CSO, Carem Sulev

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CSO, Carem Sulev

Post by Emile S » Mon Oct 10, 2016 2:59 am

CSO Log, Stardate 11610.09

Of all the perks his new environment had in reserve, Carem’s favourite was by far the 300 m² of parkland. Months of navigation in a spaceship had him get used to holographic nature. Seeing the variety of biology in real action felt very rejuvenating. That's probably why he’s been standing still, with both his eyes closed, feeling the grass under his bare foot and between his toes for an hour straight. He had planned to visit the science station at ops, the biological labs near sickbay, the main science laboratory as well as the Xenoarcheology/anthropology lab, but all this could wait after this bath of fresh air.

Carem didn’t mind the trip from the Hyperion to the station. He was way too excited to get bored. Mostly, he used that time to go over the station’s last logs, reports and assignments, so that he knew what to get into upon his arrival. He had also scheduled a meeting with the senior science staff. He had some ideas about the division’s management, so he was eager to meet and get to know his fellows.

But the instant the gigantic, metallic structure appeared on the viewscreen, he had, as some people calls them, ‘’a moment’’. The station was not like those Sulev visited before. It was indeed an older model, and there was something about its over-a-decade-old design that gave it a bit of a neo classical charm. And Carem was charmed. As his shuttle got closer, he could give a good look at the shapes behind which he was going to live for a while. The crew was working hard at repairing and refitting the station. This part of the quadrant could really use a working Federation plateform, and Sulev knew a handful of ships were booked for maintenance.

After docking, he took a deep breath and set foot on his new home.

The welcoming party was austere, not that Carem had expected anything different. There is so much to do on a spaceship, let alone a space station, that having any critical staff to dedicate their time to greet new staff member was a luxury few Federation vessels could afford.

Still, he got escorted by a cadet, a mathematician whom will be working with him, to his quarters where he could drop his personal belongings. He didn’t quite take the time to set up, though, for he was eager to visit the parkland.

...which is exactly where he had been spending his time on the station, only a few hours after arriving. He anticipated this moment for a long time, ever since his reassignment request got validated. That’s where he felt the most alive, standing in the middle of Life itself, under all its forms at once.

As soon as he felt spiritually fulfilled, Carem put on his shoes back and went directly to OPS.
His brain was going at full impulse, ready to serve the station.
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Re: CSO, Carem Sulev

Post by Einar S » Mon Oct 10, 2016 10:53 am

great intro log Emile! the Rho will suit Carem just fine I think :)
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