Sigma Rho Mission Arc #6 - Out with the Old

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Sigma Rho Mission Arc #6 - Out with the Old

Post by James Greenman » Mon Oct 31, 2016 1:56 am

Mission Briefing, Stardate 11610.30

I've never see a crew more dedicated, or more hardworking, than this one has over the last four weeks. We had an impossible task but not only have you completed it, you've done so under incredibly stressful conditions and with nary a complaint. If they gave out a purple heart for cleaning the mess left over after an enemy occupation, you'd all have three.

There's still a lot of work to do but I'm happy to report the station as operational an we're once again open for business. We're expecting our first vessel of civilians to arrive in the next hour, and on top of that we've been bumped up the list of the Sigma station overhaul that the Federation have mandated - that's right, we're getting some upgrades. It's only been twenty years in the making...

XO/OPS: Tom, take our Cadet and show him the ropes to bring these civilian freighters in with an orderly pace. Cadet, you're learning from the best, so bright eyes and bushy tails all around please.

CTO/AUX/ENG: Noemi, Henry, I have a packet with the planned upgrades - you've probably already got a schedule as the Sigma Overhaul is being managed out of the Engineering Corps, but I want you to make sure everything is ship-shape and there's no glaring holes where they're going to need something to be. Lieutenant, I know our weapons systems are still playing up, it might be worth seeing if we can do a diagnostic before we start ripping them out. Just in case.

CSO: Carem, we've not had much time to catch up since your arrival onboard, I hope you're all settled in - stop by my office in Operations when you're free.

AUX2: Mister Wolf, the Jormungandr will be remaining with us for the next few weeks while it undergoes some stress testing in the docking scaffold - I want you onboard commanding her as she maneuvers, I have a feeling that you'll handle the task with ease.
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