CTO Lieutenant Noemi Idaris

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CTO Lieutenant Noemi Idaris

Postby Vanessa Brinkman » Mon May 02, 2016 6:37 pm

(James said that logs were cool to start off, so I wrote a log. Because new characters always give me new ideas. Anyway, here is what would be a starter/zero log??)

Noemi flopped backwards on her bed and sighed. Her first official posting off of Earth and it was the one place that got taken by the lizards. She sort of hoped that some were left, just so she could toss 'em out an airlock for screwing this up.

Her comm terminal gave a singular chirp and she rolled over, falling out of the bed and then picking herself up, as was her standard tradition of making sure she was awake. Walking over to the terminal, she tapped a key and brought up the message.

"You look wiped out," was the first thing the person on the screen said.

"Shut up, Alvarez," Noemi groaned, "I ran way too many combat sims yesterday and I regret so much right now."

Lieutenant Thomas Alvarez chuckled, "Of course you did. You always do. Was it the Nausicaans or Breen that did you in?"

"The Nausicaans. Those fellas really hate me."

"They're on a holodeck."

"Fine, the holodeck hates me."

Tommy shrugged, "It's probably in your head, kid. I've got a message for you from the boss. She wants to remind you to keep sending in intel reports about the Tzenkethi and anything else that might happen."

Noemi waved her hand about, "Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know. Keep sending in reports and don't do anything stupid. I should probably tell the captain that I'm sending in the reports, though. I don't want to get booted because I neglected to mention my extra usage of the comm systems."

"Whatever works best. Operational security is the major part here. And boss said to keep the reports to about once a month or so, with a two week extension if things get hairy out there."

Noemi leaned forward in the chair and propped her head on her hands, "I'm not exactly new at this, Tommy. I've been on extended ops before."

"That op was also one with a staggered report pattern and was crazy. Plus, I was the one sending in the final report. This time, it's all on you. No one to help, not even for proofreading. With everything that the station has seen lately, I'm only cleared to know the basics. You're lucky I can give you the barest hints of how the station was retaken."

"Right, you said your Romulan friend was part of that and could only tell you the cryptic stuff."

"Exactly. Operational security. Stay safe out there, kid. And don't forget to send messages to the rest of us. Now, I gotta run. Got a new teammate to break in. Hopefully, this one sticks."

Noemi laughed as she remembered how she came to the team. She'd worked with them before, but she'd been an independent operator. Her joining the team had come in the wake of one of their own having done some illegal stuff to get access to a Tkon ship. Now, she was the one being replaced. The irony struck her.

"See you around, Tommy. I'll make sure to send you guys messages about the same time I send in reports."

"I look forward to it."

The comm channel closed and Noemi stretched, grabbed her hair tie to pull her hair back into its standard tail before going off in search of her boots. They were probably under her bed again.
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Re: CTO Lieutenant Noemi Idaris

Postby James Greenman » Mon May 02, 2016 6:54 pm

Yesssssssssssssssssssss :allears:
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Reflections on Promises

Postby Vanessa Brinkman » Sun Jun 12, 2016 4:37 am

"Really? Did you seriously just pick another fight?"

Noemi rolled her eyes at her roommate. The astrophysics major was laying on her stomach on the floor, books spread around her, when Noemi walked in, split lip and black eye.

"What's the big deal? It wasn't my fault, the dude was trying to push this girl into going home with him, so I hit him and he hit back. Fortunately, I banged out before the authorities showed up. He looks worse."

Reva Terin sighed, "You're just like my third host's eldest son, I swear. Edzen was always getting into fights."

"Wasn't he an athlete?"

"No, that was Driel. Sorry, I know, us joined Trills are so confusing."

Noemi sighed and flopped backwards onto her bed, "My dad's cousin was joined. I haven't met the new host yet, and it's been... wow, it's been fifteen years or something. The new host is a captain now, I think."

"Then I'm sure you're used to this wierdness."

"Considering my aunt didn't know how to play tongo until she got joined, I'd say so. Also, don't play tongo with me. I'll steal all your money."

Reva smiled, but then it faded, "Noemi, you really need to get that-"

"'Emi, what did you do this time?" another voice asked. A blonde wandered in and flopped onto Reva's bed, "Oh, heya Reva. How's studying?"

Reva sat up, "Caroline, will you convince your girlfriend not to pick fights?"

Caroline looked closer at Noemi and snorted, "Do you think I can? There's plenty to be said about gingers here on Earth. Getting on their bad side is not something you want to do."

"You do remember that I'm Trill, right?" Noemi pointed out, gesturing to her spots. Caroline rolled her eyes.

"But anyway, did you hear? The San Fran cops are on campus, looking for a brunette female, nothing else. Looks like you're safe, 'Emi. You hit the guy hard enough that he doesn't remember you and nobody who was there wants their friendly unofficial bouncer to go to prison. Just... be careful, okay?"

"You got it, Roli."

Years later, Noemi looked back on that particular memory and knew she hadn't kept that promise. Here she was, an Intel field agent and a tactical officer. Her job was to get hurt and to protect others.

Maybe that was one of the many reasons she and Caroline had split up...
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Reporting for Duty

Postby Vanessa Brinkman » Tue Jun 14, 2016 2:21 am

Noemi Idaris stood in front of the Ready Room door and tugged her tunic down. Some would say that first impressions meant a lot, but she’d never been one for caring what others thought of her, so long as they didn’t get between her and her duty. A superior officer? A different story entirely, hence why she decided to push her bangs out of her eyes before pressing the chime, and not afterwards.

Looked up from his monitor as the chime went off, glancing over at the door briefly before shouting; “Enter.” - Everything was starting to line up, and he was expecting a call from SFC within the next few hours to finally give them the green light. Jormungandr and her task force had been waiting weeks already, and while the Odyssey-class vessel was nice he wanted to get his hands dirty with some proper work back on the ‘Rho.

With a brief nod to herself, mostly to remind herself to curb the snarky comments, Noemi walked in and saluted.

“Sir, Lieutenant Noemi Idaris, reporting for duty.”

Griff smiled as Noemi walked in, standing up and gesturing to the seat on the other side of his desk. “Lieutenant, welcome to the Jormungandr. Please, take a seat.”

“Aye sir,” she replied as she sat down, keeping her posture stiff. Hopefully, this wouldn’t end up like the time she made a fool of herself in front of an Admiral. That had been… awkward.

He took his own seat and shuffled a few PADDs out of the way before resting clasping his hands together and resting them on the desk, looking across it at the young Lieutenant. She seemed to be more than a little nervous, he tried to put her at ease with a disarming smile. “How’ve you been settling on board the Jormungandr, Noemi? It’s not exactly the lap of luxury, I know.” he said, the gentle Welsh lilt of his voice sounding friendly and warm.

“It’s certainly an interesting ship, sir. Can’t say I’ve ever been aboard a ship this big before, my cadet cruise was done on an Akira-class and I thought that was a big ship. I think it’s a fine ship, sir,” Noemi replied, making sure her hands were flat on her lap. Moving one’s hands was often taken as a sign of nervousness and she did not want to appear nervous.

“I served onboard an Akira-class myself, the U.S.S. Scimitar. A fine ship, although far too often relegated to defense duties - they can be mean on the attack, especially now that the Mustang fighter is being issued as standard.” He prattled on kindly, remember his days on the ‘Scimi’ fondly.

“How do you feel about your current posting? Have you ever served onboard a Sigma station before?”

“I look forward to this posting, sir. And no, I’ve never served aboard a Sigma station, let alone been on one. I’m afraid this is my first assignment outside of the Sol system, sir,” she answered, leaving out the part about her… unofficial activities. That would come later.

“Well, your record speaks volumes, and your last CO gave you such a glowing recommendation that I feel perfectly comfortable putting you in as Chief of Tactical. Station security, we’ll discuss at a later date...we’ll need to see what’s left of the Rho once we’re done there.”

Griff spun a PADD across the desk at her, “Tell me how you’d rig the station as a trap.”

Noemi had made sure she’d all but memorized the schematics of the Sigma station before she’d even set foot on this ship, but rigging it as a trap? Completely different story, especially when one wasn’t too fond on getting into the mindset of a lizard.

“There are a few different ways I’d try, sir, but I can’t say for sure if a Tzenkethi would try them. For starter’s, rigging the power core to blow as soon as a given amount of unfriendly lifesigns were aboard would be a sure way to get rid of any enemies. However, using internal security measures against any boarders would be another way. Leaving a few mines wouldn’t be a bad idea either. Messing with the transporters would be an excellent way to make sure that anyone who used them would be a pile of slush. Altogether, sir, there’s a lot of ways to kill someone with just a station at your disposal. I also couldn’t be too sure they didn’t leave people behind as saboteurs to reverse any work we might do and just to make life miserable. For all I know, they might have just rigged it to go off as soon as a given number of ships were in range. There’s no sure way to know.”

Griff nodded at each of the suggestion, they were good, and one of the first things you ever learned as a Tactician was to never underestimate your enemies. They’d done that once before with the Tzenkethi, and it had ended up with the Federation embroiled in another war.

“What do you think would be the best way to nullify any Tzenkethi advantage aboard a sabotaged station - without making the station permanently uninhabitable, of course?”

Noemi frowned, “Well, sending one ship in advance should stop any threat of it going off if a certain amount of ships get in range. I’d say try to remotely access the systems and go through them with every eye on the code for any surprises. Once hostile code has been flushed, run the internal sensors on constant sweeps until it’s clear there’s nothing there or it’s all been mapped. Of course, there’d still be a few surprises left, but I don’t think that everything can be accounted for without a think tank or something.”

He smiled across the table at her and nodded once more, she had a good grasp of tactics and a logical mind. She’d make a good addition to his bridge crew, once he’d help to foster a little deviousness to go along with her other qualities.

“You have your first duty then, Lieutenant. We’ll be heading into Sigma Rho within the next day or so. Find Henry Sumner and work with him, we’ll be following your plan.”

She nodded, trying to recall Mister Sumner’s image from when she glanced over a brief summary earlier. She’d glanced at most of the security personnel files and some of the other departments she’d have to interact with, but it took a bit to dredge up which one he was.

“Yes sir. I look forward to it,” she answered, thankful that this hadn’t gone at all like she’d been expecting… well, it had been more like fearing, but close enough.

“As you were, Lieutenant. I look forward to seeing what you come up with.”
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Re: CTO Lieutenant Noemi Idaris

Postby Einar S » Tue Jun 14, 2016 12:07 pm

so do I! great log guys :)
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A New Level

Postby Vanessa Brinkman » Mon Jul 18, 2016 3:14 pm

"Oh damn..."

"You better not be about to paint your helmet, Rish," Noemi warned the Andorian. He sighed and straightened.

"Last time I painted my helmet, it was before my sabbatical."

"Yeah, I did see that in your file. How's the family?"

"They're fine. Trying to convince me that Starfleet isn't the place for me anymore... I'm starting to think they're right."

Noemi rolled her eyes, "Bullshit. You're fine here. You haven't lost your previous meal yet, so you're good."

Rish sighed, "What was that on the walls? Looked nasty."

"I dunno. I was too busy getting run over by something nastier."

"Yeah, that must have been fun."

Noemi chuckled, "I've seen plenty of nasty things, that just created a new level of nasty."

Rish straightened from his crouch and rolled his neck as best he could in the suit.

"Can I get out of this helmet soon? My antennae are starting to get really uncomfortable in here."

She shrugged, "Depends on if we'll have to space the nasty like I really want to right now."

Rish uttered a muffled curse, "Well, here's to hoping. I'm going to go check on Harry and the others. He didn't look too good last I saw."

"He's an ensign three months out of the Academy, he doesn't have a scale for this kinda stuff yet."

"Very true."

"Hey, Rish?"


"After this is all said and done, someone see about finding a stash of booze to... confiscate. Those poor kids are going to need some. And next time, grab the guys who aren't less than a year out of the Academy."

Rish chuckled, "Will do. I bet the local bar has some booze that was left behind."

Noemi shuddered, "I'll take a pass on that. I have no idea where that stuff has been."

Rish roared with laughter as he walked off.
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Postby Vanessa Brinkman » Sat Aug 06, 2016 4:27 am

Ensign Noemi Idaris, just five weeks out of the Academy, sat nervously in a chair situated just across the corridor from a non-descript office at what she knew were the headquarters of Starfleet Intelligence.

She could hear the raucous laughter issuing from inside, likely two people, maybe three. She was about to make a mental note of how one was speaking Bajoran at a few points when the door opened and two people walked out. The first was a human admiral with a visible phaser on his belt and what looked to be a knife in his boot. The other was a Bajoran captain with the same, and what was probably a Militia issue pistol tucked in her waistband.

"Ah, Ensign. Go right on in, the commander is expecting you," the human man smiled.

"Uh, thank you sir!" she squeaked, hurrying in, ignoring their laughter.

At the desk sat a Betazoid woman, small in stature, but she made up for it with her sheer presence.

"Ah, Ensign Idaris. You have quite the disciplinary record here. You got any idea why you're here?"

"Um, no ma'am, I don't."

The commander looked up, "Don't ma'am me, I work for a living. If you want to be formal, 'sir' will do fine."

"Yes sir!"

The woman shuffled through some PADDs and pulled one out, looking over it before holding it up, "Your file came up in a stack of files of potential Intelligence officers. Funnily enough, you're the only one with the kind of track record that you have. Three disciplinary actions, several mentions of fights with other cadets, apparently was a suspect in an assault at one point. You're a fighter, kid. I like that. I don't like ill-behaved children, though. I have enough of that at home."

Noemi clenched a fist, "Permission to speak freely?"

"Go right ahead."

"Only once did I instigate a fight and that was because the other party needed to be taken down a few pegs. The rest of the time, they were assholes who tried to mess with the wrong person. The disciplinary actions were, in my opinion, a load of shit."

The Betazoid laughed, "Dear gods, you sound like my eldest when she's trying to talk her way out of something. Look, Idaris, you're a good kid. But I need people I can trust and your record doesn't exactly give me hope."

"All of those were in my first and second years. Third and fourth years were the years my girlfriend kicked me into shape."

"I know. Which is why I'm bothering to talk to you. You've got a good eye, an analytical mind, and a fighter's instinct. You're a security officer, but you're also level-headed when you want to be. So, why are you here? This wasn't mandatory."

Noemi took a deep breath and began, "I'm here because this is a way to protect the Federation. My aunt died for the Federation and so did several people I knew as a kid, visiting her posting. I want to protect innocents and sometimes getting down and dirty is the only way to do it. Many people are too squeamish to do what has to be done."

"Hmm. It certainly makes sense. You know, those words are very similar to what the recruiter said when they tapped me for service at the end of the Dominion War. Except there was a part about not telling the family and me laughing because my husband is a cunning bastard who can weedle all kinds of information out of me."

Noemi hesitantly laughed as the Betazoid laughed, "So, um..."

"Chin up, kid. You're hired. You'll report to Lieutenant Commander Harold Kepner. Don't mind how awful he's bound to look, he gets so into work he forgets what his quarters look like a lot of the time. Harold is a good guy, and he'll show you the ropes. You start training tomorrow, just take today to get to know everyone."

"Um... well... what's your name?"

She looked flabbergasted for a minute before replying, "Seriously? I never... wow, I do need more coffee. I'm Commander Lareia Colvem. Sorry, I should have led with that. Don't know what came over me."

Noemi nodded and smiled, "I'll go now, if it's okay."

"Go, go. Oh, and if any of the others give you a hard time, tell them that you have my permission to put them in the Infirmary. That permission extends for forty-eight hours, so make the most of it. After that, most won't bother you. They know the drill. Also, they like to haze newbies for some dumb reason."

Noemi was kinda starting to like Colvem. The woman was chatty and she smiled a lot, probably to put people at ease.

"Oh, and Idaris?"

She started and turned to face her new boss, "Yeah?"

"The knife in your boot is non-standard. Where's it from?"

"Uh, right. It's Nausicaan. Gift from my aunt, she thought it was funny. Dad didn't."

Colvem laughed, "Figures. I met your aunt once, she was just the sort to pull that. Dismissed!"

Noemi hurried out, a smile starting to grow on her face. She had a feeling she'd like it here.
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A Semi-New Job (part one)

Postby Vanessa Brinkman » Fri Nov 11, 2016 7:30 pm

"Sir? I've got the latest reports, they're particularly interesting this time."

Lieutenant Commander Harold Kepner looked up, "You say that every time, Idaris. They're always the same."

Lieutenant j.g Noemi Idaris grinned, "Oh, trust me, sir. This is very interesting. You should see what they've been up to."

Kepner perused the reports and then laughed, "Oh, those naughty, naughty kids. Did they really?"

"They really did. They totally managed to blow up a Breen ship and make it look like pirates."

"But those were Starfleet standard munitions... quick, have one of the counterintelligence people leak something about a raid on a convoy. That should solidify their case should the Breen investigate. And... confiscate those Syndicate uniforms they borrowed. We could use those again."

"Yes sir!" Noemi tossed off a sloppy salute and headed out of the office, weaving through the haphazard desks and out of the large room, heading just down the hall to the smaller room with about half the people. This was one of her favorite places to be. Counterintelligence folks loved to go on and on about the latest field operative stunts, which were always amusing.

"Hey, I need one of you for a moment!"

Four hands stuck up and Noemi pointed at one, "Charlie, you look suitably bored. And what are you doing?"

"It's called Galaga. Old Earth game, pretty fun, actually," the agent turned, sipping his coffee, "What do you need, kid?"

"I assume you heard about the Breen ship that blew up?"

"The pirate attack?"

"Yep. Drop word on the net that the minutions used were stolen from a Starfleet convoy by pirates. Some official memo sent to sector command or something. Make it good, the usual."

Charlie promptly choked on his coffee, "Are you saying that it was our guys who did that?"

"Yep. They filed the report six hours ago."

"Prophets above," another agent muttered, "Which team?"

"I bet you it was Tariss' team. They love that sort of stuff," another one chimed in.

Charlie snickered as he read the PADD Noemi handed him.

"Nah, it's the new team leader. Alvarez, it seems. Isn't he only just out of the Academy?

"About a year out, but yeah. I think Tariss has competition," Noemi commented, reaching behind her to steal a donut from the guy behind her before he could notice. He always had a small box of them, he liked to claim he was feeding the beasts.

Charlie looked over the data, "Yeah, I can make this work. Alright, tell Kepner it's dealt with. He'll also be happy to know that Lisa will be back tomorrow, with pictures of her new nephew."

"I think we all will," Noemi pointed out, "Her nieces and nephews are always adorable."

"Humans spawn in strange ways..." a Hamalki commented, turning slightly to swivel his head their way.

Noemi snickered, "Everyone spawns in strange ways compared to your race."

"Very true."

Noemi made her way back to the analyst department and headed for her desk, surprised to find a PADD on the usually semi-clean surface.

Meet me at the 602 Club tonight at 2200 hours. Don't be late.

"What sorta cryptic voleshit is this?" she muttered, tossing the PADD aside and starting on another batch of reports that needed analyzing.

But, later that night, at about 2130, she realized that she couldn't keep her curiosity at bay for long, so she grabbed that mysterious PADD she'd taken home with her and headed out for the 602 Club.
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Re: CTO Lieutenant Noemi Idaris

Postby C. J. Short » Fri Nov 11, 2016 11:12 pm

Ooooo, mysteries! Good stuff, Vanessa :)
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A Semi-New Job (part two)

Postby Vanessa Brinkman » Mon Nov 28, 2016 4:36 pm

The 602 Club was a very popular spot for Starfleet cadets and officers to hang out during their off-hours, so it was no surprise that Noemi was amongst a swarm of uniformed people headed into the club.

Noemi weaved her way through the crowd until she found a lone person in a booth, a PADD casually in front of him as he were reading. Noemi would have thought he was reading if he wasn't tracking her with his eyes. She moved over to sit down and tossed the mysterious PADD at him.

"Alright, start talking. I don't like cryptic messages."

"You're officially a gold shirt, right? Security?" the man peered up from the PADD at her.

"Yeah. Why?"

He shrugged, "Been talking with some folks. I'm about to lose my analysis specialist to a border outpost, so I need a new one. You're apparently one of very few that meets my qualifications. Turns out that most analysts don't have much combat knowledge, but you do."

"Who are you?"

"My name's Tommy. Tommy Alvarez. Lieutenant, junior grade. And consider this your offer to join my team."

Noemi blinked, "Excuse me?"

He chuckled, "That's a common response. Look, you're the best person for the job. You've got an eye for detail and patterns, and you can kick a guy's ass in about... what, seven seconds?"

She smirked, "Four."

"Yeah, you're tactical track all right. So, you in or do I gotta go bug Commander Colvem for a new list of people and hope it'll change?"

Her only response was to flag a waiter and order a whiskey.

"That's one way of dealing with things," Alvarez chuckled, "I am serious about the job offer. Deadly serious."

Noemi sighed, "While that's all fine and good, I'm happy where I am. I've got friends and all that and I don't have to worry about fighting for my life most of the time. Why would I change any of that?"

"Because you're a tactical officer who's bored out of her mind and desperately wants a change of pace but is too scared to ask for a transfer?"

"And you got that from where?"

Alvarez laughed, "One of my closest friends is training as a counselor. I picked up a few tricks. Besides, I'm tactical, too. If I were stuck with the analysts all day, every day, with nothing to do but read and report, I'd be so bored I'd pick a fight or two to have some fun."

Noemi scowled at the mention of the occasional fight she'd gotten involved in at bars.

"I don't pick fights."

"But you don't shy away from them, either. So, what do you say?"

She knocked back the whiskey and swore creatively in Klingon, "Fine. Will it make you leave me alone?"

"Not a chance. Welcome to the team, Lieutenant Idaris. I'll shuffle the paperwork and send you a briefing on the next mission and the team members soon."

Alvarez stood and left, dropping a few slips of latinum on the table as he left, leaving Noemi to her rather confused thoughts as she wondered just what the hell she'd gotten herself into.
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