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Zero Logs

Postby Andrew James » Thu Feb 06, 2014 12:04 pm

Post any introductions to your Saturn assigned characters in here!

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SCI Lt. J.G. H'ret - "

Postby Robert Wright » Sat Feb 08, 2014 2:07 am

H'ret stroked the fur on his chin, looking over the last few lines of the letter his cubs had sent him. He smiled a toothy fanged grin at his daughters mock indignation at as she wrote about the families recent time together before they broke off to their individual lives. He had spent far too little time with his family of late, recent events forcing him to address issues with his choice of career. His last assignment had ended abruptly with him unable to accept his commanding officers decision to a direct mandate from Starfleet, as well as placing the crew of his ship in danger for the sake of one person. H'ret had mixed feeling about the decision, understanding the loyalty and desire to protect a valued and dear friend, but the endangering of so many lives made the scientist in him cringe. In the end, he had accepted the Captains decision, but the event had left a doubt in him that had taken some time to resolve. He wasn't just a scientist but a father as well, and it was the later that he had called upon to help him in his moment of doubt. Even with his eventual acceptance of those troubling events e had no desire to face such a dilemma again, but undoubtedly would be and many others equally difficult as well.

Now, as he approached his new assignment, he couldn't help but feel some of that same anxiety force its way into his thoughts. As the shuttle swooped in to dock with the Saturn, he returned his thoughts to his children, who always proved to be his clarity.

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Cadet David Garrison

Postby Lee Tyers » Fri Feb 14, 2014 11:08 pm

It was the morning David Garrison had been waiting on for twenty two years. Two weeks ago he had requested his first assignment, aboard a ship like the ones he had always dreamed of flying. The U.S.S. Saturn wasn't like one of those big Sovereign or Galaxy class ships. This was a Nova class - much more speedy and maneuverable than it's bulky big brothers. It was a pilot's ship, and one he hoped to take to the furthest edge of the Galaxy.

As he paced back and forth across his quarters David's door chime rang, and his heart skipped a beat. He'd heard it a hundred times before of course. Normally it was Pelor or Matthews dropping in to rip him away from his daydreaming and into a holosuite or a bar filled with other nervous Cadets. This time though he knew who it was. He answered the door and saw exactly what he expected. A Starfleet officer with a smile on his face handing him a PADD. David didn't even acknowledge him, he simply took the PADD and muttered a dry word of thanks before letting the door slide shut as he walked away. He felt a slight twinge of guilt as his eyes locked on to the screen of the PADD. He wasn't usually that rude, but today was important.

He took a deep breathclosed his eyes for a moment and tapped the top of the device, initiating the stream of purple text populating the screen -

TO: Cadet David Garrison

By order of Starfleet Command you are hereby assigned to the U.S.S. Saturn as NAV, as per Starfleet Transfer Regulation SFR-02-0933-3440, on Stardate 11402.01. Congratulations, Cadet. Starfleet Command wishes you the best of luck in your new assignment.

Admiral Ralph Berlin
Starfleet Command

A wave of relief flooded over him as he read the words, and with a smile on his face he let himself fall backwards on to his bunk clutching the PADD. He should have been excited. He should have been jumping for joy, but all he felt was relief. David knew the hard part was still to come. Admiral Berlin had given him the chance he so longed for - the chance to follow in his father's footsteps and guide a starship through space. In his heart David wanted to make his father proud, however there was also the sick feeling that he wanted to achieve things far beyond what his father ever did. And as for his mother... well she never really approved of David's career path, however he knew that she would support him, no matter what. That communication could wait a few minutes though. For now, a few more moments to dream.

The Saturn. A starship. His destiny.

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Re: Zero Logs

Postby James Greenman » Sat Feb 15, 2014 2:43 am

Just wanted to say that that was a fantastic log, Lee! I'm ridiculously jealous you're not on one of my ships, so I'll just have to drop in on the Saturn whenever I can.
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Re: Zero Logs

Postby Andrew James » Sat Feb 15, 2014 10:22 am

Some great logs in here!

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Commander Rakshama

Postby Riccardo Fabris » Mon Feb 17, 2014 6:50 pm

"I...wouldn't touch that if I were you, Ensign. That's a... Andorian Spitting-Nettle. Pretty deadly, to say the least." The ensign, visibly shaken, took a step back. Sadin's shifted to the colour that denoted amusement, before shifting back to their usual white, signifying calmness. It was true, in the wild at least, that the Spitting-Nettles were deadly, but Sadin had largely neutered the plant, removing the deadly poison from that was distinctive of the species. The barbs still hurt, but the punch was gone: the ensign in question obviously did not know this, but that only added to the amusement. The Captain's ready room, usually bedecked with the Captain's memorabilia, was different in the case of Sadin: filled with various different, colourful plants, the ready room almost seemed to be an hydroponics bay. Non one but the Commander was allowed to take care of the plants within it, since they all required careful administration that Sadin had spent years learning.

The Ensign, trying to regain his compare, stepped up to Sadin's desk and stood to attention. He was a newcomer to the ship, much like Sadin and this was his first assignment since his graduation from the Academy. Much like Sadin had been, he was a Science Officer.

"Thank you for joining me, Ensign Kleinmeyer. I have asked you here to formally welcome you to the USS Saturn. Have you settled in well?", said Sadin, as she turned to take care of a nearby plant that needed pruning.

"Yes ma'am. The crew and officers have been more than welcoming," said the Ensign, still staying stock still at attention.

"Good. We are a small community here on the Saturn so it is important that all its parts work smoothly together. I look forward to seeing your work within our laboratories soon. Dismissed", said Cmdr. Rakshama as she turned her full attention back to the plant that she had been so carefully pruning before. The Ensign, acknowledging his dismissal, soon left the ready room. The Saturn had an unusually high number of science officers and technicians, owing to the larger-than-usual laboratories and science bays she housed. Her chief purpose, of course, was scientific missions and exploration, something that Sadin hoped she would be fully equipped to handle once her patrols started.

With exploration would come new discoveries and with new discoveries would also come new species of plants that Sadin could add to her collection...

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