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Joint Log 11605.2 (with James as Subcommander Typil)

Postby Vanessa Brinkman » Mon May 09, 2016 5:09 pm

Sarissa mused on the new information from the Sentinel for a moment before turning to Subcommander Typil.

“This just got a whole lot more interesting, didn’t it? Are you so certain those rumors are simply rumors anymore? I mean, this entire thing could have started based on those rumors… anyway, supplies. How should the supplies currently available be distributed?”

Typil turned back to the map table and brought up the display with a flick of his fingers, dragging the view across to the city centre. “Right now we have reports of heavy acitivity in these six areas, triage are saying that they’re short on both supplies and manpower for the size of the population currently infected.” He spoke quietly, with confidence, belying the turmoil within - hearing the conversation that this Starfleet officer was having with her ship had shaken him a little; Who would engineer a virus to attack the Romulan populace?

“If we split our sixty remaining medtechs and one hundred militia evenly amongst those six, that should deal with the people problem. How about supplies,” he continued, “what do you have left to send and where should it go based on symptoms?”

The Romulan flicked a window across the table, listing medical records for the current influx by percentage for each triage area in the affected zone.

Sarissa sighed, “There’s only ten crates of the medicine left, two hundred hypospray vials per crate. I know, two thousand isn’t enough. Standard supplies, about twice as much, with the capability to replicate more… split them according to percentage of patients. I’ll have to see about getting more, or finding a way to create some stopgap measure that will work until more medicine can be shipped out here. That’s my best idea right now.”

He nodded as he went over his own militia movements, leaving the medical items he couldn’t understand to the capable Starfleet officer. “It’ll do for now, anything your ship could provide would be beneficial. I can’t imagine us holding out for another four weeks to get another supply shipment in from the’s this, or nothing.”

She frowned behind the faceplate of the EVA suit and answered, “I’ll send what supplies we do have to the triage stations and have them send back overestimates of what they need. And I know, four weeks would be a lot longer than reasonable, which is why I want to ask if the government here has any friendly… unsavory types that would be willing to help. People who aren’t afraid to punch through a blockade with force or stealth.” She sighed, “I don’t usually suggest using force to do anything, but at this point, the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. Of course, those unsavory types would be a final stopgap measure if the situation here worsens.”

With that, she started going over supply counts on her PADD and distributed according to her earlier idea.

“The Ferengi, perhaps. But they are expensive, and the Republic has little in the way of liquid assets to barter, and no latinum to buy. It might be worth talking with some of my subordinates, or having my Wife speak to others of the Sinul council to see if there are any discussions we might leverage.” Typil replied, his gaze still held by the table, sending orders to each of the commands under him.

“The Ferengi might also short you out on that deal. Definitely look into the other options, though, and I’ll see what Starfleet can do,” Sarissa nodded, still passing along word to the medical staff still on the Sentinel as to how many supplies to send to each site.

Typil nodded and stood back up straight, twisting and cracking his bad - he was getting too old for this. He looked down at the map, his eyes drawn to the two small mining villages up in the mountains - empty now, with the sick and injured back in the capitol. “What your colleague said earlier, about the origin of this outbreak…” he said as he gestured towards the spot on the map. “What’re your thoughts, Doctor?”

Sarissa dearly wished she didn’t need this EVA suit, because she had the worst kink in her neck from having her head bent over this PADD. “My thoughts are that it needs to be investigated. If this has the chance of being solved in some way, we need to take that chance. Maybe, just maybe, it’ll bring us a step closer to a cure, if there is one.”

Typil nodded, rubbing his chin as he pondered. “Alright, I don’t know if we can spare them, but I’ll have a troop and a transport ready to head up to the mountains. Should only take thirty minutes...transporting up there is finicky with the concentrations of minerals. Will your Captain want to send a team of her own? We should consider pooling resources.”

“I think she will. This is too big of a discovery not to send a team. If she won’t, I’ll see about finding a few security officers down here and a couple of my medical staff to go along with the transport,” Sarissa nodded, already thinking about which security and medical officers to grab, just in case.

“Alright then, I'll go speak with Lieutenant Veleri and get a transport booked. We appreciate your assistance in this, Doctor Sarissa. I'll let you speak with your Captain.” And with that, Typil gave her a respectful nod and retreated to the lifts to get to one of the transport pads, his mind already on the mission ahead.

Sarissa nodded and set her PADD down, reaching up to tap her commbadge.

“Sarissa to Captain Stradiot…”
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The Shrink is in the... well, he's in the Lab.

Postby Vanessa Brinkman » Sun Jul 24, 2016 5:55 pm

Sarissa was reviewing an article in a medical journal as she let a test simulation run. The article was rather sparse on details in regards to her latest project. Clearly, she'd have better luck with a paper from the VSA or something.

Bob Harlan wandered into Sickbay and looked around.

"Hey, Gary! Where's Doc?"

The nurse shrugged, "Check the labs. She was there last I saw. Or her office. I dunno, it ain't my job to keep an eye on everyone in here."

Bob snorted, "Thanks. So helpful, really."

"You're welcome."

Bob headed back to the labs and poked his head in.

"Oh, Gary was right."

Sarissa jumped and dropped the PADD she was reading from.

"Fvadt... really, Bob? Haven't you heard of knocking first?"

"Door wasn't shut. It's free game."

"Fair point," she grumbled, "So, what brings you here?"

He snagged the only chair and made himself comfortable, wincing as his back twinged. He was getting too old for some of the stuff he'd been pulling lately. Maybe he should stop playing horsey for his kid. She was getting far too big for that.

Sarissa hopped up onto the table and leaned forward a bit, putting her elbows on her knees.

"Oh, y'know. Not even the vaunted chief medical officer is exempt from a psych exam."

"So you're finally getting around to those?"

"Considering that the other member of my staff is on my ass about it, I'd say so."

She snickered, "Oh come on. Hyrv isn't that bad!"

"Oh trust me, he is. He's a pain in the rear and he knows it. He just enjoys it too much."

"Maybe you shouldn't irritate him, then."

"How was I supposed to know that he would get bent outta shape over me asking how Rigellians dealt with their psychology? I didn't know it was some sort of taboo topic."

"It's not. He just doesn't like to discuss it. Just... try not to ask other species about their psychological practices. You never know who it could offend."

"Fine," Bob muttered, "So, first on the agenda, how're you doing lately? After the war and everything?"


"Hey, don't you get mad at me, too. It's my job."

Sarissa sighed, "I've certainly been better. I guess I came out of the Academy as an idealist. I was so focused on helping people that I forgot why they'd need that help in the first place. It's... I've never really felt someone die before. I've heard Mother talk about it, saying how it was a horrible thing, but... I didn't really know."

Bob nodded, "So, let me guess, you're drawing off of whatever you learned on Vulcan?"

"Correct. I've been trying to just ignore it all. It's even worse when someone is injured. They tend to broadcast louder if they're conscious and it's... it can be a bit overwhelming at times. Usually that's when Lorella jumps in to help out. She may not have much use for her pheremones any more, but she's gotten them to work as a calming factor when she's not using them to get someone hot and bothered. It's certainly helpful."

Bob emulated his wife with the eyebrow raising, "Lorella? As in Lorella Kelly? Here I thought she was just a factor for trouble. The way she keeps getting the single guys all bothered..."

"At least she leaves the married or taken ones alone. Or I'd have to have a chat with her."

"True, true. So, aside from the empathic side...," he left it open-ended, waiting.

"You do realize I have a degree in psychology too, right?" she smirked, "But, just this once, I'll go with it. I've been dealing. I'm starting to realize that I am totally an idealist, but maybe that'll change one day. I still won't kill anything, but I don't think I'm above leaving wounds that can be healed later. I just feel like it goes against that oath I took. 'First, do no harm' and all that."

"Well, if it makes you feel any better, I was an idealist out of the Academy myself. Took my parents dying in a shuttle accident for me to really take a second to look at the bigger picture of the universe. Granted, my idealism was more that there wasn't a problem I couldn't fix."

"Whereas mine is refusal to kill or even harm if I can avoid it."

"Which is a good thing for a doctor."

"But naive for a Starfleet officer and you know it."

He stayed silent, waiting for her to continue. She didn't, so he moved onto the next subject, "How's your family?"

"They're fine. Elien is getting his first internal hearing aids in a couple months, Father is busy as ever with his three dozen pet projects, and Mother is off doing some sort of diplomatic work. Actually, I think she told me she was going to be guest-lecturing at the Academy about the Empire and the Republic. She does a lot of work on that front, trying to make everyone play nice. She finally got that promotion to full Ambassador, about six months ago, and she is apparently loving every minute of it."

"Is she actually going to keep a stable job this time?"

Sarissa laughed, "Dear Elements I hope so. Maybe now she can bring Elien with her. He's so fascinated with learning more about other species."

"Good. He could be a fine officer someday. We should work an introduction for him and Shayla. I think they'd be best friends."

"Oh, totally. She's such a sweet kid, he could use someone who won't poke fun at him about the hearing aids."

"Wait, kids do that to him? That's just... wow."

"Yep. Trust me, he hates it too. He's been begging for the internal implants for two years now."

Bob sighed, "Well, Shayla knows better than to be rude. T'Sara's told her often enough how illogical it is."

"Hopefully that sticks," Sarissa smiled.

"Don't scare me like that. It isn't funny. I don't want my kid to grow up to be a demon."

"She won't, Bob. No kid that sweet could possibly grow up to be so cruel and nasty."

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Dates and Time Management

Postby Vanessa Brinkman » Tue Oct 25, 2016 2:18 am

Cadet Jeana MacDonald walked into her room and promptly flopped on the bed.

"I absolutely hate dating. It's such a pain in the ass, I swear! Why can't we just go with arranged marriages... or asexual procreation, that would save a lot of hassle."

"Another bad date, I take it?" Cadet Sarissa looked up from her PADD. Her roommate sighed.

"You have no idea. Like, literally, no idea. When was the last time you even went on a date, anyway?"

Sarissa returned to her PADD, a slight flush appearing.

"Hold up, wait...," Jeana's eyes widened, "Holy... you've never been on a date, have you? Oh my God."

"Oh, shush you. I much prefer no dates to bad dates."

Jeana laughed, "Are you kidding me? I'll take the bad dates because it's dinner and a show. Let me tell you about tonight's date... ugh, he was really something. I swear, it must be my luck that the only engineers I know are stuck up and snooty."

"Who was stuck up and snooty?" Tommy Alvarez asked as he sauntered in and all but fell into a chair, followed by his roommate, Garth Williams.

"Her date tonight," Sarissa smirked, "Just like every one this week."

"Really bad luck, that," Garth grinned, "Must be something about the food at the restaurants they go to. How high class are they?"

Jeana snorted, "My mother would approve."

"Oh God. If they go anywhere near those places, run like your ass is on fire."

"Or you could actually set your ass on fire and run?" Tommy suggested. Jeana threw a shoe at his head.

"Hey!" Tommy protested, "I was only trying to help."

"Please don't make my job any harder," Sarissa sighed, "I've already got four papers and half a dozen surgeries in the next week alone. I've forgotten the hell of an advanced curriculum."

"You're the idiot that double-majored anything with a medical degree."

"Shut it, Garth!"

The Southerner shrugged, "Don't get mad at me, I just stuck with anthropology. Jeana's a plain ol' engineer and Tommy is tactical. Nothing big there."

"And I'm the one who doubled in psychology and medicine. Yeah, I get it, I was stupid."

"So, when are your surgeries?" Jeana asked, "And do I know any of them? I bet I do."

Sarissa shrugged, "There's two appendectomies, a gallbladder removal, an aneurysm clipping, someone who managed to break their leg so bad it needs a second surgery, and a potential emergency C-section, depending on how that all works out."

Garth scratched his head, "Now, I'm no surgeon, but those take a while, yes?"

Sarissa nodded, "The gallbladder is maybe half an hour, the appendectomies are about an hour each, the aneurysm shouldn't take more than two hours, the leg... maybe four hours and the emergency C-section would be about an hour and a half if it goes really bad. Not horribly long and it's not all on the same day."

"Plus whatever walks in when you're on call," Jeana added.

Tommy snickered, "Have you considered maybe dropping the psych and focusing on finished the medical degree?"

"Pfft, no," Sarissa snorted, "I've almost finished, there's only a year and a half to go. I'm sticking this out."

"Wait..." Tommy drawled, "Six surgeries in a week? That number's still a little weird to me, considering you're technically a fourth year resident."

Sarissa shrugged, "I'm getting graded on how well I manage all this. Each week this year, a fourth year resident is getting saddled with some surgeries and told to sort it out on their own time. Time management skills are important, according to the professors."

"Or they just hate you," Garth pointed out, "But mine hate me too. I've got five papers and a research project to do."

Tommy groaned, "Ugh, don't remind me about that project."

Jeana smirked, "So, now that we've determined all of you are overachievers, how about we discuss dates, because I'm running out of potential candidates."

Tommy shrugged, "Take Garth. He knows the good places to scout out to take dates."

For some reason, Garth flushed awkwardly, "Uh, I just know bars and stuff like that."

Tommy rolled his eyes, "Exactly the right place to take a person on a first date, not a fancy restaurant that'll make 'em feel all stuffy and weird."

"Where do you take girls on a first date?" Jeana asked.

He shrugged, "To a bar. Well... okay, I usually meet most girls in bars."

"Yes..." Jeana drawled, "I do know the story. You and my dearest roommate met in a bar and now I'm stuck dealing with you."

Tommy stuck out his tongue, "You like me, you know you do!"

"The hell I do."

Sarissa leaned back and watched as the all too familiar argument start up. Garth sighed.

"So..." he began, "Time management, you say?"
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Tribbial Problems

Postby Vanessa Brinkman » Mon Nov 28, 2016 7:39 pm

Sarissa stared at the long list of contact numbers in front of her. She'd simply pulled up a list of Federation agencies, not quite expecting this many. Who needed this many agencies, anyway? She was pretty sure many of them were redundant.

She looked for some sort of filtering system and there it was, up near the top of the list. She typed in "tribbles" and waited to see what that would spit out. Some bureau for endangered species appeared, followed by animal control and a few research institutions. Animal Control was probably the best bet.

She tapped that contact link and waited for the channel to open.

"Federation Animal Control, this is Lizzy speaking."

Sarissa blinked slightly. Never had she heard anyone sound so bored outside of an Academy lecture hall.

"Um, yes. I'm Doctor Sarissa, aboard the USS Sentinel. Who would I speak to regarding... well, regarding an unwelcome group of tribbles that found their way onto the ship?"

That got a response, alright.

The woman laughed, "I'm sorry, did you say tribbles? Are you some sort of prank caller or something?"

Sarissa frowned, "Unless medical school and Starfleet Academy are things you consider to be a joke as well, I can assure you I'm not. I have nearly one hundred and fifty tribbles that need someplace to be other than my Sickbay. Believe me when I say I'm who you would rather deal with regarding them."

The woman shrugged, "Fine, whatever. Is your ship near a station? We can send a patrol ship to pick them up and deliver them to the nearest facility."

Sarissa could tell that this Lizzy person still wasn't taking her seriously, but that wasn't her problem. Getting these tribbles off the ship was.

"Yes, we're currently docked at Sigma Rho. I could leave them in the care of the station and you could have a ship here soon?"

"Sure. I'll send along the message now. Thank you for contacting Federation Animal Control, good day."

The channel cut off and Sarissa frowned and muttered, "You should also find a new job while you're at it."

She looked over at her PADD and snagged it, drafting a quick message and then sending it along to Sigma Rho's tactical officer, figuring that Tactical would probably be better equipped for a tribble hunt if they got away. They could always put the pods in the brig or something.


Lieutenant Noemi Idaris yawned as she headed down the corridors, checking the messages on her PADD. One caught her attention and she opened it, glancing over the contents. She blinked and then scowled, picking up her pace as she turned towards one of the station cargo bays.

Sure enough, when she got in there, there were two containment pods full of frozen tribbles.

With a deepening scowl, she called up a team to take them to the brig for safekeeping and then opened a channel to an old friend.

"Tommy, have I ever told you that I hate your doctor friend? She just left me tribbles, goddamn tribbles, okay? I am not kidding here, what did I do to deserve this?"

On the other end, Tommy Alvarez laughed hysterically, "Best thing I've heard all week."

"Bastard..." she muttered, still scowling as she watched the team take the pods up to the brig. Hopefully that would contain them if they escaped.
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Re: CMO Lieutenant Sarissa

Postby C. J. Short » Tue Nov 29, 2016 2:02 am

Hahaha, good stuff Vanessa :P
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Small Problems of the... Fuzzy Variety

Postby Vanessa Brinkman » Mon Mar 06, 2017 9:22 pm

Bob Harlan ducked through the corridors, carefully making it look like he was just casually walking with his uniform jacket bundled in his arm and yet also trying to be careful not to disturb the contents of the bundle. He made his way into Sickbay and ducked behind a curtain, grinning when he saw a certain Orion nurse.

"You are so lucky I like you and that I love small furry animals," Lorella Kelly complained, holding a tricorder as he set his jacket down on the table and opened it up to reveal a small furry creature with pointed ears that looked up at Lorella and meowed loudly.

"His nose is warm and dry?"

"Yeah. I think I read somewhere that that was bad, but I dunno, I'm not a vet."

Lorella just stopped and looked at him, before looking down at her uniform and back up at him, "Do I strike you as a vet, Bob? Funny, I thought my training was in dealing with folks that, y'know, would be the type to have a pet cat... unless they're Caitian."

Bob just shrugged, "You know medicine, I'm just a shrink."

"Then why bother only me?"

"Because you babysit my kid sometimes, I think I can trust you with the cat."

The aforementioned cat looked up and blinked slowly, big green eyes taking in the room.

"You're also lucky I'm a sucker for kittens. I mean, it's not everyday I get to play with such a cute little guy, huh?" her voice rose in pitch slightly as she finished speaking and Bob looked down at the little black cat.

"Well, for starters... I think he's a she."

Lorella promptly consulted the tricorder and snorted, "Yep, that's a lady, alright."

The cat nudged her hand with a paw, gazing up.

Bob leaned forward, trying to see the tricorder. Lorella snorted and said, "She's fine, too. Just a minor cold, I can dig up a kid's hypo for that. Probably still adjusting to space... when did you have time to get a cat and get some form of acknowledgment or whatever is needed to keep her onboard."

"If I had any official permission, do you think I would be sneaking around? But don't worry! I should get it soon...? I dunno, whenever I can figure out how to go about explaining my sudden kitten."

The Orion groaned, "If you get in trouble for this, don't you dare drag me down with you."

And suddenly, from nearby, was a quiet sneeze. And then another.

Lorella quickly wrapped the kitten back in the jacket and hissed, "Now's a great time to pull a disappearing act. I may have forgotten to mention something..."

"Like what?"

"The boss may or may not be allergic to cats. Strange, I know, but these things don't seem to care."

"Allergic... shit!"

Bob ducked around the curtain just as it was tugged back and Sarissa looked at Lorella and then looked around.

"What's up?" she asked before sneezing again.

"Nothing much, just checking the tricorder. It was having issues. You alright?"

"Yeah, yeah. Dunno why I'm sneezing. Must be coming down with something..."

Sarissa wandered away and Bob popped up, sighing.

"Thanks," he said before hurrying away.

Lorella rolled her eyes and continued about her day.
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Re: CMO Lieutenant Sarissa

Postby Luceo » Tue Mar 07, 2017 9:49 pm

Aww kitty! :3
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