CNS Ensign Eldrida Trost

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CNS Ensign Eldrida Trost

Postby Jen B » Sun Jan 15, 2017 6:54 am

I have apparently been in a coma for 22 years. I just woke up today. I have a medical patient as my partner in sick bay. Emily. She's lost 102 years.

I hurt when I try to talk to people telepathically. I couldn't sense anyone on the ship till Emily woke up. Then I could sense her. And only her. Sitting up currently brings about the most awful dizzy spell ever.

My last memories were of me completely messing up being a Counselor. I kept trying to help them. Sully and Johnny. But somehow I kept always stepping in exactly the wrong place. I kept being the most fail "head shrinker" ever. Then they found a ship. And then everything went blank. The last thing I remember is Sully yelling at Johnny - "You have Fluffy!! THIS ONE IS MINE!! LET ME HAVE IT!!"

From what my good Doctor tells me, the reason I was kept in my state so long is because they sensed another presence besides me. But she was elusive when I asked if it had passed. Best she could give me is it was "Flufy like." I don't know at this point if it was a true Fluffy sort of gig or something nearish. I don't know if it's gone or not. I KNOW there are things my good Doctor isn't telling me and she swears she will tell me in a formal session. Honestly, this worries me from her. She should know that we can "session" whenever. Her Doctor brain saw me react to doing what comes natural and she recommended not trying to sense things, not using my telepathy.

Then Sully came to see me. And he wanted my help! He really wanted my help! He seemed to have a problem about knowing things. He thinks there are important to know but was worried about making the situation worse if he told people about them. I tried to help him as best I could. I really really think I gave him pretty good advice. I felt his relief when he did what he thought he should do. It made me smile.

I learned something with all of that. Working helps me. I am worried about Emily. She has so much to go through. And Johnny was MIA. I'm SUPER worried about how Johnny has been without Fluffy and without me to kinda talk to and be frenemies with.

It seems now, my working theory, is the more I work, the better I feel. I hope the sick bed doesn't deter people from finding their counselor.


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Re: CNS Ensign Eldrida Trost

Postby Jen B » Sun Jan 22, 2017 7:27 am

Emily and I were discharged from the med bay tonight. I got to go home. Emily not so much.

I tried to give her comfort food and I took off the alcohol inhibitors on the replicator, because if there is one night in the entire world you want to drink, it's the night you realize you've been asleep for 102 years and everyone you know and love is dead. I tried to give her her comfort food, but I know the recipe was wrong. I asked her for recipes for a reason. The more detailed you are with the replicator, the more awesome the results. Still the BEST home skool recipes call for a dash of this and a smidge of that. I know and she knows, it'll always be "just almost like I want it to be."

Then the boys started acting up. m

Corky was taunting Johnny and that set up my radar because Johnny.I checked in with him and he was all 'check in with everyone else,I'm good. *This response worries me. I KNOW Johnny needs to talk to me about Fuffy. I KNOW he hasn't talked to anyone about Fluffy yet. Since my sleep.*

I check in with Corky and he's all "I'm just fucking with Johnny cuz I can" and my heart breaks a little.

My CO wants time with me. And it's time I know we both need. But he refuses to do it till I have stuff ok with Emily. That is a herculean task.

I missed Elianna. I know she had other things to attend to today, but I could have used her help with Emily. And also I know we need time together soon for both her and I. I missed my friend.

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