Sigma Rho Specifications & Deck Plans

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Sigma Rho Specifications & Deck Plans

Post by James Greenman » Wed Feb 05, 2014 2:54 am


Sigma Rho is one of only a handful of Sigma-class stations still in operation on the Federation-Tzenkethi border, and largely within Federation space. As a successor to the Invictus class space support platforms, it retains a similar shape and profile while being noticeably larger. While nowhere near as expansive as the true Stardock stations, it's internal capacity has been increased to fit Starships of around 300 metres in length while still retaining it's engineering bays and shuttlecraft repair stations. There are a total of 4 external docking supports, two for the larger Explorer-class Ships such as the Galaxy, Nebula and Sovereign, positions on the struts below the station's main "bulb".

While on a relatively quiet border, the Sigma Rho hasn't been as luck as some of the other border stations in that refits are few and far between. It's been almost 12 years, 2 more than the specified lifetime, and as such the station still uses the older Class X type of phaser arrays and has not yet been upgraded to carry Quantum torpedoes in it's own stock (It still have supplies for ship refits and rearming). It has an older Class 3 warp-core and no bio-neural circuitry, instead using the older generation of ODN networking for computer access. Starfleet Command says that refit plans are in the work.

Attached to the Station permanently is the U.S.S. Xiphos, a Sabre-class Starship. Currently this ship is undergoing it's own major refit at Utopia Planetia and it isn't due back for another month yet. This starship is typically crewed and commanded by the Station commander and his/her officers, and is entirely at their disposal as needed.



Accomodation: 250 Officers, 450 Enlisted Personnel and Non-Commissioned Officers. Maximum Capacity of 300 visiting personnel.
Classification: Sigma Class Border Support Station

Width: 500m
Height: 641m (Not including storage tanks & Engineering struts)
Weight: 370,024,440 tons
Levels: 61


Phasers: 23x Type-IX Phaser Arrays
Torpedoes: 20x Type XXVI Rapid-Fire Photon Torpedo Turrets, 5000 torpedoes.

Deck Layout

Upper Pod

Level A:
Level A is the top-most area of the station and contains a single room which houses the majority of the Station's subspace communication and navigational systems. Primary life-support controls, matter-antimatter distribution and the back-up sensor detection systems are also stored on this level.

Level B:
Level B is the Command Center, also known as Operations or Ops. This area of the station is analogous with the main Bridge on a Starship and it's here where control is kept over every facet and every system during the day-to-day running of life onboard the station. Circular, with an upper deck containing Science, Operations and Life Support control consoles as well as several Engineering slave-stations, and a lower Command Deck where docking control, Sensors, Tactical and secondary Engineering consoles reside. The centre of the lower command circle is dominated by a multi-purpose holotable where every bit of sensor information comes in. Level B also contains the Captain's office on one side, accessible from the upper deck, and a briefing room on the opposite side.

Lower Bulb


Level 1:
Level 1 houses the main hydroponics bays, the botanical laboratories and also 300 square metres of parkland that is accessable to all staff and visiting personnel. The park contains numerous floral specimens and vegetable gardens from a variety of worlds, small fauna, trees, gravel and dirt paths along with benches and quiet areas that can be used for relaxation and to give station staff a taste of the outdoors while still remaining on the station. There is a spring and a small brook that flow through the part, fed by the ship's water storage and filtration system. There are three phaser arrays along the outside of this section that encompass a 360 degree upper firing arc around the station, along with 6 mounted torpedo turrets.

Level 2
Level 2 contains the Officers and Executive quarters. Laid out in a wide circular pattern as spacious rooms and suites for visiting dignitaries and Starfleet officers of Lieutenant rank or above. Each of the officer's quarters contains a spacious living area, bedroom, private washroom and a small study with library computer access. The suites are reserved for VIPs, Executives and the Commanding Officer and Executive Officer. Each contains two spacious bedrooms, both a living area and dining area, a private study with library computer access and a private washroom.

At the centre of this Level is a medical Nurse stations attached to Sickbay, containing ten biobeds and a small office. During normal hours this station is always staffed by at least 2 medical personnel. There is a similar station on most inhabited decks, although smaller ones are used from decks 8-44 to accommodate the room taken up by mechanical facilities.


Level 3
Level 3 contains quarters and living areas for Officers of Lieutenant Junior Grade rank and below, including Enlisted crewmen. This deck also contains two gymnasiums, a main dining hall area with ample seating and replicator facilities as well as two full holodecks and four holosuites.

Level 4
Level 4 contains family and visitor lodgings. The Promenade is located here on his level, which is home to a dining area, a handful of shops, and secondary gym facilities. The bar here is run by a pair of enterprising Rigelians who purchsed it frmo an aging Klingon several years ago here with four holosuites and two full holodeck facilities. It's now called Qaplah's, serving several humanised Klingon dishes and some of the best Raktijinos in the quadrant. Supposedly. The Rigelian brothers are hoping to create a franchise out of the restaurant, this being the first of many.

The Praetor's Palace is the only established and licensed gambling facility on the station and is also located on this level. Level 4 is also where the Station Security station is housed, along with the Security Chief's office on an upper level overlooking the entire Promenade. There is an airlock on Level 4 suitable for small craft, such as shuttles, runabouts and small passenger vessels, along with an attached security and customs station.

Level 5
Level 5 contains the main Station security facilities, including the Chief Tactical Officer's office, two armouries, brig and phaser range along with several exercise and gymnasium facilities and two small holosuites for training purposes. Transporter rooms one and two are also contained on this deck.

Level 6 and 7
Levels 6 and 7 contain the main biological research laboraties as well as Main Sickbay, which houses a 24-biobed ward and 16 bio-bed ICU. Attached to Sickbay is a high-tech surgical suite with the facility to operate on most known species in the surrounding quadrants. The Chief Medical Officer's office is also located here, position just off the main ward area. The Station contains highly advanced laboraties, with work being carried out on a large number of different areas and technologies, helped by the expansive suite of equipment and almost limitless potential of the station's fabrication facilities.

Level 8
Level 8 contains the station's two main shuttlebays, housing sixteen auxilliary craft, and the Station's two smaller docking bay doors.


Levels 9-45
These levels encompass the main spacedock at the centre of the "bulb". Inside are numerous engineering and science platforms as well as laboratories and workshops for the outfitting, refueling, rearming and repair of small to medium size starships and shuttles. The spacedock area is hollow with a height of roughly 120 metres, and a width of 400 metres. Two docking bay doors open into space from either side of the station with a width of 260 metres. Forcefields keep atmosphere contained while allowing ships and shuttles to enter and exit without causing harm to the workers that might be inside while a vessel is docked. These levels house two nurse stations, four security stations, the primary Science laboratory along with sixteen smaller and more specialised labs as well as two shipyard-level fabrication replicators and eight fully equipped engineering workshops.

The Sigma class station has the capacity to fully refit, rearm an repair an Intrepid class vessel in three weeks, including fabrication of duranium hull plating, refueling of matter/antimatter pods and rearming of Quantum torpedoes will full weapons fabrication capabilities. There are a total of twelve phaser arrays arranged across the outer hull across the decks, and six photon torpedo turrets. Mounted on either side of each docking bay door are a further two turrets and a pair of docking tractor beam emitters.

Deuterium and Matter/Antimatter pods are arrayed around the station's lower "bulb" here, heavily shielded and reinforced to prevent any targeted attacks at these areas while still providing ease of access for the refueling of any attached vessels.


Level 46
Level 45 contains the main docking struts, and is the only deck between the "Bulb" at the top and the main engineering facilities and storage pods below. Here you'll find the main reception area for docking starships, with all four external docking ports as well as two landing pads with the capacity for 6 shuttles on each. Two Danube-class runabouts are attached to the station, one to each pad. Each of the docking struts connects at the centre where the main turbo lift nexus is located. Up will lead you to the Engineering/Fabrication/Command levels while down lead to the Station Engineering and storage pod levels.

Level 45 also contains the high energy sensor palette and long range communication systems controls.


Leves 47-61
Of the four lower struts on the station, two house the main computer cores, cargo bays, Main Engineering and the Chief Engineer's office while the other two are used primarily for storage and house the Station's main cargo bays and all four of it's high capacity cargo transporters. There are docking clamps and two airlocks arrayed along each strust for ease of access when loading/unloading either via transporter of mechanical loading arm. Eight phaser arrays are arranged vertically, two to each strut, with a torpedo turret mounted on the bottom for full coverage in all firing arcs.
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