding, Animim stood to attention. The only thing that came out of his lips was a weak "Yes sir!". A lot more work was still left to be done...
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Sutak - "The Ferengi"

Postby Jack Lucas » Wed Feb 12, 2014 4:12 pm

LTJG SUTAK - Chief Science Officer - Sigma Rho - 11402.12

Stardock was bustling. A fresh batch of recruits had flooded the main docking level. Of the hundreds of new officers, many were boarding shuttles - off to ships well beyond Sol.

The large gray corridor of the docking level looked through large transparent panes into the cavernous dock itself, a half-dozen small shuttles within view. The new officers proudly displayed their Starfleet uniforms, much more impressive than their Cadet Grey.

Sutak stepped out of the turbolift and into the large hallway. His sharp new Starfleet uniform bore two pips, one black and one gold. His new rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade came at a price, a letter of reprimand on his record. He looked up at the large displays on the wall and looked for his shuttle. He was to be leaving for the station Sigma Rho, near Barisa. He had been assigned to travel via the USS Xiphos, registry number NCC 79414 - however he had only yesterday discovered that the ship was still in spacedock at Utopia Planetia for refit.

This late discovery had spoiled his travel plans, and his mood. He had proposed he travel instead using a subspace transporter from Earth, bouncing through several hubs along the way, however, Starfleet Medical advised that multiple long-distance subspace transports could be dangerous, as he would be in quantum flux for long periods of time during the transport itself.

Sutak argued with the Doctor in Starfleet Medical for nearly an hour before accepting that he must find other means of travel. The Vulcan Science Officer was well versed in subspace transporter technology, as he had been integral in adopting the technology at the Vulcan Science Academy, and had, on more than one occasion, beamed himself and others from Vulcan to Andoria and back.

Nonetheless, Sutak was feeling less accomodating than normal. The blank expression on his face clearly displayed the level at which he had become frustrated.

The displays above the corridor blinked. He looked over them, searching for a suitable replacement to assist him in reaching Sigma Rho on time.

An SC-4 class Shuttle, the "Cogburn" - was set to leave for Trill within the hour. Trill was close enough to Barisa that he could likely find other transport. The crew was listed only as "Gooding."

Sutak approached one of the LCARS terminals along the wall. He set down his large black duffle and spoke to the terminal.

"Computer - who is scheduled to take the shuttle 'Cogburn' to Trill at 1100 hours?" Sutak asked.

"Commander Charles Gooding." the Computer kindly replied.

Sutak had a displeasure for the voice of Starfleet computers. He found the voice too human. It was programmed to inflect its voice when it "spoke" - resulting in a chipper voice. He much preferred the monotone male voice of the Vulcan Science Academy.

The Vulcan stood almost at attention while he tapped the combadge on his chest.

"Lieutenant Sutak to Commander Gooding of the Shuttle Cogburn." He said, officially.

A beat passed.

"Go ahead."

"Sir, I am looking for alternative transport to the station Sigma Rho, and was curious if I could join you to Trill."

A moment passed.

"We're full up Lieutenant, not much room on these smaller shuttles." The Commander replied. "But, uh, I do know of a civilian ship heading to Sigma Rho directly, it leaves this evening."

The Vulcan waited a moment... Then responded, begrudgingly "Yes, Sir, and what ship would that be."

The Commander quickly responded "I don't know the designation, but check Dock C19, look for a Ferengi named Roob."

"Thank you, Commander." The Vulcan retrieved his bag from the floor.

Sutak walked briskly back to the Turbolift. He entered and spoke the dock and level number to the computer. The whirr of the lift was calming, and reminded Sutak of the large matter transporter buffers at the Academy. The doors of the lift swished open and Sutak exited into Dock C.

Unlike Dock A, this corridor was not full of fresh Starfleet officers. The lights in this corridor appeared to be malfunctioning. Sutak made a mental note to address this in a grievance to Starfleet. The dim corridor had a few blinking lights as well. It seemed poorly maintained, especially for Starfleet. It was relatively clean, but it had clearly been abused.

Sutak quickly realized this was a civilian dock, and that he was the only Starfleet Officer walking the corridor right now. He saw the Dock Attendants in the large transparent booth outside the windows, but no security in the hallway. The port to the Dock revealed several freighters, cargo ships and a handful of run down shuttles.

As he walked down the corridor it became busier and busier. The browns and grays of the civilian crews made him stand out in his stark black & gray uniform with the peek of bright science blue at the neck. A Denobulan with a missing eye gave him a long look as he passed by. Sutak raised an eyebrow in curiosity as he reached Dock C19.

He stepped through the threshold and saw a small Ferengi cargo ship before him. It was in severe disrepair and had the words "LATINUM SPONGE" painted across the hull in some haphazard attempt at rebranding. The Vulcan remained skeptical as a dockhand noticed him.

"What're you doing in here?" The short Ferengi shot at him.

This was the same Ferengi Sutak had bumped into when he had left the Kobayashi Maru simulation at the holodeck aboard Spacedock earlier in the week. They immediately recognized each other.

"Oh, it's you!" Shouted the Ferengi. "Here to help me with my replicator troubles?"

"No." Sutak said plainly. "I am here at the recommendation of Commander Gooding. He said this ship was bound for Sigma Rho, and that I might be able to gain passage. I am to speak to 'Roob.'"

The Ferengi tilted his head with a toothy grin, "Roob's me, I'm Roob. We would be GLAD to accomodate you, uh, Lieutenant." His sharp teeth were green and yellow.

Sutak nodded and gave a short bow, before walking towards the ship. The Ferengi leapt in front of him.

"However... There is the small issue of payment." The Ferengi rubbed his fingers together anxiously.

The Vulcan furrowed his brow. "I did not realize I would need to pay for my passage. However, it stands to reason that Starfleet would likely reimburse me for the cost required to reach my post on time. So I would be willing to pay for my transport."

The blind logic of the Vulcan made the Ferengi laugh with his whole body. He leaned back and stomped forward with his tiny Ferengi foot. "So it's agreed!"

Sutak tipped his head forward to look down on the short Ferengi. "We must agree on a price."

Roob grimaced. "You Vulcan's don't miss a beat, do you... Let's say 10 bars of gold pressed latinum?"

The Vulcan looked at the ship, plainly, then back to the Ferengi. "I once had a roommate at Starfleet Academy."

Roob looked perplexed as Sutak continued his story, in the middle of their negotiation.

"He would often attempt to 'prank' or joke with me. I never understood the human sense of humor, however, I believe if I told him of the offer you have just made me, he would find it very amusing. Furthermore, he would likely respond, 'sounds fair, I accept credit.'"

The Ferengi stood there, stunned... Had the Vulcan made a joke? Albeit a bad one, the Ferengi was almost certain.

"Where exactly did you learn your negotiation techniques?" The Ferengi posed.

Sutak stood straight, "I do not negotiate with Ferengi. Your ship clearly has a broken replicator, by the look of those crates of food, there." The Vulcan nods towards the crates nearest the ship. "A Ferengi freighter would never carry food, as the space it takes up is valuable. Also, you have requested access to the Stardock replicator on more than one occasion. Therefore, I propose that I will fix your replicator in return for passage to Sigma Rho."

The Vulcan looks down on the Ferengi again. Roob squints his eyes a moment and rubs a lobe.

"Square enough deal... But tell me, where did you get your sense of humor?" The Ferengi asked bluntly.

"I am a Vulcan, and a Starfleet Officer. I am not a complete 'rube.'" The Vulcan pressed past the Ferengi, carrying his heavy bag.

He stepped onto the gangway and boarded the ship.

The Ferengi looked back at him a moment with a gas. "The nerve of some Vulcans..."



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Re: Zero Logs

Postby John Chisholm » Wed Feb 12, 2014 5:26 pm

Simon rubbed his eyes blearily. So far his official duties on the Station had involved one sprained ankle, a Klingon with toothache and Bajoran with an unfortunate but easily treatable fungal infection. This had left plenty of time to indulge himself.

He had a cabin to himself, at least unofficially. Officially it should have been occupied by two cadets, but no-one had yet been assigned to it, or rather no person who officially existed. It turned out it was rather complicated.

There were personal effects in the cabin. On his second day a young cadet turned up very briefly with a small personal bag and dumped it on the bed. He had barely said 'Hello my name is Edmund' than he was called away to pilot a shuttle because, apparently, they were short of qualified pilots who were not on R&R. But, during the mission the shuttle then vanished, and Edmund whatsisname with it. There was, of course, a process to deal with such an eventuality: the personal effects of dead and missing Starfleet personnel were held in storage, and eventually returned to their next of kin. But, as was explained to Simon when the stuff was still there three days later, it did not apply in this case.

Edmund's CO was a rather officious Lieutenant who clearly felt he had enough on his plate, like a missing shuttle and three crew, than having to deal with bumptious young cadet still wet behind the ears. Apparently he could not authorise the removal of the kit because Edmund whatsisname had never officially reported to his department, so consequently it was not his responsibility. Now could he go away? Unwilling to leave it there, Simon tried to get some answers from the Lieutenant who was in charge of quarters allocation on the base. Indeed, Edmund whatsisname had been assigned his quarters in advance of his arrival, but there was no record of him officially reporting onto the station. Pressed, the Lieutenant did call up the file from Edmund whatsisname's previous posting and, yes, he had been assigned to Sigma Rho, and yes there was a record of him on the shuttle that brought him. Could he remove the kit then? Simon asked. No, was the reply. Only the cadet's Commanding officer could do that.

"But he has no commanding officer!" Simon blurted, exasperated by the wall of Starfleet bureaucracy
"Not my problem" the Lieutenant shrugged and proceeded to pointedly ignore Simon until he drifted away.

So, Edmund whatsisname lived, or was dead, or was simply missing. In the cabin he lived, in space he was missing or dead. Schrodingers pilot...

Simon Fraser MD

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CO Capt. Idrani & XO LtCmdr. Sumner

Postby C. J. Short » Sat Feb 15, 2014 6:20 pm

The sound was cleaner than usual; her bass-playing was typically accompanied by a healthy amount of distortion and reverb, but this was... simple, the melody just a little sad. Their things remained half-unpacked throughout the living area; they'd been busy since arriving, having little time to just sit and catch their breath.

This was one of those rare moments, and Sara had taken the opportunity to play, and frown slightly as she watched out the window. Thalev entered their new quarters quietly under the noise of the bass guitar. He stepped over a box, noting how Sara hadn't chosen the happiest song to play. Being as music always reflected her mood, he wondered if she was sad for leaving behind their last assignment, sad for the change.

Their quarters were nearly twice as big as when they'd been assigned to a ship. That they weren't on a ship flying between the stars, Thalev thought, would be one of the hardest things to adjust to.

As the song came to an end, he spoke up. "The acoustics in here are better than our last place."

Sara turned around and smiled at Thalev, lifting the jet-black instrument off her shoulder and setting it aside. It had been a gift from him, and had quickly become one of her favorites amidst her small collection.

"They are," she said.

"And there's a lot of space," she added, her smile waning some. "It's different, but... I think we could get used to it here, right?" He nodded as he sat on a box of his books.

"I think so, yes. It might be nice to be more settled than gallivanting around the galaxy." They'd tried to take a vacation together for a while, but every time they were ready to take it something would crop up. They'd finally managed to take time together the past couple of weeks.

"It's not bad, you know," he continued. "I've heard they have a nice promenade. I'd love to explore the station a bit before we're called into service."

"That's not a bad idea," she said, moving close. "Get to know the station before we boss it around," she added with a smirk. She took his hands in hers.

"Shall we?" Idrani nodded and gave her hand a squeeze before they stepped out of their quarters.

"I think we should start on the promenade and get some lunch. What do you feel like?"

They'd enjoyed a nice, quiet meal; they weren't yet familiar to the station's personnel, and, out of uniform, had been fairly anonymous. They knew that wouldn't last forever, so they'd taken their time. They strolled through the station's park area, and found a quiet place to sit and people-watch. All the while, Sara had seemed quiet. Thalev had tried to get her talking, and she'd responded to his questions, and had kept up the small talk a little, but it had been obvious that something was on her mind. As they sat, she finally managed to breach the topic.

"I feel like I'm not sure who I am anymore," she said quietly.

Idrani was a listener, rather than an advice giver. It never came easily to him. He knew she was okay with the new assignment - it had been a decision they had both made together. But still, change didn't always come easy even when it was desired.

"Going through such a big change, moving here and getting a new start, it's natural to over-analyse ones self. Talk to me about it." He sat back on the bench and wrapped his arm around her shoulders.

"It's not just coming here," she said, lightly hugging her knees to her chest. "Ever since I took a command position, I've just... not been myself. Intentionally," she added, looking over at Thalev. "I change myself, depending on who I'm talking to; like a chameleon, or something. I suppress everything about myself so that I can better accommodate people. I focus solely on what I should do as an XO, and," she paused, giving her head another slow shake.

"It's like I can't be myself," she finished with a frown.

"I think I get what you mean." Idrani paused as a man walked by. "I spent a lot of time in isolation. When I returned, it was strange trying to get used to hearing people's voices again, getting used to my own. I had to rediscover myself, as it were, and it wasn't easy. I'd spent so long with only myself for company that I exhausted myself. I simply stopped worrying about who I was or who people needed me to be, and just let me be me." He grinned at how confusing he might have sounded.

Sara had a lot of reflexive answers to what Thalev said. She found herself frustrated; it was hard to feel like any concerns she had about herself were valid in the face of what he'd gone through, trapped as he'd been. She felt like she was simply supposed to get over it, but she knew it wasn't as simple as that, but she couldn't complain. Not the Thalev, and not for something that seemed to small in comparison. She lowered her head onto her knees and sighed.

"I'll figure it out," she said softly. Thalev sensed he'd made a mistake when she withdrew. He never was one for being social or tactful.

"Talk to me, Sara. Your worries are my worries. I was just trying to say that maybe over-analysing it won't help." She turned her head and looked over at him. Perhaps he was right, and she was simply thinking too hard about this, or was too determined to feel down. If she didn't like how she was acting, then she should change that. It was easier to say than do, of course, but thinking about it wasn't the same as doing. She slowly tilted herself until she was leaning against him, her arms slipping around his torso.

"You're right," she said, giving him a light squeeze. "Maybe the pressure's just getting to me a little. Making command was sudden, and I guess I never really got much time to reflect on it."

"I still haven't got used to being a Captain yet, if I am honest. But I have you, and that makes me feel a lot more comfortable." He smiled. "I think it just takes time, we just have to be patient. I'm very happy about this assignment, about this new life, it counteracts the worry somewhat." She nodded some, taking a look around the park.

"It'll be nice, getting to stay in one place for once," she said.
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Lt JG Kalem Animim

Postby Riccardo Fabris » Sun Feb 16, 2014 10:10 am

Blueberry...well, that was one insult that he hadn't heard before. Kalem wasn't quite sure if to be extremely insulted or surprised at the inventiveness. Before he had a chance to reply, the Orion cadet had stormed off, without Kalem being even able to get a word in edgewise. The Bolian shrugged: he didn't think she had done that badly at the helm and the comments from the Admiral had seemed unduly harsh: maybe he should have spoken up to the Admiral, but a mixture of adrenaline and pride in his achievement had prevented him from doing so.

Heading out the holodeck, Kalem knew that he would miss the academy: even Instructor Haden would be missed, even after the trouble that he had given Kalem during his time at the academy. Kalem was due to ship out tomorrow to the Sigma Rho as the chief security officer of the station, a highly prestigious and important position for someone just out of the academy. Kalem wasn't quite sure how he had managed to get the assignment, although he had heard rumours that Haden might have been involved in the recommendation to Capt. Idrani, although Haden hadn't confirmed either way.

His plans for the last day in the academy before shipping out were to hang out in the students bars one last time. There was nothing like the present to celebrate his assignment, after all. Just as he was about to step into his quarters, however, Kalem's comm badge beeped.

"Doctor Foster to Lt Animim, please join me in the sickbay at once."

Kalem was a bit startled by the command: after all, he hadn't scheduled a visit. It took him a few seconds to acknowledge the request: hopefully the visit would not spoil the plans for the evening.

Once into the sickbay, which was currently bustling with activity, Kalem entered Doctor Foster's office, standing to attention in front of the desk after he entered the small room. To say that the office was spartan was to be modest: the entire room seemed to have just a desk, two chairs and a computer interface. The doctor himself was a small, short human with a pretty prominent beard: he had been Animim's regular doctor throughout his time in the academy.

"At ease, Lieutenant. I know this is the last day at the academy for you, is that correct?"

"Yes sir, I'm shipping out to the Rho tomorrow," said Kalem as he stood at ease.

"Now, Lieutenant, we all know that you are a remarkable officer: your promotion, your assignment, your studies within the tactical and security fields, they are exemplary. But there is something that both me and Instructor Haden are worried about."

The smile that had been on Kalem's face as he was praised was soon left when he heard the last sentence. The doctor paused for a second and, not sure what to reply, Kalem remained silent.

"I know you are fond of drinking now and again, Lt. Animim, and your drinking patterns aren't very much different from the standard academy student. What does worry me is your heightened aggressiveness when under the influence of alcohol, however..."

"Sir, all those fights..." said Kalem as he tried to interject.

"Those fights, Lieutenant, follow a consistent pattern. Yes, I know, even legends such a James T. Kirk had their share of fights when in the academy, but not to extent that you have and certainly not after every single instance of inebriation. This is a problem, Lieutenant."

"Sir, I apologise for my..."

"Lieutenant, this isn't a reprimand, but it will have to go on your record. I will have to notify Captain Idrani of this issue. This is something that could radically affect your career within Starfleet, and no one wants to see you fail considering the obvious positive qualities that you have as an officer. Do you understand?". The doctor looked into Animim's eyes as he said this.

Animim was shocked for a minute. In his subconscious, he had known that his constant fights had been an issue, but they had always been relegated. Completely opposite from his usual demeanor, alcohol seemed to bring out a side of himself that Kalem always tried to hide and, usually, not even acknowledge.

"I understand, sir," responded Animim, still unsure about what exactly to say.

"Good. Me and Instructor Haden have decided that you should, as a show of faith, not partake of any alcoholic beverages on your last night at the Academy. You will have to find other ways to enjoy yourself, Mr Animim. I that understood?"

Kalem answered only with a nod. Dismissed, Kalem left the office. He wasn't quite sure how to feel: he wasn't an alcoholic by any means and going dry wouldn't be too much of a problem: he was more worried about how his issue would affect the relationship between him and his new Captain...

Stardate 10402.15

Academy Assignment, Command Simulation

I was shocked to find that I had been assigned as commanding officer for this particular mission. It would be pretty awesome to boss people around but I was afraid of [DELETED BY INSTRUCTOR HADEN: WHAT HAVE I TOLD YOU?!] up that I couldn't think straight for the first couple of minutes. Anyway, the mission involved us going to an Outpost which I forgot the name of because they had reported an anomaly nearby. I was in command of an Akira-class starship, which is an awesome ship and has some very sleek lines.

Anyway, we arrived at the anomaly and the CSO started scanning it while NAV kept us away from it. OPS contacted the outpost and we got into contact with Commander Goatherd (poor guy, must have been bullied at school). He gave us a data dump and I advised him to start evacuations because you never know with anomalies.

The anomaly kept getting bigger as we attempted to analyse it: the CSO was a being really sarcastic throughout but he proved to be very capable. Anyway, a subscape crack appeared in the center of the anomaly while we analysed the anomaly with probes and scanners. We received a transmission from the anomaly which, after being de-scrambled, turned out to be the standard Borg surrender transmission! I immediately called red alert, notified the outpost to evacuate immediately and launched the fighter wing, as well as prepping the CMO for incoming casualties. Some borg probes started to push through but we managed to destroy them quickly while the CSO and CEO worked on a way to close the anomaly.

A sphere was starting to come through so I ordered all weapons and fighters to focus on it. Soon the CSO/ENG were able to come to a solution and after asking NAV to maneuver into position. The CSO fired a beam from the deflector dish, which closed the anomaly but not before a cube came through. We had destroyed the sphere by this point and, thinking that the cube had been damaged by the closing of the anomaly, I ordered to engage.

Unfortunately the cube proved to be too tough so I quickly recalled the fighters, contacted starfleet and ordered to disengage. By some sheer stroke of luck we were able to slip out of the borg tractor beam.

Mission Evaluation: I should have called for a retreat as soon as the Borg cube arrived: I placed the crew in danger in the vain hope that the cube had been damaged by the implosion of the anomaly, but I should not have risked the crew in such a way. A mistake that shall not happen again.

End Duty log, Lt. JG Animim


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Re: Zero Logs

Postby Andrew James » Sun Feb 16, 2014 10:43 am

Looks like we have some great writers on Sigma Rho. That was a brilliant log, hands down. I can't wait for Idrani to meet these characters.

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Postby Jack Lucas » Sun Feb 16, 2014 11:27 pm

LTJG SUTAK - Chief Science Officer - Sigma Rho - 11402.16

The Ferengi shuttle had not made as direct a route as Roob had promised. Sutak was very cross with the short Ferengi, and was very open about the fact.

Roob had retreated to the cockpit with his other cohorts, while Sutak was left to the "passenger lounge." It smelled... bad. The bunk was narrow and dusty - and unwashed. There was nowhere to sit, aside from the muddy and oily floor. Sutak had his bags and his crate moved into the lounge from cargo, as he'd caught one of the Ferengi's minions skulking about, attempting to pry one open.

The replicator he had agreed to fix in exchange for passage to Sigma Rho had only taken him a few hours. He expected to require parts that he would need to replicate at Stardock or on the station at Sigma Rho, but had instead found that the Ferengi, Roob, or one of his goons, had attempted to program the replicator to be able to generate Starfleet Uniforms, notoriously difficult to create properly, as each had microfiber and nanotagging inside every stitch and seam.

Sutak had confronted Roob about it on the first day of their travel, but Roob had denied it. After fixing the replicator, he was forced to fast for the remainder of the trip. Sutak refused to consume replicated foods, lest he have to. He had only brought a meager amount of water with him, and he expected to be able to draw more from the water tank onboard the "Latinum Sponge." Unfortunately for Sutak, the clean water tank used to cool the warp coils, was far from clean - and far from full. The ship ran hot, and Roob probably didn't know, or didn't care. Either way, Sutak informed him, and secretly filed a request for the ship to be locked at Sigma Rho when it landed, for unsafe operating procedures.

Thankfully, he fixed the replicator the day before, and had as much water as he wanted. But he was hungry.

A BONK emitted from the loudspeaker - perhaps a more pleasing sound to the enormous Ferengi ear - Sutak found it annoying.

"One hundred thousand kilometers, vulcan. You should see the station out of the Port viewer." The Roob said from the cockpit through the computer.

Sutak sat up in the narrow bunk and stood. He found the viewscreen on the wall and manually directed it to bring up the port camera.

Out there, was the the Sigma Rho. It wasn't as massive as Spacedock, it was only a fraction of the size, really, but it was Sutak's new home. And every inch of it, his responsibility, as a Starfleet Officer.

He took inventory of his things, he couldn't wait to exit this dirty ship.


Deck 8 was the shuttlebay. The station was busy, but not crowded. Sutak pulled the anti-grav sled behind him, holding his two small crates of belongings, and the large black duffel he had brought with him.

Sutak was dissatisfied with his appearance. Mud had accumulated at the cuffs of his pants, and destroyed his boots. The musty cabin had left his uniform dusty and smattered with animal hair. His only concern at this moment was finding his quarters and destroying this uniform.

"Computer," he started, "where may I find my quarters?"

"Deck 3, Section A, Room 36." The computer responded, kindly.

He heard a scuffle behind him and turned. Two Tactical Officers had approached the Ferengi's ship and were hastling him. If Sutak had not purged his emotions years ago, he might feel sympathy for the Ferengi - who had helped the Vulcan reach his destination - but his ship was a danger to himself and anyone else nearby. It was the just thing to do - notifying the station.

It turns out that not only had the rambunctious Ferengi been turned in by Sutak for having insufficiant coolant in his tanks, but he had entered the Shuttlebay rather than the Docking strut, a violation all its own.

He turned back and searched for the turbolift. There were two, side by side. He entered, but suddenly found that his anti-grav sled would not fit. He exited. There must be an industrial lift somewhere nearby, he thought. He scanned the shuttlebay but saw none.

He tapped his combadge - "Lieutenant Sutak to Engineering."

A woman responded "Engineering."

"I am unable to locate a turbolift large enough to suit my cargo. Can you transport my belongings to my quarters? Deck 3, Section A, Room 36." He said flatly.

"I'm sorry, Lieutenant, but we can't use the transporters for anything like that... Captain Idrani's orders."

"I see." Sutak furrowed his brow in displeasure.

He continued along the circular deck that overlooked the shuttlebay. There must be a larger turbolift around here somewhere. He could have asked the Engineering Officer a moment ago, he thought. Better to not further make a spectacle of himself, he thought.

There it was, a large turbolift on the main corridor. This must be the primary means of travel between decks for large cargo. He boarded, and found himself alone on the turbolift. "Deck 1." He stated.

The lift whirred, it was a long journey, he suspected. Shortly enough, he reached deck 1. The doors opened to reveal the large hydroponics bay and park. Lush green trees and bushes sprouted beyond the railings he saw in front of him. He poked his head out and looked to either side of the lift. He pulled his head back into the lift and looked to the top of the bay, noting there were more decks above.

"Computer, are their additonal decks above deck 1 onboard this station?" Sutak proposed.

"There are 2 decks beyond Level 1 in the anterior direction of the station, Level A and Level B."

"Deck A." Sutak stated.

Two negative beeps from the computer.

"Deck A." He stated again.

Two more negative beeps.

"Computer, why can't I access Deck A?"

The computer swiftly scolded him, "Level A is restricted access only."

He pursed his lips. "Deck B."

The lift whirred again, upwards. It stopped and the doors slid open. He looked out into Operations. A standard Starfleet Operations Center, in tidy repair. A tall Andorian man looked his way for a moment as Sutak stuck his head out of the turbolift and took note of the deck. He pulled his head back in.

"Deck 2."

The Turbolift doors shut as it whirred down, this time. When they reopened, a circular corridor was revealed. The long diameter of the corridor made it clear that he was not at the center of the station as he had originally surmised. This lift was on the edge of the circular decks. The doors closed.

"Deck 3."

Whirr. The doors opened. Sutak pulled the sled behind him and followed the signage towards his quarters. It was not a long walk, fortunately for him, the cargo lift was in close proximity to Section A, and his quarters. He found them and stepped in front of the door. It did not open.

"Computer," he started, "My quarters are locked."

A few beeps at the doorway, followed by the gratingly chipper voice, "Please enter a manual key code."

Sutak reached out to the panel in front of him and entered a few commands. The doors slid open to reveal a small but relatively modern suite. He pulled the sled in and tapped its control panel, letting it gently glide to the floor where it powered off.

The room was grey with red trimmings. It was tight, likely intended for lower level officers and enlisted men. There was a small desk and a computer terminal, as well as a round table approximately 1 meter in diameter. There were two chairs. The replicator on the wall near the table was brightly lit, the only light in the room.

"Lights." Sutak said.

The bright white lights illuminated the room. It was dirtier than he had originally thought.

"Computer, dim lights to 50%." He demanded.

The lights lowered. Sutak was still not satisfied.


They dimmed again.

"Add red light, 20%."

A red glow filled the room.

"Computer, set as standard lighting."

Two beeps.

Sutak walked to the doorway nearest the table and found a bunkroom. It wasn't much larger than a closet with a bed. Sufficient. Adjacent to the bunkroom was a washroom.


clean and in a fresh uniform, Sutak closed the crate from which he had retrieved a PADD, and he set out of the room.

He found his way back to the cargo lift and entered. "Deck 4." He poked his head out, as he had done on the upper levels. Another corridor. Lodging, he noted, on his PADD. "Deck 5." Security. Deck 6 and 7 were science laboritories, and he'd examine those later, as his lab was on Deck 6.

"Deck 9."

Two negative beeps.

He examined his PADD. This lift did not go to Deck 9. He exited the turbolift and wound his way towards the center of the station. Deck 5 quiet and dim. Armories and Security rooms weren't very active. He found the turbolift at the center of the station and entered.

"Deck 9." The turbolift whirred. He stuck his head out, it continued on this way for 35 more decks, Sutak travelling from deck to deck, sticking his head out and examining the layout, then retreating to the turbolift. Two Lurians had boarded at deck 15 and became quite perturbed by the time they reached their destination on deck 38 - the snooty Vulcan stopping at every deck in between.

Finally he reached Deck 46. The main Docking struts. He peeked out, seeing two large cargo lifts, this must be where the Ferengi was supposed to have docked in the first place.

He continued his trip down through the remaining decks, only to find a few more restricted access decks. When he reached the lower most accessible deck, he exited the turbolift and began walking the perimeter, consulting his PADD from time to time.

It was his intention to examine and survey the entirety of the station, and become as familiar with it as possible. He had many miles of corridors to walk. And he was still very hungry.



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Mission Simulation Stardate 11402.15

Postby Scott Walker » Tue Feb 18, 2014 7:27 pm

Once again, Morgan found that he had successfully competed another holodeck training mission. This was apparently his last, as he had already received his transfer orders for his assignment on the Sigma Rho. In fact, his shuttle would leave in two days time. He felt considerably better after this mission. Engineering was a far better fit for his skill set than operations had been. To serve as an ensign this time was pretty sweet, and wasn't that promotion a surprise. He was quite nervous being addressed by the admiral, but even that went surprisingly smooth. At least it wasn't a reprimand. He wandered who would be his commanding officer aboard the Rho.

Beaming with not undeserved pride, Morgan made his way across the commons to his dorm room. A room he would be spending only two more nights in. It was definitely hard to believe that his time at the academy would be over so soon. He looked around the small room he shared with the boy from Iowa. Both of them we're already packed up and it looked like his room mate had already shipped out. He felt a twinge of envy. His room mate had been assigned to The U.S.S. Evolution, a new starship getting ready to set out on an exploratory mission. But no, a space station position was truly more Morgan's speed. He sat down heavily on his bunk and picked up his tablet.

Personal Log Stardate 11402.15

Assignment: Holodeck Simulation II - A Rift in Space

I reported to engineering as instructed. Once there, I familiarized myself with the ship's engineering consoles, and waited for further instructions - the console was not unlike those I had trained on in my class studies. Our orders were to investigate an unusual anomaly.

Upon approaching the anomaly, the ship began to feel the strain of an unusually high gravitational field. I had to increase the energy flow to the inertial dampeners at a steady rate. NAV seemed determined to undermine my efforts by bringing us ever closer to the phenomenon.

A message was being relayed out of the rift, which was sent to me to help decode. Eventually I managed to run it through the right algorithms to make some sense of it. I quickly sent my results back up to the bridge.

The rift seemed to grow exponentially and eventually, something came through it, a sphere of some kind. I believe a squadron of fighters were dispatched to deal with it, but I kind of zoned that part out as I was busy trying to keep the ship from shaking apart. Turns out, the intruders were The Borg - some kind of nasty AI bent on bending the universe to its will.

It was determined that the rift needed to be closed. I was called up to the bridge to assist the CSI with this matter. The CSI had what I thought was a crazy idea involving re-routing most of the ship's power to the forward deflectors, but I when the CO confirmed the order, I listened carefully and did as CSI requested. Surprisingly, it worked. The rift was closed.

I went back to Engineering to makes sure the warp core was stable, so that when the time came, we could get the hell out of Dodge.

Engineering Ensign Morgan Jensen

I hit save on the tablet and leaned back in the bed. Tomorrow was a free day, and then I had to report to the Space Dock and the shuttle leaving for Sigma Rho.

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