TAC Ensign Marcus Trevanion

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TAC Ensign Marcus Trevanion - sd11701.19

Post by Gunther Vermeulen » Thu Jan 26, 2017 8:02 pm


Standing somewhat deflated and still in front of him, Trevanion looked at the concerned frown on this guy's forehead as he scrathched his own scalp.

"So, let me get this straight..."
Marcus counted the apparent elements on his fingers.
"Pulsar, radiation, sterile planets, disruptive to comms. Pretty dead, I'd say."


"Then a Yeager, semi-Intrepid war mashup gets a science config, is then pulled out of drydock, gets a freshman crew and is zapped off to this system ASAP."


"Next, it gets a radiation soak, weeks and weeks on end, then fails to report to HQ."


"At that point, HQ loses any sense of urgency and decides to just sit and wait for twenty five days before thinking about sending anyone out..."

Deep breath and another nod. The other man knew what was coming.

"...which coincides exactly with the Bremen's quick servicing at DS three, which also happens to be under two days' warp from Nindra."

Trev squeezed his eyelids into narrow slits and shook his head.
The guy he was talking to merely sighed and shrugged.

"I'm telling you, something's off, big time! Want another Major red herring? Communication only through a designated relay? Come on... seriously? Coming from Bantree, that's a given trap. It is, to me at least." He sighed deeply. "Wouldn't be surprised if pointy 's got a hand in this, either."

The other man looked concerned, then turned his face to Trev's left and rested his nimble hands on his waist, slightly crumpling the fabric of his tunic.

"You know Sumner, right? Al little, at least?" Trev continued, "She's got a nose for those things, too. The off factor. And she's just as, eh, fond... of our dear Admiral. If this turns into a crap shoot, she'll know where to go, right. Right?"
The wingless pilot wasn't used to trusting anyone, though. Sara could well be the first to merit his patience, keeping him from turning and tailing on a gut feeling. She might. One day. Maybe.

Looking his meek conversation partner in the eyes, his brows showed a serious level of doubt, though.

"If shit turned sour and you'd be the first to notice, you'd also go against orders, wouldn't you?"
Marcus stared at the greying man intently, yet the figure still didn't answer.

Restroom mirror reflections rarely do.

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Re: TAC Ensign Marcus Trevanion

Post by C. J. Short » Thu Jan 26, 2017 8:15 pm

Ha! That was well done, G, and very entertaining :)
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